The Cutest Sims 4 CC Cardigans Your Sims Need to Wear

Cardigans are a very classic look that can keep you warm in colder weather, and really dress up a simple pair of pants. They can really be a fashion statement that you’ll absolutely love and you’ll be impressed with some of these gorgeous Sims 4 CC cardigans that have been created.

These cover everyone from feminine sims all the way down to toddlers who are just the cutest. They can be worn in warm weather, colder weather and even just as a cozy at home look.

Sims 4 CC Cardigans for Feminine Sims

The first category of cardigan we need to discuss are the more feminine styles, these are perfect for sims that want to show a little skin, or love fun patterns with hearts or stars. We’ve even thrown in an option for our favourite Swifties (aka me) that you’ll absolutely want to add to your in-game experience.

Riley Cardigan

Our very first cardigan on the list is so trendy right now and has such a sweet and adorable style for your sims to enjoy. It starts with a simple white bandeau top that goes across your sim’s chest with some sight ribbing.

Over top of this adorable top is a cardigan with a wide neckline, long sleeves with a slight flutter and a cropped look. The best part is the adorable bow tying it all together in the middle. This cardigan is perfect to be worn with high-waisted jeans, a cute high-waisted skirt, and has so much potential.

Luna Sims 4 Cardigan

Looking at this next cardigan option just makes me want to sit by a fire with some marshmallows roasting and jazz music playing in the background. It just looks like the kind of sweater that you’ll have in the back of your closet 20 years from now and was hand-knit by your grandmother.

Anyway, let’s talk about how it looks. This top starts with a deep v-neck in a complimentary colour that crops above the belly button so it’s perfectly paired with high-waisted jeans.

The actual cardigan of the look has a long style going down to imd-thigh with ribbed cuffs around the wrists. The pattern has stripes and shapes going across in nice muted colours that are all brought together by a cream pocket and edge with adorable circle buttons.

A sim wearing a green cropped tank top with a brown pair of high-waisted shorts, they are also wearing a patterned oversized cardigan.

Agridulce Cardigan

Colour-blocking is such a fun and interesting way to make a seemingly boring piece of clothing so interesting. This sweater is super simple in its shape and style with it being a cropped long-sleeve cardigan with a set of two. buttons done up closing the cardigan.

The style really shines with the gorgeous colours that are added. In this cardigan you’ll see five different colours on the sweater all in different sections. This is perfect to be paired with a neutral bottom like a skirt or a pair of high-waisted jeans.

A sim who looks cartoony. They are wearing a white pleated skirt with a colour block cardigan and a white beret.

Splash Sims CC Cardigan

Cardigans don’t just have to be a top option, they can be an entire outfit! Wearing an oversized sweater is the perfect cozy but comfortable look for your sims. This oversized cardigan is amazing with a small tank-top underneath the top to cover the chest.

On top is probably the perfect cardigan, with the most fun patterns I’ve ever seen. You can chose from things like flowers, sheep, polka dots, plaid and even a gorgeous cow print. There is definitely a pattern out there for every player.

Two sims standing in different simple poses, they are wearing long oversized cardigans, practically a dress, in a cow pattern and a smile flower pattern.

Jasmine Cardigan

Our next option for a sims 4 cc cardigan is not playing games. There are no tank-tops here, just a cardigan being worn as a shirt. This one is a cropped cardigan with a slight wavy hem at the bottom and a deep v-neck to show off some skin.

The patterns for this are fun too, with gorgeous colours like green in a cheetah print, and other beautiful options like stripes, and even one where each side of the sweater is a different colour. You’ll absolutely love these!

A blonde sim with their head cropped from the image. They are wearing a pearl necklace with a green cheetah print cardigan with the buttons done up.

Taylor Swift CC Cardigans

When your sims wear this old cardigan they’re going to be so happy. They are definitely going to be feeling like someone’s favourite. This cardigan is inspired off the many gorgeous cardigans that have been released for Taylor Swift’s recent re-recorded albums, that are so much fun.

My red cardigan is currently sitting in my closet just waiting for colder weather again to be worn as much as humanly possible. These are fun with stars all over the shoulders and adorable stripes going around the bottom, and guess what? The Sims 4 versions aren’t sold out and sold on e-bay for $1,000!

Three different sims wearing different eras of the taylor swift cardigans.

