Sims 4 Mods That You MUST Try in 2023

Since The Sims 4 has been out for over 6 years at this point, it’s no surprise that we can easily get bored with the game. Thankfully, you can download sims 4 mods to spice up your gameplay in interesting ways.

Mods for the sims 4 include things like attending school with your children, having tragedies happen to your sims, and so much more. Below are 100+ mods that you can download for The Sims 4 that will change the game and are all really great options if you need to mix it up.

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Must-Have General Sims 4 Mods

Ultra Simulation Speed Up

There are a ton of circumstances in The Sims 4 where pressing the 3 key and trying to use the fastest speed just isn’t fast enough, thankfully, mods like this one exist. This mod makes it so your can use the 3 key to go extremely quick to speed through boring parts of the game, allowing you to have more time for the fun stuff and less time watching them eat or do homework.

Daily Save Mod

The daily save mod by Tempest is totally game changing and will make it so you never lose your progress again! This mod allows you to choose a time of day (in the game) where your game will automatically save. You could make it so your game saves every morning at 8 am so you never miss a full day if your game or computer crashes again.

Simulation Lag Fix

simulation lag fix

Classic Loading Screen

Any player who has been around since the dark days of The Sims 4 knows this loading screen well and may feel some nostalgia toward this old school screen that we haven’t seen in years.

This is one of those mods that won’t change your gameplay at all, but it will replace your default loading screen from the more modern, current screen to this circa 2014 loading screen. You can also download custom loading screens if you’re sick of the in-game ones.

classic loading screen

Sim Spawn Overhaul

sims 4 mods

Realistic Lifespans

The realistic lifespans mod is a good one if you feel like the time frames for each lifespan aren’t long enough in the game, or don’t reflect real life. This mod really changes up the young adult and adult life spans to make them make much more sense.

Hopefully some day the sims team will give us back the sliders from The Sims 3 where we have the opportunity to choose our own lengths for each individual life stage, instead of just “short, normal and long” lifespans.

more realistic lifespans for the sims

No Disappearing Relatives in Family Tree

When thinking back to the start of The Sims 4, I still can’t believe we didn’t have family trees at launch. Even when added to the game they are less than ideal and a lot of your sim’s extended family will just disappear and turn to grey outlines that don’t even have their faces, so annoying.

This mod will remove that annoying feature of the family tree and make sure that your sims relatives will appear in their genealogy forever.

no more disappearing relatives

Full House Mod

Are you looking for a way to have way more sims in your game? Well, look no further than the full house mod. This will allow you to add more than the 8 sim limit to your house which can make a lot of funny stuff happen.

Before you download a mod like this, it is important to note that these types of mods can often break games, and don’t work super smooth on lower-end computers which is why the 8 person limit exists in game anyway. Download at your own risk!

30 sims on a lot

Multiplayer Mod

Have you ever wanted to play The Sims 4 as a multiplayer game with your friends? Well, there’s a whole mod that lets you host a multiplayer game for up to twelve players and you’ll be able to see everything the other person is doing in your save file.

This is super fun but can be confusing, so be sure to read all of the instructions before you start playing so you don’t break the game!

Sims 4 Mods for Socials & Interactions

Emotional Socials

Sometimes when I see a mod, I think wow, why is this not already a thing? There are a few interactions you’ll see pop up when a sim is in a certain emotional state but honestly there just aren’t enough. This mod adds a few new emotional socials for your sim to partake in that make a lot of sense.

My favourites are the ones that you’ll see when a sim is feeling dazed, where you can ask a sim where you are, admit that you’re confused and so much more. It really adds a bit of depth to emotions, since there really isn’t much anymore.

emotional socials related to a sims feelings like dazed

Praise and Admiration Pack

We are constantly looking for more interactions and deeper game play and sometimes you just want your sims to be nice to each other and appreciate the things the other can do. This praise and admiration mod is awesome and adds a bunch of new interactions for praising, admiration and compliments.

It may not seem like much, but honestly, having a parent sim be able to praise and compliment their children feels really wonderful. I also use this when dating and have my sims admire and praise their future partners which just feels nice.

praise and compliment interactions like praise loyalty

Realistic Reactions

Any time that your sims witness an event like cheating or fighting they don’t really react, but in real life, a person would freak out a bit and have some pretty intense reactions. A sim can be caught cheating by their partner and just go and grab a glass of water and be completely okay two minutes later.

This realistic reactions mod is great because it will add real life emotional reactions when these things happen. A sim who gets caught cheating will feel embarrassed, that sims kid will feel sad and even the other party involved in the cheating will feel embarrassed.

sims 4 buffs for cheating

Sims 4 Mods for Cheating

MC Command Center

MC Command Center is a must have mod for me and is created by Deadperpool (Patreon), the purpose of this mod is to allow you to change just about everything about the game. You can use this mod to modify a whole bunch of settings in the game. For example, if you had a sim pregnant you can go in and see how many babies and the gender of the baby you are pregnant with and are able to change it if you want.

You can also add risky woohoo with MCCC, change the weather, and so much more. I suggest watching this mod review for MCCC so you can see its full potential.

