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25+ Sims 4 CC Toddler Beds For the Cutest Toddler Nursery

Since toddlers weren’t in the base game we definitely don’t have enough content for them but these sims 4 cc toddler beds can definitely fill that gap. The beds we were given at the release of toddlers are pretty basic and could use some help.

The only truly beautiful toddler bed we’ve ever gotten is from The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle and we need more with that kind of fun energy. Thankfully, you can always add a bunch of toddler furniture to your mods folder to really decorate your home.

The Sims 4 CC Toddler Beds

1. Melina Bed

First up on our list is the Melina Bed that has so much going on it’ll definitely add some fun flair to your toddler’s bedroom. This bed starts with a great base that has line and triangle detailing that goes all the way around the base of the bed.

It then goes up to the mattress where there is really adorable tucked in blankets with tons of cute line detailing and a comfy pillow. There are four posts that go all the way up and create a structure at the top where there are more shapes all the way around.

The most fun detail on this piece of furniture is the fun dangly decor items. These balls hanging on a rope that are wrapped around the bed add such a fun little difference than any other bed we have!

melina bed with hanging balls

2. Country Kids

There really isn’t much country furniture in The Sims 4 and this is an extremely popular decor style and definitely something many players would want. The Country Kids bed is a great choice for your favourite toddler if you aren’t really into modern furniture.

This bed has a nice wood frame for the headboard and footboard with both having a small cut out at the top with some nice iron detailing in the middle. These are really great in simple homes that don’t need a ton of excitement!

a very country bed

3. Classic Toddler Bed

The Classic Toddler Bed is a great but pretty neutral option for your toddler’s bedroom set. This bed starts with a gorgeous ship-lap style headboard and footboard with nice detailing at the top and adorable 3D squares on the feet.

This bed comes in all the neutral colours you’d like to see including a simple white or black option as well as some good wood choices too!

sims 4 toddler beds cc

4. Little One Bed

When it comes to choosing a bed for toddlers I usually move toward beds that have really fun blanket options because these little kiddos deserve to be surrounded by bright colours. The Little One Bed is a great option for a brightly coloured sims 4 cc toddler bed.

This bed has a very simple base with clean lines and rounded edges with the blankets being perfectly tucked in with an adorable pillow up top. Using this bed in your toddlers room will look great and they’ll love to get out of this bed in the middle of the night to use their toddler potty!

cute little toddler beds with simple designs

5. Paul Bed

If you’re looking for a highly stylized option for toddler beds you’ll absolutely love the Paul Bed. This bed has a lot of personality and will make your toddlers feel like royalty when sleeping in it.

This bed has a tufted grey headboard with beading in a diamond shape that makes the bed feel extremely luxurious. The toddler rails are coming out of the headboard in a nice wood tone and only going to the fold of the blanket.

The comforter on this bed is covered in feathers in blues and reds and looks awesome in any bedroom. You can definitely have this bed in any home!

sims 4 toddler beds cc

6. Avonlea Bed

If you’re anything like me you are so sick of the basic swatches of the base game toddler beds but thankfully there are creators making recolours of your favourite sims 4 cc toddler beds! These beds are great because they completely fit with the style of the game (since they were technically created by EA) but they have more personality and more adorable blankets.

The Avonlea Bed Recolour is one of my favourites because it takes that super simple toddler bed and gives it a bit of a makeover. The basic swatches in the base game has too much plaid and boring designs. This one has gorgeous options in pretty neutral colours and just makes me happy!

sims 4 toddler beds cc

7. Sweet Dreams Bed

The Sweet Dreams Bed is an interesting choice that I’m sure many of you will love to see! This bed chooses a colour and runs with it with the headboard and footboard being the same colour as the comforter.

The headboard and footboard of this bed are very simple just being nicely squared off and not being too stylized means you can go crazier with other stuff. The bed has a bedskirt on the bottom and the blanket is covered in little polka dots!

polka dot blankets on a cute bed

8. Happy Zoo Bed

The next bed on our list of sims 4 cc toddler beds is definitely a stylistic choice and will not be for everyone. The Happy Zoo Bed is a really adorable option that is just covered in animals!

