Sims 4 CC Lingerie You Don’t Wanna Miss

The Sims can often seen like a wholesome game made for children, but the truth is most of the players of this game are a bit older and many of us (including myself) are even adults! These types of players need things like gorgeous pieces of sims 4 cc lingerie to make true to life scenarios that we can connect with.

These pieces of lingerie are gorgeous and you’ll absolutely love having these in your game. There are pieces that have stockings, straps, little bralettes and so much more so there’s 5something for everyone.

These Pieces of Sims 4 CC Lingerie are Must-Haves

Flower Lace Lingerie Set

The first piece on our list is this gorgeous flower lace set that adds gorgeous tropical flowers made of lace in all the places you want them to be. The top has a regular bra with cut outs on top of the cups with flowers on top to leave more to the imagination.

The bottom has a piece of fabric around the waist at the belly button line and another around the hips. These are connected with other pieces of fabrics that connect all the way down to straps that would theoretically be connected to tights or stockings.

A character from the sims 4 who is cropped at their bottom lip to their mid-thigh. They are covered in tattoos and are wearing a red lace lingerie set.

Lovesick Set

The best way to download custom content is always going to be through custom content packs so you can get all sorts of goodies all at once. The lovesick pack is a great option to get all sorts of sims 4 cc lingerie for both masculine and feminine sims at once!

In this set you’ll find awesome underwear sets for masculine sims, and even lingerie outfits too. Plus, some really gorgeous outfits for feminine sims that include everything down to stockings and even accessories to really bring the look together.

This image has four sims who are all posed wearing different variations of cc lingerie for The Sims 4. The two in the middle are female sims, the two on the outside are male sims. They are standing in a bedroom with a pink bed #TheSims4

Ivelisse Corset Lingerie

Sometimes clothing can be a work of art and that’s how I feel about this piece of lingerie. This one is amazing because it has a simple pair of underwear that have two straps going up around the wiast and some small flowers on them.

The top is where this truly shines! The back just has some straps, nothing super interesting but these straps continue onto the front where they are covered in beautiful flowers that take this set to another level.

In this image there are two of the same sim, but one is facing front and one is facing the back. They are wearing a lingerie corset top with flowers all over and straps on the back.

Lasenza Lingerie

This bra and underwear set is super simple and will be a great thing to add to your mods folder. This one has a simple bra with some lace detailing on the bottom of the cup that matches the lace in the underwear. It comes in some great swatches too!

The same sim two times wearing a simple bra and underwear set.

Venus Sims CC Lingerie Set

Next up on our list is this gorgeous Venus lingerie set that has so much beautiful lace detailing. You have some simple straps, a v-neck and a straight across hem at the bottom. The underwear are high-waisted which is great, making it sexy without showing off too much.

The creator of this beautiful set made the artwork for it have completely different skin tones so you can see how this is going to look on your sims too! The white is great because it can be used as some really beautiful custom wedding outfits for a honeymoon.

Three different characters from The Sims 4 who are all wearing the same set of white lace cc lingerie. The sims all have different skin tones to show off how it looks on different sims.

Hottie Lingerie

This next option for lingerie is super interesting since it has so many straps all over. The basics are a simple set of a bra and underwear, nothing ton see there. Then you add a neck detail and a little faux skirt to make it more interesting.

There are so many straps all over the sim, all connecting to a heart in the middle right under the bra line. There’s a matching heart on the one leg connecting more straps too!

An image of two sims with light skin who are both posed and wearing the same lingerie. It has a small bra and underwear with white lace and straps all over.

Milky Sims CC Lingerie Outfits

This one is interesting to me because it has all of the cuts and vibes of regular lingerie, however, the fabric is covered in cow print. Do people think cow print is sexy? I guess so if this exists!

This one has the word milk right across the chest which is definitely sending a message. The best part are the cute little cows on either side that are just a sweet style.

Two sims with different hairstyles, one up and one down. They are both wearing sims cc lingerie that has the word milk across the chest and is covered in cow print.

Wendy Sleepwear Sets

The best types of lingerie are able to mix coverage and showing off without the wearer being too exposed. That’s why this is a great option because it makes your sims feel like they’re wearing a mini-dress but in reality its see through showing off all your bits.

There is a simple pair of underwear underneath which is the only part that isn’t seen. The creator even made to add little cookies to hide parts that aren’t safe for work!

A sim who is on top of a bed on their knees and they are wearing a lingerie baby doll dress that is entirely see through.

Lacey Sims 4 CC Lingerie Set

If you want a set of lingerie in your game that will stand the test of time, you should definitely download this simple lace set. The bra is simple with straight straps and gorgeous lace cups that match the bottoms perfectly.

The bottoms have two thing straps going around the hips showing off extra skin and a beautiful lace section going from under the belly button toward the back of your sim. This one comes in gorgeous colours and neutrals too, so there’s something for everyone.

The same sim three times. They are wearing different colour swatches of the same bra and underwear set.

Multi-Strap Lace Lingerie

This set is so beautiful with the lace detailing feeling so real, it’s something about the small pieces of lace fabric that are coming off the edges around the areas where lace is placed. It’s just a really beautiful detail making everything feel more realistic.

This lingerie set comes in like twenty colours, which is great because you can choose the perfect colour for your sims skin tone to make it really pop. Or you have the option to just go with your favourite colours, that’s what I’d do.

Two sims with different skin tones who are both wearing the same sims 4 cc lingerie set.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Lingerie

These pieces are so beautiful and your sims deserve to wear things that are this gorgeous. They don’t need to be wearing simple cardigans or dresses everyday. You won’t regret adding these gorgeous items to your mods folder, you’ll definitely want to keep them in there forever. Happy Playing!

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