50+ Sims 4 CC Furniture You Must Put in Your Game (Furniture Mods)

There are two kinds of custom content for you to download in The Sims 4 for your game, the first being custom content clothes and the second being custom content furniture. Adding a bunch of cc furniture to your game can allow you to completely customize your sim’s homes and add much trendier pieces to your game.

You can find furniture pieces for every room in your sim’s houses including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and so much more and diversifying your mods folder is the best way to make your game feel yours.

Below you are going to find over 50 beautiful pieces of custom content furniture that you can download and add to your game so you can make your home in Willow Creek so much more beautiful.

1. Acrylic Dining Set by TyrAVB

The first item on this list is a gorgeous dining set that contains six gorgeous items for you to add to your sim’s dining room. Most of the table and chair sets that we get with The Sims 4 are quite boring, or just a little too much. This acrylic set is simple but also can be extremely elegant in the right home, definitely versatile and those candle sticks are gorgeous.

This dining set comes with the dining table, dining chairs, the side table, the table runner, and those gorgeous candles so you can have a matching dining room that all flows and works well together. Add some plants to the room and it’ll be beautiful!

2. Addison Kids’ Room by Lucy Muni

Sometimes my favorite kinds of custom content for The Sims 4 are just beautiful recolors of stuff we already have. As you can see, that desk, bed, and dining chair already exist in the game as well as the backpack and Blarfy. The creator took these boring items and added new colors to them to make them much more fun and useable.

This set comes in a variety of colors including greens, pinks, blues and purples and can make it easier for you to have a child who has a favorite color. Plus, look at that Blarfy!

3. Alisa Desk Chair by Severinka

There is so much trendy furniture that we really want in The Sims 4 but often the sims team doesn’t give it to use, this desk chair is absolutely something you’d see on Pinterest and desperately want for your office set up.

The Alisa desk chair features a round base with 3 metal legs that are absolutely gorgeous and a variety of beautiful velvet-like fabrics that will make your office look so mature and trendy for your sim’s to enjoy.

4. Blackberry Dining Room by Neinahpets

The blackberry dining room collection is an absolutely gorgeous addition to the game. It has definitely rustic grandma’s dining room feelings that can be brought to a modern home and make it look so beautiful. It even comes with a gorgeous chandelier that isn’t pictured below.

This set comes with a gorgeous dining table, dining chairs, and even that gorgeous fireplace that features a high back and a beautiful mirror for an extremely beautiful look in any rustic home.

5. Cabinet (Natural Wood) by Rrtt@4

Any time that I’m decorating a smaller home in The Sims 4, I’m always struggling to find a small cabinet that will fit in that small area that just doesn’t work. This natural wood cabinet absolutely fixes that issue. It is small enough to fit into small spaces, while also being absolutely gorgeous.

The cabinet features a design with 3 drawers on the right side and a nice door on the left, making it a great option for acting like it’s storage (if sims needed storage, haha) but it can work like a dresser or just a small side board.

6. Calligraphik Bedroom by Pilar

One really great way to find custom content is to find packs that are all made by the same creator. This calligraphik bedroom is awesome because it has a number of pieces that all work well together and has matching wood tones which we usually don’t even get from EA!

This bedroom features a gorgeous bed with a really beautiful blanket that looks so cozy, some bed side tables and a dresser, and even a desk for your sims to work in their room. A great option for an easy room decoration!

7. Chic Gym Console by SimSpaces

Console tables are absolutely a great option for so many different uses in the game. This chic gym console is a great modern option that comes in some really fun colors that can brighten up any room.

This can be used as a TV stand or under a hanging TV, or a console on the wall in your sim’s dining room or as a great option for hallways. I’ve even seen something super similar to this at IKEA so its a definitely must have for my game.

8. Christmas Bedroom by Severinka

This honestly looks like a bedroom that came straight out of a Disney holiday special. This Christmas bedroom is so adorable and cozy it just makes me want to cuddle up in that bed with a cup of tea and a good book.

This custom content furniture set features a bunch of goodies including candles, string lights, a bed and fuzzy rugs that your sim’s toes will love.

