25+ Sims 4 CC Halloween Decorations You Need in Your Game

There isn’t much that’s more fun than decorating for different holidays and halloween is one of the most fun. These Sims 4 CC Halloween Decorations are going to let you make your sim’s whole home feel spooky and that’s just too much fun.

You can even get your sims to wear a fun halloween t-shirt and you’ll be having the absolute best time in the game.

The BEST Sims 4 CC Halloween Decorations

Halloween Wine Bottles

Halloween Wine Bottles are a great Sims 4 CC decoration to add some spooky fun to your game. These wine bottles come in typical Halloween colours and are decorated with pumpkins, cats, ghosts, and faces of other characters. They’re perfect for a quick decoration of your Sims’ homes and are sure to add some extra fun to your Halloween gameplay.

A wine bottle decorated with halloween things like cats, ghosts and more.

Coffin Bookcase

This Sims 4 CC Coffin Bookcase is the perfect addition to your Sim’s home, whether they are looking to create a spooky atmosphere for Halloween or just want a unique piece of furniture. The bookcase is made form quality wood and comes in six different options, allowing them to customize it to match their style. It can be used as a traditional bookcase, or filled with seasonal decorations to celebrate different holidays throughout the year. However, it is the perfect piece for your Sims’ Halloween party.

A sims 4 cc halloween bookcase that is shaped like a coffin

Happy Halloween Sims 4 CC Set

The Happy Halloween Sims 4 CC Set is a cute way to decorate a home for the holiday. It includes seven different items, all of which are perfect for making the Sim’s space look spooky and festive. The set includes a pumpkin hidden in a cast iron pot, a small haunted house, a spooky cake, a pie, and the cocktail drink. It’s perfect for both kids and adults who don’t care about gruesome and bloody costumes and decor.

A table covered in decor for a dinner party in The Sims 4 for halloween

Creep It Real Decor

This Sims 4 CC set is perfect for those who want to add a touch of creepy festive flair to their home. Check out the distressed tablecloth, a garland with dangling black spiders, pumpkins in different sizes, some are big enough to place them on the floor. The cauldron will have your Sim guess what is in it. And, of course, no Halloween party would be complete without some candy, but is the candy in the dish edible?

A white table with a table cloth in The Sims 4 with spiders hanging down from the wall, and a bunch of decor on the table

Outdoor Halloween Decor

If you want to get your Sims into the Halloween spirit, then these Outdoor Halloween Decorations are a must have. They’ll make their home look spooky and add to the ambiance of the holiday. Your Sims will love them and so will all the trick-or-treaters that come to their door. Don’t wait and get decorating with a ghost, pumpkin lightings, hay bale, crow, zombie hands and more. So make your Sims’ home the spookiest on the block.

a front porch of a house in The Sims 4 covered in halloween decorations

Decorative Halloween Cakes

Your Sims will go crazy for these delicious Decorative Halloween Cakes! Made with three layers of buttercream frosting, these cakes are decorated with edible bats made out of marshmallow fondant. The layers come in the favourites Halloween Colours. A light but moist cake to sweeten up the Halloween Party.

A wood table with four different rainbow halloween cakes on top

Aesthetic Sims 4 CC Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a must-have for any Halloween decoration, and the Aesthetic Sims 4 CC Pumpkins are extra special. They don’t come in the usual orange tone, but in a variety of earth-tone colours, decorated with white or grey polka dots, black and brown and white block stripes, or in solid brown and black. Surprise your Sim with those special pumpkins, they sure add a spooky effect to the decorations!

A set of cc halloween decorations that are pumpkins

Decorative Lollipops

These Decorative Lollipops are perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your Sims’ Halloween. These lollipops come in three different colours: purple, orange, and green. They also have black swirls on them that make them look even more festive and are not only sweet but part of your Sims’ decorations. Not only the Sims’ kids will love them even the grown-ups will be tempted to try them out.