MC Command Center or MCCC is a great mod, that is a must have in my game. Thankfully, it’s a base game only compatible mod but works for others packs as well and the creator is constantly updating the mod.

UI Cheats Extension

This is one of my MUST HAVE, no matter what, always installed mods in The Sims 4. This mod allows you to click directly on the games UI to execute cheat commands. For example, if you click on a sim’s relationship with their spouse you can change their relationship values to increase or decrease their romance and friendship.

The UI cheats extension by Weerbesu (Patreon) is incredible, you can change the time of day, one click to get rid of moodlets, increase needs and so much more.

All Cheats

After the patch for The Sims 4: Seasons there were tons of really great cheats totally removed from the game, making it impossible for us to use them. Thankfully, Twisted Mexi (patreon) created a mod where you can turn these cheats back on. There is even an entire list of cheats so you know which ones you can use!

Pregnancy Sims 4 Mods

Ultrasound Scan

One thing that is severely lacking in The Sims 4 is realism when it comes to pregnancy and giving birth. A huge part of any person’s pregnancy is going to get their first ultrasound and bringing that picture home. Now with this mod by LittleMsSam (Patreon) you can have your sims experience the joys of an ultrasound!

I am obsessed with things like the ultrasound mod because it really makes your sims pregnancies feel more like a serious event, and less like a 3 day long nuisance.

Quadruplets, Quintuplets, Sextuplets

Babies may be objects still in The Sims 4, but honestly, why not have more? The game currently allows your sims to have a single baby, twins or triplets and for most players triplets is more than enough. However, there are very elite simmers who can handle the life with 4, 5 or even 6 babies all at once.


These types of players are brave, and definitely don’t have their volume up because those crying babies would make anyone want to rip their hair out. This mod is going to allow you to have quadruplets, quintuplets and even with a new update sextuplets.

Babies for Everyone

Our next mod on the list is the babies for everyone mod that lets any sim try for baby with any other sim regardless of gender. This is incredible for any LGBTQ+ sims who aren’t in hetero relationships so they can still get pregnant and have their own babies.


This mod also allows all male presenting sims to get pregnant as well regardless of the gender of their partners, definitely an awesome and inclusive mod.

Miscarriage Chance

sims 4 mods

Money Sims 4 Mods

Realistic Bills

Any time that you go ahead and live in a giant house in The Sims 4 you are going to be dealing with ridiculous bills, this seems to be a bit better now since the bills update in 2020. However, there are still instances when it is absolutely out of hand.


This simple realistic bills mod is going to eliminate those pesky bills and bring them down to a much more manageable and realistic level so your sims don’t go hungry just trying to keep the lights on.


The entire banking system in The Sims 4 is so simple with your entire household having a single bank account and sharing their household funds, which isn’t really realistic if you’re playing with multiple sims.

This SNBank mod is awesome because it gives you all of the functionality of a bank, allowing you to make deposits and withdrawals, send money to other sims and so much more. There is even a functional bank venue for you to explore!

Lower Career Salaries

A lot of players (including myself) have realized that The Sims 4 is no longer fun once you have too much money in your game. A rich sim just isn’t fun and struggling makes the game much more interesting.


A big problem with this is that the salaries are very high in the game and make you earn too much income too quickly. This mod will chop the career salaries by 50% making it harder for you to earn income and keeps the game fun for longer.

CAS Sims 4 Mods

CAS Backgrounds

One of my favourite ways to mod the sims 4 is to change my create a sim background changing it from the regular green/blue background to something more interesting and fancy.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific link to send you to because there are so many options for CAS backgrounds in the game. But you do have the option to just search CAS backgrounds in google and some great options will pop up. My favourite is to look for a sims 2 CAS background because it brings back memories!

More CAS Columns

The default in The Sims 4 for create a sim is to be able to see two rows of CAS items at a time. This is not enough and weerbesu (Patreon) has a mod that will let you change it up to 3, 4 or 5 columns instead.

This may be something so simple but it allows you to see so many more items at a time making creating beautiful characters exponentially easier in The Sims 4.

Height Sliders

It really annoys me that you can’t make sims different heights in the game, but with the height slider mod by Luumia you can make your sims taller or shorter, and even change the length of their neck.

Just beware with mods like this that the animations may end up looking weird because they weren’t created for sims of different heights!


Face Sliders

There are certain things in the game that you aren’t able to do to your sim’s faces in create a sim, thankfully with face slider mods like this one created by Obscurus Sims allow you to drag different parts of the face further than ever before. This is awesome because you can create more unique looking sims that are more beautiful than ever before!

face sliders sims 4

Body Sliders

The create a sim system in The Sims 4 is the best one we’ve ever gotten, but it is still pretty limited. Thankfully, modders like Vibrant Pixels have created body sliders that can be used to drag body parts further than you are able to just with the game functions.

body sliders for days

Auto Shorter Teens

One huge annoyance for simmers who have played past games is that teens have no distinction from older sims. They are the same height, have the same hobbies and look pretty identical.


This auto shorter teens mod will remove at least one of those annoyances by changing the default height for all teens in your game. However, with any mod that alters the shape of a sim there are going to be multiple animation issues when playing, so just be aware of that.

