25+ House Ideas to Try to Build in The Sims 4

We have been playing The Sims 4 for absolute years at this point and it’s getting to a point where it’s hard to come up with new and interesting ways to build in the game. However, there are still dozens of house ideas for you to try that can inspire you and really boost your creativity to levels you never would have expected.

These ideas include things you’d expect like a base game family home to concepts you never could’ve dreamed up on your own like a half-circle mansion that is sure to impress anyone who sees it. You’ll be able to use whatever packs you currently own to inspire a new build type and really make these builds your own.

1. Mountain Cabin

Our first idea on this list is a simple mountain cabin that would be perfect if you have The Sims 4: Snowy Escape and can build this in Mt Komorebi. Adding those kinds of Japanese aspects from Snowy Escape would look great too. These types of cabins look great when you use orange woods and tons of rocks and full trees, making it feel like the absolute best place to hangout this winter.

This build by Kate Emerald (possibly one of the most talented builders in The Sims community) is wild. It features a gorgeous grey and orange-toned wood home on a bunch of rocks that are covered in snow. There are tons of green trees all around that look amazing surrounding the home.

On the inside you’ll find an absolutely beautiful open kitchen concept that would be incredible for a vacation rental lot in the game and would absolutely impress all sims who enter.

2. Modern Country Estate

Our next house idea for The Sims. 4is a modern country estate, this is a home that would look absolutely gorgeous in a more modern area in Henford-On-Bagley if you have The Sims 4: Cottage Living. This type of house takes many features of a cottage, like a green house and a garage area but makes them more modern by adding cleaner lines and less patterns.

This absolutely beautiful creation by Simlicy features a gorgeous entry area with a small pond in the middle that splits a driveway from a shed and greenhouse and the main house adding so much interest to the front area. It has beautiful landscaping and the interior does not disappoint.

Inside this house you’ll find all sorts of light woods as decor that make this home feel cozy but also extremely modern. There are a few gorgeous rugs and patterns in the home that you’ll die for. The absolute perfect home for a modern gardener.

3. Huge Family Home

Our next type of home is a house that we’ve all definitely built in the game before, a huge family home. This is a great home for larger families where maybe there are multiple generations inside the home. These types of homes usually feature large backyards which are most likely fenced in, multiple bedrooms and more than one story.

This gorgeous house, created by Jessicapie is a great example of a large family home. It has all sorts of simple but gorgeous landscaping, a gorgeous backyard with a pool and tons of living space for the family to run around and create the most beautiful memories.

4. Tiny Loft

With the in-game addition of platforms and ladders we can now create the most beautiful lofts in different apartments if you have either The Sims 4: City Living and The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle. These apartments are extremely unique and allow you to see your sim’s entire home at once with the gorgeous lofted bedrooms.

This beautiful lofted apartment from Sims 4 Creations is a great example of this using an absolutely huge platform in the corner with a simple white ladder leading up. It has tons of light woods and a bunch of really pretty details to make this place feel extremely cozy. Only downside? Well… this lot needs some love and has some furry creatures who may come to visit.

5. Base Game Modern Home

There seems to be two types of builders in the game, modern builders and not modern builders. There are so many great items in the game that you can use to create a gorgeous modern build, especially with platforms as a roof or different off-shoots on the home. The key to a modern home is clean lines and neutral colours.

This gorgeous modern build by Mr Olkan is BASE GAME ONLY which shows some serious skills since it doesn’t feature any packs at all. There is a gorgeous pool area that features palm trees inside of them and fun outdoor areas for gardening and playing. Inside you’ll find gorgeous stone walls that really add to the modern look and a great area for the family to hangout.

6. Modern Farmhouse

One type of house that seems to just get more and more popular with time is a Modern Farmhouse and it makes sense because these are so absolutely gorgeous. These homes feature a mixture of stone and siding with gorgeous wood details and tons of greenery to make it feel cozy and cute. Awesome choices for a family home and works great for sims who are into gardening or raising animals.

Our modern farmhouse example comes from Sims 4 Creations and features so many gorgeous details. The kitchen has a cozy industrial feeling to it that really add to the stone detailing and farmhouse vibe. There are even some gorgeous huge hay bails behind the home to really give it that country feel.

