25+ Sims 4 Male CC Sweaters You Need in Your Game

When the weather is cooler IRL or in The Sims 4 you definitely want to throw a sweater on to keep cozy. There are so many gorgeous sims 4 male cc sweaters out there for you to add to your mods folder and these include things like half-zips, cardigans and even holiday sweaters.

Sweaters are great because they can be added to any pair of bottoms and immediately make your sims look extremely fashionable but also comfortable which is perfect. When they’re paired with a gorgeous custom hairstyle your sims will be the talk of the town!

The Most Stylish Sims 4 Male CC Sweaters

Half-Zip Sweater

The perfect top for a chilly day!

This sweater is easy to take on and off with its a short zipper and a stand up collar that also keeps your neck warm. The sweater is made from a soft wool that is comfortable to wear all day long and comes in a variety of block patterns and colours, so your sims can find the perfect match for their outfit.

The long sleeves keep the arms warm, while the relaxed fit ensures that they will feel stylish whether they are heading to the office or out on a date. Your sims always have the perfect choice for a fashionable and practical outfit with that chic half-zip sweater.

A sim with rosy cheeks wearing a colour block tommy hillfiger sims 4 male cc sweater

Sven Sweater

The Sven sweater is a perfect choice for anybody who wants to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. The high quality Merino wool fabric will keep your sim warm all winter long, while its natural resistance against wrinkles makes this piece durable enough that they can wear it everywhere from work or school in addition to travel!

The sweater has long sleeves, features a wide white block over the chest area, and a rounded collar for a classic look. You also have four color options: black a staple to make any outfit complete, two shades of grey, ideal to wear with jeans and navy blue as an alternative to black.

 Whether your sims are looking for a cozy sweater to wear around the house or a stylish piece to complete their outfit, this piece is a great choice.

The same sim twice with a striped sweater

Daisy Chain Sweater

The Daisy Chain Sweater is the perfect wardrobe for any guy. It features a variety of colours and refreshing patterns, including wide range pastels which not only look great during springtime but also keep your sim warm on those cooler days!

It falls down just right so that your sim can wear this comfy sweater over jeans or shorts without worrying about being too exposed–and there’s no need to worry when they get chilly because the light weighed wool feels cozy on the skin.

The long sleeves are stylish while staying true to their form and the loose fit makes moving freely very easy yet still creates a fashionable outfit; plus who wouldn’t want something with such unique patterning?

Four sims standing in long sleeve sweaters with patterns like flowers or cow print

Halloween Pullover Sweater

The Halloween Pullover is the perfect way to keep your Sims cozy during the cooler months and help them to get into a spooky spirit.

This Sweater is sure to become a wardrobe staple. Made from soft wool, it comes in a variety of colours and Halloween patterns to suit every taste. The sweater has a rounded collar and long sleeves, and sits just below the waist for a comfortable, form-fitted look. So whether your Sims are heading out trick-or-treating or just want to spread some Halloween spirit, they will have a chic sweater to wear.

Three sims wearing halloween themed sweaters with patterns like cats, or eyes or pumpkin faces

Folie A Deux Sweaters

This Folie A Deux Sweater comes in different colours and patterns to choose from, whether your sims want a subtle or more eye-catching look. This piece features a rounded or v-neck collar and can come with either long or short sleeves. It sits below the waist, making it perfect for pairing with any style of pants.

It has a loose fit that also allows your sims to layer the sweater over a dress- or t-shirt. The wool material is breathable and will keep them comfortable in spring or fall without being too warm. The Folie A Deux Sweater is a great choice to make a statement on a regular work day or when staying comfortable while running errands.

Two sims standing in different sweaters

The Bathtub Sweater

The Bathtub Sweater is a unique and stylish piece, that is sure to capture attention. It uses four main colours to create a variety of patterns, giving it an uplifting and colourful style. The close rounded collar and form fitted design sits comfortably on the hips, while the long sleeves provide warmth and coverage.

The mix of cotton and wool makes the sweater breathable and provides a relaxed wearing experience, even in the cooler months. Whether your sims is dressing up for a special occasion or just looking to add a pop of colour to the everyday wardrobe, the Bathtub Sweater is the perfect choice.