Automatic Beards

Something that a lot of people deal with is growing beards and having to constantly upkeep their beards. This isn’t a thing in The Sims 4, you can just give your sim a perfectly manicured beard in create a sim and go about your day.

sims 4 mods

The automatic beards mod gives you the option to have your sims facial hair grow gradually over time and gives you the option to shave and trim your beard to bring it back to previous levels of growth.

Melanin Pack

Something that is severely lacking in The Sims 4 is good skin tones for all sims, but especially darker skin tones. Hopefully the December 2020 patch will fix this problem, but until then we have modders like Xmiramira (Patreon) created custom content skin mod packs that add beautiful skin tones for your sims that look much more real.

If you want to make gorgeous sims, a skin tone mod pack is a necessity!

Sims 4 Mods for Build Mode

Build Mode FreeCam

Any player who loves to take screenshots in The Sims 4 will spend a ton of time using the tab mode camera, but for whatever reason this camera is not useable if you are in build mode. This means that you have to build a house and move a sim in if you want to get decent screenshots.

Twisted Mexi’s freecam mod is going to allow you to go into the tab camera when you are in build mode, letting you skip the step of bringing a sim in to get that done so you can get your awesome images taken easier.



Twisted Mexi’s (Patreon) Tool Mod, or take objects off lot, mod allows you to place objects in places that are outside lot restrictions and so so much more. It’s really hard to explain all of the things that T.O.O.L. can do, so I suggest you watch the below video by the creator themselves so you can see more of its capabilities.

Better Build/Buy

There are a lot of things wrong with Build mode in The Sims 4 and Twisted Mexi made a great mod to help fix a ton of those issues. Some of my favourite fixes are the expandable build catalog, allowing you to see more than two rows at a time, the organized and named debug catalog so you can go through the debug cheat more quickly, and the ability to clone stuff in debug.

The last awesome thing is that it enables the tab mode free camera when you are in build mode, allowing you to take screenshots without needing to move in a sim.

OMSP Shelf

If you’re a builder who absolutely loves clutter in their sims homes, you need to download the OMSP Shelf. This is a must-have mod for my game and it allows you to have so many more clutter spots in game, as you can see you can add tons of clutter onto items like your sim’s fridge.

You can add this shelf to random areas in your sim’s homes, add a ton of clutter on the item and then turn the shelf from the red item to the transparent version so the shelf is invisible but the dรฉcor looks great!

sims 4 red shelf

Invisible Fences

Have you ever created a gorgeous winding path way but your sim’s are like “nah I’m gonna walk right through this“? This is a serious annoyance and can ruin the realism for many players.

Using an invisible fence is awesome because you can’t actually tell that it is there when playing and your sims will be forced to route through the paths that you have created which just makes me so happy.

invisible fence mod to move sims around

Sims 4 Mods for Gameplay

Armageddon Mod

Our next mod is the Armageddon mod by sacrificial mods that allows you to make the decision of whether you want to be a super hero or a super villian which is extremely fun and a totally different way to place The Sims 4.

There is so much going on in this mod that we couldn’t even discuss all of it in one small section like this, it’s one of those mods you just need to check out for yourself.

Life’s Drama

The life’s drama mod is a really fun one if you just need a bit more random drama in your game. This includes tons of stuff, like a burn book, a popularity system, dirty secrets, and so much more. It’s a great mod by Sacrificial Mods (patreon) that will add a ton of drama to your game.

Reality Show

The reality show mod by Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) allows you to enroll your sim in a reality show that will last 3 sim days. This mod requires The Sims 4: Get Famous and will have your sims gaining fame while they are working this reality TV gig, its a silly mod but extremely fun.

Basemental Drugs

The next mod on our list is basemental drugs which is definitely an 18+ mod, so kiddos move on to number 9. This mod adds functional drugs to your game and allows you to do a lot with those drugs.

Your sims are able to start drug dealing and selling them to all sorts of different sims in the world and even have run ins with the police as well as tons of other stuff, definitely a fun one to check out.

Life Tragedies

The life tragedies mod will definitely make some crazy things happen in your sim’s game, and none of them very happy. You may have a fatal illness, a kidnapping, or a robbery and so much more.

It can be extremely fun to add these types of tragedies to the game because it can shake up your gameplay and make it less predictable.

Slice of Life

The Slice of Life Mod by Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) adds so much personality to The Sims 4 that just isn’t there. It allows your sims to have a Myers-Briggs personality type, lets them have acne and skin care routines, get vaccinated to avoid getting sick, and adds so much in terms of new events and phone calls for your sims.

This incredible mod even allows your child aged sims to lose teeth and there is nothing cuter than a sim who is missing some teeth.

Meaningful Stories

The meaningful stories mod by roBurkey (patreon) is awesome because it tries to redesign and rework the emotions/mood system of the sims 4.

My favourite part of this mod is that roBurky reworked how moodlets work in the game, making the length and type of moodlet you get from certain activities differ. It just makes your sims feel more real and in-depth and definitely makes their stories more meaningful.

Life Decider

Sometimes when you are creating sims it can be hard to choose a direction to take them, and the life decider mod helps a ton with that. If you choose to have the mod decide your sim’s life it will choose some random skills, career, friends, and much more allowing you to possibly experience some new gameplay.