Mielo Cardigan

A simple knit cardigan is one of the most beautiful and simple looks you can have and this one is so perfect. This one starts with an awesome high-neck t-shirt in a bright white which will constrast nicely with the cardigan which looks awesome with a pair of high waisted jeans.

The actual cardigan is so beautiful with ribbing around the edges and bottom and with small brown buttons. There are so many nice details and the sleeves are rolled at the wrists to add even more beauty to this piece.

A blonde sim with straight across bangs, they are wearing blue jeans and a white high neck shirt underneath of a green cardigan with the sleeves cuffed.

Colour-Block Sims 4 CC Cardigan Dress

Cardigans don’t just need to be a sweater that you wear with pants or a skirt, they can even be turned into beautiful dresses for an even more interesting look. This just means that your sims get to be cozy from top to bottom instead of having to wear boring pants.

This cardigan dress is one of my favourite pieces on this list because of how beautiful it is. We start with a fun long sleeve design with buttons all the way down the center and a belt around the waist. The colours on this are gorgeous with tons of colour block sections to give different vibes all over which is so much fun.

A sim with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a colourblock cardigan sweater.

Lola Cardigan

I’m obsessed with this Lola cardigan because of how modern this look is, instead of being a long and heavy cardigan. This one is so good for teenagers and young adult sims who are showing off their style and want to look adorable all the time.

This one is fun with a deep v-neck that goes into a fun bow and a small area that shows off your sim’s stomach a bit. The cardigan is so much fun because it can be worn with things like skirts, shorts, and pants and it will always look beautiful. Pair this with a pair of custom jeans and you’ll be good to go!

Three different sims in different pants all wearing the same sweater in different swatches.

Julia Sims 4 CC Cardigan

Who said cardigans have to be boring? They can have so many fun designs on them that your sims are going to look so good in. This cardigan situation starts with a high neck crop top that comes in complimentary colours that match well with the cardigan.

The sweater is great going to mid-thigh and looking awesome, with fun ribbing going all the way around. There are so many designs, including hearts, florals, cow print and even a patch work cardigan that is similar to one Harry Styles wore!

Two female characters from The Sims 4 who are wearing a knitted cardigan. One is covered in hearts, and the other is covered in patchwork.

Cardigan With Knot Shirt

Sometimes it’s fun to have your sims in things that aren’t extremely trendy, but are classic styles. This one feels like something I would’ve worn in like 2015 in September on my way to a University class. It’s so cute and honestly makes me happy and nostalgic when I see it.

This one starts with a high v-neck t-shirt that has a small tie on the hip. This t-shirt is underneath a long sleeve cardigan with a rounded bottom that only goes down to the top of your sim’s bottom. This looks great with jeans, or shorts and is really fun!

The same sim 3 times with their head cropped out of the image. They are all wearing shorts with a striped top that is tied at the hip, and a cardigan.

Jekyll Sims CC Cardigan

Most cardigans you’ll find will have the buttons open with a fun shirt underneath, but the Jekyll cardigan shows you have fun it could be if you closed those buttons. This one starts with a high-neck long sleeve turtleneck shirt in a complimentary colour underneath the cardigan.

The actual cardigan has a wide rounded neckline with three buttons going down on top of ribbing. The wrists of the sweater are tighter with a bit of a puff sleeve on the forearm. The colours are bright and fun and will look great on your sims with over 30 swatches to choose from.

Two female sims with their arms around one another, the are both wearing the same cardigan sweater in blue and green.

Sims 4 CC Cardigans for Masculine Sims

Cardigans aren’t just a look for your female and feminine sims, they look great on everyone. When we discuss the female gaze, many women are going to love a handsome gentleman in a cardigan. These sims 4 cc cardigans are a great everyday look for your male sims, as long as you have the best male hair options available too!

Harvey Cardigan

The first masculine cardigan we have on this list is the Harvey cardigan and it’s a good one. Underneath this cardigan we have a turtleneck sweater that has a small graphic design on the chest which is fun to show off a bit of your sim’s personality.

The cardigan over top is fun with the sides folded over and some ribbing on the bottom and the wrists. This one comes in fifteen different swatches that all coordinate the sweater underneath with the cardigan on top making your sims look super cool.

A sim wearing brown pants, a brown belt, a grey sweater with a high neck, with a green cardigan on top.

Long Knit Sims CC Cardigan

When looking for custom content that looks great in-game, I’m always look for textures that look realistic, instead of being super dull or cartoony. That’s why I love this sweater, because the knit detailing on the cardigan looks amazing and makes me want to wear this sweater really bad.

