The Sims 4: Curses (Realm of Magic)

As we all learned from Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility and as I’ve learned over the years sometimes some downfalls. Being a spellcaster with The Sims 4: Realm of Magic opens up your sim to getting permanent curses that can make your life a lot more difficult.

Your sim can have up to 3 curses put on them at any time and these curses are not going to go away on their own these are not like having a negative moodlet, it isn’t going to wear away after a certain amount of time.

Your sim will get curses by having a negative experience with a spell or a potion or even during a magical duel.

How to Avoid Curses

Thankfully, as you improve your abilities as a spellcaster you have the ability to choose different spellcaster perks. These perks can make you have an easier time doing spells and making potions and even give you a curse resistance!

You can buy the Hexproof perk from the spellcaster perks panel and this will give you curse immunity. This one will be available to you when your sim is at the Master level of being a spellcaster.

Also, as you improve your abilities as a spellcaster and increase your rank you’ll find yourself having less and less failures at casting spells and making potions which means there is less of a chance of being given a curse.

It’s also important to note that a spellcaster who has either of the magical bloodline traits will always have a better chance at succeeding in both spells and potions.

How to Remove Curses

Curses aren’t a fun thing for your spellcaster to be stuck with, especially since they aren’t just going to go away on their own over time. You’re stuck with these curses forever and if they aren’t something you want, you may want to go to extreme measures to remove them.

The first way to get rid of a curse is to drink the Potion of Curse Cleansing which will remove all curses from your sim and give them a new life. However, potions can always backfire and may not work!

The other way to get rid of a curse is to perform the Decurisfy spell on your sim to remove all curses, but beware of backfires!

Types of Curses

Curse of Awkward Embraces

Image of the Curse of Awkward Embraces

“You’re just really into hugging and touching others now. It’s too hard to resist. Awkward.”

This curse will make your sim get random actions to go and start giving friendly (but awkward) hugs to other sims at random times. The hugs don’t even look enjoyable.

Curse of Infectious Laughter

Image of the Curse of Infectious Laughter

“Sometimes you just can’t stop laughing; even in inappropriate situations and often times spread it to others.”

This curse is a silly one, your sim is going to randomly start laughing for a few minutes and holding their stomach. Anybody who’s in the room may also start to laugh. It’s pretty fun to have this one and get all the powerful sages giggling together.

Curse of Night Wrath

Image of the Curse of Night Wrath

“A Spectral Stalker is hunting you. But where are they now?! Good Luck trying to sleep.”

I don’t think there’s actually a stalker following you around… but it will make it so your energy need randomly goes to all the way down to the exhausted level so you’re gonna struggle to stay awake.

Curse of Repulsiveness

Image of the Curse of Repulsiveness

“What a horrifying visage! This will cause terror and disgust in all nearby Sims. Socialization will be much harder.”

This curse is going to turn your sim green and make them unattractive to other sims, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

Curse of Scrambled Spells

Image of the Curse of Scrambled Spells

“You’re losing control of your magic. Casting will sometimes have random powerful results.”

This curse is a bad one if you really want to be a powerful spellcaster. You’ll find weird moodlets coming from your spells or weird results. I used the scruberoo spell and a giant puddle appeared under the sim and other weird things happened too, beware!

Curse of the Duelist

Image of the Curse of the Duelist

“Be prepared to get into more duels! It’s going to be a lot harder to win, and rewards won’t be as good.”

This curse is going to make it way harder for your sim to win duels, which means more negative moodlets when you lose. You also won’t be able to get as good of rewards when doing duels for artifacts and ingredients.

Curse of Uncleansable Stench

Image of the Curse of Uncleansable Stench

“You are eternally drenched in the smelliest of gym sweat constantly. Showering does nothing!”

This curse is going to make your sim feel very very stinky at all times, forever. You’ll probably never fall in love because other sims are going to be repulsed by you. Yum!

Curse of Uncontrollable Charge

Image of the Curse of Uncontrollable Charge

“You now draw too much Magical Energy. All gains are increased.”

A sim with this curse is going to fill their spellcaster charge way faster and this means that you can die of overload way quicker than other sims.

Curse of Unwarranted Hostility

Image of the Curse of Unwarranted Hostility

“For some reason everyone just wants to be mean to you and even start fights with you.”

With this curse there’s a chance that random sims will come up to your sim and start fighting you. Enjoy feeling dazed from being beat up all the time!

Final Thoughts

Having a curse on your spellcaster can make the entire process of growing your XP and getting to the next level more difficult. Understand what they do and how to remove them is a great start to becoming an even better spellcaster in the future! How do you feel about the whole magic system in the sims 4? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. There is something stalking you with the Night Wraith curse. He’s super creepy and makes a lot of super bizarre things happen if he catches you. Everyone in my house vomited on my floor when he came in.

    1. I also happen to have a night wraith currently stalking my sim… she’s terrified and exhausted constantly, won’t sleep, and the horrible thing follows her around constantly! He makes her sick and messes up the house and her belongings… help! Cheats don’t even work to keep her happy hahaha

  2. I got the perk of Hexproof but my sim is still cursed… guess I’ll try to learn the option for removing it.

  3. For the untamed magic portion, there is a decursify spell that will take off the curses quickly. I’m almost a Master level so it takes awhile to get to and to learn it!

  4. It’s sad that Decursify spell needs ”time to recharge” and such, AND ONLY REMOVES ONE CURSE. Useless spell, is what it is… 🤬

  5. Thank you for letting me know how to remove these. My sim has the random powerful spells. She went to fix her sink and it did copypasto and now has two broken sinks and a huge puddle on the floor

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