Four of the same sim, all with the same curly pinned back hairstyle. All four are wearing different sims 4 cc tops, one is cow print, one is a black tank top with cut outs, one is a cardigan turned into a top and one is a crop with an argyle pattern.

Sims 4 CC Tops You Must Add to Your Mods Folder

Pants are cool, and they can be an important part of an outfit but we all know the real star of the show is the tops. These are some of my absolute favourite sims 4 cc tops that are going to absolute make the outfits your sims are wearing.

On this awesome list you’re going to find things like beautiful custom cardigans to crop tops and collared shirts, everything an adorable sim could possibly need!

Must-Have Sims 4 CC Tops

Manila Collared Top

The first top on our list is this gorgeous collared shirt with a nice pattern. We have a bunch of fun swatches with 10 different colours to choose from all with that same random pattern on top which is gorgeous.

The fact that this shirt perfectly tucks into any pair of pants or a skirt so beautifully makes it even better, making an instantly gorgeous and chic look for your sims.

A grey background with "Manila Top" at the top. There are two of the same sim in this image, they are wearing black jeans with a button down collared shirt with a fun pattern.

Jennie Sims 4 Top

For some reason people who play the sims are absolutely obsessed with crop tops and for good reason. These are a great modern style that look great on just about any sim.

This top is gorgeous with a deep v-neck that has a crossover toward the bottom of the top. There is a beautiful ribbing on the top too, adding that texture that makes clothing in The Sims 4 look the best.

A grey background with the words "Jennie Top" at the top of the image. The sim in the image has curly hair with their hair back, they are wearing a bright blue cropped t-shirt with a v-neck and a pair of black jeans.

Bisperas Sims 4 CC Blouse

The next option on our list of gorgeous sims 4 cc tops is this flouncy square neck top that comes in a whole bunch of colours. The style of this is super fun and my favourite detail is the sleeves with a small cuff at the elbow that goes into a flair that is absolutely beautiful.

This shirt is one of my favourites to put on pregnant sims who are in their first trimester, it gives the perfect look for a small baby bump!

An image of the same character from The Sims 4 twice, they are wearing a white skirt with a white belt and a bright purple flouncy blouse.

Angela Sims 4 CC Cardigan

Wearing a cardigan, especially a cropped one, as a top is a really chic and beautiful aesthetic and shows you that cardigans don’t just need to be worn over top of something else.

This is one of the best options for this cardigan as a shirt style, with gorgeous ribbing, buttons and a beautiful colour palette that just about every sim will love to wear.

A grey background with the words "Angela Cardigan" on top. There are two characters from The Sims 4 on top that are wearing denim on the bottom and a pink cropped cardigan buttoned up as a cc top.

Rhea Shirt

There are just so many beautifully talented custom content creators out there and they are always making such beautiful items and this shirt is a great example of that. I love when custom content creators layer beautiful items on top of each other to make an absolutely beautiful look.

This shirt starts with a ribbed bandeau crop top on your sims that comes in nice colours and some beautiful neutrals. The shirt on top is a fun collared button down top with gorgeous patterns. I especially love the added detail of one side of the shirt being tucked in and the other being out and about!

A grey background with the words "Rhea Shirt" on top. There is the same sim twice on this image, this sim is wearing a green denim skirt with five buttons. For their cc tops they are wearing a white cropped tank top under an open front button down collared shirt.

Cut Out Sims 4 Tops

You can make any shirt look more interesting by adding some strategically placed cut outs. These cut out tops are a great “going out” top or can even work as a workout type shirt with a pair of leggings, and versatile is something we’re always looking for in our mods folders.

These have a nice cut out across the chest, a cut out on each shoulder and comes in both a tank top and a long sleeve so you can really mix and match how you want your sims to look.

A sim wearing a light pink silk skirt with a black sleeveless tank top with cut outs. The words "cut-out tops" are on top.

Lemonade Tops

The next tops on our list are these fun lemonade tops that are extremely trendy and will make your sims look super cool. These start with a fitted cropped tank top in a solid colour or a fun pattern and on top there is an off the shoulder cropped t-shirt with fun graphics or patterns on them.

These are a great style for teenagers or young adults to wear when hanging out with their friends. You can wear these with just about any bottom too, making it super versatile.

A grey background with the words "lemonade tops" on it. There are two of the same sim wearing the same outfit in this image, they are wearing a cheetah print tank top with an off the shoulder t-shirt on top.

Flounce Sims 4 CC Top

Next up we have this flounce top that is definitely not for the modest sims 4 players. This shirt is a really beautiful 3/4 length shirt with a tie in the middle and a very deep v-neck that shows off much of your sim’s chest.

This shirt comes in twenty five swatches that are all absolutely beautiful, from neutrals to fun colours making sure that there’s a swatch for just about every sim.

An image that says "flounce top" at the very top, in the image there are two sims who are the same wearing a black skirt with a magenta blouse.

