The ULTIMATE List of Sims 4 CC You Must Download [2023]

There is genuinely so many items of sims 4 cc out there and it can get extremely overwhelming. Because of this I wanted to make sure that there was a comprehensive list of my favourite items for my readers to grab them extremely quickly and go on about their gameplay.

If you try to find amazing custom content and the best sims mods you’re really going to struggle with choice fatigue and overwhelm because there really is so much out there. You’ll be able to find thousands of pieces of hair custom content, clothing, and furniture and honestly your mods folder is going to be bulging.

Where to Find Sims 4 CC

There are so many amazing custom content websites that you can use to help you find amazing sims 4 cc. These can get extremely overwhelming but once you figure out how to navigate them you’ll be able to consistently fill up your mods folder. I’ve compiled a list of great places to find Maxis Match custom content that you can check out on the link down below.

The Sims 4 CC Clothes

Leonie Skirt

There is a constant need for beautiful basics in your sims 4 cc folder and honestly this skirt is a great option for a simple but gorgeous skirt. It starts with a high waist that has a beautiful black belt and the skirt goes to upper thigh without looking like its extremely short. This is so cute and would look great with a crop top!

A sim on a pink background wearing a dark grey shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt.

Strawberry Set

A little while back there was a surge of adorable strawberry clothing on TikTok and Instagram and this strawberry set brings that trend right into The Sims 4. This is so fun because there is clothing for more than just adult female sims. We get a dress for kids, a shirt for more masculine sims and a gorgeous feminine dress, absolutely perfect!

strawberry set

Stella Dress

Next up on our list of gorgeous sims 4 cc is the Stella Dress. This dress is really fun and would be perfect for a teenager to wear to prom or as a wedding guest. The dress has a simple and classic silhouette but keeps it trendy with fun colours and patterns.

stella dress sims 4

Don’t Give a What Dress

Every time I see this dress in my game I’m so happy to have it. This dress is so fun with there being a simple white button down underneath a gorgeous spaghetti strap dress. This dress has a small slit on over the thigh and a belt to make the dress look more put together.

A sim on a pink background wearing a white button down shirt underneath a spaghetti strap dress that's covered in suns, moons and stars.

Wild Sun Dress

There is nothing more fun than wearing a gorgeous sun dress in the middle of the summer and without much effort looking immediately put together. This wild sun dress is so beautiful and starts with thick straps that go down into a nice v-neck that lead to gorgeous buttons all the way to the bottom of the dress. The pattern is simple but gorgeous and really makes sims look awesome.

sims 4 cc

Aria Outfit

There is something really fun about getting outfits or sets that match perfectly for your sims. This Aria outfit is so fun and starts with a fun short pair of bottoms with fun colours. The top is really fun too with it being a wrap top that has gorgeous puffy sleeves and gorgeous colour options.

aria outfit sims

Hallie Shorts

There aren’t many great pairs of shorts in The Sims 4 and many of the ones we do have are either low waisted or have really weird detailing. These Hallie shorts are simple and really gorgeous and start with a high waist and go down into a simple shape that ends with a cute scalloped lace at the bottom letting you have some extra detail compared to traditional jean shorts.

A sim on a pink background wearing a red wide strap tank top and shorts that have white trim around the hem.

Daisy Knit Cardigan

As someone who loves to crochet and wants to learn to knit, this daisy cardigan makes me want to pick up my hook. This cardigan is so much fun with droopy puffy sleeves that come in a gorgeous colour and are covered in fun daisy patterns.

daisy knit cardigan

Agatha Sims 4 CC Set

Wearing cute matching sets is a great way for you to have your sims looking like they planned their outfit without having to mix and match items. This starts with a cute crop top that ties in the middle and has puffy sleeves, then you get a high waisted skirt with a nice slit on the leg. It comes in fun colours with a floral pattern to keep it interesting!

A sim on a pink background wearing a two-piece set that is in a teal colour with a floral pattern.

Skye Shirt

If I were to ask for a pack specifically for teenagers this Skye shirt is the type of clothing I’d like to see. This starts with a cute cropped bandeau top with a cropped plaid t-shirt over top. This is such a fun look for cool teenagers to wear to school with a pair of high waisted pants or a skirt.

A sim on a pink background wearing a bralette in black lace underneath a purple plaid flannel shirt that is cropped and open.

Cut-Out Summer Dress

Summer dresses are such an easy way to make your sims look amazing and this one would be perfect for a first date or to wear as a wedding guest. It has a fun scalloped bottom which makes your sim look like a flower, and a straight across spaghetti strap neckline that shows off all your sim’s assets.

cut out summer dress

Wildflowers Sims 4 CC Pack

Dressing your sims up in fun dresses every single day is so fun, since most days IRL we aren’t going to get that dressed up. These wildflowers dresses are so gorgeous and all feel like something you’d wear to a baby or bridal shower in the real world and my sims would love to look like these.

wildflowers sims 4 cc set

Dynamite Jumpsuit

This pair of sims 4 cc overalls are so much fun and really add some personality to your sims. It starts with a nick neck cropped sweater underneath that starts the outfit on the right foot. Then you go into a gorgeous pair of belted overalls and on the front there is a chain and a bunch of buttons to add some personality. These can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with a pair of sneakers!

A sim on a pink background wearing a long pant jump suit with cow print.

Bianca Dress

Since cottage core is such a popular style and all of us just want to be frolicking in a field most of the time this dress had to make the list. This dress starts with a frilly straight across neck line with mock sleeves and goes down into a button top corset. Then the skirt goes down into a two tier bottom that is just so cute!

