Must-Have Sims 4 CC Jeans For Your Mods Folder

A good pair of jeans are game changing, when they fit just right and make you feel confident you’ll never want to take them off. Your sims also deserve that experience with an amazing pair of Sims 4 CC Jeans. They deserve to look into a mirror in their bathroom and feel like they are a 10/10.

On this list you’re going to find all sorts of gorgeous sims 4 cc pant options, these are going to include basic high-waisted skinny jeans, to more wild jeans with decals and fun colours. There’s even a pair that look like a heat map, custom content creators are just so creative, love them!

Your New Favourite Sims 4 CC Jeans

Joel Jeans with Decals

The first pair on our list are these super fun Joel Pants. These are great because they don’t just come in denim variants, there are also a pair of gorgeous plaid pants in the same cut so you can mix and match and get the best bang for your download.

These pants are so much fun because they have fun little decals that are all over the top of the jeans making them seem like a patchwork style with fun details that really show off your sim’s personality.

This image shows two sims that are cropped right under the bust to show off their sims 4 cc jeans. The jeans are high-waisted with a cuffed hem and little patches on the hips of rainbows, flowers and smileys.

Zane Sims 4 Jeans

The next jeans on our list are a great transition jean for us millennials who just don’t want to get rid of our skinny jeans, I’m in that camp too. These jeans are a bit different because they aren’t a super high-waisted pant, just a mid-rise to kinda high-waisted option.

They have a basic button and pocket structure with a crop at the bottom showing off some of the ankle. These are awesome jeans for wearing with a summer top and a pair of wedges.

This image shows two sims wearing the same white t-shirt and nude high heels and denim jeans. They are both wearing different colours of jeans and standing next to each other.

Nicole Jeans

The Nicole jeans are a perfect modern option for jeans, and feel like something you’d see in a Gen Z friend group. These jeans are so much fun with a high waisted top being held up with a black belt with a heart buckle, such a cute detail.

The jeans then go down into a wide leg and reach all the way to the ground. The star of the show with these pants is definitely the decorations where you can have hearts or stars going down your legs, but there is a plain variant too!

This image has three sims who are all standing in different positions and looking right at you. They are wearing different tops but all are wearing the same jeans in different swatches in The Sims 4.

Heatwave Jeans

These next sims 4 cc jeans are a fun pair that you’ve never seen before. The jeans take a pretty simple shape with a semi-wide leg at the bottom and a belly-button high waist. The real star of these pants is the design.

On these pants you’ve got a heat map put onto the jeans in fun bright colours. Toward the top of the pant you’ll see bright orange and yellow and going down, around other parts there is blue, showing the cooler parts of the jeans. A super fun and original idea for sims custom content!

Two sims who are cropped out at the chest on a bright orange background. They are wearing pants that look like a heatwave.


We couldn’t just include regular jeans on this list, we need some jean shorts too. Or Jorts, as this creator affectionately called them. These jorts are very early 2000s “cool dad” and they are very fun.

These have a not super tight waist band with a below knee hem and some fun shades of blue and grey as their colour scheme. There are even some swatches with designs on them too.

Two characters from The Sims 4 with their heads cropped out of the image. They are both wearing a pair of shorts that are denim and baggy.

Megan Sims 4 Jeans

The next option on our list are these super great bell bottom jeans with small ripped details to make them more interesting. These jeans have a high-waist with a very simple and classic black belt with gold buckle.

The shape of these jeans is very simple with them being tight around the thigh and loosening up at the knee to go into that fun bell-bottom style with a flair. These are great for crop-tops or retro styles that you’ll love.

A sim wearing a long sleeve green top with flair jeans that are high-waisted.

Patchwork Jeans

Just because you’re just wearing jeans, doesn’t mean your jeans need to be boring. The best thing you can do is add small detailed sections to make your jeans more interesting, like these awesome Patchwork Jeans.

These jeans are a high-waisted flair jean that make your sims bodies look so good. On the outside of the flair there is a small patchwork section in the same colour as the denim. Even better? There is a few fun colour swatches like that GORGEOUS green!

Three characters from The Sims 4 standing in different poses with their heads cropped out of the frame. They are all wearing different tops and the same pair of pants that are high-waisted and have a flair leg with patchwork on the side.

Zachary Sims CC Jeans

If you want to have a more masculine shaped pair of sims 4 cc jeans in your mods folder these are a great option. These jeans have a high-waist with a straight leg that is cropped just a bit to show off the ankle and let your sim’s shoes show.

The swatches are nice and simple, in muted denim tones that can be paired with so many different tops!

A sim wearing a white t-shirt and grey wide leg pants that are cropped, they are wearing vans and a pair of white socks.

Strawberry Jeans

Sometimes when I’m going cc shopping I find it so much more fun to find clothing for children and toddlers than for adults and these jeans are a perfect example of that, they’re just SO fun. These are a nice straight leg pant for children with a small frayed hem at the bottom.

These jeans have bright colours and patterns that are going to steal the show every single time you see your sims. You’ll want to pair these with a simple top to let the pants really be the star.

Six panels of the same sim wearing different outfits. All of these outfits are sims wearing the same pair of two tone pants with patterns on the leg like strawberries and flowers.