A long sleeve sweater with a fun pattern with geometric shapes

Fall Cardigans

The Men’s Fall Cardigan is a versatile piece that can transition from a relaxed style to a more formal look. This item comes in a variety of colours and patterns, allowing your sim to create a unique look for any occasion. When buttoned up, the cardigan features a v-neck collar, and the long sleeves can be rolled up for a more casual look.

The regular-fitted design is meant to be worn unbuttoned, so they can show off the shirt worn underneath. It is made from wool, providing a warm and comfortable layer for chilly days. Whether they are headed to the office or out for a night on the town, the Men’s Fall Cardigan is a great option for creating a stylish ensemble.

Three sims wearing a cardigan over a long-sleeve v neck shirt

Victor Turtleneck Sweater

Even though the sweater features a classic style it is still a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. It comes in 20 colours, and its form-fitting design looks great tucked in or left out. This fashionable piece has a one layered turtle neck and long sleeves which provide warmth and coverage, without making your sims sweat.

The wool fabric designs a clean, stream-lined look which creates that classy appearance and makes it ideal to wear it at the office or on a casual evening out.

Two sims wearing a ribbed long sleeve turtleneck sweater

Christmas Male CC Sweaters

What’s not to love about a men’s Christmas sweater? This sweater comes in a variety of colours and patterns and the round collar and long sleeves are classic sweater details that keep you warm and comfortable all season long.

The form-fitting silhouette enhances the masculinity, while the fun and uplifting holiday style creates a festive atmosphere. They are not ugly Christmas sweaters, but a stylish piece that creates an eye catching holiday outfit.

Whether your sims prefer a traditional Christmas motif or a more modern design, these sweaters are sure to make them look their best.

Four sims wearing various versions of a Christmas sweater with snowflakes, trees and gingerbread men

Jerry Sims 4 Male CC Sweater

Here we have another classic men’s sweater which comes in different colours, but mostly features earth tones with no patterns.

Its round collar and long sleeves give it a classic look while the leather patches on the shoulders add a touch of luxury to it.The sweater is loose fitted and falls comfortable on the hips. 

The ribbon knitted pattern enhances the classic style while it still creates a relaxed outfit. This piece is perfect for layering during the colder months or wearing on its own during the spring and summer. Your sims will have an ideal sweater to throw on when running to the grocery store or taking care of other errands. It sure is a versatile piece that will keep your sims looking sharp at any occasion.

A ribbed texture sweater with a different fabric on their shoulders

Stars Everywhere Sweater

The eye catching sweater comes in a striking grey colour with intricate white stars all over. The short notched lapel collar with two decorative buttons give it a sophisticated look. While the long sleeves are perfect for the colder months the light weighed wool will not make your Sims feel too hot.

The sweater is regular fitted and falls comfortable on the hips, making it both stylish and cozy to wear. For a versatile look, your Sim can pair the it with a white t-shirt worn underneath. Whether they are dressing for work or for leisure, this sweater is sure to make a statement.

A sweater that is knitted with stars all over it in a brown/grey colour

Knitwear Sims 4 Male CC Cardigan

Here we introducing a perfect sims 4 male cc sweaters option, a cardigan for men that can be worn everyday. It is the perfect piece for your Sim’s when dealing with busy college days or the office business. It comes in two colours. The white colour one with the blue trim and sleeves looks fresh and is perfect for spring and cooler summer days. Whereas the red one with the black trim and sleeves makes your Sim look stylish once fall has arrived. Let them wear this cardigan buttoned up with a shirt and tie underneath for a more formal look, or have them go all casual while wearing it open.

A sim with white hair wearing a college knitwear cardigan with college emblem

Cashmere Funnel Neck CC Male Sweater

Look at this beautiful, high-quality Cashmere Sweater featuring a casual but elegant look. It has a short zipper in the front and a stand-up collar, keeping your male Sim cozy. With a choice of 20 colours they can find the perfect piece for them and the long sleeves will keep them comfortable on cold days.

It features a regular fit and leaves enough space for a shirt worn underneath, while the sweater itself falls loose on the hips. Look no further if you are looking for a high quality and luxurious sweater they can wear for any occasion.

