15+ Sims 4 Loading Screens To Improve Your In-Game Experience

There is nothing more annoying than waiting for a loading screen but when you add in some custom sims 4 loading screens you can at least make the experience a bit more fun. The vanilla game has boring loading screens so we deserve to add beautiful images to this page instead.

These loading screens are amazing because they can reflect your style, your personality and your likes and dislikes and at least make waiting to go to a lot more fun. There are dozens of these screens out there for you to add to your mods folder and you’ll definitely find something amazing for you.

The BEST Sims 4 Loading Screens

1. Clouds Loading Screen

First up on our list of sims 4 loading screens is a gorgeous pink clouds screen. This looks like the fluffiest clouds you’ve ever seen, comfy enough for you to take a nap on.

These clouds have a ton of dimension and really pull you in making you want to stare at them for sure.

sims 4 loading screens

2. Galaxy Loading Screens

A few years back the galaxy theme was one of the most popular things out there. This loading screen is so fun if you’re still into that fun galaxy theme.

This one has gorgeous colours with dark blues, purples and a hint of pink right in the middle of the screen bringing your eyes to right behind the giant plumbob.

galaxy theme loading screen

3. Henford-On-Bagley Sims 4 Loading Screens

There is so much you can do in the Cottage Living world of Henford-On-Bagley including befriending wild rabbits, learning all about cows and chickens and more. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this gorgeous world as your loading screen?

Well, with these cottage living screens you’ll be so happy to see this beautiful place every time you travel in the game. There are screens of cottage homes, landscape photos showing off the beauty of the world and even a photo of a rabbit about to enter its home, so cute!

cottage living screens

4. City Loading Screen

Cities are so much fun to look at and a city scape loading screen is a fun option. When you’re stuck on a loading screen on your way to the town square you can stare at these buildings and contemplate about who lives there and what their story might be.

sims 4 loading screens

5. 10 Single Colour Sims 4 Loading Screens

If you’re just looking for something simple to use as a sims 4 loading screens option, these are a great choice. This set of loading screens gives you ten options that are all just a solid colour to keep it simple.

Choosing these screens lets you pick your favourite colour from a collection of oranges, blues, pinks and more so your game can reflect your favourite colours.

solid colour loading screens

6. Pink Sunset Loading Screen

A sunset is such a beautiful and relaxing thing to look at in the real world, and having that as your loading screen lets you have a little relaxing moment while you wait.

This pink sunset screen is beautiful with a gorgeous dark blue sky that works down into a beautiful pink and purple area in the bottom right corner. The clouds here are gorgeous and the colours are so beautiful!

sunset screen

7. 90s & 2000s Cartoons Loading Screen

If you were a kid in the 90s or early 2000s you definitely feel a lot of nostalgia about your favourite television programs. Thankfully, this amazing loading screen option will allow you to see all of your favourite things in the game each time you play.

Some of the shows in this incredible collage include Recess, Rugrats, The Powerpuff Girls, Hey Arnold and more and there is a whole other one with even more fun early 2000s shows!

sims 4 loading screens

8. 90s Anime Aesthetic Sims 4 Loading Screens

Going right along with a 90s theme we have some really fun 90s anime aesthetic loading screens with themes that are much more modern.

These are gorgeous and extremely fun for anime lovers to have in their game. My favourite has to be the Ariana Grande inspired Thank You, Next screen!

thank you next anime screen

9. Colour Waves Loading Screens

The next set of screens is extremely aesthetic and really fun. These loading screens have different colour blobs on the screen letting you customize to your colour preferences.

There are leaves and branches, small dots and different waves that really make for a gorgeous look.

colour waves screens

10. Attacking Dragon Loading Screen

Loading screens don’t always have to be aesthetic and calming, some players would absolutely love to have a giant dragon attacking as they wait to go to the Rattlesnake Saloon.

This screen is way different than anything else on this screen with a giant dragon at the top, crazy clouds and puffs of smoke from the dragon using its fire breathe and a bunch of burnt trees. Super fun!

sims 4 loading screens

11. Sulani Sims 4 Loading Screens

You don’t have to be living that beach life to use this Sualni inspired loading screens. There is so much beauty in the Island Living world and you can look at it each and every day.

These screens have options like a gorgeous beach at different times of the day, a beautiful waterfall and even the ginormous volcano that appears at the back of the world and can wreak havoc on your sims’s lives.

island living loading screens

12. Sunrise & Sunset Loading Screens

There are so many cute options for sims 4 loading screens out there and it seems like many players love to have the sunrise or sunset. This set is awesome because it has the sky at all different stages of light and really lets you choose whatever one speaks the most to you!

sunrise 3

13. Cloudy Loading Screens

Clouds are definitely a popular option for loading screens and that makes sense, they’re very relaxing while you’re frustrated with waiting. This set of cloudy loading screens is awesome because it comes in five completely different colours so there’s something for everything.

Each of these has gorgeous clouds at the bottom of the screen, a small moon in different stages at the top, and small stars all over. The colours range from a nice morning bright orange to a deep purple and everything in between.

sims 4 loading screens

14. Mt. Komorebi Sims 4 Loading Screens

If you’re a fan of snow and different winter themed sports you’ll love these Snowy Escape themed loading screens. Mt Komorebi is a gorgeous world and has so many beautiful areas covered in snow for you to look at while you wait to go visit Don Lothario.

In this pack of loading screens you have options for a gorgeous bridge, a fun ski-lift and gorgeous snowy areas on top of a mountain.

snowy escape loading screens

15. Sky Loading Screens

Next up on our list of sims 4 loading screens is this purple sky themed screen. The screen has gorgeous clouds that look so fluffy and honestly remind me of cotton candy more than anything and make me hungry.

There is a gorgeous sun in the top right corner with a nice set of birds flying around in front really making you feel like you’re in the sky. The purple sky and pink clouds is just so cute and even the text under the large plumbob is purple to match perfect!

sky with birds in purple

16. Tumblr Inspired Loading Screens

There are so many gorgeous quotes and images on Tumblr and turning those fun images into loading screens is a really fun thing to do. These Tumblr Inspired screens are perfect because they feature gorgeous flowers and cute things like hello, sunshine to really make you feel special.

sims 4 loading screens

17. Old School Loading Screen

We don’t all need to have aesthetically pleasing loading screens, some players just want to go back to 2018 and have our good ol’ white loading screen back. This was removed with The Sims 4’s rebrand and many players were not happy and if that’s you, download this to make it feel like the good ol’ days!

old school loading screen for the sims 4

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Loading Screens

These gorgeous sims 4 loading screens are going to make it so much more fun when you have to constantly wait for the game to load a new area. We can all wish for an open world some day in The Sims 4 but until that happens all we can do is make our experience more aesthetic and fun. Happy Playing!

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