This is a great mod created by Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) because it can mix up your game and stop you from choosing the same sims over and over.

Have Some Personality Please

The have some personality please mod, created by Polarbearsims (patreon) gives your sims a bit better personality, involving things like no idle chat, and more things learned from deep conversations. You can also use this mod for things like risky woohoo and giving your sim extra autonomy.

Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever wanted to create a world full of scary zombies in The Sims 4? Create an entire world of a zombie apocalypse where you’ll have to fight hard to survive. Well, sacrificial mods (Patreon) has created the zombie apocalypse mod.

The best part? You can even have the option to become a hero and try and save the world or a villain and try to spread the disease further. Such a fun way to play the game!

Extreme Violence

The extreme violence mod was created by Sacrificial Mods (Patreon) and will add tons of new ways for your sims to die. The deaths in the sims are very PG and you’ll never see true violence, but you can create killer sims who will go around and hit sims with cars, electrocute them and so much more.

Open World

One of the most exciting mods released in 2020 is Arnie’s Open World Brookheights mod. Arnie is an amazing custom content creator (Patreon) and this mod creates an entire world where you can go to different shops, movie theatres and even a functional airport, seriously.

Somehow Arnie has managed to create an entire world that is open, allowing you to go all over the world without loading screens. There is even a story for you to solve to get you to the new world.

This mod features both open venues and brand new rabbit holes that your sim can visit and is just so cool.

To be able to use this mod you are going to need to have the base game, The Sims 4: Get to Work and The Sims 4: City Living.

Road to Fame

The road to fame mod by Sacrificial Mods (Patreon) may seem like it would be made unnecessary by The Sims 4: Get Famous, but this mod can make your sim a pop star which isn’t available in that pack.

The road to fame mod features things like hiring back up dancers, performing for tips, writing lyrics and recording songs, and so much more. You’ll be able to make the perfect pop star who can even do concerts!

This mod requires you to have the base game as well as The Sims 4: City Living installed for it to function properly, as you need the singing skill in your game.

Romance & Woohoo Sims 4 Mods

Wicked Whims

This is one of the only not safe for work mods on this list, so 18+ only please! It is created by Turbo Driver (patreon) and adds a ton of new romantic things for your sims to do.

This includes more interesting woohoo options, woohoo diseases, and so much more. It definitely removes a lot of the pixelation around your sims too, definitely not for younger players.

Wonderful Whims

There really are a lot of great safe for work parts of Wicked Whims that some players would want without having the nudity and other things that you don’t necessarily want to see all the time. This version of Turbo Driver’s mod allows your sims to have things like menstrual cycles, an attractiveness system, birth control and more!

I’m extremely grateful for Turbo Driver making this version of the game, so that i can use it in gameplay videos without having to worry!

Woohoo Wellness

sims 4 mods

Road to Romance

Something that really needs some work in The Sims 4 is romance, it is really stale and lacking some flair that it desperately needs. Thankfully, Lumpinou (Patreon) is creating a road to romance mod to make things better.

This mod lets you go on new romantic excursions with your sims, and adds a whole bunch of new romantic interactions to the game so you can have a better romantic relationship in the game.

My favourite part about this mod is that they added a whole new romance skill that your sims can earn to get better at romance and learn new interactions.

Romantic Slow Dancing

There’s an interaction from The Sims 2 that so many players miss and that is having your sims be able to slow dance with one another. Thankfully, there’s a mod that brings back romantic slow dancing for your sims.

This mod is created by Sacrificial mods, the creator of usually less romantic mods like Extreme Violence or Armageddon. Using the slow dance mod is really beautiful and can connect your sims in a whole new way, especially if used at their wedding.

SimDa Dating App

simda dating app sims 4

Ask for Divorce

Fill divorce papers

No Mosaic/Censor Mod

There are a whole group of simmers out there who just want the game to be more realistic and less like it’s made for kids and some players think that having the censor when sims are showering or going to the bathroom takes away from the realism.

The no mosaic/censor mod is going to eliminate any sensor you see on sims when they are doing a whole bunch of different tasks, this can often ruin the suspension of disbelief for players so here ya go!

sim showing pixelated while peeing and sim with no pixelation

Sims 4 Mods for Careers & Hobbies

Unlimited Jobs+

With The Sims 4: your sims are only allowed to have one job at a time, which just isn’t enough fun! A lot of people in the real world have two or more jobs at a time and have to figure out how to juggle that along with their families and social lives.

This unlimited jobs mod is going to remove the block on multiple professions for your sim and let you really stress them out with more than one job at a time.

unlimited jobs mods for the sims 4

University Degree Required for Promotions

sims 4 mods for degree

Higher and More Realistic Overmax Pay

Once you reach the top of a career (level 10) in The Sims 4 you can no longer be promoted, but you are able to over-max and get a higher pay level. You really only get around 10 more simoleons each time you overmax your career which just isn’t enough.