A sim on a pink background wearing a light pink dress that is covered in florals, has a straight neckline and a hi-lo cut.

Maddy Dress

There aren’t a ton of true going out on the town outfits for your sims and this Maddy dress really fills that gap for me. This dress has cut outs on both sides of the body as well as one in the middle of the chest. It has a mock neck at the top and just looks awesome paired with jewelry.

maddy dress

Crop Top With Transparent Shall

This crop top seriously makes me smile and if paired with a pair of extra high waisted jeans it could be the cutest outfit for your sim. This starts with a simple cropped tank in a basic colour and overtop there is an entirely transparent shall that your sims can wear that is covered in black and white flowers. This looks awesome!

transparent top

Explorer Sims 4 CC Set

The explorer set is a great option for simple clothing that can make a great impact. This feels like the perfect outfit for a sim who is a bookworm and loves to hangout in a coffee shop. This starts with a fun pair of brightly coloured shorts with a cord pattern and a nice sweater that comes in neither neutral colours or fun patterns.

explorer set dress

Athletic Basics

Many of the athletic clothes we have in The Sims 4 come in weird shapes and definitely have some weird colours and patterns on them. Much of the time we just want simple basics for our sims, especially in athletic wear which is super trendy. This set has a long pair of workout pants as well as long and short bike shorts and the perfect shape sports bra for your sims.

athletic basics set

Dolly Outfit

This next outfit for sims 4 cc is so beautiful, especially for teenagers who are into really trendy clothing. This outfit starts with a beautiful short skirt with a fun white belt on it, and a cute crop top that peaks in the centre with a cute little bow.

dolly outfit

Clumsy Jacket

One place where we are really lacking beautiful items to be worn is in the outdoor clothing category. This clumsy jacket is such a beautiful choice since it has a very basics white shirt underneath and has such beautiful patchwork design and comes in so many fun patterns and colours.

clumsy jacket sims 4 cc

The Sims 4 CC Hair

The simplest way to make your sims way cuter is to make sure that you have the best items for custom hair. Your sim’s hairstyle can completely change how you feel about them and how they look and it’s the cherry on top of a great outfit.

These hairs are some of the best, by some of my favourite hair creators out there. You’ll find some amazing curly cc hairs as well as straight hairs, textured hairs and up-dos!

The Sims 4 CC Female Hair

Kima Hair

This is such a gorgeous curly hair option for your game that has so much volume and detail. This hair has a gorgeous curly that is pulled behind your sim’s ears with the potential to show off gorgeous custom earrings to make your sim’s look even more gorgeous.

Kima hairstyle

Maja Hair

There aren’t a ton of awesome up-do looks in the game and many of the ones we do have are very weird. This hair is gorgeous with the hair being curly and a ton of small hairs framing the face and showing off dimension and fun. This would look great as a formal or even a wedding hairstyle.

maya hair sims 4 cc

Braids Collection

This braided hairstyle is so fun with all of the hair coming from one side of the head to the other and hanging out on the one side of the body. It has gorgeous laid edges for more dimension and realism and allows your sims to show off a stylish earring.

braids collection

Lexi Hair

This Lexi hair is possibly my favourite option for a wedding hairstyle that I’ve ever seen. This hair is gorgeous and has a beautiful braid crown on top of your sim’s head. It shows off your sim’s ears so you can have earrings and has two pieces framing your sim’s face in a beautiful way.

A sim wearing a white dress with flowers. Their hair is in an up-do with a braided crown and two pieces framing the face.

Daisy Hair

The daisy hair is a really simple hair but has a fun headband accessory to add some extra fun to the look. The hair is pulled back behind one ear letting you show off an earring and the other ear is hidden. This is a great look for a sim who is in school and is super busy so their hairstyle is pretty simple.

A sim with brown hair and brown eyes who is wearing a hoodie sweater.

Whitney Hair

Some of my favourite hairs by custom content creators are extremely simple and that’s what I’m looking for. This Whitney hair is simple with a small wave to it allowing it to be worn by so many different sims. This hairstyle is pulled behind both ears and half of the hair is pulled behind your sim’s back which is fun if you have a fun statement shirt on.

whitney hair by aharris00britney

Sonja Hair

This Sonja hairstyle is really gorgeous but is honestly so simple and that’s why it’s so effective. This hair starts with a centre part at the top of the head and goes back down behind your sim’s back. One fun detail about this hair is that you can also have it work in an ombre style which is gorgeous and adds more fun to the style.

sonja hair

Melite Hair

Adding a simple braid to a hairstyle can really take it to the next level . This hair is pretty simple on the one side with large loose curls but the other side is where it shines. On the other side of the hair there is a gorgeous french braid that goes behind your sims ear and goes into a regular braid down to the bottom. This really makes the hair look so much more interesting.

sims 4 cc

Raven Hair

Centre part hair styles are some of my favourites these days and this one is a great option in game. The Raven hair option for a pretty simple look in The Sims 4. It goes right down with shorter pieces framing each side of your sim’s face and lays down on your sims shoulders in a loose curl.

A sim who is wearing a green turtle neck under a green button down shirt. They have dark eye brows and a center part in their wavy hair.