This sweater starts with a rounded neck t-shirt that looks super comfortable and has a small tuck look on the front. The actual cardigan has ribbing on the wrists, cute buttons and two gorgeous looking pockets too! It’s a really cozy looking cardigan that you’ll definitely want to wear.

two images next to each other of the same sim who has a neck tattoo of a rose. They are wearing black jeans with a t-shirt and a knitted sims 4 cc cardigan.

Spring Day Cardigan

Our next option for adorable cardigans is this fun spring day cardigan that looks super fashionable and cool. This masculine sweater starts with a rounded neck t-shirt with some sort of graphic design on the chest which is a fun detail to go along with the sweater.

On top we have the star of the show, the super fun cardigan. This cardigan has ribbing around the edges and the wrists as well as four buttons that look fun. There are fun designs including a checker board, a plaid look, and even plain options that are good for sims who don’t want to wear something as wild.

A sim with brown hair and lots of blush, they are wearing a pair of white pants and a white t-shirt with an orange and brown checkerboard sweater on top.

Felix Sims CC Cardigan

Our next option for sims 4 cc cardigans comes from the awesome AxA Paris collaboration that comes with all sorts of goodies. You can get a perfect pair of jeans to wear with this as well as a fun beret to make the perfect outfit.

This sweater is great because you can see the fun knit texture in the design which makes it feel cozy and adorable. The shirt underneath is a simple rounded neck t-shirt which is super simple and looks great. Our cardigan has great design with fun patterns like zebra print to make your sims look super fun.

An image of a sim where their face is cropped out, they are wearing a white t-shirt with a green and white zebra striped sweater on top.

Papa Cardigan

If you have sims who aren’t wanting to wear something with a pattern like the last few cardigans, this is the one for you. The Papa cardigan is great for anyone who likes things that are more neutral and will match better with much of their clothing and let them wear fun custom shoes.

This one starts with a black rounded t-shirt that has no designs on it keeping everything super simple. On top you have a cardigan in a neutral colour like grey with small buttons. The rounded neck is a bit wider than than the shirt for a super cute and interesting vibe.

A sim standing in a black t-shirt with a grey sims 4 cc cardigan on top. The sim's face is cropped from the image.

Classy Sims 4 Cardigan

When I look at this shirt and cardigan combo I immediately think about Don Lothario’s outfit in The Sims 2. Seems like the kind of thing a player would put on a sim who is going to do well in business and have tons of girlfriends. Is it weird that clothing makes me create sims in my head? Weird.

This starts with a shirt underneath with a collar and stripes in a nice purple colour with other swatches too. On top you have a cardigan with most buttons done up to make your sims look more put together and the sleeves are a 3/4 length.

A sim looking right at you wearing a purple striped button down shirt with a cardigan on top.

Sims 4 CC Cardigans for Kids

When many people think of cardigans they are going to think of older people, but kids can look adorable in a good cardigan too! These cardigans get to be a bit more fun with fun colours, fun patterns and cute styles. When you pair these with a great sims custom hairstyle you’ll have the perfect sim.

Mathilda Cardigan

Our first cardigan for kids is this really fun grandpa cardigan with absolutely gorgeous colour swatches. This comes in a beautiful green, yellow and blue swatch and all of the hues look perfect for autumn which feels so warm and cozy.

The design of this cardigan is perfect with a three button set up where all of them are done up making sure that your sims stay warm and cozy in the colder weather. The sleeves are tight at the wrist which makes the sleeves slightly puff which is an awesome look! Find the perfect kid’s accessories and you’ll love your sim’s outfit!

A sim posing with their arms out with reddish brown hair and a green cardigan sweater

Sonia Sims 4 CC Cardigan

A long cardigan is such a vibe and this one is so adorable. This one has a tucked in high neck ribbed sweater in a complimentary colour which looks great on your sims when you find a pair of awesome custom jeans!

The pattern on this cardigan has tiny stars which makes me think that this sim is a future spell caster and that’s just absolutely adorable. It comes in multiple star swatches as well as some that are just a single colour if you aren’t a fan of the plain style.

A sim standing with their head to one side, they are wearing blue jeans, an orange shirt and a long blue sims 4 cc cardigans option with orange stars on it.

