Must-Have Sims 4 CC Skirts For Your Collection

If you managed to land here you are definitely a custom content lover and you’re probably searching for the perfect collection of sims 4 cc skirts. On this list you’ll find things like mini skirts, denim skirts and maxi skirts and none of them will disappoint, guaranteed.

The Most Adorable Sims 4 CC Skirts

Sour Candy Pleated Skirt

The first gorgeous skirt on this list is the beautiful sour candy pleated skirt. This skirt is a high-waisted mini skirt that shows off a lot of leg. The skirt has a thin band at the top and gorgeous pleats going down the skirt and the skirt is in a single colour.

You can pair this with so many looks from cute sweaters, to adorable crop tops and even with high boots or heels. It truly is very versatile!

The same character from The Sims 4 three times in a row. This sim is wearing a braid behind their back in the hair, a plain white tank top and a pleated mini skirt. The first sim's skirt is green, second is black with a fire pattern on the bottom and the third is red.

Marley Skirt

Our next skirt is a great option for teenagers to wear to school or to have worn by a mom around the house, truly can be worn by anyone. This skirt is high-waisted with four buttons going down the front and the skirt being a mid-thigh length.

This skirt is great because you can wear it with a simple tucked-in t-shirt or dress is up with a fancy sweater or blouse. It’s also awesome because its versatile with the kinds of shoes you can wear too, boots can make it better for fall or a pair of heels can dress it up for a night out.

The same sim three times in a row. They have bright red hair with a green bandana, a plain white tank top and a denim skirt in fun colours. One of the sim's skirts is copper, one is teal and one is red.

Mona Skirt

Adding a belt is one of my favourite ways to bring an outfit to the next level. It’s so simple but it can take you from just wearing your clothes to styling them. This skirt is great because it’s got pockets, and a gorgeous black belt with a silver buckle which matches just about everything.

Honestly, this is a great teenager skirt for them to wear to school with a simple tank top or a nice crop. This skirt comes in ten different swatches so you can match it to just about every outfit you want in the game.

The same sim three times. This sim has black hair with a headband that is burgundy. They are all wearing a black cropped tank top with a sweater over top that is super cropped, they are all wearing the same skirt in different colours.

Clover Sims 4 Skirt

There are simple skirts, and then there are simply perfect skirts. This skirt is incredible because it’s got all the details you need for it to be taken to that next level, with a beautiful belt, some chains connecting belt loops and an off kilter hem, you truly get all the vibes you need.

Wearing darker swatches of this skirt can take a more gothic turn, or you can wear a brighter swatch with a lighter top for a cool girl aesthetic that you’ll love.

A character from The Sims 4 with black hair in two braided pig tails. They are wearing gold earrings with stars and moons on them. For clothes they are all wearing the same black tank top as well as a skirt with layers, a belt, and a chain going around toward the back.

Eleven Sims 4 CC Skirt

The funny thing about fashion is that it always comes back around. These types of longer denim skirts used to be all the rage in the 90s and I remember wearing one to elementary school and loving it with my blue baby tee that said cutie on the chest.

This eleven skirt is amazing and goes past the knee with an off-kilter hemline making the bottom of the skirt more interesting. You’ll get denim swatches as well as some other colours to match with more fun outfits. Truly a gem!

The same character from The Sims 4 three times who has grey hair with pink on the ends. They are wearing a white cropped tank top with a longer than knee length denim skirt in three different colours.

Jessica Sims 4 Skirt

This style of slip skirt is such a classy look and can be worn in so many different ways for completely different aesthetics. These are fun because they come in both single colour swatches as well as some that are covered in fun patterns and styles.

You can wear this one with things like gorgeous sweaters or with a corset or crop top for a completely different vibe. The thing about slip skirts is that they are wearable by everyone, just depends on how you style them.

A sim with black hair that is shorter than shoulder length. This sim is wearing a tank top, with a silk slip skirt. This sims 4 character's cc skirt is green, the middle character's is white with black polka dots and the third sim's is blue.

Chelsea Skirt

If you liked the clover skirt above but don’t want to have the chains across, the Chelsea skirt is for you. This skirt has the same gorgeous off-kilter hemline, a nice neutral belt on the top and a beautiful plaid pattern.