Renee Hair

As someone who downloads a lot of custom content hairs there is something so wonderful to me about creators who are good at creating hairs with edges. These edges or baby hairs being on a cc hairstyle make it so much more realistic and interesting to me and this Renee Hair is so beautiful. It goes right into a gorgeous poof at the back of the head and looks so chic and beautiful.

renee hair

Kali Hair

Using claw clips is an extremely trendy thing right now so why not allow yourself to have that in The Sims 4? This hairstyle is awesome because it’s a short hair cut that goes right above the shoulders and has half the hair being pulled back in a clip which is beautiful. There are even some hairs that look out of place which happens anytime you use a claw clip.

kali hair

The Sims 4 CC Male Hair

Carmine Hair

Lorenzo is a hair with so much volume and such an interesting look. The hairs all go back toward the back of the head and make it look like your sims spend a lot of time doing their hair.

sims 4 cc

Kent Hair

The Kent hair is such a traditional hairstyle for men that makes them look really handsome. This hair has a side part that swoops off to the side and looks great on older sims who have their lives together.

kent hair by saurus

Tyler Hair

The Tyler hair is a great option for a tight curl look with shaved sides. This hair is compatible for both masculine and feminine sims which is great because it honestly looks great as a female or non-binary hairstyle too! A great look for every sim.

sims hair custom content

Marco Hair

There is a very stereotypical beach boy look and this Marco hair is my favourite representation of that. This hair starts at the top of your sim’s head slightly to the side and swoops down both sides of their face and is a bit messy in the back for a very beachy and fun style.

sims 4 cc

The Mattock Hair

Mattock is a hair that has all of the hair on top of your sim’s head and the sides are shaved with a very slight fade to keep the look more interesting. The hair is all swooping over to one side and small pieces are slightly coming down in front of the face. This one definitely looks awesome with a beard too!

mattock hair

Pelo Bueno Hair

Next up on the list of sims 4 cc is the Pelo Bueno hair which is a great choice for a texture hairstyle. This one has a nice fade from the bottom to the top where there is a nice textured curl. The part is way off to the side with a slight shave to really show it off for a very gorgeous style.

pelo bueno hair

August Hair

August is a great simple hair that has a ton of detail and interesting hair swoops. The hair sections go in just about every direction giving it volume and making your sim look so darn cute.

august cc hair

Lorenzo Hair

Lorenzo is a great hair for sims who love to make their hair have tons of volume. This hair has the majority of your sim’s hair being swooped back with other hairs going to the side. It’s fun because it isn’t perfectly polished so it looks more realistic with the hairs being a bit messy.

lorenzo hair cc

Leo Hair

The Leo Hair is a fun look for sims and is nothing like what we have in the game. The hair has such interesting twist and curls that go in all sorts of fun directions and makes for a really interesting look.

leo hair cc

Tight Curls

These tight curls are such a fun look and look extremely realistic and natural for your sims. These curls are fun and really show that this sim is good at taking care of their hair.

sims 4 cc

Boy Problems Hair

The boy problems hair is great because it comes with a beard too which is perfectly made to match up with the hair. The hairstyle is a nice swooped to the side hair that comes in all of the EA colours so you can even have pink or blue hair if you want.

boy problems hair and beard

Nice Guy Hair

This nice guy hair is a fun option for sims who would like to have a pony tail vibe instead of shorter hair. This one is fun because it’s got colour texture in it making it more interesting.

sims 4 cc

The Sims 4 CC Kid’s Hair

Hind Hair

Some of my favourite custom hairs are the most simple ones and this Hind Hair is perfect for me. The hair starts with a slight side part and a little bit of a side bang. The rest of the hair is a nice wave that goes down to your sim’s chest and just looks awesome.

sims 4 cc hair

Aurora Hair

In the game they don’t really give us many options for long children’s hair. It seems like EA thinks that kid’s aren’t able to grow their hair long. This hair fills that gap for me. We start at the top of the sims head with a gorgeous set of bangs and a curly face framing piece, the top of the hair goes back into a cute bun and the rest runs down your sim’s back.

sims 4 long hair

Kira Braids

These braids are so gorgeous and the detail is unreal. These braids start at the top of your sim’s head right after some nicely laid edges and go right into the back of your sim’s head. Then, they go into a beautiful side pony tail that lays nicely on your sims chest. This can be dressed up as a formal look or worn each day as an everyday look.

sims 4 braided cc hair

Cat Kid’s Hair

This hairstyle honestly makes me happy because every boy in the early 2000s had this hairstyle at one point or another. It brings me back to being 10 years old and showing up to my elementary school. This hair is fun and isn’t too polished making it feel realistic for kids!

sims 4 cc

Stormy Hair

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc hair is this gorgeous stormy hair for kids. This hairstyle is so beautiful and makes your children look awesome. This feels like it would be worn by a more mature child, maybe 11 or 12 years old as opposed to an 8 year old. It’s so gorgeous with baby hairs and so much detail in the texture!

stormy sims 4 hair

Ines Hair

There are many hairs in The Sims 4 that aren’t available for children but would make for great kid’s hairstyles. This conversion is great because it brings a really adorable hair for your children. This hairstyle is a half-up half-down look with bangs which is a great look for kids.

ines hair for kids

Braided Hairs

Braids are such a simple way to bring a basic sims hairstyle look twice as beautiful. These hairs all start at the top of the head with two gorgeous french braids and go back into pig tails, a poof or adorable space buns on top of the head. These are so beautiful!

braided hair dump

Audrey Hair

We don’t have many chances to use fun, bright colours for our children and toddlers but they deserve to have them too. This Audrey hair is really fun and has an awesome ombre on a hairstyle that ends right after your sim’s jaw line. There is even a cute hair bow accessory to really bring the hair together.

sims 4 cc

Rowan Hair

Sometimes when creating children I really just want to make them look simple and normal and this Rowan hair is perfect to make your children look really normal. this hair has some side part bangs that are really cute. and the hair ends right above the shoulder. This is great for just an everyday hairstyle for your sims to wear to school.

rowan hair

Hair Dump

There is a really great moment when you get to find a creator who decides to dump a bunch of hairs all at once and this hair dump is amazing. You get five hairstyles that work for both children and toddlers which is great! There are a couple straight, one pony tail and a really fun half-up half-down curly hair.

hair dump sims 4 cc

The Sims 4 CC Toddler Hair

Dutch Braids

Braids are a really great and easy way to make your sims look beautiful without the hairstyle feeling too formal. This dutch braids look is beautiful and can even be worn by children so your sims can match their older siblings!

sims 4 cc braids

Libi Hair

There is something so precious about space buns on little ones and this Libi Hair is a great one for that. This is fun because it’s got a set of middle part space buns with a fun set of bangs to really finish the look.

