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25+ Sims 4 CC Makeup Items You Need To Create Cute Sims

Any long-term player of The Sims knows that one thing that EA hasn’t quite figured out is how to make great looking makeup in game. Thankfully, there are dozens of modders out there who make a huge part of their focus creating beautiful sims 4 cc makeup to replace the boring vanilla makeup that we get with packs.

For some reason most of the makeup we get has weird glitter, weird eyeliner or is just in the most atrocious colours and sometimes all you want is a nice neutral or smokey eye and that’s just not something you can accomplish without some beautiful custom content makeup.

EA even did a whole collaboration with one of the biggest makeup brands ever, Mac Cosmetics, and that was awful and just not what we really want too. What’s a simmer to do? Download tons of sims 4 cc makeup!

1. The Angel Collection

Our first makeup collection is The Angel Collection created by Crypticsim that features an angel highlight and cloud blush that are applied in a very trendy and beautiful way.

Highlight and blush are super trendy parts of makeup application at the moment but aren’t something that we have amazing options for in-game so this is a must have collection.

The angel highlight comes in 20 different shades allowing you to have a great choice for your sim’s different skins tones as well as any shade preferences you may have.

The cloud blush also allows for perfect application on any skin tone since it comes in 30 different shades in pinky tones and neutral tones for you to really have a ton of options.

2. Willow Rose Blush

Next up is the Willow Rose Blush that was created by LadySimmer94 and is an absolutely beautiful cheek and under-eye blush. Putting blush from essentially your temples to your nose is a really trendy thing that makes your sims look so sweet.

This is great for a kawaii look for your sims or just for a garden party where your sims want to look cute and flirty and comes in four different swatches for you to enjoy.

The best part is that this creator even went and disallowed this for townies meaning that you won’t see randomized characters in your game wearing this blush while also wearing Mac eyeshadow and an eye ball ring looking like they got ready in the dark!

3. Lip Melt

One of my favourite ways to make my sims look so much more beautiful is changing up their lipstick and using the good stuff that you can only get with sims 4 cc makeup. You just can’t get this look without custom content.

The xUrbanSimsx Lip Melt collection is an absolutely perfect choice for your sims lipstick that comes in 13 different shades ranging from gorgeous nudes to deep reds and beautiful berry colours.

This lipstick set really does cover every single lipstick shade you could possibly want and has an option to add a second layer with the cacao liner to add a deep lip liner around the lip melt for another customization.

4. Eyeshadow #46

Our next eyeshadow on this makeup list is not for the simple eyeshadow lover, this one is definitely dramatic and requires a certain type of sim to wear it.

This Eyeshadow #46 created by Jul_Haos is absolutely insane and so gorgeous it features deep colours in a variety of shades like greens, purples, blues, and golds with a beautiful gold cat eyeliner to make it so much better.

This look would be amazing for a sim’s formal look and especially for a wedding day because using one of these crazy bright eye shadows with a white dress would really make them pop.

5. Butterfly Kiss

Our next collection is the Butterfly Kiss set created by Pralinesims and this comes with an eyeshadow, eyeliner a few eyebrows and some lipstick giving you tons of options. These are really sweet and soft and are absolutely perfect for spring and summer for your sims, especially their hot weather outfits.

The eyebrows are extremely realistic and can really skirt that line between maxis match custom content and alpha custom content in a great way.

The eyeshadow is beautiful and has a slight sparkle to it and even adds a little bit of it to you sim’s water line which is a great look, especially when paired with the eyeliner that also gets added to their water line. This set really does have some great options for all players!

6. Nahia Bronzer

The Nahia Bronzer from Katverse is an absolutely perfect look for your sim’s next formal event and really makes them look glam. This bronzer comes in fifteen different swatches so you can have a light or darker application depending on what you like and it will appear on many different skin tones.

This bronzer set is available for any sims from teens to elders and is even set to be available for masculine sims without having to mess with the categories which is amazing! You’ll find this one under skin details and blush and you’ll be wanting to use this literally every time you play.

7. Four Colour Aesthetic Eyeshadow

If you’re looking for a really fun and unique eyeshadow option for your sims this four colour aesthetic eyeshadow is the option for you. This features four super unique eyeshadows that look so adorable on your sims and really give a different look than a boring single-colour eyeshadow.

My favourite of the four has to be the cloud looking one that has a bunch of really cute colours with a lighter purple lid and a darker purple up top that really just looks adorable.

8. MVP Lipstick

Our next piece of custom content is the MVP Lipstick created by Crypticsim that comes in 10 gorgeous shades that random from a light pink to nudes and even a dark red option for your more exciting looks.

