3 male sims in The Sims 4 with their heads cropped out. They are wearing various cc shirts.

60+ Sims 4 Male CC Shirts For Adorable Sims

Every single time we get a pack for The Sims 4 we get tons of clothing for feminine sims, and we never get as much for the more masculine or male sims. Thankfully, you can find some really amazing Sims 4 Male CC Shirts to help bridge this gap and get yourself and your sims some goodies.

Sims 4 Male CC T-Shirts

There are some types of tops that are just classic and a simple t-shirt can really make the look. These Sims 4 Male CC Shirts are great because you can pair them with a simple pair of jeans, sweatpants or dress them up with nicer pants or shoes.

Keeping It Simple V Tee

Spice up your Sims 4 wardrobe with the fabulous Keeping It Simple V Tee, a custom creation by the talented peacemaker-ic. This mod is perfect for those who love v-necks and are eager to explore new colours and colour combos, all with updated textures.

Designed as one of the favourite basic tops for guys, this versatile piece offers a whopping 30 colour options and caters to the age groups from teen to elder men. Although labelled as masculine, fear not, as it can be used on female sims too! Appropriate for athletic, daily, festive, sleep, and warm climate attire.

A sim who has dreads and a beard who is wearing a bright yellow pocket v-neck t-shirt

Tie Dye Shirt

Get ready to immerse yourself in the dazzling world of Sims 4 with the Tie Dye Shirt custom content, available on Mod The Sims! This mod offers a lively and vivid collection of tie dye men’s shirts that’ll inject a burst of colour into your virtual life. A perfect end-of-summer top, that you must add to your Sims’ wardrobes.

The Tie Dye Shirt mod is a creative recolour of the base-game men’s v-neck shirt, designed for a variety of occasions. Rock it in Everyday, Athletic, Sleep, and Hot Weather settings, as it’s available for Teens, Young Adults, Adults, and older males alike. Featuring short sleeves and made from lightweight cotton, these shirts are both fashionable and comfortable for your Sims to wear!

A character in The Sims 4 standing in a dressing room wearing a cc tie die shirt and ripped jeans

Oversized Graphic Shirts

The bold and eclectic Oversized Graphic Shirts for Sims 4, designed by the innovative McLayneSims, entice you to explore a unique fashion statement for your virtual world.

Boasting 8 diverse swatches, these shirts encompass a range of styles, from plaid with roses to bad boy figures, letters, and other captivating graphic designs. The high-quality fabric and cool outfit ensure that your Sim will stand out in any crowd expressing their individuality and making a lasting impression.

Four sims standing next to each other wearing jeans, all of them are wearing sims 4 cc shirts that are oversized and have graphic designs

Tee Dump Graphic Tee

Introducing the Tee Dump Graphic Tee, a custom content creation for the Sims 4 crafted by Sims 4 Studio, designed to be the quintessential wardrobe staple for male Sims who appreciate effortlessly chic oversized shirts.

This versatile collection, suitable for male teens through elders, cone in 4 swatches highlighting pastel hues that elevate your Sims’ fashion sense. With captivating designs that make them the center of attention, these tees serve as ideal summer must-haves and ensure every summer day in their virtual lives is fashionably fabulous.

Four squares with sims wearing t-shirts. The designs include things from the game like gnomes and gremlins.

Corona Top

Dive into a kaleidoscope of hues with the Corona Top, a vibrant and thrilling custom content creation for the Sims 4, brought to you by the ingenious dyoreos. This adaptable top caters to male sims from teens to elders, offering a jaw-dropping selection of 29 swatches that cover the entire rainbow and beyond.

The messages on the t-shirt not only encapsulate the vibe but also spark motivation, making this top a head-turning pick for your sims. Fashioned from airy fabric and featuring short sleeves, the Corona Top guarantees that comfort and panache walk side by side.

Two sims with curly hair wearing t-shirts where there is a smalls square with a painting of a person in the middle

Cuffed Button Ups

Delve into the world of chic and versatile fashion with the Cuffed Button Ups, cc content addition designed by the talented McLayneSims. With 8 swatches, these shirts come in solid colours as well as intriguing patterns, ranging from flames to contemporary graphics.

The creator skillfully emphasizes the masculine style while seamlessly incorporating options for females too. With a stylish short fitting sleeve, the Cuffed Button Ups extend the appeal of the shirt, making it an eye-catching look, ensuring your Sims always look the part in the virtual world.

This image contains four sims standing beside each other, all of them are wearing pants and shoes but wearing a cuffed button up shirt with various patterns.

Two Colour T-Shirt

Sims House introduces a charming custom content piece to the Sims 4 universe with the Men’s Two-Colour T-Shirt. This delightful addition provides a unique take on the classic t-shirt by incorporating a clever two-colour design, which subtly emphasizes the male figure without being too obvious. With 10 options available, players can mix and match to find the perfect combination. 

Comfort is key with these t-shirts, as the sleeves are designed to fit snugly around the shoulders, providing not only the look but also a comfortable attire. This T-Shirt is an excellent way to inject a touch of variety and creativity while your Sim is lounging at home, socializing with friends, or enjoying a day out in the virtual world.