Two sims wearing a cashmere funnel neck sweater with polo shirt underneath

Classy Sims 4 Male CC Cardigan

This cardigan is perfect for the Sim who wants to add a touch of classic elegance to their look, but still prefer a touch of a sportive note to their wardrobe. It’s made from a rich purple knit, with a darker purple trim and features a v-neck, round medium sized buttons, and long sleeves.

The style is somewhat more fitted but there’s still plenty of room for shirts to be worn underneath. With this outfit they can forego the formal blazer and still be in style at any occasion.

A sim standing in a cardigan, his hair is high and fluffy and has some facial hair

Simple T-Shirt With Cardigan

This simple t-shirt with a cardigan sweater is perfect for the young modern Sim. They can chose between three colours and patterns. The blue cardigan has a dark blue pattern and grey trim, while the yellow and black cardigan has a greyish white pattern and trim.

They all feature round medium buttons, long sleeves, and a wider ribbed end seam on the sleeves and cardigan itself, making them look stylish and modern. Those cardigans are preferred by the Sim opting for a hip look, but still be presentable and chic with an everyday outfit. 

Three of the same sim wearing a patterned cardigan over a t-shirt in The Sims 4

Merino Wool Long Cardigan

This high quality cardigan is made of Merino wool which will keep your Sim warm and comfortable on those cold winter days. It comes in 4 colours and 4 unique knitting patterns, and features an uneven seam ending just above the knees. 

There are no buttons on the straight rim in the front because it is supposed to be worn open, and with the long sleeves pushed up to a three quarter style. Have your Sims wear this cardigan with a turtleneck, jeans and sneakers for a casual look or let them style it with dress pants and shoes and a black or grey turtleneck for a “bad-ass” style. This addition to their wardrobe will make sure they will not be overlooked.

Four sims wearing a cardigan made of wool that is over a turtleneck

Sweater with Buttons

This fine knit cardigan comes in black, blue, olive and a rich dark red. It has a deep V-neck and small buttons along the framed trim, which are supposed to be buttoned up. It has long sleeves and a form fitted style that shows off a tight figure.

The cardigan ends just mid hip. The last button needs to be open to complete the stylish but sexy casual look. This outfit is the ideal look for the Sim who wants to show his rebellious but charismatic side.

Four different male sims who are wearing a very deep v sweater with buttons and a small pocket in The Sims 4

Smart Fashion VIII

This Smart Fashion VIII sweater for Sims 4 men is a festive patterned cardigan with a deep V-neck. It comes in three colours, blue, yellow and grey and has elegant dark grey buttons along the trim. The long sleeves have the same grey ribbed hem as the cardigan itself, which ends just mid hip. It’s a stand out style that will keep your Sims looking sharp during all seasons. 

It is festive enough to be worn to a casual office Christmas party as well as the Easter walk with the family. A comfortable piece for the established Sim. 

Three versions of the same sim wearing a white button down shirt underneath a sims 4 cc sweater

Knitted Cardigan

There is nothing more versatile than a grey cardigan to spruce up any wardrobe. This piece comes in two grey tones, featuring a loose fit and long sleeves. The two pockets in the front provide space for glasses or the phone, but also add a touch of coziness.

The knitting pattern is a slightly rustic style. The cardigan falls below the hip area, keeping the back covered and warm. Round buttons matching the colour of the trim add a subtle touch which completes the air of comfortability. This piece can be worn in a classic style or soften an all black outfit. You’ll definitely want to add this to your sims 4 male cc sweaters folder!

The same male sim who has a neck tattoo wearing a knitted sweater with buttons and pockets in The Sims 4

Holiday Cardigan

This Holiday Cardigan is the perfect festive sweater for Sims 4 men. It comes in eight different Holiday pattern and features a country style, with a thick knit, and a contrast coloured rim. The rustic toggle buttons along the front enhance the Christmassy appearance, making it perfect for any festive occasion.

The long sleeves and regular fitted style provide a comfortable and stylish look, while the deeper V-neck Naple Collar adds a touch of class. The sweater ends just mid hip, making it a relaxed and comfortable outfit.