This mod will give you more money every single time you overmax your career so you can earn closer to 50 simoleons instead of just 10 each time allowing your sims to get even richer.

sims 4 logo for overmax pay

Interactive Daycare Career

We’re all just waiting for The Sims 4: Generations, right? Back in the day I feel like every youtuber created a generations let’s play around families that were playing the daycare career that came with that pack and I know tons of players really miss this career.

This incredibly fun mod will allow you to be a daycare teacher as your career and you can have it as a rabbit hole career or work from home where you can run an event where 2-5 toddlers will come to your home and you’ll need to take care of them each day and you’ll be paid based on your event success level.

daycare teacher career in the sims 4

Ultimate Nursing Career

Something that has always bothered me in The Sims is that there has never been a nursing career branch where being a nurse was the top of the career, it was always a middle situation in a medical career. However, most nurses don’t want to be doctors so it is just unrealistic in most cases.

This ultimate nursing career mod is great because it adds a set of 3 branches for you to choose in the nursing profession and your sim will be so happy with their career. You can become a manager, a practitioner or an educator which are all awesome!

nurse job

Interactive Teen Hobbies

For whatever reason in The Sims 4 there is really no definition between teens and adults and this bugs so many players. We desperately need more things for teens to do that no one else can do. We need justice for teens!

This mod will allow you to go in your sim’s phone and choose a new hobby for them to participate in, which will cost 100 simoleons. They will then be off in a rabbit hole for a while and when they return they will have new interactions on the computer that relate to their new hobby.

sims 4 hobbies for sims

Keep Books After Publishing

Writing books is a really great way to earn money in the game, but for some reason once you publish the book it disappears from your inventory. I’ve always wanted the ability to keep my books and fill my sim’s bookcases with works they’ve written so their families can enjoy them.

This mod is great because it allows you to keep the books that you’ve written in your inventory to be placed in a bookcase while still allowing you to publish them to earn your daily royalties.

keep books after publishing mod

Private Practice

The private practice mod (patreon) allows your sims to have a more interesting wellness/sickness system in the game. Right now your sims can get sick, but you just take medicine that you order on the computer and then everything is fine. This mod adds things like blood pressure, health checkups, longer lasting illness, and the ability to call out of work when you are sick. A lot of players want The Sims 4 to be more like real life, and in real life, we get sick. So this mod is a great one for realism and interesting family gameplay.

This mod requires only the base game but can be made better by owning Get to Work or Cats and Dogs, or both. That way you can do health stuff with your pets or incorporate it with the Doctor Career.

Career Mega Pack

The career mega pack mod, created by Midnitetech (Patreon), allows your sims to have A TON of new career options in the game. These range from things like robbers, real estate agents, psychologists and so much more. You are able to add one of the careers to your game, or all if you choose, giving you total customization on which careers you may want.

Honestly, these kinds of mods really change the game for me because The Sims 4 doesn’t have enough career options and having new careers can help to make your sims feel different.


One thing that players of The Sims 4 are always asking for is a resort and hotel system in the game, and somehow modders have been able to make that happen. The resorts/hotels mod by Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) allows you to run or visit a hotel which is insanely cool for a mod.

Your sim will be able to gain the resort skill, run some employees, and make thousands in the process.

Live in Business

This mod, created by LittleMsSam (Patreon) allows you to start an at-home business instead of having to own a separate lot. This includes things like a live in daycare, a live in vet clinic, and so much more.

It is really fun to have a business that you can run from your sim’s home instead of having to go to another lot to work and leaving the rest of the family alone.

Retail Overhaul

sims 4 mods

K-Pop Star

Something that is constantly growing in popularity across the world is K-Pop and being a K-Pop star in The Sims 4 is now a possibility. With the K-Pop Star Mod by Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) your sim can become a star and start off as a trainee. You’ll be able to meet fans, go on rabbit hole events like filming movies and commercials and so much more.

Making your sims famous in ways like this with mods keeps the game extremely interesting and allows you to have a different style of play!

Switch Streaming

Have you ever wanted your sims to be able to become a twitch streamer? Well, once again Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) has saved the sims 4. In this mod you can actually read a chat, get donations, and have your sims earn money through switch streaming.

Twitch is a fun way to earn money, and the fact that our sims can do it too is awesome!



The showtime mod created by Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) is a mod that allows your sims to turn their hobbies like singing and dancing into a full on career. There are rabbit hole events allowing your sims to go to singing or dancing gigs. It’s a great mod that makes it fun to play again!

For this mod to work completely, you are going to need City Living, Get Famous, Get Together, and Spooky Stuff. You don’t need to have every pack, but some features will be missing or won’t work if you don’t have them all.


Sims 4 Mods for Events

Start an Event (All Ages)

Sometimes modders change the dumbest things in the game, like why can’t a child aged sim start a social event? Well, Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) created a mod that allows your sims of all ages to start an event, meaning they can throw parties and invite all of their friends instead of having their parents throw the party when they don’t even know your sim’s friends.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Getting married is a huge thing in most people’s lives and throwing a bachelor party is something that most people do before they get married. Unfortunately, we still don’t have these party types in The Sims 4. Update: we got these added with The Sims 4: Wedding Stories but you can still use this if you don’t have the pack.