A toddler in The Sims 4 on a pink background. This toddler has a fun expression on their face and is wearing a sparkly tank top dress, they have their hair in two buns with bangs.

Vivi Hair

There is a moment in every young girl’s lives where their parents make them get bangs so your sims deserve that experience too. With this bang look your sims are going to have gorgeous braids and face covering bangs that just look so cute.

vivi hair with braids and bangs

Cool Braids

Don’t we all want to have cool braids? I wish I was this cool. This hairstyle is so cute on a young kid with these gorgeous braid twists making your sims look so darn cute.

sims 4 cc

Belle Hair

The Belle hair is a really gorgeous style for your little sims. It’s got gorgeous texture and is really beautifully made and really feels realistic without getting too alpha which is something I really love!

belle double buns

Curly Hawk

We absolutely love to have fun hairstyles for little boys in the game too and this curly hawk look is so fun. It starts with shaved sides on both sides of your sim’s head and goes into a gorgeous curly hawk at the top that covers much of your sim’s forehead. It’s a really cute look!

curly mohawk for toddlers

Double Braids

There’s just something adorable about how little hair toddlers have and these double braids are great because the braids are nice and thin making it feel really realistic.

These are so cute because they start at the top of the head with a side swept bang that helps to frame your sim’s face. Then behind that your sim’s hair is side parted going back into two cute braids with bows at the top to keep it super sweet.

double braids for toddlers

Josephine Hair

The Josephine hair really shows off the ability of your toddler’s parent to braid hair. This gorgeous french braid is so beautiful and goes down both sides of your sim’s head.

The fun thing about this hair is that there are three different versions of it all starting with the same base of a braid. Josephine goes into a full braided pony tail, Jo goes into a nice bun and Josie goes into a short straight pony tail.

josephine hair

Mildred Hair

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc is this gorgeous Mildred Hair. This hair is a short curly hair style with slight baby hair details right at the crown of your sim’s head. This hair is really gorgeous and makes your sims too cute.

One of my favourite parts about this is that there is a gorgeous hair bow in the look making your sims even cuter than before.

A toddler in The Sims 4 on a pink background. This toddler is wearing a yellow t-shirt with a blue polka dot dress on top, their hair has a center part and is naturally curly.

Hyemi Hair

This sims 4 cc toddler hair is so fun and exactly how I would’ve worn my hair as a kid. This hair starts with a slight side part and goes back into two pig tails that turn into absolutely beautiful braids that go past your sim’s shoulders. There are nice bangs to frame your sims face and some really adorable hair accessories too.

It’s nice because your sim’s ears are showing so you can add some toddler earrings to give the look even more flair.

sims 4 cc

The Sims 4 CC Furniture

As we’ve gotten deeper into The Sims 4 the team has definitely gotten better at creating furniture that is trendy and gorgeous but there are custom content creators who are even better than them.

Custom content furniture creators are so talented and creative and were able to find ways to create sectional couches before EA even released it, so you know they’re smart. They create gorgeous items and you’ll be so excited to download them.

Office Set

This office set is so gorgeous and is going to be a great addition to your sims 4 cc folder. This set has a gorgeous desk and chair and even a three tier cart in a fun colour which is something I absolutely love. There are so many small items to decorate your sim’s desk too!

The best part of this is that there is a gorgeous computer that is way more modern than any of the ones we have in the game. Most of those desktop computers are very old school so this one is absolutely perfect for a more fun and modern office.

cute office decor

Altara Sims 4 CC Kitchen Appliances

There are so many appliances that you may have in your kitchen that just don’t exist in The Sims 4 and it’s fun to decorate with these types of items. This kitchen set is amazing because it has so many beautiful objects to clutter up your sim’s counters.

You’ll start with a beautiful toaster to make the most delicious toast, a pressure cooker, a coffee maker, and so much more. All of these come in the same colours so they will match perfectly.

sims 4 cc appliances

Alice Sims 4 CC Nursery

The nursery furniture we have in the game is so boring, why do babies have to sleep in a bassinet? This custom nursery set is perfect for a baby bedroom.

It starts with a beautiful crib and a bed side table that works perfectly with the crib. There are also so many gorgeous decor items too!

alice nursery

Moderno Set

If you aren’t a fan of the more old school items in The Sims 4 and many players are looking to add more modern shapes and colours to their game.

This Moderno pack of furniture items is great because it has gorgeous metal in beautiful modern shapes and designs.

moderno designs set

Galileo Set

There are always kids who are obsessed with space and want to have their entire bedroom covered in space themed items. This Galileo set is amazing because it covers just about everything you’d need in a kid’s bedroom.

One of my favourite details is the small chair that has a backpack hanging off the back of it like a kid just came home and decided to put their backpack down. Even the bed is shaped like a space ship!

galileo set for sims 4

Christmas Set

As someone who is absolutely obsessed with Christmas this set just makes me happy. When I’m playing through the winter season I feel like we don’t have enough festive decor options so this pack fills that for me.

