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25+ Sims 4 CC Toddler Clothes (Custom Content) You Need in Your Game

We are severely lacking in fun toddler clothing in The Sims 4 and that’s why I love finding amazing sims 4 cc toddler clothes to download. There really isn’t a ton of stuff in the game since we didn’t have toddlers in the base game and I’m always looking for cuter ways to dress my sims.

There are so many amazing creators out there making gorgeous toddler clothes ranging from cute cc dresses, and gorgeous pyjamas that EA could never create, and so much more. You’ll definitely find something that you’ll never be able to live without.

The Sims 4 CC Toddler Clothes

1. Simple Dresses

We don’t need our toddlers looking extremely fancy every single day, sometimes the simplest toddler outfits are the best choices long term.

These simple dresses are amazing because they can be worn every single day with your toddlers looking adorable.

The first dress is a long sleeve shirt with a pair of dress overalls over top which is too cute. The second dress is a striped dress with a nice tie in the middle. Both options are great for your everyday clothes!

cute striped dress

2. Giselle Coat

We don’t have a ton of options in the game for toddler jackets and coats and it really feels like EA just ignores this important category. This Giselle coat is the answer to your jacket prayers.

This jacket is gorgeous with six buttons across the chest and the option to have a solid colour jacket or a nice plaid option instead. Pairing this with an awesome custom toddler hat can make the cutest little toddler cold weather outfit.


3. Little Lady Dress

If you’re looking for something that feels a bit more fancy for a special event like a sim’s wedding the Little Lady Dress is the best.

This dress has such adorable patterns like fun flowers in all sorts of colours, the dress has a gorgeous bow in the middle and a cute little t-shirt cardigan that really ties the look together and makes your toddlers look so cute.

You can pair this outfit with a nice up-do hairstyle for a more formal look and add some custom toddler earrings for the ultimate fancy look.


4. Denim Overalls

There isn’t much cuter than young sims wearing overalls, these overalls are a great option for your toddlers in really simple colours and styles.

These are a basic, very traditional overall that has the adorable buckles on the chest and are rolled into a nice pair of shorts. Underneath the overalls you’ll find some fun bright coloured t-shirts but also a couple more neutral options too!


5. Tropical Shirt

Wearing tropical themed shirts is so fun, especially if your family is spending a day living the beach life in Sulani.

These shirts are so fun for your toddlers and are a pretty simple collared t-shirt but the patterns on these are anything but simple. The patterns are things like flamingos and leaves or fun flowers in bright colours so you can definitely find the perfect pattern for your sims.


6. Cozy Collar Jumpsuit

Since toddlers spend most of their time just hanging around the house and being adorable they don’t need to be in grown up clothes all the time.

These cozy collar jumpsuit is the perfect upscale feeling comfortable outfit for your sims to enjoy.

This outfit is full length in the legs and arms to keep your sims warm with adorable patterns like camouflage, plaid and stripes.


7. Fox Dress

If there’s one thing that’s true about toddlers its that they love all animals, and this fox dress can help you show that off.

This dress is so fun because it is just a simple dress over a t-shirt but allows you to have so much personality in the chest of the dress.

Right across your sims chest you’ll see the funniest little fox face that comes in all sorts of fun colours as well as neutrals like grey, black and white. Pairing this with fun custom accessories is the way to really make this outfit pop.


8. Layered T-Shirts

We don’t need the fanciest outfits for our toddlers at all times, of course t-shirts are the best way to show off their personality.

However, sometimes it feels too cold for you to just have your sims in basic t-shirts. This layered t-shirt gives an extra level of warmth and protection to your toddlers.

The designs on the shirts are so fun too, with cute animals, trains and so much more to really show off the things your toddlers love. Just imagine them playing with their favourite toys in this adorable top!


9. Ruffled Dress

Ruffled dresses are a really precious look that can be dressed up with a fancy custom hairstyle or dressed down with slippers and a simple hair.

These dresses are so versatile and are a great way to make your toddlers look extremely put together without much effort.

This ruffled dress option is fun because it starts with a double layer ruffle in white with the bottom half of the dress being in fun colours or patterns!


10. Ditto PJs

Since toddlers don’t go to work or school they can spend a lot more time in their pyjamas so it’s vital that we have cute options for this in the game. These ditto pyjamas are amazing!

These have an option for a full leg onesie as well as a cute dress (with pockets!) for your toddlers to wear. These pyjamas come in so many patterns including space ships, stripes, bumble bees, dinosaurs and more really allowing you to show off their personality.


11. Ian Cardigan

As someone who wears a cardigan almost every time I leave the house, this Ian Cardigan is a must have in my game for my toddlers.

This cardigan is a gorgeous knit with large buttons across the front and has your toddlers in a white t-shirt underneath.

This can be paired with a pair of comfortable pants for a casual look or with jeans or a skirt to dress it up and make it feel fancier. Add a nice custom accessory to the outfit to really bring it to the next level!

cardigan outfit for toddlers

12. Jordyn Hooded Dress

Dresses that you throw your toddlers in don’t always have to be hyper feminine and covered in flowers, this Jordyn hooded dress is so fun!

This dress takes the basic silhouette of a traditional hoodie and decides to make it longer so it can be a dress. This can be worn on its own, over a pair of fun pants, or even just over a simple pair of socks or tights. You can dress this up with some custom earrings or a fun hairstyle.


13. Basic Jumper

There is something really cute about a simple and adorable sweater with cute patterns, and this basic jumper is a great option.

This has a simple shape where it fits the toddlers perfectly and looks awesome with a pair of comfy pants or a pair of ripped jeans.

