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25+ Sims 4 CC Hoop Earrings For The Perfect Accessory

It’s easy to find a great outfit for yourself and for your sims but to make it the perfect outfit you need to find the absolute perfect accessory. Often, the perfect accessory is a gorgeous pair of custom earrings that you can wear and hoops are really the best way to show off a statement. These Sims 4 CC Hoop Earrings are some of the most beautiful options out there!

Sims 4 CC Hoop Earrings for Adults

The most common age group to wear hoop earrings is always going to be adults, mostly because kids are more likely to get these earrings caught on something and get seriously injured. Adults are better at wearing these kinds of things I guess, and these are the best and most beautiful options for your adult sims.

Bolt Hoop Earrings

The first earrings on our list are a fun pair with adorable little lightning bolts coming down from the hoop. These are fun if you love storms and lightning, or if you’re a huge fan of Harry Potter and want to have his scar hanging down from your ear.

The fun thing about these is that you are able to wear these with other earrings as a second or third piercing which is a super adorable style and will make your sims look extra cool.

A sim who is wearing three small hoop earrings that have small lightning bolts coming down it.

Pearl Hoop Earrings

Plain hoops aren’t going to make your sims have fun, you need to have some serious flair on your hoop earrings to truly have fun with them. These earrings have the perfect amount of fun flair to add to your game.

These earrings come in bright metals like gold and silver and are circled around with six pearls going around the hoop. They look great with all sorts of outfits, but definitely with custom hairstyles that are going to show off your sim’s ears!

A sim looking right at you, they have red hair and green eyes. They are wearing sims 4 cc hoop earrings with small pearls going around it.

Eye Hoop Earrings

When looking for interesting hoop earrings to add to this list I was struggling with some of them because they may be too weird and these ones fell in that category for me. Who truly wants to have an eyeball with eyelashes on the bottom of their earrings?

Well, they were made by a talented custom content creator so obviously someone wants them! These earrings have a large hoop earring and at the bottom there is a rounded piece of petal with a circle inside that is the eye and small pieces of metal as the eyelashes, just weird but amazing.

A pair of large hoop earrings that have pieces of metal that make an eye

Nova Star CC Hoop Earrings

Your sim’s hoop earrings don’t always have to be a circle, they can be literally any shape you’d ever want. These are a really fun burst star shape that are so much more interesting than a regular old circle.

These are a great option when your sim has a simple custom hair look that you’ll want to dress up with some funky accessories for a real interesting style.

A sim with red hair and green eyes who is wearing a pair of star burst earrings.

Wide Crystal Hoop Earrings

Our next sims 4 cc hoop earrings are a fun style that your sims are going to love. These earrings are a nice medium sized hoop with three lines of diamonds going around the earring. They are so sparkly that you’ll probably end up blinding another sim!

These are a very glamorous look and aren’t going to be your sim’s everyday earring style, but they could be a great option for a wedding accessory for your sims!

A sim looking to the right and is wearing a pair of earrings with three lines of diamonds going around the hoop.

Ashley Hoops

If you’re just looking for a huge and simple hoop earring, look no further than the Ashley hoops. These hoop earrings are huge and go almost down to your sim’s shoulders so they are definitely not for everyone but can be a huge statement piece.

The best part about The Sims is that you don’t have to worry about the logistics of accessories and worry about a toddler or child ripping these earrings out of your sim’s ear. Ow!

A sim with red hair and a yellow sweater. They are wearing very large hoop earrings that go down to their shoulders.

Heart Hoop Earrings

There are so many pieces of horribly tacky heart shaped jewelry out there but these earrings do not fall into that category. These heart earrings are so beautiful and have a small rounded heart at the bottom of a gorgeous hoop that comes in gold, silver, black and other metals.

These are super fun too because you can wear them with other earrings and mix and match to add them as a second or third hole earring instead of wearing all three at once which is super customizable.

A sim looking toward the right wearing three small hoop earrings that have little hearts hanging down.

Love Wire Hoop Earrings

Who doesn’t love love? I know I do, love is great and leads to beautiful lives and gorgeous weddings! These earrings are here to show off the way you love and the way you want to be loved in the game.

These ones start with a beautiful rounded hoop at goes into your sims’ ear and at the bottom this metal hoop starts bending and curving into the word love.

My only issue with these is that sometimes I don’t like when there is english words in the game because everything should be in simlish, but since these are in a cursive text I’ll give it a slide.

The back of a sim's head where you can see their earring that has the word love in it.

Evelyn Square Hoops

The fun thing about hoop earrings is that they don’t always have to be a circle and the other shapes are so much more interesting visually. These Evelyn hoops are a fun square shape that just bring your sims to the next level.

