Hey there, welcome to Ultimate Sims Guides. This website was founded in 2019 by Taylor O’Halloran, a blogger and sims lover who just wanted to help others have more fun with the game.

This website started initially with just how-to guides to help people have an easier time with cheats and interesting tips for the game. Now, we have content about custom content too so you can find the cutest stuff for your mods folder.

We aren’t affiliated with EA, we don’t get paid by them to create this website so all opinions are our own.

About The Owner of USG

Hey! I’m Taylor O’Halloran, the founder of Ultimate Sims Guides and the author of The Unofficial Sims Cookbook.

I’ve been playing The Sims since the year 2000 at just five years old when my mom brought home a laptop from work and a disc that changed my life. Playing The Sims 1 with my mom and older brother in that moment obviously had a huge impact on my life and influenced my career before I even knew what the word career meant.

In 2022 with the help of Simon & Schuster, I created one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen for The Sims, The Unofficial Sims Cookbook. This book is my pride and joy and has let me show my love of The Sims to the world in a whole new way.

Other things I love? Mac and cheese, but I’m gluten and lactose intolerant so that’s not great. I also love Taylor Swift, Crochet and Stardew Valley