Enver Cardigan

The best thing about download custom content is that you can find things that are so unique compared to boring t-shirts and cardigans. This is such a fun twist on a classic style with a long sleeve plaid cardigan in a fun bright colour but it being entirely off the shoulder.

You pair that off the shoulder cardigan with a high-neck sleeveless top and you have a super trendy style for all of your sims to wear.

A light grey background featuring the same curly haired sim twice. This sims 4 character is wearing a high neck black sleeveless shirt with a long sleeve low neck cardigan on top.

Prien Blouse

Keeping on that note of off the shoulder tops we have a super beautiful off the shoulder top with a sweetheart neckline and tons of ruffles. This is the perfect example of a “going out top” where you wear a cute top with jeans, like all of us did in the 2010s.

There are so many small details on this one that are gorgeous, from the bottom of the shirt being layered ruffles, the cuff at the wrist, and the ruffles at the top. It’s all so beautiful!

A character from The Sims 4 twice, this character is wearing black denim jeans with a yellow floral crop top with long sleeves. This sim has curly hair that is pinned back.

Lilith Top

A tank top is the perfect summer top, of course, and this is a great option for that hotter weather. The Lilith. isa great top with a nice curve under the bust giving it some definition.

The straps of this top have some bows tied on top, making the top seem adjustable with a bit of extra flair. You can wear these with essentially any bottoms, like jeans, fun pants or even a cute skirt.

A sim standing in the middle of the image wearing a beige skirt with a belt, and a light purple cropped tank top. Over the sim's head are the words "lillith top"

Half-Tucked Top

If our last top was perfect for the summer weather then this one is perfect for the winter weather. Who knew pairing a turtleneck with a cardigan could be such a chic and adorable look?

We start underneath with a fun turtleneck in a colour that compliments the cardigan on top which is buttoned all the way down. The winner of this cardigan is definitely the half-tucked style that adds just that little bit of extra love to the aesthetic.

A sim who is wearing a light beige skirt with a beige turtleneck underneath a yellow half-tucked cardigan.

Love Struck Sims 4 CC Top

Changing the neckline on a top can completely change the vibe and this square neck shirt is gorgeous. The shape of this shirt is beautiful with long sleeves, a square neck and a shirt tucked into whatever bottoms your sim is wearing.

The pattern on this is covered in really pretty leaves that are a cute look in any season, depending on which swatch you go with. You can dress this top up or down depending on how you style it, adding more or less jewelry is key, especially a nice pair of custom earrings!

A light grey background with the words "lovestruck top" at the top of the image. There are two identical sims on the screen in different poses. These sims 4 characters are wearing a green denim skirt with a white long sleeve square neck cc top.

Jade Asymmetrical Top

Who says your top needs to be symmetrical? Your face isn’t, so why should your clothes? These asymmetrical tops are so much fun with cool cu touts, detached sleeves and fun patterns.

This top is great because it’s got a perfect length for a crop top because you can show off some skin, or you can have this tuck into some high-waisted pants and hide that its a crop all together.

A light grey background with the words "jade top" at the top. The sim in the image is wearing a black mini-skirt with a belt, and a shirt with cut outs on the shoulder with a cow print pattern.

Camellia Crop

This top is something you would 100% see in a modern episode of Gossip Girl. The argyle pattern really brings that home, but there is another variation where you can get non-patterned versions too!

This shirt has some gorgeous ribbing around the sleeves, collar, and crop at the bottom that really makes this shirt feel real.

You’ve got four buttons down the front that are super adorable too, just a perfect cropped sweater for the cold in the morning but hot in the afternoon types of weather.

A light grey background where the top says "camellia crop" and there are two of the same sims 4 character on it. They are wearing a light denim skirt and a cc crop top that has an argyle pattern and buttons going down.

Sarah Top

When I’m writing this it’s September and fall is knocking on the door, hard. It makes me really want this Sarah Top in my wardrobe desperately, honestly being custom content addicted is a problem for my wallet IRL.

This sweater is great with a beautiful set of swatches that are perfect for autumn, sleeves pushed up because this sweater means business and a nice turtleneck.

You can wear this with jeans for a casual look or pair it with a leather skirt to make the perfect holiday party vibe.

This image has a light grey background with the words "sarah sweater" on the top. The character from The Sims 4 in the image is wearing a light white polka dot silk skirt with a yellow turtle neck sweater for their cc tops.

Inis Blouse

You can wear a simple v-neck sweater for just about every season (except summer, of course) and you can mix these up by adding things underneath like this fun frilly collared shirt.

This one is fun because the top underneath feels like something you’d see a victorian child wear but you throw on a more modern sweater and it is such a fun look to wear with custom jeans to look super casual.

The same sim two times on a light grey background. They have curly brown hair and deeper skin. They are wearing a white blouse with a light pink sweater on top with a plaid skirt.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Tops

These are 100% the cutest custom content tops out there, they are all must-haves in my mods folder that I use in my game all the time. Aren’t they cute? Don’t you love them? I already know the answer is yes!

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