Three different male sims wearing a christmas themed cardigan sweater in The Sims 4

Fall Sims 4 Male CC Cardigans

This is a relaxed and elegant sweater for Sims 4 men, and even though the style is similar to the Holiday Cardigans, it is indeed more elegant than rustic. It is made of a warm knit fabric and features a deep Naple V-neck Collar. The rustic toggle buttons in front add a touch of detail, while the long sleeves keep you warm on those cool autumn days.

Have your Sim wear a T-Shirt underneath either in a matching colour or a nice contrast tone to keep a light appearance.The cardigan is form fitted and ends just below the waistline.The eight rich earth tone colours will help your Sim celebrating the golden autumn days.

Two different sims wearing scoop neck shirts underneath a knitted cardigan

Cashmere Blend Sims 4 CC Cardigan

A deep-v neck, form-fitted cardigan. It is made from a cashmere blend making it easy to care for. It is available in two different light grey and blue tones and has four round beige buttons in the front. The two small pockets with a blue rim and the emblem on the chest area add a flair of elegance.

But the three quarter long sleeves keep the style sportive and the cardigan itself ends just below the waist line. Let your Sim wear the cardigan directly on the skin for a more sensual appearance enhancing your Sim’s masculinity. 

Two of the same sim wearing a cardigan buttoned up with nothing underneath

Sweater With Scarf

This sweater is perfect for the Sim who wants to keep warm during the cooler months. It is form fitted and has a round neck collar. The cable knit pattern gives it a stylish look and comes in six colours.

The contrasting scarf adds a touch of extra flair. The long sleeves make it perfect for those chilly days, and the sweater falls just mid hip, providing ample coverage. It is the ideal piece for the male character in your game, who wants to forego the fall jacket.

Three different sims wearing a sweater with a scarf

Floral Sweater

The next option in our list of sims 4 male cc sweaters is the Floral Sweater. It comes in eight colours, featuring a form fitted style with a round neck collar in a fine knit. The sweater has three horizontal blocks of flowers across it, but this does not take away from the masculinity of the style. 

The long sleeves provides warmth and the length which comes down to mid hip gives the coverage your Sim needs when the days become cooler. It is the perfect sweater for the Sim who feels comfortable to show a softer side and can be worn for work or leisure.

Three of the same male sim wearing a striped sweater where the stripes are a floral pattern in The Sims 4

Sweater with Striped Sleeves

This sweater for Sims 4 men is perfect for those who want to feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. It comes in six different colours, it’s form-fitted and has a round neck collar. The medium knit makes it comfortable to wear, and the solid color on the body is perfect for any outfit.

The special part are the long sleeves with block stripes in contrasting colours. They add a touch of personality and make you stand out from the crowd. The sportive style of this sweater fits many occasions, whether you’re going to work or just out with friends. So give your Sims 4 men a new look with this stylish and comfortable sweater.

Three different male sims wearing the same striped knit sweater where the arms are striped and the body is a single colour in The Sims 4

Wool Male CC Sweater

This is a rustic melange knitting pattern sweater in a rich grey tone. It features a solid dark grey colour block on top which extends to the long sleeves. The form fitted style features a Naple V-neck collar as well as five dark round buttons along the dark grey rim.

The style is relaxed and sportive, making your Sims look cool while keeping them warm. The wool and the thick knit will keep your Sims comfortable enough to have them wear it without a shirt underneath for a sexy look. Combine it with a matching hat and they are good to go.

Two versions of the same male sim wearing a beanie, earrings, and a button down wool sweater in The Sims 4

Christmas Sims 4 CC Turtleneck

Who says a Christmas sweater with stars cannot be suitable for men? This stylish Sweater for Sims 4 men is a thick, warm knit that comes in a variety of colours. It features a graphic Holiday pattern with stars that extends to the long sleeves and nothing about it is girly.

The material is easy to care for and will make it favourite for the Winter time. The sweater is loose-fitting and ends just below the waist, while the turtle neck adds to the comfort and warmth. The festive but sportive style is perfect for the casual Christmas Office party, your family gathering or a winter walk.

Two versions of the same male sim wearing a patterned knit christmas sweater in The Sims 4

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Male CC Sweaters

There are so many beautiful items out there for custom content and these sims 4 male cc sweaters are game-changing for me. The sweaters we have in the vanilla game are pretty boring so adding these to my game allows me to make my sims look so much more put together and gorgeous. Happy Playing!

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