In this set you’ll get gorgeous items like stockings, a cute winter themed bed, trees, advent calendars and so many pillows!

christmas set

Cozy Sectional Chair

When we got The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator we got gorgeous sectional couches as an option for your sim’s living room. However, for a long time before that cc creators were making some really beautiful sims 4 cc sectional couches.

This one is amazing because it just looks so soft and comfortable and would work great in a family home. There is even one pillow that is out of place which somehow makes it even better for me.

cozy sectional couch for sims 4

The Cutie Sims 4 CC High Chair

There is a serious lack of adorable toddler furniture and the high chairs aren’t super fun options. The cutie high chair is a great replacement to help you have en easier time in raising your toddlers.

the cutie

Princess Bedroom

There is nothing cuter than a princess themed bedroom for your children and teenage sims. This set starts with a gorgeous metal framed bed where the headboard is shaped like a gorgeous princess carriage. The dressers and bed side tables have gorgeous details like fancy handles and there is even a cute canopy to put on the wall above the bed for extra royal feelings.

princess bedroom for sims

Odense Armchair

These Odense chair is really beautiful and comes in both fun colours and patterns to let you match it with really any living room that you may create in your game. The legs of the chair are great because they are very mid-century and can look cute everywhere!

sims 4 cc chair

Zephyr Office

As someone who works from home I’m always wanting the cutest office furniture and sometimes that’s hard to find IRL and even harder in The Sims 4. This office set can completely cover that for you and bring the cutest items into your game.

This set starts with a gorgeous desk that has details that make it look like it would fold up and a gorgeous matching chair in the same beautiful wood tones. There’s a really fun rolling tiny table and one of the most beautiful bookshelves to show off your sim’s books as well as decor items.


Boho Toddler Bed

Since we didn’t get toddlers right away in The Sims 4 there is a lack of fun toddler furniture in the game and I’d love to get more goodies. This boho toddler bed is one of my favourites I’ve seen in a while. The base of this bed is a gorgeous metal with a cute sunburst detail on the side acting like a thing to keep your toddlers in the bed.

boho toddler bed

The Art Room

The painting skill comes to the game with the base game so why do we have so little decor for it? It’s one of those skills that almost every sim’s family does at some point and they deserve a gorgeous painting room to do it in.

This art room set is going to allow you to make a really gorgeous room for your sims to create gorgeous paintings to sell or decorate their home with!

painting room furniture for the sims 4

In The Clouds

These two seating options to add to your sims 4 cc folder are just so gorgeous. We start with a beautiful hanging chair that has small stars all over it and the seat is a set of cushions in the shape of a flower, could it get any cuter?

The couch is also gorgeous with it having a scalloped back to look like a cloud and the base having so much personality. There are also blankets and pillows on the couch to add some extra love. These are just so cute and a must have in my game.

sims 4 cc chairs and couches

Craft Room

One of my biggest life goals is to have a house that’s big enough to have an entire room dedicated to hobbies and crafting and this craft room cc set really inspires me. If you want your sim’s to feel super crafty this is a must have.

The reason why this is so good is because the stuff in Nifty Knitting was so bright and colourful but not all craft lovers want their furniture to be bright yellow or pink. We can love neutrals but also love yarn!

sims 4 craft room

Fun Kid’s Bedroom

There is nothing more fun than an adorable themed furniture set for The Sims 4. This fun kid’s bedroom actually comes in four themes with one as a bunny, one as a bear and even one themed after bat man. The bed is so much fun because it allows you to have both stairs and a slide on their bed which is so fun!

In addition to the bed there are lights, bedside tables, books, and so many other gorgeous decor objects like slippers, pillows, and so many stuffed animals.

fun kid's bedroom for the sims 4

Lost Paradise 70s Items

Adding retro cc items is a really fun way to make your sim’s lives feel a bit different and make the experience more fun. This lost paradise pack is filled with 70s inspired items that really add some interest to your sim’s homes.

We start with an absolutely gorgeous retro TV set with mid-century legs in so many fun colours. We also get an absolutely beautiful record player for your sims to listen to their favourite Taylor Swift records on. The decorations in this set are great too!

sims 4 cc

Comfortable Rocking Chair

When we got The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting the rocking chairs we got left quite a bit to be desired. Let’s be honest, those rocking chairs don’t even look comfortable and don’t aesthetically fit for many sim’s homes.

This comfortable rocking chair option for sims 4 cc is amazing because it looks so plush and beautiful. It features some gorgeous tufting on the back, and looks perfect for a baby nursery.

sims 4 rocking chair custom content

The Sims 4 CC Packs

One of my favourite ways to get custom content is to definitely grab myself some custom content packs because you can get a bunch of items all at once instead of having to find individual items.

There are packs like this for furniture and even clothing packs to get whole sets all at once. These are honestly the best and these creators are so good at creating gorgeous items that EA could never make.

The Sims 4 CC Clothing Packs

Greenhouse Collection

The greenhouse collection is just so gorgeous and really brings a smile to my face. We start with some gorgeous tops for both masculine and feminine sims. The patterns on these tops are so fun with stripes, florals and an argyle style all being available for your favourite sim to wear.

In this pack we also get some gorgeous bottoms starting with a pair or high waisted jeans, a pair of checkered ripped pants and a gorgeous skirt that flairs at the bottom for an added bit of fun.

sims 4 cc


When we got The Sims 4: Realm of Magic the clothing items left some things to be desired but this enchantment pack really fixes that for me. It comes with some really gorgeous items that will look great on your witchiest sims and really make them feel unique and fun.