9. Clark Toddler Bed by Onyxium

Do you ever see a piece of cc for The Sims 4 and just think “Wow, I wish they made that in my size” because that’s how I feel about this toddler bed. The metal bars on the bed are so gorgeous with the side parts looking like little bursts of sunshine and just making me feel so warm and fuzzy.

The swatch variants for this Clark toddler bed are so beautiful and come in different metals and blanket colors that you just need to see for yourself.

10. Country Collection by Harrie

One of my favorite custom content creators for furniture is Harrie, they create gorgeous swatches of so many beautiful items and this country collection does not disappoint.

This set of furniture comes with different beds, curtains, lights, and so much more and can make your sim’s home look absolutely cozy and country chic. Country homes in The Sims 4 are so much fun to decorate and this pack goes great with items from Seasons.

11. Cozy Knits Bedding by Peacemaker

Some of my favorite custom content items are beds because decorating a cozy bedroom for my sims is one of my favorite hobbies. The bedding on this has such gorgeous textures and you can just tell it would be so soft.

This is the type of bedding that you just would love to snuggle up with on a Sunday morning. You’ll want to pair this bedding with bed frames from Peacemaker’s Elsie Bedroom Basics.

12. Demez Study by Jomsims

This Demez study custom content furniture is really fun and comes in a bunch of different colors. The chevron pattern on all of it is really cute and the wood tones are absolutely beautiful and match well with different EA woods. Plus that phone on the wall is ADORABLE.

The curtain above that couch is so unique and can give your sim’s home such a fun aesthetic to enjoy. Plus, that desk is awesome because it’s of course beautiful but also has a bunch of space up top for clutter so you can make your home feel so fun!

13. Dining Room Kit by Maxsus

Honestly, this dining room kit may be one of my favorite items on this list. The wood tones match well with EA items, the plant is just absolutely beautiful and I can’t even begin to describe my love for that mirror. You could use this in so many different areas of your home, and isn’t just stuck to being a dining room.

I can’t even decide what my favorite item is in this kit collection, the dresser? the console table? the record player? It is all just so beautiful that it is a must have in your game.

14. Eco Kitchen by Little Dica

Something that is clearly lacking from The Sims 4’s build catalog is quality kitchen sets that are modern and fun. This eco kitchen set definitely fills that need and makes your kitchen’s feel much more modern. This set includes a recolor of the money making trash can, a

Those cabinets come in some really gorgeous swatches including bright yellow, olive green, white and black allowing you to completely customize your sim’s kitchen to match their personality. One of my favorite details is the item you can place on your fridge door to turn your fridge into a smart fridge that has a lot of the same capabilities as your sim’s phone.

15. ECO Living Room by Severinka

Sometimes when I see a custom content room I just want to cuddle up on the virtual couch and take a nap and those pillows look quite squishy. This sett is super modern with clean lines and just works so well in different homes.

This is the type of living room that you’d see in an IKEA catalog and would be jealous of anyone who lives like this. Plus, that rocking chair would look incredible in any modern nursery.

16. Ferrum Dining Room by WondyMoon

If you are a fan of a mid-century modern aesthetic in your sim’s game then this furniture set is definitely for you. This set features a gorgeous table with skinny legs and chairs to match as well as a gorgeous rug and wallpaper and one of my favorite console tables I’ve ever seen for The Sims.

This would be an incredible option for you to use if you are trying to build a 60s or 70s inspired home, or if you are just loving mid-century stuff. It comes in different wood tones too, so if you prefer a lighter wood that’s an option too.

17. Furry Club Shelf by Kardofe

Some of the things that cc creators are able to make are just so impressive and adorable and this shelf is one of my favorite items for a kids’ room. As a certified dog lover I would’ve absolutely loved that green swatch with the dogs at the bottom and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

This would look so great in any kid’s bedroom or playroom or in the hallway of a quirky dog lover’s home. Or if you have The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs you could use this as a book shelf in a Vet office for the cutest decor.