These are even more fun because the creator made different swatches that turn the square on its side to make it into a diamond shape. Genuinely so much fun and they come in every metal colour you’d like to see.

A sim wearing an earring that is a square.

Heart Hoops

If you’re looking for the perfect earring for a Valentine’s Day date or just something sweet to wear everyday these heart shaped hoops are going to be perfect. Thees ones have a heart where one side goes into your sim’s ear putting the heart on a fun angle.

These come in three different metals including both gold and silver so it’ll work for many skin tones and especially different undertones that may prefer a certain type of metal.

A sim with red hair and green eyes and hoop earrings that are in the shape of a heart.

Bare Hoop Earrings

Sometimes the best things you can find are super small hoop earrings because they are extremely beautiful and just look amazing with every outfit. They may genuinely be the perfect everyday earring for your sims.

These ones are really fun because you have so many options for them, you can wear all three at once, wear one or two and even mix and match them with other earrings too!

A sim who is looking toward the right, they have their hair in space buns and bangs. They have three different sims 4 cc hoop earrings in their ear going from smallest to largest.

Dragon Tail Hoops

There are so many insanely cool ways to have a hoop earring exist and these dragon tail earrings are such a great option. These ones have a rather large hoop and instead of it being a simple thin piece of metal, it’s a super interesting grouping of metal that when put together it looks like a bunch of dragon scales.

A character from The Sims 4 who is wearing a pair of cc hoop earrings that look like a dragon's scales.

Star Power Hoop Earrings

There are a lot of really fun ways for custom content creators to take a simple concept like a boring round hoop and turn it into something so much more fun and interesting. The creator of these earrings decided to do just that!

These earrings started with a simple round hoop and has a small star at the bottom hanging from a small circle. These also come in so many swatches including like pinks and blues and other metals.

A sim with red hair wearing a pair of gold hoop earrings that have a small star coming down from the top.

Emmy Pearl Hoops

Why do all hoop earrings need to be just boring metal? There are so many materials you can use to make an earring, so why not make it out of a bunch of non-rounded pearls? These are so cool!

These earrings have a small stud that goes through the ear that is connected to a piece of metal on both the front and back. Coming down from that piece of metal is a string of pearls that go from the front to back in a gorgeous hoop style!

A sim who is wearing a pair of sims 4 cc hoop earrings that have a piece of gold in the ear with pearls going all the way around in a hoop.

Nia Chain Hoop Earrings

The next option on our list of sims 4 cc hoop earrings are these gorgeous chain link earrings which are super unique. These earrings start at the top with a solid piece of metal going through the ear and at 10 and 2 o’clock they change into a bunch of chains linked together to make the circle complete.

These earrings are so chunky and fun that you’ll be able to find the perfect custom outfit to wear with them.

A sim with red hair in space buns and bangs. They have green eyes and a yellow sweater and their earrings look like a bunch of small chains put together.

Big Wavy CC Hoop Earrings

Who said that your hoop earrings need to be a regular circle? These earrings make it look like your earrings have gone wild. A wavy earring is such a unique and fun style for your sims.

The creator even has a matching wavy necklace too so you can have a great matching style for your sims!

A character from The Sims 4 who is wearing a pair of cc hoop earrings that are a circle that is wavy instead of being a perfectly straight circle.

Butterfly Hoop Earrings

Butterflies are the only insect out there that I’ll ever think is cute enough to be on an earring, except maybe a ladybug. These butterfly earrings have a super small hoop with a small metal butterfly coming off the bottom.

The best part about these earrings is that you have the option to wear just one of them or wear all three, as they come in three separate files. You can even choose to have a regular earring in the first hole and a butterfly earring in the other hole!

A sim with red hair and green eyes wearing a yellow sweater with three small hoops with dangling butterflies.

Sims 4 CC Hoop Earrings for Kids

The fun thing about The Sims 4 is that your sims can wear earrings without having to actually get their ears pierced! This means no pain! No infections! No fuss! It’s amazing. These kid’s hoop earrings are so much fun and are exactly what I would’ve loved to wear in my childhood.

Pretty Heart Hoops

One of the most universally adorable shapes is always going to be a heart, like who designed that? The hearts in our chest look nothing like the adorable hearts we use to show how much we love someone.

These earrings are great with a large metal hoop with hearts going around it in the cutest way. They are such a great style for children because they are so sweet and have a gorgeous heart style.

A sim with their brown hair in a bun with curly bangs. Their earrings are a pair of sims 4 cc hoop earrings that have hearts going around them.

Margarita CC Hoop Earrings

Not all hoop earrings need to be a perfect circle with a closed shape, why not have a fun hoop that loops around without being closed? These are genuinely so much fun!