My favourite pieces are of course the two adorable hats that are two totally different styles so each witch you create can have a unique feel to them. The one with the flowers feels like one a witch would be wearing into town to try and blend in a bit more and the other is just a cool hat for when they want to impress.

sims 4 cc

Summer Flow

There is something really adorable about clothing that is inspired by the 60s and 70s and this is the best cc pack to get that done. This sims 4 cc is so beautiful and has some really beautiful colours and patterns that are going to get you so excited to play the game again.

Some of my favourite pieces in this are the floral hair accessory, the sunshine and sunset earrings and the gorgeous Tate hair with a very fun hair accessory.

sims 4 cc


Who doesn’t love glitter? The glitter pack is really fun and can help make your sims look like they jumped right out of the early 2000s. It all starts with a gorgeous short spaghetti strap dress that looks so amazing on your sims, there are two really gorgeous tops and a skirt and a pair of jeans to wear them with.

We also get a few different hairstyles, a couple pairs of gorgeous shoes and even some fun hair clips to add some extra vibes to your sim’s outfit.

sims 4 cc

AxA Paris

There are certain packs that bring me back to the time when they were released and AxA Paris was one of my very first custom content clothes packs. The clothing in this pack is inspired by fashion that you’d see walking down the streets of Paris with every pieces being gorgeously crafted.

It all starts, of course, with a beret that comes in a neutral shape or a fun one with extra details. We get some gorgeous hairstyles for all sorts of sims, as well as jeans, skirts, and so many beautiful sweaters and jackets to wear in the colder months.

sims 4 cc

Pretty & Savage

Pretty & Savage is a really fun and interesting collection of clothes that popped right out of the 90s and early 2000s into modern day. These fits are so much fun and one of my favourite parts is that there is a small metal belt that you can add to your sim’s favourite outfits to add a bit of fun.

We don’t even have this one for just clothes, there are three pieces of hair cc, a hat, some hair clips and even a really fun eyeshadow for your makeup cc collection.

sims 4 cc

Gossip Collection

Every single time I see this collection my brain immediately goes “xoxo Gossip Girl” and this pack just works perfectly for me. The clothing in this pack is so gorgeous and works perfectly for sims who may be from the upper east side for sure.

In this you’re going to get the most up-scale teenager clothing you’ve ever seen. This pack has a gorgeous sweater dress, a skirt suit outfit, and some really stylish outfits for your masculine sims. They have so much to enjoy and the shoes are one of my favourite parts for sure.

gossip pack

Cottage Fashion

We got an entire pack with cottage themed clothing and that pack did a great job, but adding this cottage fashion pack can make it even better. In this set you’ll get an absolutely gorgeous corset top with bow detailing for the straps, a fun flirty skirt to pair it with and more.

There are outfits for both masculine and feminine framed sims and something for every style of cottage clothing lover.

cottage fashion

The Butterfly Collection

If you’re a fan of the movie Clueless and want to look anything like Cher and Dion in The Sims 4 you need this pack. There are so many gorgeous 90s inspired fits in this with fun argyle and plaid patterns to make your sims look extremely stylish.

This collection has a pair of gorgeous shorts and jeans, two hairstyles that are absolutely gorgeous and three shirt options in both neutrals and fun patterns. You can really create gorgeous outfits with this!

the butterfly collection


Although the artwork on this sims 4 cc clothing pack is going to convince you it’s mostly for the holidays these clothes are super trendy and can be worn all year round. However, they do make for some adorable family photos in front of a Winterfest tree.

This pack has some gorgeous sweater options that look perfect for a chilly winter morning and some pieces to pair them with like fun plaid pants and an adorable button down skirt. You’ll love this one, promise!

miracle holiday collection

AxA 2019

There isn’t much better than when simmers come together and create beautiful content as a team. The AxA collaborations are so much fun because you get so many goodies in one place. These items are all really great for the spring and summer with gorgeous crop tops, skirts, graphic t-shirts and more.

Since AHariss00Britney is part of this collaboration pack there are also so many gorgeous hairstyles for your sims to enjoy too!

AxA 2019

Softe Underwear Pack

Some players really want their sims to be able to walk around their home in their underwear but most of the under garments in the game are super weird styles and bright colours. Why can’t we just have some basics that work for everyone?

Well, with the Softe underwear pack you’ll get a gorgeous simple bra and underwear set that will work for every single sim!

softe underwear

Grilled Cheese Stuff

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Heck, there’s an entire grilled cheese aspiration in The Sims 4!

This grilled cheese themed pack lets you sims show off their love of grilled cheese without them just having to talk about it. There are cheese themed jackets, grilled cheese pockets on shirts and so much more.

grilled cheese

Senior Year

Since teenagers are essentially just skinner adults in The Sims 4 they don’t have any clothing that is specifically made for them. This senior year pack really helps fill that gap and adds so many amazing items that can be worn by your teenage sims.

It starts with a gorgeous skirt with a cute little chain off to the side that can be worn with so many items, there’s a gorgeous sweater with a turtleneck underneath for a unique look and a fun graphic t-shirt.

senior year pack


As a wannabe scene kid in the early 2000s and a lover of My Chemical Romance I couldn’t ignore the 20NineScene stuff pack that brings a bunch of really fun scene and emo items into the game.

There are My Chemical Romance shirts, fun shaved hairstyles, hats, and a bunch of clothing items covered in skulls and fun patterns for your sims of all ages.

scene pack

The Solstice Collection

There are so many amazing creators making gorgeous trendy clothes and The Solstice collection is no exception. This pack of clothes comes with a bunch of really fun items to dress up your sims.