18. Goldis Bathroom by Jomsims

Although we have a ton of toilets and showers in The Sims 4, none of them have much personality or add a bunch to the game that we’d like to see. This bathroom sett by Jomsims is such a beautiful set of furniture and that bath tub is something out of a dream.

If you aren’t a fan of the brown swatch shown in the photo, don’t worry. It comes in so many different colors so it can suit any of your sim’s homes. My favorite is definitely the white and silver with pink towels.

19. Hampton Hallway by AriVitalex

This hallway set is so beautiful and that cabinet is great for decorating your sim’s home. This set also features some gorgeous pictures and a small stool that you can put near the door to act as something your sims would use to put their shoes on.

Those cabinets are honestly really beautiful and allow you to have contrast with the sizing so you can have taller items on top of the small one and make the room look more interesting.

20. Hanging Chair by Kardofe

Some of the items that cc creators are able to make are so unique and creative and this hanging chair is a great option. This features gorgeous framing with cute cushions that come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns.

This swing chair would look absolutely gorgeous in any backyard but is also a really fun option for a large kid’s bedroom or playroom. Imagine having this in your home in real life? A girl can dream.

21. Hipster Hugger Sofa Recolor

Most of the sofas in The Sims 4 are just… weird? They are weird shapes, weird colors and weird patterns but The Hipster Hugger is one of the best normal looking couches but it comes in a very limited number of swatches.

This creation allows you to have 24 beautiful swatches for The Hipster Hugger so you can use this in so many more homes and really enjoy this gorgeous piece of furniture.

22. Hold The Sunset Bathroom Set by Seimar8

Sometimes you just need a cozy and luxurious bathroom to hang out in at the end of our day and this bathroom set fits that perfectly. This set features a sink, toilet, shower and bath tub that are really cute and can make for some good poop rooms.

There is nothing better than a great bath room to upgrade your sim’s home with so you can make their lives more relaxing.

23. Jardane by Felixandre and Harrie

There are two simmers who collaborate on custom content furniture often and do an incredible job. Felixandresims and Harrie worked incredibly on this Jardane set of furniture for your sim’s garden that is so rustic and absolutely beautiful.

This pack includes new couches, poofs, chairs, plants, umbrellas and so much more for you to entirely redecorate your sim’s garden so they can enjoy their back yard more than their actual home.

24. Jules Bedroom by Simcredible

This bedroom is honestly the perfectly custom content for you to decorate a teenager’s bedroom. It has so many cute items including a new bed with tons of pillows, cute dressers, a desk, and so much more.

The bulletin board and hanging pictures with the triangles are a great option for decorating and making a sim’s room feel super unique and cluttered. Plus, the different colors variants for these items are gorgeous.

25. Lavere Bedroom Dresser by Jomsims

The best way to make a bedroom look more fun and beautiful is to add some gorgeous furniture and this dresser would really look great in your sim’s home.

This dresser comes in nice wood swatches as well as black and white so it will work in anybody’s bedroom and those handles are so pretty. Plus, the texture on this would honestly look good anywhere.

26. Livin’ Rum by Felixandre and Harrie

Felixandre and Harrie strike again with another gorgeous set of custom content furniture. These two just can’t be stopped, this living room set has some of my favourite clutter items I’ve ever seen. Including a small bowl with keys inside which I’m amazed that we have never gotten in The Sims 4 before this.

This pack has a console table, shelving units, books and candles, and a very funky couch that will make your sim’s home so unique. Plus, that coloured rocking chair with the fuzzy blanket is to die for.

27. Mandal Bedroom Set by MXIMS

This bedroom feels like a zen retreat that you’ll want to spend all of your time in and will make every day of your sim’s life feel like a spa retreat. The way that the blanket is hanging out on that bed just makes it feel so extremely cozy.

One of my favourite items in this furniture set is that mirror because we just don’t have enough gorgeous mirrors to put in our sim’s homes. Plus, it comes in a bunch of fun swatches.

28. Melina Toddler Room by Soloriya

Something that we don’t have a lot of in The Sims 4 is fun toddler furniture since toddlers weren’t in the game until 3 years later. This toddler room is so beautiful and is exactly what I’d love to have in my home if I had a toddler.