Two sims standing next to each other but their heads are cut off in the image. They are wearing two tone t-shirts. sims 4 cc male shirts

Buff Stud Tee

RoyImvu brings a fascinating custom content piece to the Sims 4 universe with the Buff Stud Tee, a fashion-forward option for Sims who dare to stand out. This attention-grabbing top is adorned with studs along the front sleeves, creating a striking visual effect.

The sheer torso adds an extra layer of intrigue to the design, making it an appealing choice for a wide range of Sims – not just the punk enthusiasts. Every Sim can express their individuality and create daring outfits for various occasions, from casual hangouts to edgy parties with this exciting fashion piece.

A sim where you can only see from nose down, they are wearing a studded cuff necklace, they have a sleeve tattoo, and their shirt looks hard and has studs

Oh MY Goth Torn Tee

SimmieV’s outstanding creation, the Oh My Goth Torn Tee, adds a dramatic touch to the Sims 4 custom content wardrobe. These tattered t-shirts, available in 8 distinct styles, allow your Sims to flaunt their edgy side with confidence. Skull designs take center stage in this collection, making a bold statement even when they’re not immediately noticeable.

This unconventional piece ensures your Sims can express their rebellious spirit while they navigate the captivating world of the Sims 4. Let them embrace their dark side with the Oh My Goth Torn Tee and make a memorable impression.

Buttoned T-Shirts

McLayne Sims presents a delightful custom content addition to the Sims 4 with the Buttoned T-Shirts collection, boasting form-fitted designs that accentuate your Sims’ figures. These casual tees come in 10 swatches, offering both, light summery colours and traditional darker tones to suit any style preferences.

The solid hues and three buttons descending from the collar create an attractive and versatile summer tee that’s perfect for a relaxed day in the virtual world while your Sims revel in the fun and engaging discovery of their unique fashion sense.

Four male sims from The Sims 4 standing next to each other in cc shirts that are henley button downs

Rock Band T-Shirts

JaccBurke hits all the right notes with the Rock Band T-Shirts collection, an electrifying custom content addition to the Sims 4. These short-sleeved tees come in a variety of 20 distinct design swatches, each proudly showcasing different rock bands, allowing your Sims to wear their loyalty and love for their favorite bands with pride.

Tailored for both female and male Sims, these ultimate fan shirts are perfect not only for rocking out at summer festival concerts, but also for striking up conversations and bonding with fellow fans over shared musical tastes in the captivating virtual world.

Two sims, one male and one female, from The Sims 4. They are wearing a motorhead and a led zeppelin t-shirt.

Sims 4 Male CC Long Sleeve Shirts

Unfortunately we can’t wear t-shirts all year long, and in the cooler months we need to bring in some long sleeve shirts to keep us warm. These Sims 4 Male CC Shirts are great because they can be worn in the fall or early spring, or be worn under a jacket in the winter.

AM Long Sleeves

David_mtv brings the chic AM Long Sleeves custom content into the spotlight, offering a trendy and cozy choice for your Sims’ clothing collection. These adaptable long-sleeved tops cater to Sims from teens to elders and feature 8 swatches, combining striking colors and eye-catching two-tone stripes.

The appealing fit of this top resembles a snug sweater, offering warmth to your Sims on those chilly days, while also exuding a laid-back vibe when the sleeves are rolled up for a more relaxed look and let your Sims make a fashionable impression.

A male mannequin in The Sims 4 who is wearing a red button down henley shirt with grey stripes, the sleeves are pushed up

Douglas Tucked Top

Purrsephone brings the delightful Douglas Tucked Top into the Sims 4, adding a touch of charm and versatility to the virtual wardrobe. The top’s four-button bar, lightweight material, and slightly cuffed long sleeves create a stylish option for Sims during cooler summer nights or mild spring temperatures.

The impressive 40 swatches offer countless possibilities for unique style expression, allowing Sims to showcase their personalities through various color combinations and patterns. This captivating top adds a fresh, contemporary flair to the Sims’ ensembles, enhancing their overall look in the dynamic Sims 4 world.

A male sim with brown curly hair who is wearing a blue cc shirt that is tucked in at the button and has buttons going down to mid chest.

Creepy Fashion Shirts

The Sims 4 takes a thrilling turn into the realm of the supernatural with the spine-chilling Creepy Fashion Shirts custom content by McLayne Sims. Showcasing 7 eerie swatches, each more unnerving than the last, this collection offers die-hard Halloween enthusiasts the perfect way to celebrate their love for all things spooky year-round.

Designs span from haunting skeletons and ominous skulls to the sinisterly creepy clown, ensuring a plethora of hair-raising choices for your Sims. Ideal for those seeking to unveil their darker side or simply revel in the excitement of a good scare.

Four male sims who are wearing creepy halloween themed shirts

Ash Crop Top

Dear Solar brings a fresh and unique look to your male Sims’ wardrobe with the stylish Ash Crop Top custom content for the Sims 4. This special piece offers a fashionable option for those who believe that men, too, can rock crop tops.

With its three-quarter sleeve design, this shirt is perfect for Sims who do not shy away from a bold fashion statement and showing off their style with confidence. Available for teen to elder male Sims only, this eye-catching top comes in 20 swatches, providing a range of colours and patterns.

Two sims who are wearing long sleeve crop tops with their belly showing

Mid Sleeve Sweatshirt

The Mid Sleeve Sweatshirt by McLayneSims presents a fashionable custom content upgrade for the Sims 4, infusing your male Sims’ attire with a blend of French chic and beachy ambiance. With a selection of 10 swatches, this sweatshirt provides more than just eye-catching horizontal stripes that flatter the male form and inject a dash of panache.