The footboard of the bed is the face of a frog that has giant eyes that are coming off the bed and a huge smile, the headboard is an adorable lion head and the blankets are covered in animal prints. Definitely a cute choice for a jungle bedroom set.

happy zoo beds with animals and frogs

9. Toddler Beds with Quilts

Our next bed is definitely more traditional and seems like something your grandma would make for you, but that’s what makes it adorable. This Toddler Bed with Quilts is such a cute option, especially the highly adorable Minnie Mouse option.

The base of this bed is a simple white headboard with slats so it can be paired with a number of toddler furniture items without it looking out of place. The quilts are really fun featuring bears or elephants which is really adorable!

simple quilts with characters

10. Stibium Bed

The Stibium Toddler Bed is a really great minimalist option that still feels extremely gorgeous and fun. The bed has high slats on three sides of the bed so it feels like you just transformed this from being a crib to being a toddler bed.

This bed has great comforters too with tons of cute options like a giraffe, some very neutral single colour options or even polka dot fun. The only downside to this bed is that the slats make it so you can’t put it against the wall on the one side or the toddlers can’t get in.

sims 4 toddler beds cc

11. S77 Toddled Bed 01

Are you looking to create a fun animal themed bedroom for your toddlers? Well, the S77 Toddler Bed is a fun recolour option from a base game bed.

This takes the boring base game bed and changes the colours of the base to make them way more fun. The blankets have either cute animals or cute paw prints all over it making it so cute!

Toddler bed with fun designs like a fox or bear

12. Jojo Bed

Our next bed on the list of sims 4 cc toddler beds is the Jojo Bed and this is a great one for a more neutral look. The frame of the bed is a single tone with some swatches being white and others being wood so you can match these with so many pieces of toddler furniture.

a simple Jojo toddler bed

13. Chariot Bed

We couldn’t create a list of toddler beds without adding this Chariot Bed for your next princess nursery. This is one of the most stylized options on this list and would look so amazing as a bed option for your sims.

This bed has a gorgeous base with nice pastel colours on the blankets to keep it pretty simple but oh the rest isn’t neutral. The bed has four gorgeous wheels with a floral design, a nice frame that goes into a circle at the top with a crown and will make your sims feel like they are in Cinderella.

sims 4 toddler beds cc

14. Functional Toddler Bunk Bed

The Functional Toddler Bunk Bed is probably the most exciting item on this list because we don’t have any functional toddler bunk beds in the game as it stands. This bunk bed allows you to have decor slots for toys near the bed, add a dollhouse or other toys underneath if you don’t need two beds and there are even decor slots on the one side of the stairs to add your favourite clutter items.

This is a game changer for creating fun toddler rooms and it works perfectly which just shows you the magic of custom content creators.

a functional toddler bunk bed with room below for decor

15. Evelina Nursery Bed

Next up on the list is the Evelina Nursery Bed which is a super modern and stylish option. This bed has a frame that puts railings all the way around to keep your toddlers from falling out of bed. The opening has a nice wood tone on the wood to make it look more interesting!

The mattresses and blankets are really great because they are super light colours making them work as a bright pop of colour without being too in your face.

sims 4 toddler beds cc

16. Quinn Kidsroom Bed

When I saw the Quinn Kids Room Bed I had to add it to the list because the blanket on this one looks exactly like one I had as a kid. The blanket on this bed is white and covered in different sizes and shapes of circles with some being inside of each other looking like jawbreakers.

The frame of the bed is two-tone which is interesting where the bottom quarter is a bright colour like lime green and the top third is nice and white. A great option for a bright pop of colour!

quinn bed with bubbles

17. The Cutie

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc toddler beds is The Cutie which is definitely, a cutie!

This bed is fun because the main parts of the base are a nice light grey colour which is super neutral but underneath there is a nice pop of colour of yellow, pink or blue to add some fun. The blankets on this one are super fun too featuring fun things like bunny rabbits, clouds or stars.