My favourite item in this set is definitely those pieces of wall art with the different animals or the mountain shelves because you can really decorate in a fun way with these items.

29. Modern Glass Fire Pit by TyrAVB

This piece of custom content furniture isn’t just a regular table for your sim’s outdoor areas, it is a fire pit that can make the outdoor areas feel cozy ass heck but also super modern. It features a square base and square top that is so adorable.

This fire pit is great for any outdoor space like a terrace, a balcony, or a deck and is a really fun item for you to add so your sims can hangout outside even when it’s dark out.

30. Naturalis Crib by Simcredible

When you are decorating homes in The Sims 4 it is really hard to make cute nurseries for babies since the default bassinet’s as so unattractive and boring. These Naturalis bassinets are so beautiful and come in so many nice wood swatches and can really add to a baby nursery.

These are nice because they come in wood tones instead of in white with coloured stripes like the default ones. You can pair these in the room with just about any dresser of any wood tone to make a unique and earthy nursery.

31. Naturalis Dresser Cabinet

To go along with that gorgeous Naturalis bassinet, we’ve got these gorgeous cabinets that you can add to your sim’s baby room. These match the wood tones of those bassinets perfectly so you can create a gorgeous room for your kids.

These are nice because they have four levels of shelves that you can decorate with books, toys, and so many other adorable items so your sim’s nursery can be beautiful and grow with your kids.

32. Olia Beauty Set Wall Mirror by Jomsims

Most of the mirrors in The Sims 4 are too much or not enough and come in weird shapes and sizes. This Olia mirror is really gorgeous in an oval shape and comes in a bunch of beautiful swatches to match in any bathroom or bedroom or hallway.

This mirror would look so beautiful above a vanity in a bedroom, or above your sink in your sim’s bathroom. The pink swatch is probably my favourite and is something I’d love to have in a barbie dream bath room.

33. Pear simMac by Ugly.Breath

Many of the computers in The Sims 4 are unattractive and just don’t look super modern and I’ve always wanted an iMac type computer in the game. This pear sim Mac is hilarious because the creator decided to swap the apple logo out for a pear to make it even better.

This is a great option if you want your sims to have a gorgeous office space that they can use as a writer or programmer and it will make your computer look so much more realistic.

34. Plant Life Kit by Maxsus

Anybody who decorates a ton of houses in The Sims 4 knows how important plants are to making different rooms feel more unique and well decorated and greenery just makes sims homes feel nicer. Unfortunately, we just don’t get our hands on enough plants in the game when packs are released.

This plant life kit is absolutely perfect because these maxis match plants are so beautiful and come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes. Those mini cactuses have to be my favourite and I would like to poke them.

35. Plumbum Bathroom Decorations

For whatever reason, most of the decorations we have in the game for bathrooms are either very traditional or very boring. This set of bathroom decorations is modern and fun and will really improve the vibes in your sim’s bathrooms.

These items include tooth brush holders, off the wall toilet paper holders, towel racks, and a gorgeous simple and small shelf for you to decorate. These items can make your modern bathrooms so gorgeous and lived in.

36. Princess Bedroom by Severinka

This princess bedroom set is super fun and will make your sims feel royal no matter who they are. The canopy over the bed is such a gorgeous touch and that bed frame is so beautifully detailed. Plus, it is super fun to have a matching set of tables and dressers for your sim’s home.

This is a really fun set of furniture for you to use for teenagers or adults who just want to feel like a princess at all times. It comes in some fun colour swatches too which can add some flair to your sim’s room.

37. Princess Nursery by Severinka

If you really loved the princess bedroom, you will love this toddler princess set. There is nothing more beautiful than that princess carriage toddler bed that feels like it came right from Cinderella.

This set also includes a gorgeous couch and an even more gorgeous castle wall that haas adorable shelves to fill with clutter and a cute arch which is the perfect spot for a piece of furniture.

38. Robot Bedroom by Kardofe

Having a bedroom filled with robots makes me feel like whatever sim lives here feel like they are going to be a programmer or engineer when they are older. The colours in this furniture set are bright and vibrant and super quirky.