These earrings start on one side with a super thin piece of metal and the other end has a small pearl on it. It goes through your sims ear in a little open loop and it looks so fun!

A sim looking to the right and wearing a pink sweater. They're wearing a hoop earring that is not a perfect circle with a small pearl at the bottom.

Cassiopeia Star Hoops

If you enjoyed the fun heart earrings, you’re going to absolutely love these beautiful star earrings! Stars are a great shape too and bring the universe onto your sim’s ears so they’re a great choice.

These earrings have a small metal hoop going around your sim’s ear and have stars going all the way the earring. These are a great custom kid’s accessory to wear with fancy clothes but can be dressed down too!

A sim with their hair in a bun with their bangs in curls, their earrings are a simple hoop with stars going around them.

Rope Sims 4 Hoop Earrings

If you want a super unique but super simple hoop earring, you can definitely enjoy this rope hoop. This earring starts in the hole of the ear and goes around in a loop with the back not fully connecting to your sim’s ear lobe.

The hoop has a rope look to it with the metal being twisted around in a really beautiful way, you’re sure to love this one.

A sim with their brown hair in a bun and their bangs curly, they are wearing a pink sweater and sims 4 cc hoop earrings that look like a rope.

Jovie Hoop Earrings

The Jovie sims 4 cc hoop earrings are a fun choice for kids because they aren’t just a boring hoop. These are the kinds of earrings you buy for a child and they keep them for their entire life where you’ll wear them on all of your big events.

A sim with a pink turtleneck sweater and brown eyes. They are wearing hoop earrings.

Sims 4 CC Hoop Earrings for Toddlers

Putting toddlers in hoop earrings IRL may not be the safest option, they are prone to falling and that could result in them getting hurt and their ears being ripped which would be tragic. Thankfully, The Sims 4 isn’t real life and your toddlers are going to get hurt if they wear these absolutely gorgeous hoop earrings.

Camellia CC Hoop Earrings

When we’re talking about custom hoop earrings we don’t need to just have boring circle earrings, we can have fun styles like this one that looks like a cloud. These are probably the best option for toddlers because they are such a fun shape and just feel like something adorable and fun that a toddler would love to wear.

When you find a gorgeous set of toddler accessories you need to hold onto them and keep them in your mods folder forever.

A sim with brown eyes and brown hair wearing a blue striped jacket. They have a pair of golden hoop earrings that look like small clouds in The Sims 4.

Fine Ball Hoop Earrings

Sometimes the smallest details can transform your sim’s earrings from basic to beautiful and these fine ball hoops are a gorgeous style. These are a simple thin gold hoop where at the bottom of the earring there is a small golden ball adding a bit of style to the earring.

These can be added to just about any custom outfit as a beautiful accessory and your sims are bound to look absolutely gorgeous.

A sim with brown hair and brown eyes looking right at you. They have their hair in braids and are wearing a striped jacket with golden sims 4 cc hoop earrings with a small ball at the bottom.

Bellatrix Sims 4 Earrings

If you’re just looking for a super simple and super classic looking hoop earring, you’ll definitely want to try out these ones. These are a smaller circle that won’t take too much space on your sim’s face or be too overwhelming.

You’ll definitely want to find the perfect custom toddler hair to make sure that you can show these off!

A sim facing fully to the left where you can see most of the back of their head. They have a jacket on and gold hoop earrings.

Kenzie Hoop Earrings

There is something so dainty about these earrings, they have a decent sized hoop but something about the way the metal is stacked together just makes you want to smile. These earrings are made up of a ton of little squares connected point to point together to make the loop.

The hoops are going to be great for a wedding guest look for your toddlers or even for a birthday party where they deserve to look super fancy.

A sim with brown eyes and their brown hair in two french braids. They are wearing a striped jacket and gold sims 4 cc hoop earrings.

Miriam Hoop Earrings

These Miriam hoops are such a classic looking earring for your sims to wear and they can be worn by every age group which is amazing as long as you download the files for all of them. Imagine having an entire family with every sim wearing the same gorgeous sims 4 cc hoop earrings?

That would just be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, no doubt. These are a great size for a hoop for your toddlers, and look so perfect with so many outfits!

A toddler aged character from The Sims 4 who is on top of a pink background. They are wearing a blue and white striped jacket and have their hair in braids and are wearing cc hoop earrings.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Hoop Earrings for Adults

Hoops are such a beautiful option for a custom earring and are such a beautiful accessory. They make a statement that just can’t be made from a simple stud earring in the same way. Hopefully you found a few pairs of earrings to add to your sims 4 mods folder. Happy Playing!

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