Bedisfull Cardigan

The best thing about kids is that they can wear the brightest, most adorable patterns like this super fun daisy cardigan. This sweater comes in this gorgeous green daisy colour as well as a purple daisy option and plain purple options too which are super pretty.

The shape of this one is super fun too, you’ll want to make sure you check out the matching accessory shirts that are meant to go underneath. This is a must-have for your mods folder, because it’s just so much fun!

A blonde child from The Sims 4 who is wearing a cc cardigan that is bright green with white daisies. They are also wearing a brown tank top and brown pants with their nails painted green.

Ribbed Sims 4 CC Cardigan

Cardigans are honestly one of my favourite things a person can wear, they just look so beautiful on everyone. This cardigan is a great choice for kids with a grey ribbed style with all of the buttons done up. It’s a classic look with a twist!

The fun part of this cardigan is that there are small pockets on the front with colourful sections to make them even more interesting. Just a fun style that you don’t see everywhere!

A sim posing in a grey cardigan, red skirt and white boots.

Sims 4 CC Cardigans for Toddlers

My absolute favourite age group to find custom content for is toddlers because they are just the cutest. They can wear adorable patterns and styles that make them look like little ones, but also wear more grown up styles to make them look adorable too. You’ll love these amazing cardigans for toddlers, promise!

Chunky Cardigan

The chunky cardigan is such a great choice for you and your toddlers because it is so precious. It’s one of those looks for a toddler that will make them look a little more mature while still keeping them adorable. You’ll want to pair this with a great skirt or pair of pants, and definitely find the best custom toddler shoes to complete the outfit.

This sweater is super cute with all of the buttons done up all the way down, which makes it the perfect autumn or winter sweater. The swatches on this are fun with solid colours like black and white and blue, but also two really fun striped options too!

A male and a female toddler from The Sims 4 standing next to each other in matching cardigans and different poses.

Precious Toddler Sims 4 CC Cardigan

This next option is so adorable because the art on the t-shirt under the cardigan look hand drawn with crayons which is just precious. There are drawings on the t-shirts like cats, unicorns in a scarf, and a small girl wearing a big hat. They’re just all so sweet!

On top of these super fun t-shirts there is a nice fitted long sleeve cardigan that goes right to the hip and has fun designs like flowers, hearts, or solid colours too. Your sims are going to look awesome in these ones!

The same creepy looking blonde sim 4 times with their hair in pig tails, they are all wearing white pants and different swatches of the same sims 4 cc cardigans.

Cardigan Outfit

This next option for sims 4 cc cardigans isn’t just a cardigan, it’s a whole outfit for your toddlers. We start the outfit at the bottom with a pair of fitted jeans that have two rips, one of the knee and one on the other thigh. These jeans and the shoes that are paired with them are perfect on their own but when you pair it with the cardigan and t-shirt it’s a win.

The cardigan on this is great with there being a base colour on most of the piece and a complimentary colour. You’ll see the second colour in the ribbing around the edges as well as stripes around the arms which just brings in more beauty to the piece of clothing!

Two male toddlers from The Sims 4 wearing matching jeans and cardigan outfits on a red background covered in triangles. cc

Cardigan With Graphic Tee

This cardigan option just feels like a perfect option for something to have toddlers wear because the t-shirts feel so realistic and the cardigans are so simple. We start with a cardigan that ends at the hip and is long sleeve in bright colours that are perfect for a toddler.

Under the cardigan we have a simple t-shirt in a colour that compliments the look and has some kind of fun image on the shirt. There are designs like a heart shaped lollipop, a pineapple, a set of flowers with lady bugs, or a girl in a dress holding a watering can. They’re super sweet and the toddlers are guaranteed to love them!

The same blonde sim 5 times in different poses wearing different swatches of the same cardigan.

Festive Knit Cardigan

In this household we love festive clothing, and these cardigans are great for the winter months and especially Winterfest in the game. These are the perfect Christmas sweater for your sims, they’ll look great at your next party in these.

These cardigans are over top of a complimentary colour shirt so it almost blends in. On top you have a knit cardigan with that classic festive and gorgeous pattern that you see all over every Christmas season!

Two toddlers from The Sims 4 standing next to each other posing in festive cc cardigans.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Cardigans

Cardigans are a staple clothing look and you are absolutely going to love having your sims wear these. They are beautiful and so much fun to wear, especially ones with fun designs and bright colours. You’ll definitely need these custom content pieces in your collection. Happy Playing!

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