7. Luxury Apartment

A lot of the time when players are decorating apartments they decorate them with very inexpensive furniture as apartments are a great way for a family to just start out. However, there is the option of decorating a more luxury apartment for an established family instead of a young broke couple. These apartments feature luxurious looking décor and simple colours that blend well together and make you want to spend time there.

This absolutely gorgeous Luxury Apartment by Ms Gryphi is a great example that features a beautiful white and wood kitchen with a lot of blue and green details as well as a gorgeous seafoam green sectional couch. This apartment may be small but it is mighty and absolutely beautiful.

8. Modern Minimalistic Home

There are hundreds of people out there who are begging for a more minimalistic vibe to their homes and this is a fun option for a house idea to build in The Sims 4. These types of houses feature a lot of clean lines but have a lot less landscaping and décor objects than a regular modern home.

This beautiful minimalistic modern home by Doctor Ashley is a great one for simmers who don’t like having too much going on in their homes. It features a rather simple backyard area with a gorgeous pool and tones of monochrome furniture to enjoy. Inside you’ll find more monochrome details with dark woods and gorgeous floors that are to die for.

9. Container Home

With the addition of The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle to the game we got the perfect container home wall paper to build gorgeous container homes. These homes feature a ton of interesting details with the metal siding on the containers, interesting window shapes and usually a ton of industrial décor to make the vibes super interesting.

A gorgeous example of a container home is this one by Sims 4 Creations that has 3 containers in all different colours which adds a nice contrast. On the inside of the home you’ll find gorgeous tile choices with a nice open kitchen area and tons of gorgeous light details to make the home feel super cozy. You’d never know you’re living in an old shipping container.

10. Tall Tiny Home

When we got The Sims 4: Tiny Living added to our games, we absolutely fell in love with the idea of tiny homes. However, you can really make some weird tiny homes by stacking squares on top of each other and going as tall as the game will let you. This style really allows you to have a lot of outdoor space on your lot since you’re building up instead of out.

This awesome four story tiny home, created by Sims 4 Creations, has both gorgeous monochrome details with the black and white siding as well as some gorgeous wood detailing. On the inside you’ll want to optimize the space by using ladders to not take up the space with stairs and in this house the colours from the outside come right inside and make it extremely cohesive.

11. Half Circle Home

If you’re looking for something extremely individual and unique you may want to build a home that’s shaped as a half circle. This is a crazy idea that is really breathtaking and something you don’t see often in the sims community. You can create really cool outdoor areas with a home like this.

This absolutely wild home created by Kate Emerald is a shape you’ve never seen before. It features tons of interesting room shapes and tons of small details. A half-circle home is not something for a beginner builder as you’ll need to have an outside the box style of decorating and building!

12. Townhouses

One interesting design concept you can do in The Sims 4 is a townhouse that features taller homes instead of short and wide homes. It’s fun because you can add as many in a row as you’d like, and have multiple small families living in one household but having their own space with the use of locking doors. You can also have a roommate situation in these types of townhouses if that’s fun for you!

This Acacia townhouse by Honeybella is absolutely beautiful and features so many gorgeous white and cream details while still feeling lived in and gorgeous. The interior of this townhouse features more of the same light tones as well as an absolutely gorgeous kitchen.

13. Eco Tiny House

If you’re really feeling like you want to mix packs you can create the perfect Eco Lifestyle for your sims while experiencing Tiny Living. An eco tiny houses features a small foot print but uses things like solar panels and wind turbines to be more eco friendly and save on your bills. You can even use dew collectors to save on water bills. These houses are usually light woods and white walls to keep them feeling way bigger than they actually are.

This absolutely beautiful Eco Tiny created by InSims in Stop Motion features a tiny pool out front with tons of rock and landscaping details because the houses is actually elevated by terrain tools. The design of this house is gorgeous and even has a overhang on the side that is filled with some really pretty rocks and on the opposite end there’s a small garden that also has bug houses and a cute picnic area.

14. Christmas Cabin

When writing this it is coming up on the holiday season and a Christmas themed cabin sounds absolutely so much fun. If you have The Sims 4: Seasons you have access to a ton of Winterfest themed items that can really add new vibes to your sim’s home and make it feel extremely festive. These types of homes feature tons of dark woods to create a beautiful cabin vibe and are extremely cozy and ready for the Christmas tree!

