There are so many interesting collections you can complete in The Sims 4, and one of the best ones is frogs! This is because you don’t actually have to go out and physically find each frog, you can actually breed your frogs and create new frogs without having to spend days searching ponds.

Frogs can also be a really lucrative way to make money in the game without a job, and can get any sim that has the Loves The Outdoors trait feeling happy searching for them all day long. This guide is going to go over how to find frogs as well as how to breed frogs in The Sims 4!

Traits That Help in Finding Frogs

The first trait that can help your sims 4 collectors find frogs is the Loves The Outdoors trait because this helps sims enjoy spending time outdoors more. They will thrive in an outdoor environment and keep a happy moodlet going for a long time.

The second thing would be to give your sim a nature aspiration that will give them the Collector trait. The collector trait will help your sim find more rare collectibles (i.e., more rare frogs) and will help you finish the collection quicker.

Where to Find Frogs

There are a few different places where you can find frogs in the game. The first is to search through logs that will spawn around town. However, it can take a while for you to find a ton of frogs using this method because it can take a while to find the logs.

The second way to find frogs in The Sims 4, is to search the water pump in the Forgotten Grotto.

The final (and I believe best) place to find frogs is in a pond. This will take a bit more effort on your part but the pond won’t disappear after one use like a log will. You can search the ponds in willow creek, oasis springs, and sylvan glades.

Note: Each place you search for frogs will have different types of frogs that you’ll be able to find, this means you shouldn’t just stick to one type! Search them all for frogs.

Types of Frogs

Name of FrogFrog's ValueFrog's Classification
Leaf Frog§ 10Common
Dirt Frog§ 10Common
Heart Frog§ 10Comon
Eggplant Frog§ 10Common
Spotted Leaf Frog § 10Common
Striped Leaf Frog § 10Common
Spotted Dirt Frog§ 30Common
Striped Dirt Frog § 30Common
Surfer Leaf Frog§ 10Uncommon
Striped Eggplant Frog§ 10Uncommon
Striped Heart Frog§ 10Uncommon
Spotted Eggplant Frog§ 10Uncommon
HyponoFrog§ 25Uncommon
Sunflower Frog§ 30Uncommon
Spotted Heart Frog§ 30Uncommon
Tiger Frog§ 35Uncommon
Leopard Frog§ 100Uncommon
DirtSurfer Frog§ 100Uncommon
DirtWhirl Frog§ 120Uncommon
Heart Surfer Frog§ 25Rare
Surfer Eggplant Frog§ 30Rare
Eggplant Whirl Frog§ 100Rare
Bullseye Frog§ 100Rare
Sunsurfer Frog§ 125Rare
Whirlyflower Frog§ 160Rare

How to Breed Frogs

Breeding frogs is the easiest way to create new frogs and allows you to even create frogs that you have let to collect which means you can finish your collection rather quickly.

To breed a frog you just need to have 2 of any type of frog in your sim’s inventory and click on one of the frogs and choose breed and select a partner frog to breed with. This will spawn a new frog into your inventory and you’ll see a notification letting you know which type of frog you’ve created.

Note: There is a 4-hour cooldown on frog breeding

Your frogs can be either common, uncommon, or rare, and this will influence how much money you make from selling the frogs.

Breeding Using Types and Attributes

It’s important to understand the different types of frogs and their attributes if you want to finish the collection using breeding. There are 5 types of frogs that are important to be aware of:

  1. Leaf
  2. Dirt
  3. Eggplant
  4. Heart
  5. Sunflower

These 5 types of frogs can have one of four attributes, or have no attribute at all. The attributes available are:

  1. Striped
  2. Spotted
  3. Surf
  4. Whirl
  5. None

This makes it so that there are 25 different frogs for you to collect. For example, you may have an eggplant type with a surf attribute which would be the Surfer Egglant Frog. You can use this knowledge to breed specific types of frogs.

 No AttributeStriped AttributeSpotted AttributeSurf AttributeWhirl Attribute
LeafLeaf FrogStriped Leaf FrogSpotted Leaf FrogSurfer Leaf FrogHypnofrog
DirtDirt FrogStriped Dirt FrogSpotted Dirt FrogDirtsurfer FrogDirtwhirl Frog
EggplantEggplant FrogStriped Eggplant FrogSpotted Eggplant FrogSurfer Eggplant FrogEggplant Whirl Frog
HeartHeart FrogStriped Heart FrogSpotted Heart FrogHeartsurfer FrogBullseye Frog
SunflowerSunflower FrogTiger FrogLeopard FrogSunsurfer FrogWhirlyflower Frog

Final Thoughts

Learning how to breed and find frogs is an amazing way to finish a collection rather quickly and get your sim to make a bit of extra money through the process. Have you ever finished the frog collection in the game? If so, how long did it take? Was it fun? Let me know in the comments!