It’s even more fun because the creator took some fun logos like Thrasher or Nike and put them into Simlish so they fit in the game perfectly.

jumper for toddlers

14. Toddler Top

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc toddler clothes is this fun toddler top. It comes in all sorts of colours, patterns and styles and allows your toddlers to really show off what they like.

There are so many styled from IRL brands like Adidas, Jordan, Nike and Supreme!

My favourite option for this one has to be the very Christmas sweater option in the red because it makes me happy and would look adorable on your toddler at Winterfest dinner.

sims 4 cc toddler clothes

15. Kaden Overcoat & Boots

If you’re looking to make your toddlers look exceptionally fancy in their outerwear you need the Kaden Overcoat. This looks more like something you’d see walking down Wall Street than on a toddler!

This starts with a nice ribbed shirt underneath the jacket in a neutral colour and goes off to a nice overcoat. The overcoat goes right above your sim’s knees which gives it that extra mature look.

There is even a pair of shoes that look amazing when you wear this all together and it can really make your young ones look extremely mature.


16. Island Living Set

We get so many amazing items for your older sims and the adult items in Island Living were so amazing. This Island Living set is a great choice for sims 4 cc toddler clothes because it fits right in with Sulani and the clothes the adults are wearing.

You’ll get things like fun skirts, shorts, dresses and bathing suits for your toddlers to just look so darn cute in!

island living clothes for toddlers

17. Brienne Romper

This romper is amazing because it can be either a comfy casual everyday outfit or a super fancy looking pyjama outfit.

This starts at the top with ruffled sleeves and two adorable buttons in the middle of the chest that even have little details on either side. There are pockets, patterns and so much to love!

The best part of this romper is that it is available for both toddlers and children so you can have your children of different ages matching perfectly which is so fun.

romper with patterns so cute for kids and toddlers

18. Cutie Flower Dress

There is something so darn precious about this flower dress, the whole look is something to die for.

This dress starts with a long-sleeve shirt in a fun floral pattern that goes right to your sims wrist. This shirt is underneath a fun dress that has a ribbon and a bow across your sim’s waist that’s a gorgeous detail.

Pairing this flower dress with a fun curly hair look is a great way to make it even more adorable.

sims 4 cc toddler clothes

19. Patterned Jammies

We can always use more pyjama options in The Sims 4 especially for toddlers but really for every age group. These patterned jammies are a great choice for a fun onesie option where the toddlers always wear their hood.

These are great because they are solid colours but there is a small pocket that contains a tiny surprise that your toddlers will love!

onesies for toddlers

20. Threadless Collection

Threadless is a popular online store where you can buy fun t-shirts, so why not have some of those fun shirts in The Sims 4. This collection of t-shirts is amazing for your most-fun toddlers to really show off their personality.

These shirts have fun designs like the sun, dinosaurs, astronauts and even an adorable panda option which is my favourite.

sims 4 cc toddler clothes

21. Alana Strappy Ruffly Dress

We couldn’t just have one of this dress on this list because it’s a popular item for custom content creators to recolour. This version of this dress is a good one!

With this dress it starts with two straps at the top and goes down into a double layered ruffle. With some options the ruffles are a single colour and others are solid.

There are ten fun patterned options where the bottom of the dress has fun colours, and a bunch of solid colour options too!

alana strappy dress for toddlers

22. Tera Shirt and Shorts

This matching set of a shirt and shorts is so great for your toddlers because it just looks like the perfect cozy at home item. Just imagine your toddlers hanging out in their gorgeous bedroom while wearing this cozy outfit!

The look starts with a pair of fabric shorts that have two strings coming off the front and have a top tucked in. The shirt is a cute and very soft looking shirt that is either in a solid colour or a fun stripe option!

sims 4 cc toddler clothes

23. Shani Set

Sometimes we really want to make our toddlers look more grown up and dress them in adorable clothes that even we would wear. This Shani Set is the perfect choice for doing that with sims 4 cc toddler clothes!

This set starts with a nice pair of jeans that come in thirty different colours for either bright fun options or a nice neutral. These jeans have a small rip on the left knee which is a great detail.

The top is so darn cute and comes in twenty different swatches. It starts at the top with a peter pan collar, has ruffled sleeves and a cute mid detail where the shirt flairs out for added pizazz.

shani outfit sims 4 toddler

24. Mini Menace

We couldn’t just have one layered t-shirt on this list because they are just so cute when toddlers wear them.

These layered t-shirts really look adorable on your toddlers and have some fun options with graphics like dinosaurs and cupcakes. These come in 33 solid colours too so you really have options for what you want to wear.

sims 4 toddler shirt

25. Homegrown Toddler Clothing

Your toddlers don’t always need to be wearing bright colours and wild patterns, and these toddler outfits are comfy and very neutral.

These outfits are fun with onesies, long sleeve shirts, shorts and full length pants for you to choose from.

sims 4 toddler pjs

26. Toddler Floral Dress

There is nothing cuter than sims wearing dresses when they’re toddlers and this toddler floral dress is so darn cute.

This is a great option for sims 4 cc toddler clothes because it looks really adorable on them but also feels a little more grown up than throwing them in a onesie and calling it a day.

This toddler outfit is awesome because you can have your toddlers wear it as a formal outfit or just wear it around the house as they’re playing and it fits either way!

sims 4 cc toddler clothes

Final Thoughts

These sims 4 cc toddler clothes are some of my absolute favourite pieces of sims 4 toddler cc and they really just bring me so much joy. Your toddlers are going to look cuter than ever and you’ll want them out at the park showing off their new look. Happy Playing!

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