This beautiful example of a Christmas cabin by milgemilge features some gorgeous wood and stone detailing and use of interesting objects on the corners of the building to add some dimension. There is a bunch of outdoor detail like a debug truck that really adds cabin vibes as well as some debug fencing and an animal house. Inside, you’ll find tons of wood details and a giant fireplace.

15. French Villa

If you’re in the mood for a really fancy feeling home, a French themed villa may be the perfect option for your next build. These homes feature gorgeous balconies and arches as well as tons of beautiful white windows and doors to really bring in the light. A French villa is a perfect vacation rental in the game if you truly want your sims to experience something entirely different from Willow Creek on their next trip.

Our French Villa example is absolutely beautiful and was created by Mr Olkan and has some of the most beautiful outdoor details ever. There is gorgeous path ways outside as well as a bunch of greenery and inside you’ll find white details as well as stone walls and fireplaces to really make the home cozy.

16. Plant Lover’s Log Cabin

If you have The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat in your game, a plant lover’s cabin could be an extremely fun home to build in Granite Falls. This type of home features red woods and beautiful stone details to make the home feel so cozy and has a beautiful fence and so much greenery around.

A great example of a plant lover’s log cabin is this gorgeouss one by MissSimReno that features a beautiful large cabin with trees everywhere and two gorgeous chimneys off the tallest roof. Inside this gorgeous home type you’ll find beautiful fireplaces that add a bit of extra cozy to the home, as well as stone pillars and dark accents to really make it feel like you’re in the woods.

17. Japanese Townhouse

With the addition of The Sims 4: Snowy Escape we got an entire Japanese themed world as well as a ton of gorgeous build and buy details for a Japanese themed home. If you’re constantly building regular american suburban homes you can completely change the vibe of your home by going toward a Japanese home.

This beautiful Japanese home in Mt Komorebi created by Jessicapie has so many beautiful details. It includes a gorgeous fake garage on the back of the home as well as a beautiful wood details all along the home and can be an awesome home type for a family who wants to live in Mt Komorebi.

18. Vampire Mansion

If you’re looking to build something a little creepier you may want to build a giant home for a vampire family. If you have The Sims 4: Vampires you can replace Vlad’s home with something much more creative that features beautiful Victorian details as well as statues and gargoyles to really make the place creepier and perfect for some vampires. These can definitely bring you out of your comfort zone!

This awesome vampire castle home by Kate Emerald is so beautiful and has a gorgeous walkway to the front of the home that leads you straight to a statue that is definitely spooky. Inside you’ll find all sorts of dark details as well as gorgeous bookshelves, tons of candles and a giant kitchen to feed your whole vampire family.

19. Haunted Lighthouse

Any time I want to build something during October’s spooky season, I always want to go haunted and this haunted lighthouses idea is a really fun concept. These types of homes allow you to really have your creativity come through and can have so many details added from packs like Vampires, Spooky Stuff and Strangerville. You can really just go wild and add whatever details you’d like, as well as tons of vines and stains and cobwebs.

Our haunted lighthouse, created by RGR Gaming has a beautiful light house in the corner of the lot and a small home for your sims to actually live in. If you pair this type of home with Paranormal Stuff and turn it into an actual haunted lot, you’ll definitely be spooked when living here in game.

20. Modern Suburban

There is a definite style when we’re thinking of a suburban home that feels very cozy and a little bit outdated. However, you can go in and make a more modern version of a suburban home. These types of homes are going to feature more modern woods and stones and less shutters on windows, more clean lines!

This absolutely gorgeous modern suburban by Simlicy has beautiful white brick on the outside with some nice wood details to add a contrast to the home. With a fake debug car out front it feels super cozy and the perfect place to live. Inside you’ll find beautiful wood tones and just enough personality to make sure you know a wonderful family lives here.

21. Boho Loft

Our next type of build is a boho themed loft that you can build in any of the apartments in game. This type of apartment works great with items from Laundry Day and Movie Hangout and can really bring in tons of textures in the home. You can go with very neutral colours and a bunch of plants for an extremely cozy vibe for this loft.