This bachelor mod is awesome and will add these parties to your game allowing you to go off and have one last party with your friends. You can even go ahead and hire a dancer for your sim’s entertainment.

bachelorette parties

Memorable Events

The memorable events mod is really fun because it adds over 40 events to the game for your sims to experience. This includes honeymoons, vacations, beach parties and so much more. Having these events can make your sims feel so much more real to you and make them so much more connected to you.

Explore Mod

Something that I’m always hoping is for the team to add more simple things for our sims to do. I don’t even mind if all of the events are rabbit holes, and that’s what this mod adds. It adds so many options for rabbit hole events like going for ice cream, and going shopping with friends.

Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) created this mod and it really makes you feel like your sim is out there doing things since they are constantly doing simple, every day tasks, even if you can’t go with them.

Graduation Event Mod

It has always baffled me that there is no graduation event for high school students in a life simulator. Graduating high school is a big deal for most teenagers and it should definitely be a part of The Sims 4.

This graduation event mod is really important for realism and will allow you to start a graduation event for your sim teens and it will auto-invite other teens in the world and let your family members come by.

graduation event mod for the sims 4

Social Activities

The Social Activities mod by LittleMsSam (Patreon) allows you to have a ton of new social activities for your sims. This includes things like a honeymoon, daycare, pet sitters, hiking trips, and so much more. These things are of course, rabbit holes, but it still adds to the immersion of the game because it still feels like your sims are off doing these things.

The best part is that depending on the activity you send a sim to go complete, your sim will get needs up or skills. For example, you will get social filled if you go to visit friends, or can get the painting or photography skill if you send your sim on an art exhibition.

This mod only requires the base game to download and use, making it awesome for all players!

Sims 4 Mods for Traits

More Trait Slots

In The Sims 4 we are only given 3 slots for choosing traits for our sims which is a down grade from 5 in The Sims 3, which is disappointing. Thankfully, modders like Vicky Sims (patreon) create mods that you can use to add more traits which can help give your sims more personality.

Aspiration Traits in Reward Store

There are a whole bunch of traits in The Sims 4 that you can only get if you complete aspirations that they are tied to. This is super annoying because some of them are really great, even better than the traits you can get in CAS.

This mod takes those traits and plops them into the reward store for you to purchase with your satisfaction points instead of having to earn them.

rewards store traits

More CAS Traits for Sims and Pets

We are really lacking in the trait department in The Sims 4, we are getting entire packs that have no traits which makes sims feel very repetitive since there really isn’t much to choose from.

more cas traits for sims 4

This awesome more traits mod will add so many new traits for your sims like moody, obsessive, envious and so much more. It just feels nice to have different traits for your sims to make them feel more interesting and different from one another.

Sims 4 Mods for Aspirations & Skills

Get to Work Aspirations

With The Sim 4: Get to Work we got a bunch of new active careers that are really fun, but there were no aspirations to make them more well rounded and interesting for your sims. I feel like if a sim is going to become a doctor they need a full aspiration, it just makes sense.

Thankfully a creator named Konansock created a set of 4 aspirations for your sims to use with these careers. For example, a sim in the doctor career would use the Guardian of Health aspiration.

Since this mod is tied to the Get to Work careers, you are going to need both the base game and The Sims 4: Get to Work for it to be functional.

The Mother Plant Resurrection Aspiration

Strangerville is one of those packs that was extremely fun to play with the first time but really lacks a replay level that most players need. Once you complete the aspiration and defeat the mother plant it’s just over… or is it?

With the mother plant resurrection aspiration mod you’ll be able to go on a whole new quest to learn more about this mysterious plant and explore more of the world and its fascinating secrets.

sims 4 mods for mother plant

Adult Skills for Kids

Everything we do with kids in The Sims 4 feels entirely useless the second they age up from child to teen because they lose all skills they may have gained. This adult skills for kids mod is incredible because it will allow your kid sims to gain all of the adult skills while they are doing those tasks.

Originally, if a sim was playing chess as an adult they will gain the logic skill but as a kid they’ll be gaining the mental skill, this mod will have your sims kids gaining BOTH the mental and logic skill simultaneously.

adult skills for kids

Advanced Fishing

Fishing is one of the most boring skills in The Sims 4, and thankfully Kawaii Stacie (Patreon)created an advanced fishing mod that just makes it a bit more interesting. It allows you to sell fish to a marketplace and turn them into food, and more!

Talents & Weaknesses

sims 4 mods for talents and weakness

Functional Object Sims 4 Mods

Ownable Cars

For some really annoying reason in the game we still don’t have the option to drive or own cars. Thankfully, Dark Gaia created a mod where you are able to OWN CARS and place them on your lot to add to the game realism.

The mod also allows your sims to “drive” to locations by walking up the car and triggering a loading screen. Unfortunately, since EA never added real cars there is no way to really make it so your sims cars are drivable properly.

Working Medicine Cabinets

Since the addition of simple illness in The Sims 4, our sims have only had the option to purchase medicine on the computer which doesn’t feel very realistic. Most people would have some type of medicine in their home, probably in a medicine cabinet.

