The musical genius aspiration is one of the aspirations that come with The Sims 4 base game, and is a great option for creative sims who love music!

This aspiration goes great with the entertainer career, since you’ll need to gain musical skills to get through the career!

Traits That Help With The Musical Genius Aspiration


A sim who has the creative trait will become inspired at random times and being inspired is an awesome way to gain musical skills more quickly.

Music Lover

A sim with the music lover trait is going to enjoy listening to and playing music more than other sims. This will help keep their fun need up which is great if you have then working hard at work and then come home and play their favourite instrument.

Reward Trait for the Musical Genius Aspiration

When your sim finishes the musical genius aspiration they are going to be given a reward trait, the piper. This trait is a fun one, but won’t really do much for your sim long term.

A sim with this trait has the ability to play songs that can influence sims to do different things, there are 4 that are available:

  • Carol of Cleaning
    • This song will give sims who are around an energized moodlet. They will start cleaning for a while until the house is clean, or the moodlet wears off.
  • Ditty of Drowsiness
    • This song will make all sims nearby go to sleep, a great choice for sims who have kids and just want them to go away
  • Etude of Egress
    • This song is extremely helpful if you’ve just had a party or have sims who you don’t want to spend more time with in your home. It will make all non-household sims leave the lot.
  • Song of Sophistication
    • This song is a weird one, that will make all sims that are nearby change into formal wear. I’m not entirely sure what this can be used for, but fun?

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: Tone Deaf

  • Practice Music for 6 Hours
  • Listen to Music for 2 Hours

This is a really easy section of the musical genius aspiration and your sim will have tons of fun doing it. You’ll need to grab your sim a guitar, violin, piano, or pipe organ to complete this one.

To listen to music for two hours you’ll need to get your sim a stereo and just get them to listen to it, nice and easy!

You should be able to finish this first part of the aspiration within the first day or two.

Level Two: Fine Tuned

  • Achieve Level 4 in any Instrument
  • Play an Instrument for 1 Hour While Inspired

You’ll need to be rather dedicated to a specific instrument to get to level 4, but it’s easy to get done if you’ve already played a single instrument for 6 hours.

To finish the second part, you need to get inspired. To do this you can take a thoughtful shower which is the easiest way to get a sim inspired. Then, while feeling this inspired emotion play your desired instrument!

You can read all about emotions and the different ways to get them here!

Level Three: Harmonious

  • Achieve Level 6 in any Instrument
  • Write 4 Songs
  • Earn §500 from Licensed Songs

This is when the aspiration is going to get a bit more difficult, as writing songs takes times and it may take you a while to earn those §500.

Each song that you write will take around 8-10 hours of sims time, so you should prepare to devote some serious time to this.

To write a song you just need to click on the instrument you’ve been working with and choose to write a song, this doesn’t appear until a few levels into the skill, so you may need to reach level 6 before you can do this.

You can only license one song at a time, so earning that money may take a while. You can license a song by clicking on your mailbox once the song has been finished.

Level Four: Musical Genius

  • Have Spent 75 Hours Playing Musical Instruments
  • Reach Level 10 in any Instrument
  • Mentor Others in Music for 3 Hours

Chances are your sim will get at least close to level 10 of their instrument before they make it to this level because of all the time they will spend writing different songs.

You’ll probably be close to finishing the 75 hours of playing instruments as well, this can include practicing an instrument as well as writing songs!

The final thing you need to do to complete this aspiration is to mentor other sims in your particular skill for three hours, which is a little more tricky.

To mentor a sim in an instrument you need to get another sim to play an instrument, this could be a member of your household which is easy, or a random sim playing the instrument but you’d have to time it perfectly.

Then you need to control the sim going through the aspiration and click on the sim who is playing the instrument and choose mentor. Your sim will hangout with them while they play and teach them all their tips and tricks allowing them to gain the skill quicker.

Final Thoughts

This aspiration is a good one for any sims player and is an awesome way to make money through licensing songs and you can really make a great impression on others with your beautiful music! How do you feel about the musical genius aspiration? Let us know in the comments!