It starts with two gorgeous hairstyles one for feminine and one for masculine sims. There is a gorgeous masculine body tagged crop top that shows off the belly button and a pair of pants that works perfectly with them. The pants even have the option to show off the underwear or not.

sims 4 cc


The eternity clothing pack is a set that is entirely focused on the moon and the sun and is super beautiful. You get a gorgeous pair of dangly earrings that go down to a large crescent moon and a small star dangling from the bottom.

There are two beautiful dresses with metal belts one with the moon and one with the sun and even two gorgeous hairstyles to really finish off the looks.

eternity pack

Rustic Romance Stuff

Even with the wedding game pack we are still lacking in some fun wedding dresses and other decor objects. The Rustic Romance stuff pack can add some really gorgeous items that we don’t yet have for that special day.

rustic romance

Summer Stroll

This summer stroll pack really adds some awesome items for your male sims to enjoy in the hot weather. It starts with two tops one with an open patterned shirt and the other being a simple pole shirt with buttons.

There are some gorgeous mid-thigh length shorts, a visor hat, some sunglasses and two pairs of shoes!

summer stroll

Sporty Mini-Set

One area where EA lacks for sure is the athletic category in the game and this mini set can fill that gap. This sporty set gives you the opportunity to wear your sports bra as clothing in so many different styles.

We’ve got a gorgeous sporty dress, a pair of awesome bike shorts and even full length track pants for the next time your sim works on their fitness skill. These are so stylish and cool for your sims!

a sporty mini set

Windenburg University

Before we got The Sims 4: Discover University we got this Windenburg University stuff pack. This pack not only has fun college themed clothing but also an entire lot to add to your game, and a bunch of furniture styled to be perfect for a dorm room.

The clothing items in this pack really make your sims feel like they go to a super secret Windenburg University and can rep their school in the cutest ways. a

windenburg university

Pyjama Party Kid’s Clothing

We can always use more adorable pyjamas in The Sims 4 for our littler sims to wear when they get home from a hard day at school. This kid’s pyjama party set is awesome because it covers every type of PJs you’d need for your children.

We have full body PJ outfits with shorts that are both short or long depending on the look, outfits that have pants instead, and even a gorgeous children’s bath robe. You’ll definitely be able to find some cute kids pjs!

pyjama party

The Sims 4 CC Furniture Packs

Master Bedroom Pack

This bedroom set has so much potential to create beautiful spaces because they really cover every single thing you could possibly need in a bedroom. It starts with a gorgeous fabric headboard with line detailing and beautiful linens and a matching ottoman to add to the bottom of the bed.

You’ll also get a gorgeous armoire and matching bed side tables, a beautiful fireplace and so much decor and plants to make the bedroom feel even more cozy.

sims 4 cc bedroom

The Kichen

If you’re a fan of extremely modern kitchens then The Kichen sims 4 cc pack is the one for you. This pack takes modern lines and wood tones and really makes them work in the game.

You get all the basics for decorating a kitchen but there is also so much clutter to really make your kitchen feel lived in and get more attached to your sim’s home because it feels real.

kichen stuff pack

Simkea Furnishings

Have you ever wished you could have the simple style of IKEA furniture in The Sims 4? I know I do! When are we getting The Sims 4: IKEA Stuff? Well, until then the Simkea furnishings pack will have to do.

This pack is awesome because it covers all sorts of areas of your sim’s home. There is an entire set of kitchen stuff including cabinets, shelves and bar stools as well as living room furniture like a gorgeous couch and coffee table.

simkea furnishings

Classic Kitchen

Not every simmer wants to have an extremely modern kitchen set so this classic kitchen is a must have for so many players. This kitchen really takes classic styles and colours and brings them into this century.

This pack starts with a gorgeous set of cabinets that have fun colours as well as some good neutrals like black & white options. There’s a beautiful modern farmhouse sink with a small cloth detail to make the home feel more lived in. The fridge and stove even come in fun colours too!

sims 4 cc kitchen

Greasy Goods

Have you ever wished that you could create McDonalds in The Sims 4? Well, with the greasy goods sims 4 cc pack you can do just that.

This set has just about everything you need even down to the food items for you to create a really fun and stylistic fast food restaurant which I didn’t even know I needed the opportunity to do!

mcdonalds cc

Pre-School Stuff

We are really lacking in good toddler toys and furniture items to really let them have a good life. Obviously this happened because we didn’t get them until years of toddlers existing, but it’s been five years and toddlers deserve better.

This pre-school stuff pack is awesome because it has a bunch of toddler sized chairs and tables that they can actually eat meals at! It has gorgeous rounded shelving units to create different areas in a toddler room and so many cute clutter and toy items to play with.

pre-school stuff sims pack

Child Dream Pack

The child dream pack is a really gorgeous and fun option for decorating a perfect kid’s bedroom. It starts with a gorgeous bed, desk and armoire that all have matching wood tones and fun blankets for the bed.

The fun doesn’t stop there as there are many decorative items for your toddlers like a gorgeous tent, a poof, and even a tiny stuff llama to use as decor.

sims 4 cc

Chic Bathroom

Bathrooms need more love in The Sims 4 and this Chic Bathroom really gives you what you need. It starts with a gorgeous mirror, but it’s not like other mirrors. This is a smart mirror that has the time, the weather and more right on it.