This is a sem-matte lipstick so it works with a ton of different eyeshadow looks and is definitely there to impress.

This lipstick is actually inspired by Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty and their Fenty Icon lipstick, so if that’s something that you love IRL you should definitely try this one out in your game too.

9. Too-Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette

There are so many gorgeous pieces of custom content out there that are turning real life makeup into sims 4 cc makeup which really makes it amazing if you have your favourite palette in real life.

The two faced natural love palette is a great one because its mostly neutrals with a few cute light pinks for you to play with.

Neutral palette options are really needed in the game because EA seems to think we all want wild colours and crazy sparkles instead of just useable, simple looks that you would wear on a regular Tuesday.

10. Eyeshadow Dream

If what you’re looking for is an eyeshadow that is fun colours without it being too in your face, this eyeshadow dream palette is a great choice.

This eyeshadow doesn’t do anything too wild but covers your sim’s eyelids in various colours like pinks, blues, oranges and more without it being too extreme and unwearable.

These are honestly perfect in my mind for teenagers in the game who are just getting into makeup and are more likely to want to wear fun colours!

11. Calypso Collection

The xUrbanSimsx Calypso collection is really great and super customizable even allowing you to use the in-game sliders to change the opacity and colours to your hearts content.

This eyeshadow is beautiful and goes from the inner corner out into a cat eye shape in fifteen different colours that are things like black and white but also gorgeous colours like lime green or yellow for a more unique look.

Urban even created a lite version that can be worn instead that’s a little more tame or placed on top of the original for a double layered look really giving your sims so many beautiful choices for their makeup.

12. Lipstick N56

There are some days when you really want your sim’s to look like their lips are extremely glossy and on those days you need Lipstick N56 in your collection.

This lipstick is going to come in 12 different glossy colours with some being more neutral, some being more pink and one that’s even more of an orange/coral colour that looks absolutely gorgeous.

This type of lipstick looks amazing for a sim’s formal outfits, party looks and even just an everyday look with a neutral eye and it is super fun!

13. The Coconuts Collection

Sims custom content creators can get their inspiration from anywhere and this coconuts collection was actually inspired by the Kim Petras song Coconuts‘ cover art!

This collection comes with an eyeliner and an eyeshadow that when you pair them together you get a beautiful two-tone look that is super unique and can be changed to be a variety of looks since there are 12 swatches of each.

You also have the option to just use the eyeshadow for a bright colour look or use the eyeliner on its own for a bright and absolutely beautiful small cat eye. So many options with this one!

14. Rina Eyeshadow

There’s nothing better than beautiful eyeshadow for your sims and this Rina Eyeshadow will not disappoint as it comes in 25 swatches which is an insane amount!

This eyeshadow is a super fun one because it not only covers the lid but also goes up into and above your sim’s eyebrows for a really cute look.

The swatches have an insane range with a group of them being neutrals like whites, browns and light pinks but the more fun colours being things like lavender, light blue and green giving you really any option for your sims.

15. Spring Kiss

Are you looking to make your sim’s face shine? If so, Spring Kiss is a must have for your next download session.

This collection has a jelly lipstick, a gorgeous daisy blush, and three different options for face shines that are going to give your sim’s a very dewey and highlighted look.

These face shines are definitely the stand out in this collection and they give you so many options. There’s one that just goes on the nose, one that does the nose and your cheekbone highlight area and they are all super customizable.

16. Tequila Matte Lipstick

One of my favourite ways to make my sims look really put together without having a crazy eyeshadow look is to use a matte lipstick. These work with so many outfits and occasions and are just great in every way.

This Tequila Matte Lipstick collection comes in twenty five swatches that range from deep purples to neutrals and even some more orange colours.

These can be worn on a regular day where your sims are just going to be in their home or can be worn to a birthday party, wedding or to work!

17. Blotted Lip Kit

Our next piece of sims 4 cc makeup is the Blotted Lip Kit by xUrbanSimsx which features 17 smooth lip stains in a variety of colours. These are a satin or matte finish and really work for so many looks, they come in both neutrals and bright colours like purple and blue so you can really make it work all the time.

You can even take these gorgeous colours and add Urban’s Glossifier to change these from matte to glossy for a completely different look if you absolutely love one of these colours!

18. Plush Blush

Next on the list is the Plush Blush by PixlePancakes and this one comes in 18 different swatches. This blush goes from your sim’s temples to their under eye and covers the entire cheek and a bit of the nose depending on the opacity you go with.

The fun part about this piece of custom content is that it actually works for every age group from toddlers to elders so you can even put this on your little sims!

19. E-Baddie XXL

If you’re looking for a little bit of everything you definitely need to down E-Baddie XXL because this collection by Pralinesims has 20 different items for you to try!