A black vase with three lollipops inside that are cc halloween decorations for the sims 4

Halloween Pumpkin Decor

If you’re looking for some atmospheric Sims 4 CC Halloween decorations, then this set is a great option. Those pumpkin candles come in 6 small and 5 big pumpkins and provide 7-9 options to play around with. You can use them to decorate your table, fireplace or even rave stone. The possibilities are endless; so get creative. They will sure add a warm and cozy light to any setting.

sims 4 cc halloween decorations

Funny Halloween Sims 4 CC Frames

These Halloween Frames add a touch of whimsy to your Sim’s home. The wooden frames with cutouts pumpkins and flowers are a great way to display your favourite photos or little drawings and perfect for adding to a festive atmosphere that will not only make the guests smile. The 2 color variations make mixing and matching easy.

sims 4 cc halloween decorations

Pumpkin Archway

The Sims 4 CC’s Pumpkin Archway is a beautifully festive decoration for any Halloween-lover’s home. With its shining jack-o’-lantern smile and twinkling lights, this archway is perfect for framing doorways and staircases. Plus, at a whopping 5 swatches, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your spooky aesthetic. And if your Sim plans a Halloween Wedding this could function as a super cute wedding arch.

sims 4 cc halloween decorations

Vintage Halloween Decor

This Sims 4 CC Vintage Halloween Decor is perfect for adding some cozy vibes to your game. The set of three prints include a cute girl in a costume admiring a candle, children hiding behind a pumpkin and observing cats in front of it, and a dancing couple in costumes. These fun and happy prints make your Sims’ Halloween celebrations relaxed and fun.

sims 4 cc halloween decorations

Halloween Sims 4 CC Plant Set

Nothing is safe from your Sims’ Halloween decoration fever and they will love this plant set. The Halloween Sims 4 CC Plant Set includes seven different plant colours, and your Sim can chose between three different Halloween-themed decorations on the planters. Let them complete their home decor with those fun accessories.

sims 4 cc halloween decorations

Halloween Table Decor

Is your Sim holding a Halloween dinner? Then they need this Halloween Table Decor to make the evening perfect. Nothing has been forgotten, this is an extensive set. You will find glasses, little ghost holding tiny pumpkins, eyeballs on skewers to decorate cocktails, and of course pumpkins and bottles.

They are almost endless variations, so playing with decoration will be so much fun. Let your Sims go wild.

sims 4 cc halloween decorations

Halloween Paintings

These Halloween Paintings are pieces of art and add an eerie and spooky atmosphere to your Sims’ home, perfect for any decoration needs. There are 8 painting options to choose from, with motifs ranging from haunted houses and spooky forests to wandering jack-o-lanterns.

These paintings are not cute, but downright scary – perfect for a strategically lit hallway or the special Halloween room in your Sims’ home. 

four creepy halloween paintings

Decorative Halloween Sims 4 CC Mugs

Are you the kind of person who has a special mug for every season? Well, then you definitely will make your Sims have them, too and here you go – Halloween is covered.

This set of white mugs featuring 6 different Halloween designs from a witch hat to a cat and pumpkin will add some spooky cheer to your Sims’ morning coffee. Every member of the Sim family can have their own, they just have to figure out which is their favourite one.

six white mugs with halloween designs

Pumpkin Paper Lanterns

Lanterns are a must for any Sims 4 Halloween party, and these Pumpkin Paper Lanterns are the perfect addition. They actually part of a set, come in three colours and are very cute. You could let your Sims do some crafting to make them. The lantern also come in handy if you want to take the Sims’ kids for a lantern walk – just be careful, as the scary pumpkin face is peaking through!

paper lanterns with pumpkins inside

Halloween Dining Set

This Sims 4 CC Halloween Dining Set is the perfect for a spooky romantic dinner date. The set includes a table with spider chairs, curtains, pumpkin and candle chandeliers, cakes, Jack cookies, Witch wine, Witch painting, spider and spiderweb, and the vase with branches.