If you have a kid who loves colours and wants to play with robots, this is the bedroom for them. Like c’mon, look at that robot cabinet!

39. Rock Designer Rocking Chair by Little Dica

Players have been begging for rocking chairs for years and when we got them with The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting, they were less than ideal. The rocking chairs that we got were in weird wood tones with crazy colourful cushions and just don’t fit a modern aesthetic at all.

This designer rocking chair is absolutely gorgeous featuring simple legs and a sleek arm-less seat. This would look great on any modern balcony or in a minimalistic nursery.

40. School Corkboard by Reitanna

Cork boards are a really fun way to decorate a kid or teens bedroom and make it feel more unique. Any kid who haas this gorgeous cork board is definitely a fan girl and loves bright colours and music and its so beautiful.

This custom content cork board has 4 swatches, coming in white, black, grey and a natural wood tone so you can match it in so many different rooms. Plus, look at that little pink bumble bee, how cute!

41. Shabby Sofa by ArwenKaboom

One of my favourite types of houses to decorate is definitely a grandma’s shabby chic cottage and this couch is everything I’ve ever wanted for that type of home. It features three seats with small circular cushions on either end and an adorable set of floral swatches to choose from.

This couch can look great in a grandma’s home or look cute as heck in a more modern eclectic living room where everything looks like your sims got it at a yard sale. Definitely an adorable and versatile couch.

42. Sleek Slumber by Little Dica

There are a ton of fun pieces of cc furniture created by Little Dica that look really incredible in any modern home. This set of bedroom furniture is super modern and can create absolutely beautiful bedrooms with clean lines and comfy cushions.

Sleek slumber features an absolutely gorgeous bed that comes in a bunch of fun colour swatches and an adorable blanket that is a little quirky and not lined up well on the bed, but that gives it fun vibes.

43. Slide Into Your Mods by Ravasheen

Honestly, ravasheen is able to make some really cool custom content and this piece is such incredibly high quality and looks great in your game. This slide is so fun for your kids to enjoy and play with in their backyard and comes in six different swatches to match any backyard.

Slide Into Your Mods | RAVASHEEN

This is such a fun piece to add to your game because your kids will love to slide down it and it can make for a really fun backyard. Imagine having this slide and a pool in real life? I’m jealous of any kid who has that.

44. Sloraki Toddlers Bedroom P2 by Jomsims

This bedroom decor set is absolutely perfect for any toddler’s bedroom and adds so much flair. That shelving unit will make any kid’s room or playroom have an incredible set of decorations. The blocks may be one of my favourite pieces in this set.

That rug just might be my favourite fun rug to add to the game because that smile on those clouds just make me happy and come in different colours to match any room.

45. Stockholm by Harrie

Some of my favourite custom content furniture comes from creators taking pieces that exist in game and just making them better by changing wood colours or adding new cushion swatches. This Stockholm set has this couch from the base game as well as the My First Pet Stuff couch being adjusted to have neutral colours instead of being crazy bright.

It also features a beautiful, simple lamp as both a table lamp and a floor lamp as well as a beautiful plant to add to your sim’s home.

46. Sunny Garden Sofa by Kardofe

Have you ever looked at the options we have for outdoor furniture in the game? They are genuinely so boring and neutral and just don’t allow for a ton of fun in the sun.

This garden sofa is a really fun option for your outdoor spaces because it has such beautiful and fun cushion swatches that can really brighten up your area and make your sims love spending time out there.

47. Syracuse Console Table by AriVitalex

The Syracuse console table is really beautiful and features 4 panels, two wood and two black panels along a long console table. This table comes in a few wood swatches so you are able to match it with just about any set of furniture in the game which is always a nice thing to have.

This table is awesome to put in a dining room against a wall as a buffet table, under a TV or holding a TV or even as a table in a hallway to hold your sim’s keys and maybe a backpack for the kids.

48. The Kichen by Felixandre and Harrie

Once again, felixandre and harrie are able to create a beautiful set for The Sims 4, this time for an absolutely gorgeous kitchen. The Kichen pack features an entire set for your kitchen including counters, a bar, a sink and a stove as well as a ton of stackable clutter to really make your home lived in.