This boho loft example by Simlicy is so perfect, with an open concept and a small set of stairs to a platform bedroom with layered carpets for a totally beautiful concept. With a sectional couch and an easel in the corner you can really picture your sims enjoying this apartment.

22. Industrial Penthouse

If you have The Sims 4: City Living there is a lot where you can build whatever you want, on top of an apartment building. Turning this into a beautiful industrial penthouse is pretty much the perfect option. You can build this with items from Moschino Stuff, the Industrial Loft Kit and other random packs to truly make something beautiful with brick tones and tons of dark woods.

This industrial penthouse example by Jessicapie is so gorgeous and has multiple levels to allow your sims to have tons of space to enjoy. There is a beautiful area with a hot tub looking over San Myshuno that would be an absolute dream, with beautiful lights to really bring the area into the cozy vibes we’d all die for.

23. 8 Sim Home

If you’re really looking to challenge something in the game, you can try to build yourself a home for 8 sims. Whether this be two parents and six kids, or a multi-generational home vibe you can really challenge yourself to fit this many sims into one space. Try and make it a tiny home for even more of a challenge because those 100 tiles don’t go very far.

This gorgeous green 8 sim home by Simlicy is a great example of making the space work. It features both a hot tub and a pool in the back of the home to make great use of the space as well as a tiny green house area for growing plants or doing art. This home has enough space for your entire family to live and grow while also making it feel extremely cozy.

24. Off The Grid Lakehouse

If you’re really trying to get creative with your next build, you may want to try an off the grid lake house. This type of home can be build right on top of a lake that takes up the majority of the lot for a really unique vibe and you can make this home entirely eco friendly with solar panels, wind turbines and dew collectors for your sims to be entirely self sufficient.

This fascinating home by Sims 4 Creations features a giant lake with a home plopped right on top of it which is such a fun concept. You will need to work tons with terrain tools if you want to build something like this, so just be prepared for a bit of frustration if that’s not something you’re super comfortable with. The house is placed on a land spot right in the middle of a lake which makes it so unique.

25. Jungle Underwater House

Here we have another beautiful and unique home where the entirety of the houses is underwater. From above all you can see is the top of the home where your sims can actually walk and relax if they want, but their actually home is underwater. These homes can exist entirely in a huge pool so you can enjoy a totally different style of living, using the glass tiles from Island Living can really allow you to see into the home as well.

This absolutely wild home by Sims 4 Creations has so many interesting details like a gorgeous stairwell on the side to allow you to go underground to the home, while also being able to walk on top of the lot with a ladder. Once you get inside you can see a totally normal seeming island themed home, but really its completely underwater and insanely unique.

26. Modern Cottage Farmhouse

Our next type of home mixes a modern style with a cottage living aesthetic for a very beautiful home. It’s like a modern farmhouses but with a more English cottage vibe. These homes feature luscious greenery, beautiful pathways and tons of interesting roofing and windows for an absolutely beautiful house.

Our featured build is by Doctor Ashley, who took a photo of a real life home and turned it into something that works in Henford on Bagley with more modern elements. Inside this beautiful home you’ll find a gorgeous kitchen that is slightly raised on a platform for an open but separated feel. There is even an absolutely beautiful primary bedroom with huge windows and a giant walk in closet.

27. Country Family Cottage

Our final build type is a country family cottage which uses all the elements you’d find in The Sims 4: Cottage Living including gorgeous thatched roofing with details and chimneys and so much greenery placed so beautifully. You’ll often use a pond to add even more fun detail, as well as a bunch of different window types to really make a beautiful and cozy home.

This home by Jessicapie is a perfect home for Henford on Bagley that features beautiful chimneys and some terrain tools with the home raised just a bit higher than the rest of the world, allowing for a beautiful staircase up to the home with staggered landscaping.

Final Thoughts

These house ideas are honestly so beautiful and can add so many new types of homes for you to build in The Sims 4. It is extremely easy for you to get into a rut in the game when building because we build the same types of homes over and over, so using some of these ideas are really awesome. Happy playing!

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  1. I am playing Sims since 2002, you can verily understand my thoughts about it. The Country Family Cottage is really gorgeous and the rest of the houses are great too. Just keep updating this post, I will keep coming back. Love Stella

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