Long Denim Skirt & Patchwork Pants

Jeans don’t just need to be boring and straight pants, they can be so many other things too. A long denim skirt can be such a cute style for a younger sim when paired with sweaters or even tank tops. These were super cool in the 90s and early 2000s and deserve to have their come back.

With this set we also have this adorable pair of patch work pants for kids that have the bottom of the hem rolled up for extra intrigue.

Two children from The Sims 4 standing next to each other wearing cc patchwork jeans and cc long jean skirt.

Ripped Straight Leg Mom Jeans

There are some pants that look incredibly cool without trying to hard and these jeans fit that list for me. These jeans are a high-waist with a wide leg but the details are what makes them shine.

The reason I love these is the knee holes (especially since knee holes make jeans 100x more comfortable) and the cuffed bottom. These look so good with simple tops like tank tops but can be dressed up too which is awesome.

A sim with blonde hair and a white tank top wearing high waisted mom jeans with ripped knees and white sneakers.

High-Waisted Sims CC Jeans

If you’re looking for a simple high-waisted skinny jean, look no further. These jeans are a really great staple pant for your sim’s collection because they come in awesome shades like black, white, grey and all the blues you want.

You can wear these with so many different outfits, and they look good with heels and so many other shoes too!

A mannequin from The Sims 4 wearing a pair of high waisted cc jeans.

Cold Leg Jeans

Next up are these cold leg jeans that come in a couple really fun colours like a bright pink and a nice lavender as well as regular denim shades. These jeans are super trendy with a wide leg and a high-waist so they can be worn with just about any top.

The reason these are great is that cut across the leg with some fraying coming out and looking super cool, hence the cold leg!

A sim with their hands in their pockets who is wearing a grey sweater and high waisted jeans with a rip across the thigh.

Wide Leg Sims 4 Jeans

As we leave the 2010s and get deep into the 2020s we are moving away from any kind of skinny jean and getting into stuff that is wider. These are a great option for an extremely wide leg pant that your sims are going to look extremely cool in.

These jeans have a high-waist, a wide leg and a small fray at the hem. They’re great because you can wear them with just about anything and the swatches are super neutral and wearable.

Two sims who are both wearing cropped tank tops with wide leg jeans and sneakers.

Taylor Jeans

Having options when downloading different cc is important to me, I don’t want to download a pair of pants that don’t give me more than one look and these ones are awesome because you have options. These jeans are great with a loose leg and a high-waist.

The different swatches are awesome because you have a simple one tone swatches that you could wear with any outfit, swatches with tons of rips to add some style to the look for sims who want that, and even a fun two-tone swatch which is extremely fun.

A pink box with the word TAYLOR at the top. Inside there are three sims with their heads cropped out who are all wearing jeans.

Star Jeans

Ugh, sometimes I find a custom content item that I can’t live without and these pants are just perfect for my teenage sims. Imagine a sim wearing a simple tank-top and these adorable two-tone star pants. It would be a perfect outfit, especially when paired with a simple shoe.

These are a high waisted jean with a simple black belt being used to hold them up. The jeans have a rolled bottom to show off the ankle allowing your sims to wear a cool sock. The patter on these is so fun with there being a different colour on each leg and one leg having stars all over it which is so precious!

Two sims from the torso down who are wearing cropped shirts with high waisted jeans with one leg having stars on it.

Ripped Denim Jeans

The next pair of jeans on this list are a cool millennial’s dream. For whatever reason, us millennials absolutely love anything that is skinny, high-waisted and ripped. These are honestly made so perfectly and come in every colour of denim you could ever want.

The rips on these are so fun too, with large rips at the top and smaller ones toward the bottom and a small fray around the ankle. These are awesome with any crop tops, t-shirts and so much more.

The same lower half of a body four times wearing different shades of the same jeans.

Aubrey Jeans

A good pair of simple jeans need to be in your sim’s wardrobe, even for younger sims. These are a great pair of simple jeans that come in all the shades of blue denim that you need to have.

These have a pretty basic structure with a straight leg and a small fray at the bottom that adds a bit of intrigue to these pants. You can pair these with literally any shirt, which is why simple jeans are such a must-have.

Two children with their heads cropped out of the image with one wearing a green top and the other wearing a white tank top with a panda on it. Both are wearing jeans.

Galina Jeans

Kids deserve fun pants! We don’t need kids going to school in boring plain jeans, they deserve to have a pair of jeans where each leg is a different colour. These are a pair of pants I would’ve love to have had as a child.

These jeans are fun with the legs each being a different shade and having a bunch of cute smiley faces on them. The Galina jeans would be a dream for any child to own!

A sim with blonde hair and a sweater wearing jeans with one leg covered in smiley faces.

Streetwear Jeans

The next jeans on our list are these super fun streetwear jeans that are so unique. These jeans are fun with different rips on the legs and knees and having a wide leg on the pant and a high-waist.

To make these jeans even more fun and interesting there are fun swatches that have different paint or decals all over them to add some extra flair.

Five mannequins wearing loose jeans with rips.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Jeans

These are some of my most used, most downloaded and most loved options for jeans. They are on my sims all the time, especially the ones with stars, we love stars. These sims 4 cc jeans are going to never leave your mods folder, promise. Happy Playing!

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