Designs range from a bold camouflage pattern to a refined black and grey stripe, catering to every Sim’s preference. A distinctive touch is the sleeve length, terminating just below the elbow for a casually unique appearance.

Four sims standing in various poses while wearing sims 4 male cc striped sweaters

Layered Turtleneck

SimmieV’s Layered Turtleneck custom content for the Sims 4 is a delightful blend of retro charm and cozy fashion! This imaginative design features a layered turtleneck with eight vibrant striped patterns, paired with a matching short-sleeved button-up shirt.

Watch the long, striped sleeves of the turtleneck playfully peek through the shirt’s short sleeves, adding a touch of whimsy to your Sims’ attire. Infuse their wardrobe with a lively and unique piece that’s both fun and warm, embodying the perfect balance of style and comfort.

Four sims wearing long sleeve striped sweaters with button down t-shirts on top

Oh My Goth Emo Goth Shirt

The Oh My Goth Emo Goth Shirt by McLayne Sims is a custom content addition to the Sims 4 that will have your human counterparts go green with envy. This striking long-sleeved Goth shirt comes in four swatches, each showcasing distinctive features like grommets, striped sleeves, and a hood that take this fashion piece to new heights of coolness.

Ideal for Sims who embrace the goth and emo subcultures, or those who simply love to make a bold statement with their clothing, this stylish shirt allows them to stand out from the crowd

Two sims wearing all black with gothic tattoos and accessories.

Calma Sweater

Get ready to elevate your Sims’ wardrobe with the Calma Sweater, a brilliantly designed custom content piece by the talented Beto_ae0! This men’s cotton sweater comes in 12 vibrant colors, ensuring your Sims will never run out of stylish options.

With its comfortable and cozy design, the Calma Sweater boasts black collars and cuffs, adding a dash of sophistication to the outfit. But don’t let the refined appearance fool you—this sweater is perfect for those laid-back days when your Sims are seeking the ultimate in relaxation.

Two sims with shorter hair wearing baggy sweaters. These Sims 4 Male CC Shirts are solid colours with black edges.

Radio Gaga Layered Shirt

Another talented mod creator named saartje77 has crafted a fabulous addition to your Sims 4 wardrobe with the Radio Gaga Layered Shirt. This unique custom content piece may appear as a simple shirt. Yet, don’t be deceived! Featuring 24 swatches, the design showcases the illusion of a tee layered over a long sleeve solid-colored shirt while being a single, effortless piece.

An attractive graphic print adorns the front, adding a touch of flair to this comfy and laid-back garment. Ideal for those seeking to inject some creativity and fun into their virtual lives.

Two sims on solid coloured backgrounds, they are wearing t-shirts over top of brightly coloured long sleeves.

Mirage Sims 4 CC Shirt

Dive into the world of Sims 4 fashion with the Mirage Henley Shirt, a stunning custom content creation by imaginative Rope’s Workshop. This reimagined version of the classic Henley shirt brings a fresh touch of style to your Sims’ wardrobes.

Flaunting a remarkable 30 color options, there’s no shortage of ways to mix and match this versatile piece for any occasion. Suitable for teen to elder men, the Mirage Henley Shirt provides endless opportunities for your Sims to express their individuality and flair.

Two sims standing on top of a grey background wearing long sleeve henley shirts unbuttoned.

Phillip Male CC Turtleneck

Step into the cozy world of Sims 4 fashion with the Phillip Male CC Turtleneck, an inspired custom content creation by the ingenious clumsyalien. This super soft sweater is the perfect companion for your Sims during those chilly days and frosty winter walks.

With 10 captivating swatches to choose from, there’s an option for every Sim’s unique taste and personality. Embrace the warmth and joy this delightful turtleneck brings, as it easily adds charm and comfort to your Sims’ virtual lives.

Two images of sims where their heads are cut off in the images. These sims are wearing interesting shirts with buttons and turtlenecks.

Olin Top

The Olin Top, a delightful custom content creation by the imaginative KaTPurpura, is the perfect addition to any young male’s wardrobe in the Sims 4 universe. This charming wool sweater, thoughtfully designed to cater to their unique fashion needs, features eye-catching typography on the chest, exuding a playful student vibe that every little scholar will love.

With 13 vibrant hues to select from, there’s a colour option that’s sure to bring a smile to the face of every young male Sim in the virtual space. Beyond its undeniable visual appeal, the Olin Top also emphasizes a cozy, comfortable fit, while maintaining a casual, laid-back aura

Two headless mannequins

Sims 4 Male CC Short Sleeve Shirts

When the weather starts to warm up your sims are going to be too warm to wear long sleeves. This means you need to add a bunch of short sleeve options to your sims 4 male cc shirts folder. These are great because they are wearable everyday and don’t take too much effort to style them, especially when you have a great custom male hair.

Fun Polo Male CC Shirts

Introducing the Fun Polo Male CC Shirts, an exciting custom content creation designed by the talented dyoreos. This lively twist on the classic polo shirt adds a splash of colour and style to your male Sims’ wardrobes, from teens to elders.

