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15+ Sims 4 Toddler Glasses CC Pieces for an Adorable Kid

When it comes to your vision not all of us are blessed with perfect eye sight and for many that is discovered when they’re a toddler. These sims 4 toddler glasses cc options are going to allow you to act as if your toddlers have bad vision or just show off a cool pair of sunglasses the next time they’re living that beach life.

The best thing about toddlers is that when you choose glasses for them they don’t have to be fancy or even a popular style they can really be any fun idea you want and can even have bunny ears if that’s what you’re into. Pair these glasses with a pair of adorable custom content toddler earrings and your little ones will be walking around in style.

The Sims 4: Toddler Glasses CC

1. Cat Eye Glasses

Our first pair of glasses is a very classic style looking absolutely adorable on toddlers and making them unique for sure and that is the cat eye glasses.

This pair has a fun shape that rounds out at the bottom and comes to an intense point at the temple really making these a dramatic pair of spectacles. They come in black, red and even two tortoise shell colours for a really fun aesthetic.

sims 4 toddler glasses cc

2. Cat Sunglasses

These cat sunglasses can really only be worn by toddlers without getting a few looks. Imagine a 25 year old going to their first corporate job in a pair of these? Incredible.

These are a perfect pair of glasses for a toddler who is best friends with their cat and wants to look just like them. Your sim can wear these with just about any hot weather outfit and they’ll be the talk of the town, pair these with a fun hat and they’re good to go.

sims 4 glasses with cat ears for kids

3. Avant Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a classic pair of Ray-ban style sunglasses than you need to get your hands on the avant sunglasses. These are a great option for your toddler’s next outdoor adventure to the beach or the park and will let them really enjoy life in style.

These are fun because you have a classic black style but they also come in a variety of other colour swatches and shades include ombre styles that add some extra fun flair. Your toddler can pair these with a beautiful cc toddler outfit and you’ll never have seen something cuter.

sims 4 toddler sunglasses cc

4. Geek Glasses

There is just something extremely endearing and adorable about a toddler wearing glasses that are just too big for their face and that is the vibe you’ll get with these geek glasses.

The glasses are in a classic shape that looks great on so many people (wearing them right now lol) and come in a traditional black, some tortoise shell designs and even one with multi-colour squares to keep it interesting.

sims 4 geek glasses for kids

5. Rosie Sunglasses

Are you looking for a sims 4 toddler glasses cc design that is completely unique and will make your sims look super adorable? Well, look no further than the Rosie Sunglasses.

These adorable shades are in a unique bumpy circle shape that reminds me of a cloud with gold arms and detailing making them so beautiful. They come in a variety of different swatch colours that completely cover the rainbow in the best way!

sims 4 toddler glasses cc

6. WM Glasses C

Our next pair of glasses are the WM Glasses C that are a more subdued version of our last pair. These have the same gorgeous bubbly design around the edge but make it less intense so you can wear them with more of your favourite toddler outfits.

Although the image here shows a child these glasses are actually available for both toddlers and children so you can even have siblings matching in this super fun pair.

sims 4 cool glasses for kids and toddlers

7. Now Glasses

If you’re a huge BTS Fan you may want to add the Now Glasses to your mods folder ASAP. These gorgeous aviator style glasses are inspired by Min Yoongi from BTS and look absolutely precious on any toddler.

The best part about this pair of sims 4 toddler glasses cc is that they have fifteen swatches where you can choose from white glass, dark glass or have no glass all together which means they can act as both sunglasses and regular glasses!

aviators for toddlers

8. Heart Glasses

The next pair of glasses on our list is the heart glasses that are such a gorgeous shape I’d love to have them in my collection. These glasses come in 8 swatches giving you the ability to pair them with so many outfits.

When you pair these adorable heart glasses with a beautiful cc toddler hairstyle that shows off their ears it gives you this amazing opportunity to have some beautiful custom earrings too which just adds to the whole look and makes your toddler the absolute cutest ever.

cute heart sunglasses for toddlers

9. Vision Glasses

Next up on the list of sims 4 toddler glasses cc is the Vision Glasses that will definitely help with your sim’s vision! These spectacles are a great option for a simple round look that is incredible on any toddler.

These come in ten fun swatches in both neutral colours like black but more fun shades like pink so you can really show off your toddlers personality with their favourite cc clothes.

sims 4 toddler glasses cc

10. Wayfarer Conversion

The Wayfarer Conversion glasses takes a pair of popular base game glasses and sunglasses and makes them available for your toddlers in the game. The best part about conversions is that you can make your toddlers and adults match which is adorable.

These glasses come in a bunch of fun colours and are not only glasses for your sim’s vision but are also sunglasses so you can wear them at all times even with your favourite cc swim suit.

adult to toddler conversion sims

11. Bunny Sunglasses

If you thought the cat sunglasses were wild, here we have a pair of bunny sunglasses to keep the party going. These glasses are extremely fun with the top of the round lenses having cute bunny earns coming out, the bridge of the glasses being a cute nose and two front teeth and there even being whiskers off to the sides.

If you’ve got a kid who lives in Henford-On-Bagley and loves to play with wild rabbits you absolutely need to get these sims 4 toddler glasses cc in your game.

sunglasses with bunny ears

12. Thick Round Glasses

This next pair really just feel like something you’d give your toddlers as a first pair of glasses and they just make me really happy. These thick round glasses have a… thick round shape!

These glasses come in an insane amount of colours with there being 25 swatches to choose from in both neutral and fun colours. You can pair these with a cute outfit and a pair of custom content crocs and you’ll be the coolest kid in town.

thick round glasses for sims

13. WM Glasses 202005

As you can tell we absolutely love to put toddlers in glasses that make them look like animals and these WM Glasses 202005 are a great option. These glasses have a pretty classic shape up until you reach the top and see adorable little cat ears poking their way at the top.

There is also a nose detail on the bridge and a few whiskers on the bottom of the glasses and since they come in so many colours these are awesome. Imagine your toddler sitting on their toddler potty in these, adorable!

cat glasses for tods

14. Sunglasses with Flowers

If you’re trying to have a super stylish toddler you absolutely need these sunglasses with flowers. These glasses are a nice oval shape for the lenses and have fun flowers in a bunch on either side to give them a bit of added flair.

This would look amazing on a toddler with some gorgeous curly hair as they walk around their favourite park in a cute sundress!

glasses with flowers sims 4 cc

15. Snorkel Glasses

These next ones are a little less traditional but are a great item to have if you have a pool in your sim’s backyard or they live in Sulani and spend a lot of time swimming. The Snorkel Glasses are really adorable and bring back so many memories of swimming as a kid.

These look amazing with a custom content swim suit at the beach and will help protect those little eyes from all that salt water. So cute!

snorkel glasses

16. Bright Flower Glasses

The next pair of must have sims 4 toddler glasses cc is these gorgeous Bright Flower Glasses. These glasses are a very basic shape with round lenses and a nice bridge on the nose but they have really bright colours and some adorable florals off to the side.

The best part about these is that there is a matching necklace you can download that comes in the same colour swatches as the glasses so you can make a really cohesive look with your toddler accessories.

glasses with little flowers for kids

Final Thoughts

As someone who can’t see without assistance having cute sims 4 toddler glasses cc is a must have for me because we don’t have any good choices in-game. These allow you to create cuter characters and make them feel super real and like they just went to the eye doctor. Happy Playing!

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