The working medicine cabinets mod is amazing because it lets you have a medicine cabinet somewhere in your home (probably a bathroom) that you can just go to and grab medicine, you do still have to pay for it. This experience feels much more realistic compared to it being ordered online and just showing up in your inventory.

medicine cabinets

Packing Crates

Moving sims out when they are getting older is a weird process in The Sims 4. You can’t bring any of your large furniture in your sim’s inventory so they just kind of have to leave behind all of their large worldly possessions.

This packing crates mod is incredible because it allows you to put large items into a crate that will go into your sims inventory. Once at the new home you can just drag the crate out from your inventory and then get the items out!

packing crates

Phone Replacement – iPhone 11

The phones all of our sims have in The Sims 4 are pretty generic and uninteresting since the game can’t add brands like apple or samsung into their game. But, modders can!

This phone replacement mod will replace all of the sims phones in your game with a more realistic iPhone 11 that a lot of people in your real life probably carry around in their pockets each day.

iphone override for the sims 4

Photographic Memory Photo Spawner Mod

There are a lot of ways to add photos to your sims home these days, but honestly, sometimes I just want a photo that has no frame and looks a little less organized and professional.

This photo mod is going to allow you to have images that you can place on your sims walls without having frames, choosing from push pins or tape to have them hung up which is great for younger bedrooms and cute walls!

Eat Snow

Sometimes modders make things that you don’t really need, but can add some silly realism to the game. Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) added the ability for your sim’s to eat snow if you have The Sims 4: Seasons. As a Canadian who grew up with snowy winters, I’ve eaten a lot of snow. Just be sure to avoid the yellow stuff.

Mochi Fridge

Sometimes mods are just something cute and silly that we just want to exist in the game, like a mochi fridge. Eating mochi is delicious and this mod by Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) allows you to have an adorable fridge in your home where your sims are able to go up and grab some mochi as a nice snack.

Functional Canning Station

We are always looking for new types of hobbies for our sims to participate in and canning is something really fun to do as a skill or hobby for your sims. This functional canning station allows your sims to create their own jams, pickles and spreads.

These items are even edible with your sims having the option to eat it alone or spread it on bread. You can even sell your jams and preserves to an evil corporation to make a bit of money!

canning station sims 4 mods

Functional Donut Boxes

Who doesn’t love a good donut in the morning? These functional donut boxes are found in build mode and allow you to click on them and purchase donuts for your sims to enjoy.

The best thing is that different kinds of donuts will give your sim different emotional buffs. For example, a sim who eats a strawberry powder donut will get a flirty moodlet, but a sim who eats a banana nut muffin will get an energized moodlet.

functional donut boxes and custom donuts

Sims 4 Mods for School

University Costs More

Education System

Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) creates some of my favourite mods for The Sims 4, and the education system definitely makes that list. This adds a ton of mods that will change how the school system works. This includes a mod for preschool, a mod for online school, a smarter homework mod and more.

If you really want to have fun with your kids and teens while they are doing school work or spending time at school, this is definitely the mod for you.

University Application Overhaul

The application process that we got with The Sims 4: Discover University is, well, less than exciting or difficult. All you need to do is click on a mailbox or computer and pay 75 simoleons, no biggie. However, some players didn’t think this was enough.

university application notification

The university application overhaul mod is going to make it so that your sims has to jump through a few more hoops before they will be accepted. This will include things like an essay, an admissions interview, letters of recommendations and more which makes the process much more realistic.

After School Activities

So far in The Sims 4 we only have 2 after school activities, drama club and scouts. This is not enough and Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) added over 30 new after school activities ranging from things like cooking to wrestling.

These after school activities allow you to gain skills while you are at your activity and give your kids something to do after school.

Playable School Events

One thing that tons of simmers are constantly begging for is the ability to go to school with their sims. Of course, Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) has created a mod that allows you to go to school with your sims and make friends quicker as well as gaining some skills while at school which isn’t possible normally.

You get to create a lot where you can go to school, including desks, and a kitchen, and send your sims there each day.

Go to School

The go to school mod that was created by Zerbu and lets you actually go to school with your sims. It created an entire school with class rooms, offices, and more. It allows your sims to go to classes with the same kind of requirements that you’d see at social events or while working in an active career.

This mod uses the same systems as The Sims 4: Get to Work and therefore requires that pack to be installed in order to function properly, as the go to school mod works just like the active careers from that pack.

Sims 4 Mods for Animals & Pets

Playable Pets

Not longer after The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs was released players realized that there was code in the game allowing cats and dogs to be playable if you just do a quick fix.

This mod makes it so you can fully control your pets, however, since it was never released by EA as an option you may see some issues with it occasionally.

Fish are Friends

Something that is pretty disappointing in The Sims 4 is the lack fo interactions that we have for the aquariums in the game. This mod by Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) allows you to have some new interaction, as well as a feature allowing you to breed them.

My First Farm Animal

My first farm animal is a mod created by Kawaii Stacie (Patreon) that allows your sims to become a real farmer, with animals and everything. You can have a whole farm of fake cows!!

This mod lets you have a few different farm animals that can be taken care of, and harvested for meat or dairy, and you can sell your animals to other farmers too!