In this collection you’ll find under eye skin details, different lipstick options, a few eyeshadows and eyeliners and just so many cute choices for your sims.

There are so many options in this one and it really covers everything you could need to make the baddie sim of your dreams. The three lipsticks cover a glossy look, a matte look and a deeper lipliner with a lighter lipstick look so you can really choose anything.

There are even cute things like a star to add above your sim’s eye, or little heart and star decals for under your sims eyes, so many options!

20. The 24K Lotus Collection

Our next makeup collection is the 24K Lotus Collection that was entirely inspired by Kylie Cosmetics 24K Birthday Palette.

This features a gorgeous eyeshadow that is so bright and comes in 35 swatches! The swatches come in neutrals but also these absolutely gorgeous bright colours that go both on the lid and travel to the inner corner and go on the lower lash line as well for a really beautiful look.

The lipstick comes in 30 swatches as well that range from deep colours to lighter pinks and just really give you so many options for any skin tone and sim’s vibe.

21. Raven Lipstick

The Raven Lipstick is next on our list by Katverse and comes in 10 absolutely beautiful swatches that are definitely not neutrals.

Each lipstick has a bit of a deeper shade along the edges to make the look a bit more dramatic and gives it so much more dimension.

These come in two gorgeous reds, a beautiful pink, some purples, and even a bright neon green for sims who aren’t afraid to stand out.

22. Catty Eyeliner

The absolute best way to make a really dramatic look for your sim’s is to add a very dramatic eyeliner with a long cat eye wing. These can be paired with any eyeshadow colour that you’d like or just worn on their own for a simple but dramatic look.

One of my favourite is definitely the Catty Eyeliner by Grimcookies that is a true deep black that goes from the inner corner all the way out with an eyeliner that extends past the tip of the eyebrow.

23. Spicy Girl

Our next piece of sims 4 makeup custom content is the spicy girl collection that has a lipgloss, eyeshadow and highlighter that are super versatile.

The lipstick in this is so wonderful because it’s a lip gloss that is extremely subtle even in its most dramatic colours like blue it still looks subtle and beautiful.

The highlighter comes in a more silver tone as well as a more gold tone that can be found under face paint and adds highlight to your chin, the tip of your nose and the typical cheekbone area. The eyeshadow comes in twelve shades in both light pinks and more fun colours like yellow and blue.

24. Focus Highlighter

The focus highlighter is such a fun highlight option that works extremely well for maxis match sims and isn’t too dramatic where you couldn’t wear it as an everyday outfit.

This highlight goes on your sim’s nose and a bit on the top of your sim’s lips for a great look!

The best part of this is that there are light and bright options so you don’t have to have it be too intense for every sim giving you some great customization options.

25. The 4Ever Collection

There’s nothing more fun for me than when creators decide to take modern trendy palettes and turn them into custom content. The 4Ever Collection is actually inspired by Kylie Costmetic’s 2022 Valnetines collection and is so sweet.

This set features a gorgeous 15 swatch eyeshadow palette, a 25 swatch eyeliner, a blush, a highlight a lipstick and a lip gloss. It really does cover all the bases and comes in such sweet colours for your sim’s wedding, a date night or just a regular day in their life.

26. Eyeshadow N43

Our next option is definitely unique, Eyeshadow N43 is super interesting because it almost looks wet or shiny which you don’t see very often. It’s super interesting because it looks like light is almost bouncing off of it in a really cool way.

This one comes in twelve different swatches including some cool reds, pinks, and purples as well as a couple more neutral options for your more everyday looks.

27. Grande Coffee

Are you tired today? Well, you definitely need a sip of the Grande Coffee collection that is entirely named after coffee related items and is extremely neutral and beautiful.

This set features eyeliner, eyeshadows, lipsticks, highlights and even custom eyes to make your sim’s even more unique than ever before.

This is the type of custom content that looks great on maxis match sims but can also work extremely well for alpha lovers or hybrid simmers.

28. Emelia Lipstick

The Emelia Lipstick is a great option for a semi-glossy look that isn’t too in your face. This one comes in sixteen swatches from really light neutrals to very bright pinks and purples for your sims to express themselves.

These are also available for both masculine and feminine tagged sims which is great because it allows you to have your sims express themselves without having to change settings.

Final Thoughts

Using these gorgeous pieces of sims 4 makeup cc is going to completely change how your sims look. Let’s be honest, the vanilla game makeup is bad even the Mac Cosmetics collaboration wasn’t good so we can’t trust EA to make us proud. These creators are doing the lords work making this beautiful makeup for your sims. Happy Playing!

Are you looking for more fun mods and custom content to download? Check out these collections too!

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