My definite favourite swatch is going to be that gorgeous purple that can be worn in so many ways. I 100% used to be a purple girlie, maybe I should wear more purple. Anyway, this one is awesome and your sims are going to look so good wearing this!

This image contains the same sim three sims all posed differently. they all have their hair in a side braid and are all wearing the same cream coloured sweater tucked into a plaid skirt which they are all wearing in different colours.

Wildside Sims CC Skirt

The next option we have for incredible sims 4 cc skirts is the Wild Side Skirt. This one starts with a high-waist and a mini-length which is a super popular shape. There are buttons all down the front and adorable patterns to choose from.

If you love the shape of the skirt but don’t love the patterns, you can still get your hands on this! There are a bunch of single colour swatches with beautiful ribbing that are also must-haves in the game. Throw one of those on with a gorgeous custom cardigan and you’ll have a great outfit.

An image of the same character from The Sims 4 three times, this sim has brown hair parted down the middle with a slight wave and ring details and braids in it. They are all wearing a white tank top and different patterns of the same skirt.

Izzy Sims CC Skirt

Has a skirt ever looked more comfortable? This Izzy skirt looks so comfortable making it the perfect skirt for you to have your teenagers wear. This skirt would look so good with a nice tank top, or a fun graphic t-shirt.

This skirt has some ruching at the top all the way around and two layers that add so much. There are also 18 swatches to choose from letting you have a colour for literally every outfit, even neutral ones!

The same character from The Sims 4 three times. They have shoulder length black hair with two hair clips on one side. They are all wearing a white tank top with different colour variations of the same ruched skirt.

Birdie Sims 4 CC Skirt

The next option we have is this beautiful birdie mini-skirt with a fun belt. This one is fun because the patterns are super groovy and funky. The length of this is awesome because you can wear knee-high socks or fun tights to make it even more fun.

The birdie skirt is great because it has 25 solid colour swatches plus 20 patterns so there really is something for everyone. You’ll be able to find your favourite top, and there will be a birdie swatch to match!

The same sim three times, this sim has a white button down cropped shirt on with a patterned skirt. The first sim's pattern is a green groovy 70's pattern, the second is a green skirt with white flowers and the final one is a brown and white cow print.

Phia Sims 4 Skirt

Our next sims 4 cc skirts option is this gorgeous Phia skirt that I just wish I could touch. This skirt looks like the material is slightly shiny and would feel really cool when you rub your hand across it.

This one has a really simple skinny belt at the top of the skirt that brings it all together too. You’ll find 21 total swatches to choose from so there are colours for pretty much every top.

An image of the same sim three times, they have black hair that is straight. They are all wearing a white tank top with the same high waisted skirt in different colours.

Val Denim Sims CC Skirt

The fun thing about custom content creators is that they can take a simple concept like a denim skirt and elevate it in beautiful ways. This was done with this Val skirt by changing it from a straight hemline to a scalloped hemline for extra gorgeous.

This is such a fun way to bring a skirt to another level and it can be worn with so many different tops because the base of the skirt is so simple so you can truly bring it anywhere.

The same character from The Sims 4 three times, this sim is wearing a black cropped tank top and black sweater with a high waisted denim skirt. They are each wearing a different variation of this cc skirt, one in pink, one blue, one green.

Penelope Sims 4 CC Skirt

In the last few years there has been an increase in the use of pearls in fashion and decor and this skirt is such a great example of that. The little pearls on top of a monochrome pattern is such an interesting concept that I never would’ve thought I needed.

The skirt is a high-waist mini-skirt with a slight slit over the one leg which is just a gorgeous shape. Then, the skirt’s base is a monochrome pattern with small triangles in another shade of the same colour. It’s just a really beautiful concept that you need in your mods folder!

The same sim three times with black straight hair, they are wearing a white tank top. Each sim is wearing a high waisted skirt with a small slit that is mid-thigh length, and it has small pearls on it. each sim is wearing it in a different colour.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Skirts

There are just so many beautiful pieces of sims custom content out there for you to find and the hunt is just as fun as actually using these items in create-a-sim. These skirts are going to be game changing for your sims because throwing on a cute top and a skirt is such a good way to look gorgeous with minimal effort. Happy Playing!

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