Sims 4 Mods for Occults

Forbidden Spells

sims 4 forbidden spells for realm of magic

Become a Sorcerer

The become a sorcerer mod was created by TriplisSims (Patreon) and is a fun way to play with magic, even if you don’t have The Sims 4: Realm of Magic in your game. It allows you to learn all sorts of spells and sorcery and do a bunch of cool stuff and it all starts with a small lump of clay.

This mod even allows you to turn another sim into a minion who will just follow your sim around and do all sorts of weird stuff, it’s a fun one for sure.

Potions Rework

sims 4 mods for potions

Sims 4 Mods for Food

Faster Eating and Drinking

A lot of players may not even notice how long it takes for sims to eat or drink, but for those of us who have been playing for years we can’t sit through another 3 hour dinner with our sims.

The faster eating and drinking mod makes your sims eating speed just go a little bit faster so you can spend more time doing other things, it will also decrease the amount of time they are focused on talking or watching TV while they are eating.

No Autonomous Cooking

Sims 4 Mods for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

More Traumatic Divorce for Children

As a child of divorced, it really bugs me that there is no effect on children long term when their parents break up. This is a really hard experience for children in the real world, so it should be a harder experience in The Sims 4.

Whenever your sims are getting divorced their children (both kids and teens) will stop doing whatever they are doing and react to the situation and get a sad moodlet for a while, which feels more appropriate.

sims going through a divorce

Sleepover Mod

A really huge part of so many kids’ lives is having sleepovers with friends on the weekends and making those memories. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this list there are still no sleepovers in the game which is a real bummer.

This sleepover mod will allow for your child sims to invite their friends over and have a wonderful sleepover and spend extra time with their besties, instead of their friends going home in the early evening.

two sims having a sleepover in The Sims 4

Bicycles for Kids and Toddlers

For whatever reason when EA added bikes to the game with Discover University, they only made them available for teens and older which is wild to me because kids ride bikes way more than adults in my experience.

This bicycle mod is really great because it adds a bike for both your sim kids and your sim toddlers, with the kids bike having these adorable baskets on the front. This mod even has a version for toddlers which is one of those ridable cars that got super popular a few years ago.

bicycle for kids with basket

Deadly Toddlers

This next mod isn’t going to be the most realistic mod for the game, but it will add some wild experiences to your game by allowing any toddlers to become killers. Having this mod is definitely not for the family game player but it can be really fun to mix up gameplay with mods like this once in a while.

Just be careful because these sims have no chill and you may end up eliminating the entire world because it’s just too fun.

deadly toddlers sims 4 mod

Default Bassinet Override

Why did EA decide that all babies are going to sleep in those UGLY bassinets? They don’t match any of the cute decor we now have after years of the game and they aren’t the normal sleeping situation for most babies as cribs are a much more common practice.

This bassinet override mod is going to give you a new piece of cc that has different wood tones and is absolutely gorgeous and will override the system so your baby doesn’t have to be in that awful bassinet and can reside in a crib instead. This is the best we can do until babies are no longer objects!

bassinet override mod for the sims

Sims 4 Mods for Realism

Basic Burns


Towel After Shower

There are so many small aspects of The Sims 4 that just don’t make sense, and a sim getting out of the shower and immediately being fully clothed is one of those things. Are they not all wet? Wouldn’t their clothes be damp? EW.

This mod will override that aspect of your sim’s life and have them wearing a towel immediately after they come out of the shower for a little bit of added realism.

sims 4 mods to add a towel after shower



Ink For Yourself Journals

sims 4 journals

FAQ About Sims 4 Mods

There are a number of questions we get every single time we write an article about sims 4 mods and pieces of custom content. It makes sense because there are so many questions and uncertainties when it comes to mods but we’re here to make those make sense!

1. Will Sims 4 Mods Get Me Banned From Origin?

Oh my goodness no! There has been modding for The Sims for the entirety of the franchise and EA does a great job of making sure that this is possible. Adding mods to your game is not going to get your banned from origin, you literally have nothing to worry about in that department!

2. Are Sims 4 Mods Safe For My Game?

Since sims 4 mods aren’t created by or maintained by EA there is always a chance that something in a mod can conflict with the way the game operates, especially since The Sims 4 is consistently updated. You want to find sims 4 mods that are consistently updated too because mods can break often, and can break your game if they aren’t updated.

3. Will Sims 4 Mods Give Me Viruses?

With downloading anything on the internet there is a chance that it could give you a virus so you need to make sure you’re downloading from places that are safe and trusted in the community.

You should stick to websites like Nexus Mods, Mod The Sims or individual creators that have a decent following so you know you can trust them.

4. Are Sims 4 Mods Free?

You should never have to pay for any sims 4 mods ever, this includes custom content too. There are actually rules that come directly from EA that state that you are not allowed to have things behind permanent pay walls and are only allowed to have these items on early access on things like Patreon but you must eventually make these items available for free.

If a creator is asking you to pay money to use any of their mods, you should definitely avoid that creator.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Mods

These sims 4 mods have all been in my game at some point and have all brought me immense amounts of joy in the game. I absolutely love adding sims 4 mods because the game can get stale if you playa every single day for years and years. Hopefully you enjoyed this list of mods and it can inspire you to play something more exciting!

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