You can set the mood depending on your Sims’ personality with either an orange, purple or red set. Just make sure your Sim is not dating a vampire!

a orange table cloth with spider webs and spider chairs around it

Halloween Sims 4 CC Doormats

Sims 4 CC has some of the best Halloween decorations around, and their door mats are no exception. With seven endearing designs to choose from, each of which is sure to charm your visitors and let them know that something spooky is going on. These mats not only add a festive touch to your home, but they’re also practical for any Sim living in a condo.

a door with a bunch of halloween decor

Halloween Pennants

These Sims 4 CC Halloween Pennants add a touch of spookiness to your home and are perfect for decorating any room. Originally part of a set, they come in black, silvery gold and purple with “Trick” and “Treat” printed on them, clearly expressing what is expected on Halloween night. Hang them up anywhere to spooky up the walls and create a festive atmosphere.

trick or treat pennants

Halloween Meal Decor

A Halloween dinner without Halloween decor – your Sims will not go for that. This extensive set provides everything your Sim need, they only have to cook.

Set the table with one of the decorative table runners, which come in four colours and then match the dinning ware, glasses and accessories. Even though your Sims will be watched by a skull and ravens while they are eating, this decoration is just darling.

a white birch table covered in halloween decorations and soup bowls

Decorative Sims 4 CC Pies

Everybody loves pies and your Sims will be over the moon with those Halloween ones. Sims 4 CC has some great Halloween decorating options, including these delicious-looking pies!

There’s a traditional pie, one with a jack-o-lantern, another with a pumpkin face, and last but not least a chocolate one with a spider web on it. Your Sims will love digging into those festive treats!

four pies with halloween decorations like creepy faces and spider webs

Halloween Library Decor

The spooky but cozy Halloween Library Decor includes a set of 13 Halloween items, like a grimoire, bookshelf, furniture, wall mirror, spiderweb, pumpkin light, chandelier, and so much more.

All of these pieces are perfect to create a cozy reading nook for your Sim and while books might float through the air they will love reading by candlelight in this charming space.

a creepy library with halloween decor

Halloween Living Pillows

Sims 4 CC Halloween Living Pillows are lovely, solid-coloured pillows with matching Halloween accent pillows. They quickly add atmosphere to any living room and are perfect for when your Sim does not have a lot of time to decorate. They’re also cozy enough, so they can rest their head for a nap!

six pillows with halloween designs

Silly Pumpkin Wagon

Every Halloween decoration needs a silly item, just for the fun of it. This Sims 4 CC pumpkin wagon is just the right amount of silly to be charming. It is a little pumpkin on wheels.

The cover comes off and two little cute ghosts are peaking through. It is the perfect addition to your Sims’ Halloween display, and is sure to make everyone smile.

a little pumpkin shaped carriage with two ghosts inside

Fun Halloween Doormats

If you’re looking for Sims 4 CC Halloween decorations that are fun rather than scary, look no further than these adorable doormats! These mats come in a variety of colours and feature sweet tooth decors, happy halloween or trick or treat prints, and other fun halloween motifs.

They are perfect for decorating your Sims’ home in a way that’s fun for the whole family.

three red door mats with halloween designs

Halloween Sims 4 CC Bench

These Sims 4 CC Halloween Decorations benches are perfect for any Sims 4 game. The seats are covered in four different print designs, featuring pumpkins, a scary night scene, spider webs and dots. The back rails of the benches match the seat design, making them the perfect addition to any Halloween themed home.

These benches are also built to last, with a solid wood construction that will stand up to colder weather. So your little Sim can rest while wandering from home to home to trick or treat.

a set of benches with halloween fabric

Final Thoughts

Decorating for different holidays is the best way to feel in the spirit and these Sims 4 CC Halloween Decorations are going to make your game feel so much more spooky. You can decorate every part of your sim’s home with these decor items from your walls to your floors to your dining room table. Happy Playing!

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