Offering an impressive array of 20 swatches, these shirts guarantee a fashionable option for every Sim’s unique taste and personality. It not only enhances your Sims’ visual appeal but also provides versatility, making them a fantastic choice for any event, from casual hangouts to semi-formal gatherings

Two sims with intense cheek bones and red hair. These sims are wearing fully buttoned up polo shirts, these are colour block shirts with the sleeves and base being different colours.

Glow Up Tank Top

Transform your Sims’ summer wardrobe with the Glow Up Tank Top, an innovative custom content piece by brilliant SimmieV. This revamped version of the base game tank top features eight nearly neon colours, adding a vibrant touch to any warm-weather ensemble.

The peekaboo fabric design makes this tank top truly eye-catching and ultra-fashionable, ensuring your Sims can fully embrace the spirit of summer, as they bask in the sun and showcase their unique style.

Four male characters from The Sims 4 who are wearing see through tank tops as shirts.

Punky Sims 4 CC Vest

Unleash the rebel within your male Sims with the Punky Sims 4 CC Vest, another bold custom content creation by talented SimmieV. This mod creator has a knack for designing statement pieces, and this punk-inspired vest is no exception.

With just the right touch of edgy flair, it’s perfect for Sims who love to make a statement. Featuring eight diverse swatches, including denim, plaid, and eye-catching patterns, the Punky Sims 4 CC Vest offers a wide range of looks to suit any rebellious Sim’s taste. This versatile garment is a fantastic addition to your Sims’ wardrobes, providing the opportunity to mix and match with various outfit choices while staying true to their unique style.

Four sims who are wearing zip-up vests with studded pockets

Olwen Top

Embrace a new wave of style with the Olwen Top, a remarkable custom content created by inventive KaTPurpura. This chic and fashionable garment promises to make a lasting impression in your Sims’ virtual lives, as they naturally stand out from the crowd in any social gathering.

KaTPurpura’s keen eye for detail and design ensures that the Olwen Top seamlessly blends comfort and aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for Sims who value both style and functionality. It offers endless opportunities to mix and match with various outfits, allowing your Sims to flaunt their unique taste and personality.

Two headless mannequins that are wearing white button down t-shirts, on top they have a black skinny tie and a plaid vest.

Sweater Sims 4 CC Vest

Introducing the Sweater Sims 4 CC Vest, a fabulous custom content creation, again by  SimmieV. This ultimate vest combines style and comfort with its epically roomy design, making it an essential addition to your Sims’ wardrobes.

The garment’s equally epic patterns ensure your Sims will stand out from the crowd while flaunting their unique fashion sense. With a variety of eight new patterns to choose from, including eye-catching argyle and bold zebra prints, it offers a diverse range of options to suit any Sim’s taste.

Four male characters from The Sims 4. These sims are wearing t-shirts and overtop are wearing patterned sweater vests

Esteban Tank Top

Discover the ingenuity of Plumbobs n Fries firsthand with the Esteban Tank Top, a custom content for Sims 4. This top introduces a vibrant touch of flair to your male Sim’s attire and by donning this attention-grabbing shirt, the possibilities for thrilling adventures are endless.

It strikes the perfect balance between fashion and functionality, making it an essential addition for warm weather, guaranteeing your Sims remain cozy while basking in the sun. Let them revel in the magnificence of 17 swatches, as they confidently showcase their style and make a fashion statement in their sun-drenched virtual world.

Two sims who are holding hands. One  has their head on the other's shoulder. They are both wearing sims 4 male cc shirts that are tank tops.

Thick Strap Tank

Dive into the world of Sims House and explore the unique custom content creation for the Sims 4 that puts a fresh spin on the classic male tank top. The Thick Strap Tank is a softer version that maintains its masculine charm while offering a comfortable and stylish option for your male Sims.

With seven distinct choices to choose from, this tank top ensures they can express their individuality while staying on-trend. The ideal outfit for casual outings, or simply lounging around at home during the hot summer season.

Two sims with their heads cropped from the picture, they are wearing thick strap v-neck tank tops tucked into jeans with a gucci belt.

Sims 4 Male CC Button Up Shirts

Your sims can’t go everyday wearing just t-shirts and sweaters, sometimes they need to look a bit more put together and that’s where button up shirts come in to play. These are great options for Sims 4 Male CC Shirts because they instantly make your sims look so handsome and wonderfully styled.

Jean Sims 4 CC Shirt

The Jean Sims 4 CC Shirt proves that looking good isn’t reserved for work hours only. This custom content creation by Rope’s Workshop brings this fashionable flannel shirt to your Sims’ wardrobes. Inspired by the popular “Get to Work” expansion, it is available for teens to older guys in 12 striking colour options.

With a versatile denim version, this charming top offers earthy colours in brown, blue, and green hues, creating a perfect blend of casual and trendy. Appropriate for both office hours and leisurely days off, your Sim will delve into the boundless options for expressing their fashion style.

Two sims standing, one with arms crossed, other with arms at their side, both wearing denim button up shirts.

Open Shirt with Fun Patterns

Introducing the Open Shirt with Fun Patterns, a vibrant custom content creation for the Sims 4 by the inventive tukete. This exuberant mod features an explosion of 35 delightful patterns, evoking a summer breeze of joy as your Sims embrace the season’s warmth.

With its open design and soft, flowing fabric, this shirt perfectly combines style, comfort, and playfulness. This versatile garment is ideal for both casual outings and lively summer parties, as your Sims showcase their unique taste and personality.