There is a gorgeous washer dryer set that you can use if you have Laundry Day Stuff which matches really well with the aesthetic of this bathroom. You’ll absolutely love this one!

sims 4 cc bathroom


The Jardane pack is gorgeous if your sims have a large backyard that they need to decorate. These pieces start with gorgeous wood tones and come in just about every piece you could need.

There is a gorgeous small circular pool for hanging out, a new BBQ, and a bunch of gorgeous plants and decor items to really make your backyard shine.

jardane pack

Cozy Backyard

Unless you have Perfect Patio Stuff installed in your game you probably don’t have a ton of awesome outdoor furniture in your game because the team doesn’t focus on this often. Even when they do add stuff to the base game they cover it in plumbobs or grilled cheese sandwiches for some reason.

This cozy backyard pack is so perfect because it has a beautiful love seat and chair set that has a matching ottoman and a gorgeous wicker style that goes into the tables too. There is a beautiful outdoor rug, a fireplace, and a bunch of plants and decor items to really make this area feel cozy.

cozy backyard

Sleek Slumber Stuff

The sleek slumber stuff pack has some really gorgeous modern furniture for your sim’s bedroom. The star of this set is definitely the bed with a gorgeous platform that matches the back pillows making a very luxurious feel.

sleek slumber stuff

Family Fun Stuff

If you’re a long-time simmer you probably had Family Fun Stuff in The Sims 2 and thankfully a simmer has decided that they wanted to convert this pack for The Sims 4. This isn’t for a minimalist furniture lover however, you need to love stylized bedrooms for this one.

There are two main styles of bedroom you can create the first being a gorgeous castle and the second being an under the sea theme. Having these can really make your sims feel like they have a severe love for a single type of style.

sims 4 cc

Roarsome Kids Bedroom

If you’re feeling like you’re struggling to decorate the perfect kid’s bedroom you need the Roarsome Kid’s Bedroom set. This entire set is themed after animals and the creator did such an amazing job theming this.

It starts with an adorable bed that has an animal as the head and footboard and the same shape for the bedside table. Even the bookcase is shaped like a giraffe and just looks so cute in any kid’s room!

roarsome kid's room

Contemporary Living Stuff

A lot of the furniture we have in The Sims 4 is super stylized and some of us are just looking for simple pieces that are in neutral wood tones that can be used over and over again. That’s why I love contemporary living stuff!

This pack has a ton of clean lines and gorgeous items that work in literally every single home you decorate.

contemporary living stuff

Happily Ever After Sims 4 CC Pack

Even though we got a whole wedding pack in The Sims 4 it still feels like we are lacking in some types of wedding decor. This happily ever after pack adds just about everything you need to make the wedding of your sim’s dreams.

These items are so popular in weddings at the moment and can help you make a really gorgeous event for your sims.

happily ever after pack

Pufferhead Stuff

This is the first custom stuff pack that really got me into custom content because I grew up with Harry Potter so this pack really inspired me. This pufferhead stuff pack has every item you’d want to bring Hogwarts into your sim’s home.

There is a gorgeous bed for kids and toddlers with a matching bookcase and desk and even an adorable chair with a pillow and blanket to add a bit of extra love. There are also beautiful clutter items to make sure that your sims love harry potter like a wand case, a set of books and more.

pufferhead sims 4 cc

The Bafroom

The base game of The Sims 4 is super lacking in gorgeous bathroom furniture and especially cute bath tubs. This Bafroom set is gorgeous because it takes all the items you need for your sim’s bathroom and makes them extremely modern and beautiful.

You’ll find a gorgeous bathtub, sink, towel rack and even small items like candles and soap bottles to use as gorgeous clutter for your sim’s home.

sims 4 cc

Futura Living

Mid-century modern is my favourite type of furniture style and this Futura Living pack is amazing. This set starts with a gorgeous circle dining table which we don’t have enough of in the game and the dining chairs suit the table so well.

The bookshelves in this pack are gorgeous too, allowing you to show off some of your sim’s favourite collections!

futura living

Eco Kitchen

We are really lacking in fun kitchens in The Sims 4 and we honestly get them so rarely with new packs. This Eco Kitchen is one of the best options for a sims 4 cc kitchen because it has so many small items to really change up the vibes.

First off, there is a gorgeous smart fridge that makes it feel like your sim’s are living in the year 3000. There is also a gorgeous microwave, stove and stove hood that is super modern compared to the ones in the game.

The colours for these cabinets are gorgeous too, coming in neutrals like whites and blacks but also fun colours like greens and blues for a unique look.

eco kitchen

Hampton’s Built-Ins

Do you ever have a large wall in your home in The Sims 4 that you have zero idea what to do with? Well, with this Hampton’s Built-Ins pack you’ll have so many interesting things to add to your huge wall.

You can use these built-ins as a hallway object to make it feel less empty or as a DIY television unit to make an extremely cool sims 4 cc living room.

hampton's built ins

Minimalist bedroom Stuff

The minimalist bedroom stuff pack is a great choice for really simple and minimalist bedroom furniture. One of my favourites parts about the bed in this set is that you can change the colour of the headboard and the blankets separately as they are two different pieces for a customized look.

Being able to change your headboard and bed separately is game changing, that’s why we love having custom double beds because they’re just so much better than in-game beds.

This pack not only has furniture but also a few gorgeous art pieces that are just the right amount of busy, instead of being wild crazy colours like many things we have in The Sims 4 proper.

sims 4 cc furniture pack

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC

There really isn’t anything more fun than going on a hardcore sims 4 cc search and completing bloating your mods folder. You’re able to find the absolute best sims 4 cc furniture and clothing items that you’ll never want to delete from your game. Happy playing!

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