20+ Sims 4 Pregnancy Poses to Get the Best Pregnancy Screenshots

Pregnancy is one of the most magical and wonderful things in the world but it feels like the experience in the sims is lacking. There are a few ways you can fix this, one being with pregnancy mods and the other being with sims 4 pregnancy poses that you can use to get the best screenshots and really celebrate your favourite new parents.

These custom poses are incredible because they are going to allow you to get all sorts of images of your sims holding onto their bumps, sharing the news with their partner and even taking beautiful images with their friends and family at a baby shower.

You’ll feel so much more connected to your sims and their pregnancy after adding these pregnancy poses to your game and you’ll actually look in your screenshots folder for once!

1. Piece of My Heart

Our first set of pregnancy poses is the piece of my heart set that features a gorgeous Ophelia Bathroom Tub where your sim will be sitting.

There are a variety of poses where your sim is holding onto their stomach while sitting on the edge of the tub, or sitting in the bath tub while holding on their stomach.

These poses are beautiful and end up feeling super romantic and beautiful if you add florals around the bathtub or have a gorgeous rug underneath.

2. Couquett Pregnancy Poses

The pregnancy poses pack by Couquett has pretty much everything you need from a pregnancy pack and features all the poses you’d love to see.

There are poses with your sim holding a pregnancy test with their hand over their face in excitement, poses of your sim laying on the ground with one leg up holding onto their stomach and standing poses holding their belly.

These are great and can be taken in either a bathing suit, your favourite dress or some comfy clothes for a more laid back look.

3. Couples Pregnancy Pose Pack

Of course we couldn’t create this list without having a set of poses for the couple to do together and this pregnancy pose pack does not disappoint.

The cutest pose in this pack is definitely the one with the non-pregnant sim down on one knee with their other leg extended both hands on the belly and giving it a kiss and this is the type of screenshot you’d cherish from your favourite family.

There are also poses with the non-pregnant sim behind the pregnant sim and their hands on the belly as the pregnant sim looks at them, and one where they’re facing each other and the non-pregnant sim is kissing the pregnant sim on the forehead. So adorable!

4. Pregnancy Yoga

If you have a sim who is really into their wellness skill and loves to do yoga you should definitely try out this pose pack.

The pregnancy yoga pose pack has so much fun poses with 12 included where you can get this sim to do all sorts of fun yoga poses for amazing images.

These are fun and you can take them in any kind of background, inside with a cute wallpaper and carpet or outdoors in front of some trees and flowers, so adorable!

5. 10+1 Pregnancy Poses

Our next pose pack is the 10+1 pregnancy poses that gives you a handful of amazing options for your next photoshoot.

There is such a variety that there are six poses for your sim standing and looking from every direction, two with your sim sitting down and two with your sim laying so you can really get any angle you want.

It even has an 11th pose for the couple where the non-pregnant sim is standing behind the pregnant sim holding their belly and you’re looking at them from the side as the pregnant sim looks at the camera, really gorgeous!

6. Pregnancy Pose Pack 3

The pregnancy pose pack 3 is a great collection with five poses to try out for your next pregnant sim.

These poses are extremely sweet and work amazingly with a sim wearing a cute floral dress but can also look super gorgeous if your sim is in lingerie.

The cutest one is definitely the pose where you see the sim from the side and they have one foot flat on the floor and the other with the knee bent slightly while they hold onto their belly and have the most adorable smile!

7. The Other Side of Pregnancy

Any person who has been pregnant knows that it is not all sunshine and rainbows and much of the time you’re in pain and struggling with feeling absolutely awful.

That’s why you need the other side of pregnancy because it gives you poses to show off those harder moments.

This pose pack has poses where your partner will help them off the couch, give them a foot rub and just support them in adorable ways. There are also poses where your sim just looks like they’re in pain which is a common thing in pregnancy!

8. A Dogs Love Pose Pack

Are you a dog lover? If yes, you absolutely need the a dogs love pose pack to take images with your sims best friend.

Your dog is a part of your family, not just an animal and deserves to have gorgeous images taken with the pregnant sim too!

These poses have your pregnant sim have their hand on the belly with another hand on the dog and it really just shows how much your sim loves their dog and knows the dog will love their future baby!

9. Pregnancy Progression

Being able to take images that show off the progression of your sim’s pregnant is so much fun so you can see how they looked in all of the different stages including after birth.

The pregnancy progression pack lets you make this happen and take images in each trimester and includes a pose where you can be holding your baby after the fact.

My favourite photo is the first trimester photo at six weeks where your sim has one hand on their belly but the other hand is holding a sonogram photo to really show off their pregnancy in a cute way, even before the bump is huge.

10. Oh Baby, We’re Expecting

Being able to show off that you’re pregnant with your partner by your side is absolutely adorable and this oh baby, we’re expecting set is a great way to do that.

This set includes 3 poses where in each your sim is holding a polaroid accessory where they’re showing off the fact that they’re pregnant!

The first pose has the pregnant sim sitting and the other sim standing with their hand on their leg, there’s another with both standing and one where it looks like the non-pregnant sim is holding the pregnant sim up, all super adorable and can work with so many different outfits.

11. Pregnancy Pose Pack 2

Our next set of sims 4 pregnancy poses is the pregnancy pose pack 2 that is a great option for beautiful and simple images. These have 3 where your sims and standing up and holding their belly in two of them and one with their hands crossed over their chest.