Three sims wearing patterned, open, button up shirts. The patterns are things like flamingos, flowers and leaves.

Checked Sims 4 CC Shirt

Enter the realm of Rope and allow your Sims to discover the blend of timeless and contemporary fashion with the Checked Sims 4 CC Shirt. Skillfully created as a modern interpretation of the classic flannel shirt, this updated version is tailored to fit impeccably, accentuating your Sims’ well-defined physique while preserving its traditional allure.

Constructed from a lighter material than conventional flannel, this shirt provides comfort even in higher temperatures, rendering it a flexible addition to your Sims’ clothing collection. Accessible for male teens to elders in 15 remarkable colour choices, this shirt guarantees that your Sims are always dressed in their distinct styles.

Two sims standing next to each other wearing black jeans. Both sims are wearing button up checked flannel shirts that are male sims 4 cc.

Felix Shirt

McLayneSims brings a burst of excitement to the Sims 4 custom content scene with the Felix Shirt, a mod that showcases a range of delightful looks for your Sims. This imaginative creation offers 8 vibrant swatches to suit any mood, whether your Sim is feeling refined, playful, or anything in between.

Experiment with solid colors for a classic appearance, or layer a white t-shirt underneath for a more casual ensemble. For a bold statement, try pairing a patterned Felix Shirt with a darker tee to fully capture your Sim’s individual flair and fashion taste.

Four male characters from The Sims 4 standing on a light grey background. These sims are wearing white shirts underneath of an open patterned button down.

Printed Male CC Shirts

Marvinsims presents an artistic twist to the Sims 4 custom content with the Printed Male CC Shirts. This mod is inspired by the creator’s recent trip to Japan, motivated by some truly captivating shirts in second-hand stores. A favorite is the stunning Elephant Batik shirt, displaying a magnificent design that immediately catches the eye.

Another striking option is the Zuma-Ikat print, showcasing its own unique beauty. These short-sleeve shirts manage to blend a whimsical touch with an underlying masculine appeal. With 16 diverse swatches to choose from, these shirts offer endless possibilities.

A sim standing in front of a bunch of plants with the plants being blurred. This sim has black hair and is wearing a button up t-shirt, the shirt is patterned with squares.

Buttoned Flannels

Another ingeniously designed custom content piece by Marvinsims, the Buttoned Flannels, brings a playful fusion of style and snugness to your virtual Sim world. Featuring one of the most adored shirt designs – the iconic buttoned-up flannel – your Sims can effortlessly exude a laid-back, cool vibe.

But who says they have to stick to plaid? Spice things up by adding plain wool-textured alternatives to their wardrobe mix. With 16 lively swatches to pick from, this mod ensures your Sims find the perfect flannel to complement their mood and fashion flair, letting them revel in the comfy Flannel universe without skimping on the style factor.

A male sim from The Sims 4 who is wearing an orange, blue, and yellow flannel as their sims 4 cc male shirts.

Spliced Button Up

Cement, a talented creator in the Sims 4 community, has designed the intriguing Spliced Button Up custom content for your gaming pleasure. This unique male top features an innovative design, combining one solid half with a patterned counterpart. The eye-catching pattern is also mirrored on the breast pocket of the solid side, creating a harmonious blend of style and creativity.

Finding a choice of 15 swatches, your Sims can showcase their individuality while sporting this exceptional piece. The shirt’s rolled-up sleeves transform it into a trendy short-sleeve button-up, while its extended back adds a distinctive touch.

An image where the background is a blurry trailer park. The front has a sim who has red hair, green rimmed glasses, and a red beard. They are wearing a green floral button down.

All Tied Up

SimmieV’s creative genius brings a fresh twist to the classic tie in the All Tied Up custom content for the Sims 4. When your Sims need to dress up, why not let them make a bold fashion statement with these artistically inspired ties?

The mod offers four distinctive versions of short-sleeve untucked shirts with funky ties, ensuring that each Sim can find the perfect blend of comfort and flair. All Tied Up redefines neckwear in the virtual world, making it not just a formality, but an opportunity to express one’s individuality and showcasing exceptional artwork with those stylish patterns.

Four sims who are wearing patterned ties with collared button down t-shirts.

Strawberry Male CC Shirts

JolieBean has masterfully created the endearing Strawberry Male CC Shirts for the Sims 4, rounding out the delightful Strawberry Set. These snug, long-sleeve button-up shirts are specifically designed for male Sims, radiating an alluring combination of charisma and masculine fashion.

Offered in two captivating versions – one with a beige and the other with a black base – these shirts let the charming strawberry pattern take center stage while maintaining a masculine edge. The slightly translucent fabric of the Strawberry Male shirt playfully contributes a whimsical touch, guaranteed to spark joy and make your virtual world even more magical.

Two sims wearing see through button down shirts that are covered in glitter strawberries.

Lotario Sims 4 CC Shirt

Joliebean has once again brought a touch of sophistication to the virtual fashion realm with the Lotario Sims 4 CC Shirt for male Sims. This eye-catching custom content highlights a deep V-neck buttoned-up shirt, available in 17 stunning shades for your Sims to showcase their sartorial finesse.

The shirt’s luxurious fabric imparts a silky sheen, exuding both elegance and refinement. For a more relaxed and breezy look, simply have your Sims roll up the long sleeves and let them make a statement in the virtual world. This shirt is a versatile and fashionable addition to any male Sim’s wardrobe, smoothly transitioning from casual to polished with just a few minor tweaks.