The Cutie is actually an entire bedroom set and that even includes a fun custom potty chair to really complete your custom content toddler room!

a grey bed with bunnies or clouds or stars

18. Lenny Bed

The Lenny Bed is one of my favourites on this list because of how adorable the structure is and just imagining adorable toddlers hanging out in there. The structure is white shiplap with cut outs for the toddler to get in as well as one by the head and the feet, which is a fun detail.

The blankets come in patterns that involve stars, mountains, trees or houses which is a fun look without being too childish!

a bed with walls

19. Barney Toddler Bed

As a child of the 90s Barney was a very important part of my growing up, so we had to include the Barney Toddler Bed. This is a base game recolour of the basic bed but instead of boring blankets we have everyone’s favourite purple dinosaur!

barney the big dinosaur on a bed

20. All At Sea Toddler Bed

The next bed on our list is the all at sea toddler bed which will be perfect if you are living on a island, a beach, or your sims just love boats! This bed is a simple shape that doesn’t have too much going on but the patterns on the side definitely make up for that.

The blankets are great because the pillows and sheets are really simple being plain white but the blanket is covered in fun patterns of boats! There is even a matching custom potty!

all at sea toddler bed with boats on blankets

21. Rose Toddler Bed

The Rose Toddler Bed is a really fun option with a unique look. The legs of the bed are super fun and come up in a bubble shape until they come to the top of either the headboard or the footboard and the bed comes in grey or green which are both fun colours.

The blankets on this one are great because they are somehow neutral but extremely fun with things like stars or happy faces! Definitely a good option for your toddler bedroom!

sims 4 toddler beds cc

22. Aspen Bed

If you’re looking for a more mature look for your toddler the Aspen Bed is a great option! This bed is actually on wheels, although the game won’t allow it to actually move, of course, and has a nice simple bed frame with cute square detailing at the top.

The blankets are nice and simple and have plaid options which is always a good look for your toddlers!

sims 4 toddler beds cc

23. Sweet Toddler Bed

There is something really sweet about a toddler bed that has a bed skirt, not sure why it’s so cute to me but it is! This sweet toddler bed has a gorgeous multi-colour bedskirt where the ruffle just looks so cute. The bed has a nice footboard and headboard that feature slats that also extend to the side rails to keep your toddler safe.

This is a great bed because it fits a more traditional style than many beds in the game and can work in more traditional or country homes. The blankets are fun colours too!

sweet simple toddler bed sims 4 cc

24. Toddler Delight

The Toddler Delight is a really fun option for sims 4 cc toddler beds because it is super detailed and fun. This one has a more traditional but royal aesthetic to it with the bed having flowers carved into the wood and it comes in some very simple wood tones but also in a gorgeous pink and white.

If you get the full bedroom set for toddler delight you can even add a decorative pillows and blankets and a nice net around the top of the bed to make it feel even more royal.

fancy toddler bed

25. Classic Bed

The classic bed is an amazing recolour of the simple base game bed that comes in all the basic wood tones you’d love to have in your game. There are eighteen different blanket options to choose from too!

The absolute best part about this bed is that the bed frame and the mattress are two separate pieces! This means that you can choose the wood tone you want with whatever blanket makes you happiest for a totally customized look.

sim toddler's bedroom with cute toddler bed

26. Roarsome Bed

The roarsome bed is a really fun animal themed bed that comes in a fun set of kid’s furniture that is completely themed after animals. The toddler bed in this one is really cute having eye balls and coming in all sorts of fun colours and blanket swatches.

This bed is a great option because it comes in a children’s bed option too so if you have kid’s sharing a room they can still match!

sims 4 toddler beds cc

Final Thoughts

These are some of my absolute favourite sims 4 cc toddler beds because they cover such a range of styles. You can find beds that are extremely stylized but also neutral options for simpler rooms. You’ll definitely find at least one bedroom set that you love and need in your mods folder. Happy playing!

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