One thing that these two are incredible at is creating beautiful plants for your sim’s home and this pack delivers those as well. Plus, look at those natural wood and glass dining tables, any sim would be lucky to have them.

49. Thorne Bedroom by MXIMS

This bedroom set is extremely simple and honestly feels like something you’d purchase at IKEA for your very first apartment. It has gorgeous simple pieces that will grow with your sims, especially if you have your teens using this furniture at a young age.

You can use this as a minimalist’s dream bedroom or use it to decorate dorms in The Sims 4: Discover University to have a dreamy dorm room. The set of furniture is so versatile that you’ll be able to use it in so many different circumstances.

50. Tiny Twavellers by Felixandre and Harrie

Okay, have we all discovered that packs created by Felixandre and Harrie are going to always be gorgeous? Well, Tiny Twavellers adds to that gorgeous collection of items. This pack is a set of beautiful toddler and kid furniture and toys that you can use to decorate an adventurer’s dream and inspire your kids to travel.

This set features fun items like a map covered in animals, new dressers with gorgeous branch detailing, new beds and even a canopy to add to the top of the bed to make it so cozy. Honestly, my favourite piece in this collection might just be that mirror with some gorgeous branch details.

51. Trisha Storage by Soloriya

This piece of storage/bookcase furniture is so beautiful and has so much detail. There is fun detail on the shelf and has gorgeous wood tones and a beautiful coloured section. This is great for covering in clutter to make your sim’s homes more beautiful.

Trisha is such a unique piece of furniture that can add so much flair to your sim’s living room, dining rooms and more. The curves and so gorgeous and the different coloured section at the back makes it so much more fun.

52. Turffield Living by NetworkSims

This turffield living set is a great neutral option for decorating your sim’s homes. The square cushions are absolutely beautiful and like nothing we have in the game currently. The green accents on this swatch just make me feel safe and cozy.

These types of furniture sets are awesome because they are so simple and neutral so they can work well with all sorts of furniture that is already in the game, instead of being crazy colours and patterns like a lot of the items that EA loves to give us.

53. Vanessa Dining Cabinet V2 by Soloriya

This Vanessa cabinet is such a simple and beautiful piece of furniture for you to add to your game. This cabinet has two doors on the bottom half, with two shelves for you to fill with clutter on the top. It comes in gorgeous wood tones and can be added to so many different rooms.

This would be great as a bar cabinet in your sim’s dining room, as a cabinet in your sim’s bathroom or as a simple hallway cabinet for you to put keys and hats on. It’s small so it fits in many spots in your sim’s homes and can be added to any room.

54. Vesta Living Room by Severinka

There is a whole series of items on The Sims Resource that are extremely retro and would look incredible in any 60s or 70s inspired home. The mid-century modern vibes are absolutely beautiful and those chairs are absolutely beautiful.

These items can be added all together for a retro living room or use a single piece to add some flair. Just imagine an eclectic living room with that TV unit, absolutely gorgeous!

55. Victoria Nursery by Severinka

We are definitely lacking some quality nursery furniture in The Sims 4 and this set of furniture can be used to fill that void. This matching set with a dresser, crib, shelving unit and chair is so beautiful and can create a perfect room for your new born baby.

This set also comes in a few different colour swatches so you can either choose to mix and match or make the entire room a single colour to make it a mono-chrome dream. That little horse is absolutely gorgeous too!

56. Wall Grid with String Light by Leo Sims

This metal wall grid is so cute for adding to a bedroom or an office and features some really pretty string lights going through it. It’s a great simple piece of décor that will make your sim’s walls much cuter.

This is a must have for me because as I’m writing this I actually have one of these metal grids right above my computer so it just needs to be added to my sim’s homes.

Final Thoughts

These are a bunch of really gorgeous pieces of cc furniture that honestly, you just need to add to your game. These are so fun and will completely change the look of your sim’s home and allow you to customize it in a way that you’ve never been able to before. Hopefully you found a few items that you added to your mods folder and will love them for many months.

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