Two sims wearing button down shirts that have their sleeves pushed up and the buttons are done up to mid chest.

Sheerly Beloved

SimmieV’s Sheerly Beloved custom content for the Sims 4 brings an air of refined elegance to your virtual world. This enchanting sheer long-sleeve shirt features eight subtle patterns intricately woven into the fabric, adding an extra touch of detail to the classic see-through look.

With its buttoned-up design and high satin collar, this exquisite piece showcases absolute elegance while embracing a unique twist. Sheerly Beloved is the perfect addition for male Sims seeking a sophisticated yet daring style, allowing them to shine with confidence and grace in any social setting

Four male characters from The Sims 4 wearing mesh see through shirts. These have lacey patterns to keep them interesting.

Sims 4 Male CC Shirts for Kids

When we’re discussing Sims 4 Male CC Shirts we can’t just talk about adults, there are gorgeous male shirts for kids too. These are fun shirts because they can have such fun colours, styles and patterns that’ll just be loved by you and your sims forever. These kids are going to have the coolest outfits when wearing these too!

Space Male CC T-Shirt

Lillka’s Space Male CC T-Shirt for the Sims 4 is a delightful addition to any young Sim’s wardrobe. This out-of-this-world custom content features three captivating swatches, each with its own unique space design. Whether your Sim boy chooses the charming Mr. Tom-like graphic, the whimsical pattern, or the awe-inspiring spaceship, the vibrant blue base color ensures that each design truly stands out.

The Space Male CC T-Shirt is an enchanting way for Sim boys to express their love for the cosmos while donning a stylish and playful outfit, perfect for any virtual adventure

The same character from The Sims 4 three times, this male child sim is wearing a simple shape cc t-shirt with space designs on it.

Camouflage Shirt

Camouflage Shirt custom content, expertly designed by Lillka for the Sims 4, brings an adventurous touch to the virtual wardrobe. The Camouflage Poplin Shirt, available in three distinct colours, skillfully combines fashion with function. Made from a comfortable poplin fabric, the shirt ensures a snug fit while maintaining its stylish appeal.

The shirt’s neat silver press buttons add a touch of refinement, subtly enhancing its slight military-inspired aesthetic. Perfect for Sims’ boys who love to make a bold fashion statement, the Camouflage Shirt offers both a sense of individuality and a nod to a classic, timeless style.

The same male sim from The Sims 4 three times. This child has brown hair and is wearing aviator sunglasses. For clothing they are wearing a cc shirt with camouflage.

Layered Halloween Shirt

The Layered Halloween Shirt custom content by Lillka for the Sims 4 serves as the ultimate spooky addition to your young Sim’s wardrobe. This unique creation boasts four diverse styles, each teeming with personality and fun. With options like the skeleton on the green shirt, the jack-o-lantern face, the scream mask on black, or the ghost on the grey shirt, your Sim boy is sure to find a favorite.

And who says Halloween attire is just for the holiday? Your young Sim may just enjoy these spirited designs so much that they’ll want to wear them well beyond the spooky season!

Four characters from The Sims 4 standing next to each other. These male kids are wearing halloween shirts that are layered over a long sleeve. The designs are pumpkins, skeletons and the grim reaper.

Designer Sims 4 CC Shirt

Get ready for a burst of fun and cozy charm in your young Sim’s wardrobe with the Designer Sims 4 CC Shirt! This custom content offers four delightful styles to choose from, featuring two grey/white options and two blue designs adorned with eye-catching graphics.

These playful shirts encourage your Sim boy to express his unique personality while enjoying the snuggly feel of the knitted-like texture. As a charming and versatile addition to any virtual wardrobe, the Designer Sims 4 CC Shirt inspires countless fashion adventures and creative outfit combinations for your young Sim to explore.

Four blonde sims who are wearing jeans and a long sleeve sweater.

Boys Summer Party Shirt

Get ready for a fashion fiesta with the Boys Summer Party Shirt, a custom content mod for the Sims 4, crafted by the creative Pelineldis! This shirt is a no-brainer for any summer shindig where carefree fun takes center stage. The lightweight, buttoned-up, cotton short-sleeve number is not just comfy, but also oozes pizzazz, especially by adding an elegant satin bow tie in a contrasting color.

With four enchanting designs, these shirts bring on summer party fun and add a dash of dapper to your young Sims’ summer escapades. Watch out world, the Boys Summer Party Shirt is here to turn up the fun factor and unleash a tidal wave of joy!

A sim wearing a t-shirt button down. This shirt has watermelons all over it, green buttons and red lining. This sim is also wearing a black bow tie.

Christmas Button Down

Feast your eyes on the Christmas Button Down, an enchanting custom content mod for the Sims 4, lovingly crafted by the jolly genius, Pelineldis! This festive shirt is designed for both boys and girls, bringing holiday cheer to the young ones. With two contemporary and two traditional patterns, the Christmas Button Down offers delightful options to fit any Sim’s style.

Featuring long sleeves to keep your Sims cozy during those frosty winter days, and buttons nestled along a contrasting rim, this shirt combines comfort and charm like a steaming mug of cocoa. Those young ones will embody the spirit of the season and spread joy to all corners of their virtual world.