There are two gorgeous poses here where the sim is sitting down, one with legs crossed and hands on the belly and one with one leg extended and a hand on the belly and these are such a fun way to show it off.

12. Couquett Pregnancy Pose II

If you’re looking for a set of poses that are a little more dramatic, the pregnancy pose II pack is a good option. This pack needs you to download a cube for your sims to sit on in many of the images but this makes them so modern and interesting compared to them just sitting on a basic chair from the game.

The most dramatic and interesting one is definitely the pose where the sim is literally laying on the floor with their knees bent in the air and one hand on their stomach, in the right outfit this is an absolutely gorgeous screenshot opportunity!

13. Baby Shower Pose Pack

Most of the custom poses on this list are just featuring the pregnant sim and sometimes include their partner but this pack allows you to take images with everyone you love!

The baby shower pose pack is amazing because it lets you get your sims all dolled up like they’re attending a baby shower and take photos with their pregnant friends and family members.

The poses are beautiful with the pregnant sim being in the middle with different numbers of sims making different faces and holding the belly in different ways. Great images for showing off the extended family during this happy time.

14. Hello 3d Trimester Poses

Our next set of poses is perfect for your sims when you are reaching the end of your pregnancy. This set of 3rd trimester poses is so beautiful and is made for when your sim has a large belly.

There are five beautiful poses with one of them even having your sim sitting on the floor with their legs off to the side and it just looks so gorgeous!

The cutest pose in this pack is definitely the one where the pregnant sim is standing facing the camera with their hands over their belly in a heart shape which just shows how much you already love your future sim kid.

15. Portrait Studio Poses

Are you looking toward getting some more professional looking images of your sims where it actually looks like you went to a professional studio? Then you need portrait studio poses!

This is an incredibly huge set of poses with 24 poses to choose from where you can bring in so many members of your family. It features poses with just the couple, poses with your children and poses with your toddlers so you can involve everyone!

There is even a pose for two pregnant sims to stand together so if you have your sim’s sibling or best friend pregnant at the same time you can get some gorgeous screenshots with them too!

16. Plus Size Pregnancy Poses

The worst thing about custom poses is that a lot of them don’t function properly if your sim isn’t stick thin. If you use any of the sims 4 pregnancy poses listed above you’ll find that sometimes your heavier sims are going to have their hands going through parts of their stomachs and the poses just looking odd.

The plus size pregnancy poses pack is amazing because it is created with these sims in mind and allows your plus size beauties to have their own pregnancy photos made just for them.

These poses are beautiful and have your sims sitting or standing in various positions with a hand on their belly or a perfect pose with them on an angle with one hand on their side. Absolutely beautiful for your plus size sims.

17. Fantasy Pregnancy

Is your sim too cool for traditional pregnancy photos? The fantasy pregnancy pack is so fun and lets you have something that’s completely different than ever before.

These are so unique and let your sims look like greek goddesses, pose like mermaids and even take a gorgeous image with a horse when we don’t even have horses in the game yet!

These are the types of images you’d die for and they are so fun and different and are for the quirky sims.

18. Us 3 Pose Pack

The Us 3 Pose Pack may actually be the best set of couple images for your future parents! This pack features a set of five poses that show the love between the future parents and really show off that baby bump.

There are three poses where your sims are both standing with the non-pregnant sim in different positions like standing behind the sim and off to their side and their hands touching the baby belly in different ways.

There are even two gorgeous images where your non-pregnant sim is down on their knees either kissing or listening to their partner’s belly. The pregnant sim just looks happy and beautiful in each image and you’ll love these!

19. Pregnancy Test Pose Pack

Getting that positive pregnancy test is a huge moment in your sim’s lives but not all sims are going to be extremely excited about it, some will be a little scared or upset when they see this.

That’s why the pregnancy test pose pack is an amazing one because it lets you tell more of a story with your screenshots by showing how your sim was really feeling the moment they found out about the future baby.

There are of course a couple where the sim is smiling too because many are excited in this moment but it really shows off the interesting sets of reactions that can happen!

20. Pregnancy Test

The moment of telling your partner that you’re pregnant is a big deal and the system in the game is pretty boring. The pregnancy test pose pack is an amazing choice where you can get cute pictures of your pregnant sim telling their partner about the future addition to the family.

These are so gorgeous and the look on the pregnant sim’s face is so serious but also excited at the same time and the set of images ends with an adorable excited hug between the two!

21. It’s Time Pose Pack

Of course you want to take beautiful images with their pregnant bellies before the big day but what if you want images as you are being wheeled away to have the baby? The It’s Time Pose Pack is what you need for those fun images of your sim getting ready to give birth.

These are fun because it doesn’t just involve the couple but can involve another part of your friends or family too, and everyone looks just a little bit stressed, as they should.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully someday EA will improve the overall pregnancy and giving birth experience in The Sims 4 so we don’t need things like pregnancy mods and all of these sims 4 pregnancy poses in our games just to enjoy it. These poses will really let you connect to your sim while they are pregnant which will definitely get you more attached to your sim’s kids too. Happy Playing!

These sims 4 pregnancy poses are the best out there and these pregnancy pose packs are going to let you take better screenshots in The Sims 4 #sims4cc #sims4mods #simsmods

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