A red haired and blonde sim from The Sims 4, these sims are wearing long sleeve button down shirts with Christmas designs. One has Christmas ornaments and the other has Christmas words all over it.

Hawaiian Male CC Shirt

Aloha and welcome to the Hawaiian Male CC Shirt, a delightful custom content mod for the Sims 4, brought to life by the creative bukovka! This shirt is a must-have for every Sim boy who wants to embrace the laid-back vibes of a tropical paradise.

Featuring four alluring variants, there’s no summer complete without a Hawaiian shirt. Sporting long sleeves, the shirt is designed to be worn open, perfectly paired with a light tee underneath. The delicious patterns, including pineapple and exotic flowers, will have your Sims feeling the warmth of sandy beaches and the cool ocean breeze no matter where they are.

Four male characters from The Sims 4 who are wearing matching hawaiian hats and hawaiian shirts.

Printed Shirt with Bow Tie

Introducing the Printed Shirt with Bow Tie, a charming custom content mod for the Sims 4, thoughtfully designed by the incredibly creative lillka! This delightful ensemble comes in four elegant styles that will make your young Sim boys look dapper and adorable.

With the perfect combination of playful prints and sophisticated bow ties, these outfits effortlessly capture the heartwarming charm of a dressed-up youngster. Just imagine the irresistible cuteness of that young Sim sporting this stylish shirt, paired with that sheepish smile that melts hearts.

The same blonde sim four times who are all wearing patterned button down t-shirts and bow ties.

Gaming T-Shirt Sims 4 CC Collection

Gaming T-Shirt Sims 4 CC Collection, a pixel-perfect custom content mod for the Sims 4, brilliantly designed again by creator lillka! This T-Shirt Collection is tailor-made for boys who want to wear their passion on their chest, proudly showcasing their gaming allegiance.

Featuring four distinct styles, this collection has something for every fan: whether they’re cheering for Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo! With these gaming-inspired tees, your Sims can level up their wardrobe and score some serious style points. Gearing up the Sims’ boys closet and showing off their inner gamer with this shirt collection, will make the virtual world and  fashion space collide for a match made in gaming heaven!

The same brown haired sim four times who is wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt. The t-shirts have logos from different video game systems.

Printed Polo Shirts

Introducing the Printed Polo Shirts, a fantastically fun custom content mod for the Sims 4, skillfully designed by the visionary creator, lillka! These Printed Polo Shirts for Boys come in four delightful styles, proving that they’re not just for golf aficionados. Made of lightweight fabric, they are perfect for keeping the boys cool and comfortable. The collection offers a versatile range of designs.

The solid green version features a subtle sprinkle of stars on one short sleeve arm, and the three bolder versions are adorned with eye-catching horizontal stripes, blossoming flowers, and lush leaves. No matter which one they chose, they will step out in style, showcasing their zest for life!

Four of the same blonde sim wearing patterned polo shirts.

Sims 4 Male CC Shirts for Toddlers

The most fun life stage to get custom content for in The Sims is definitely toddlers. Searching for toddler custom content is too much fun because we don’t have enough and the clothes can just be so silly and adorable. These Sims 4 Male CC Shirts for Toddlers are great because they are fun patterns, cute styles and just make me happy.

Fun Toddler T-Shirts

Pinkzombiecupcakes serves up a scrumptious treat for Sims 4 fans with the Fun Toddler T-Shirts custom content mod! These delightful tees are designed for the tiniest of Sims who want to make a big fashion statement.

The Toddler T-shirts Collection comes in four fabulous styles, catering to every little trendsetter’s taste. With adorable graphics featuring Mickey Mouse, a soaring spaceship, or a daring skater, your tiny Sims will be ready to charm their way into everyone’s hearts.

Four toddlers with blue eyes who are wearing t-shirts with stripes on the sleeves. These shirts have fun graphic designs like a bulldog and a skateboard.

Nautical Sims 4 CC Shirts

Ahoy there! Feast your eyes on the Nautical Sims 4 CC Shirts, a delightful custom content mod for the Sims 4, carefully crafted by Sonata 77! With a flair of sun and beaches, summer and vacation, these charming shirts offer four particularly cute styles for the toddler Sim, sure to bring a smile to their Sim parents too.

Your little sailors will be ready to embark on exciting adventures and make a splash in these adorable nautical-themed outfits. Let your tiny Sims set sail in style and watch as they navigate their way into a world of fun and laughter!

The same toddler four times, this toddler is always wearing tan jeans and each one is wearing a t-shirt. The t-shirts have designs like fish, crabs or sharks.

Raglan Long Sleeve

Introducing the Raglan Long Sleeve, an irresistibly cute custom content mod for the Sims 4, lovingly designed by creator, Megucho! This delightful shirt is crafted especially for little boys who want to stay snug and stylish in their everyday adventures.

Simple yet charming, this must-have basic long sleeve shirt features raglan sleeves and comes in 10 enchanting colours. The versatility of these shirts makes them a perfect addition to any little Sim’s wardrobe, effortlessly complementing their bubbly personalities, while adding a splash of colour to their heartwarming adventures!

A blonde toddler with blue eyes wearing blue jeans and white sneakers. On top this sim is wearing a raglan shirt with a white base and black arms.

Sweater Vest Toddler Top

Get ready to swoon over the Sweater Vest Toddler Top, an endearing custom content mod for the Sims 4, thoughtfully designed by t bukovka! These layered T-shirts are perfect for toddler boys who love to play and explore in style. With three colour options, each shirt is paired with a vest on top, showcasing a lovable parade of teddy bears in various actions.

The vest is not only cozy and comfortable but also brimming with cuteness that’s impossible to resist. Embrace the charm of these delightful tops and let your tiny Sims enjoy their playful days wrapped in warmth and whimsy.

Three toddlers from The Sims 4 who are wearing a t-shirt with a scoop neck under neath a v-neck sweater neck.

Short Sleeve Button Up

Say hello to the Short Sleeve Button Up, an irresistibly playful custom content mod for the Sims 4, joyfully designed by the fabulously fun creator, Pinkfizzzzz! Need something quirky and entertaining for your little toddler in your simming world? Look no further! These delightful shirts are the perfect addition to your tiny Sim’s clothing collection.

With four different styles to choose from, each one looks cooler than the other, letting the toddlers express their budding personalities with flair. Bring some extra excitement to your virtual world and let your little Sims steal the show with their charming and unique style!

Two toddlers on a pink background. These toddlers are wearing patterned button down shirts with their sleeves rolled up.

Farmer Shirt with Scarf

Introducing the Farmer Shirt with Scarf, a delightfully charming custom content mod for the Sims 4, masterfully designed by remaron! These adorable shirts come in six diverse styles, featuring three traditional plaid patterns and three more vibrant plaid hues.

The short sleeves look cool when worn open over a tee, adding a touch of laid-back style to your little Sims’ outfits. The extra whimsical touch comes in the form of a triangle scarf adorning their necks. Perfect for both toddler boys and girls, your tiny Sims can now go on their countryside adventures in matching styles!

A blonde toddler, shown three times, wearing the same outfit. The shirt is a plain t-shirt, a plaid button down that is open, and a bandana around the neck.

Dinosaur Shirts

Get ready to stomp and roar with the Dinosaur Shirts, an adorably custom content mod for the Sims 4, carefully crafted by Odey92! These three “Rawrsome” dinosaur t-shirts are perfect for your little toddlers who can’t get enough of these magnificent creatures. Dinosaurs capture the imagination of every child, and your Sim toddler is no exception.

Each t-shirt showcases an irresistibly cute toddler dino on a white, orange, or green base colour. Let your tiny Sims explore their world with excitement and curiosity, wearing their Dinosaur Shirts as they embark on countless playful adventures in the land of the Sims!

Three blonde toddlers from The Sims 4 wearing dinosaur tee shirts.

Funky Male CC T-Shirts

Unleash the groove with the Funky Male CC T-Shirts, another stylish custom content mod for the Sims 4, by bukovka! These contemporary toddler boys’ t-shirts come in three colour options: elegant white, black, and beige, each adorned with attractive patterns that add a touch of flair.

Short sleeves and a loose fit make these shirts ideal for the active little Sim boy who loves to explore his world with enthusiasm. While your tiny Sims embrace their inner fashionista and rock the Funky Male CC T-Shirts, they will embark on a whirlwind of adventures, turning heads and melting hearts in their wake!

Three toddlers doing funny poses and wearing designer shirts.

The Simpsons Shirts

The Simpsons Shirts, a delightful custom content mod for the Sims 4, brought to you by Pinkzombiecupcakes! Just like The Simpsons themselves, these shirts have the potential to become a timeless classic in your Sim’s wardrobe.

Your little Sims can show off their fun and quirky side with these cute toddler tees available in 11 amusing styles, each featuring the iconic characters from The Simpsons in various stages of their zany lives. Let your tiny Sims embrace the hilarity and adventures of one of the most famous families adding a touch of humour and charm to their everyday outfits

Four toddlers with blue eyes and brown hair wearing Simpsons t-shirts.

Funny Patterned Male CC Shirts

Say hello to the Funny Patterned Male CC Shirts, an irresistibly cute custom content mod for the Sims 4, by RobertaPLobo! With these charming shirts, your little Sims can look adorable anytime they want, thanks to the four delightful styles available.

Perfect for both girls and boys, they are the ultimate versatile wardrobe staple, ideal for everyday wear, sleeping, or hot weather adventures. Made from super breathable cotton, the shirts ensure your tiny Sims remain comfy and fashionable as they explore their vibrant world, bringing an extra touch of whimsy and personality to your toddler Sims’ outfits.

A red haired toddler with red pants, they are wearing frog shirts.

Airplane Button Downs

Little Things has created a delightful custom content mod for the Sims 4: the Airplane Button Downs! Capturing the essence of every toddler’s fascination with airplanes, these shirts showcase charming airplane prints in three captivating shades of blue.

The button-up style and short sleeves lend an elegant vibe to the design, making these shirts perfect for special occasions. The little ones can now proudly display their love for airplanes while looking stylish and sophisticated at the same time; and these shirts will not only spark joy in the hearts of the tiny aviators, but also make a unique fashion statement.

A blonde hair toddler wearing orange shorts, black converse and a short sleeve button down shirt with airplanes on it.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Male CC Shirts

Finding great custom content shirts can be hard, but these ones are some of my favourites out there for my game. These gorgeous Sims 4 Male CC Shirts are great for casual looks and there are even some that are great for dressing up your sims too. Happy Playing!

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