The BEST Sims 4 Christmas CC Nails To Elevate Your Sims Look

Getting your nails done is one of those moments where you just feel like a different person, especially if you get them done for a specific holiday. These Sims 4 Christmas CC Nails are so much fun because you can use them to take your sim’s best Christmas Outfits to the next level and make them look so gorgeous in their looks.

The Best Sims 4 Christmas CC Nails

Christmas Foil Accent Sims 4 CC Nails

If you’re looking to add some extra Christmas cheer to your Sims 4 nails, look no further than these 20 festive colours! From classic red and green to more unusual choices like silver and gold, there’s a shade to suit everyone’s style.

And what’s even better is that they come with a dazzling golden foil accent – perfect for elevating any outfit. Plus, they’re long lasting and have an excellent shine, so they will be able to show them off all season long.

A sim wearing tons of gold jewellery with long almond shape nails. Their sims 4 Christmas CC Nails are red with gold foils across them that make them look like a red and gold candy cane.

AF Nails N012

One of the best Sims 4 Christmas nail art is a stunning red and white stripped pattern on nails. The white stripes are matt while the red has a metallic shine, which creates the perfect Christmas mood.

The overall style is outstanding and long lasting, fitting a pointed nail best. It’s the perfect addition to any Santa Clause styled outfit!

A mannequin hand around a point bottle of red nail polish, the sims 4 christmas cc nails are a stiletto shape with candy cane stripes

Santa Nails

When you want to add some extra festivity to your Sims 4 look, nothing beats some well-done Christmas nails! These nails come in ten different colours, from a matte to a semi-shine finish, and all of them feature festive patterns like Santa faces or Christmas trees.

No matter what style they are wearing, these nails are sure to brighten their outfit up and get them into the holiday spirit!

A hand with long almond shape nails where the middle is plain white and the others are a santa face

Blue Snowflake Nails

If you’re looking for the perfect nails to complete your Sims 4 Christmas look, then you need to check out these amazing snowflake nails! The nails are painted in a pale, icy blue shade to really capture the winter feel, and then the snowflakes are attached with long lasting glue.

The nail colours comes in a variety of blue hues so you can match them to your Sim’s outfit. It is definitive a  festive nail style that will have all your Sim’s friends asking about the stylist. Let your Sims enjoy the enchanting look.

A still hand coming from the top of the screen. This hand has long sims 4 christmas cc nails in a stiletto shape that are covered in blue ombre nail polish and small snowflakes.

Candy Cane Christmas CC Nails

A Candy cane inspired nail does not have to be red and white, but can come in a variety of colours. Let your Sims add a fun and fresh appearance and have them match their make-up to that nail style. This nail art will look beautiful on a pointed nail as well as on an oval one.

So whether your Sims are dressing up for the holidays or just want something festive, these nails will add fun to any holiday wardrobe.

An image that looks like a newspaper about The Sims 4. The image has a sim with candy cane make up and matching candy cane nails.

Holiday Wonderland

This nail art for Sims 4 is stunning. The nails have an excellent shine, and the unique holiday manicure is perfect for your Sims. The Christmas nails come in 12 colours, and each one is beautiful in their own way.

The white artfully designed snowflakes in different styles add a touch of elegance to the nails, and look great with any outfit. These nails are perfect for the elegant Christmas party.

A hand with four fingers showing off some almond shaped sims 4 christmas cc nails. These nails are dark green with silver flakes ombre from the bottom and a large snowflake on the ring finger

Kyrstal’s Christmas Nails

Each nail is uniquely designed, adding up to a range of 10 different styles and patterns. Whether you want an understated look with a simple graphic design or something more eye-catching with mini-Christmas scenes and baubles, there is definitely something to fit everyone’s taste.

What’s more, the nails even feature festive touches such as twinkle lights or glimmering snow, giving your Sims that extra bit of Christmassy flair.

A set of ten hands showing off various versions of christmas nails, from candy canes, to snowflakes to lights.

AF Nails N013

Here is another option to give your Sims a festive style for their nails. This manicure has a soft, elegant look in shades of a light red while a darker tip provides a bit of contrast and also lets you create a Santa Claus hat to one of your nails.

Use the subtle way of this design to add a bit of Christmas cheer to your Sim’s look. They can even keep wearing their nails after the Holiday Season has come and gone!

A hand surrounding a spiked bottle of nail polish. This hand has long almond shaped nails that are pink with little santa hats

Snowflake Sims 4 CC Nails

The lovely 20 shades in this set are perfect for any outfit, formal or casual. The bigger snowflake foil gives a beautiful and striking look to your nails, while the tiny ones add a touch of whimsical enchantment.

Whether your Sim is dressing up for a Christmas party or just wants to add a festive touch to their everyday look, these nails will help them feel the magic of the season. They will love them so much, that they want to wear them as a winter nail even after the Christmas season.

A sim with red hair and red lip stick showing off both of their hands. On their hands are shorter almond shaped nails with sparkles and snowflakes.

Christmas Sweater Sims 4 CC Nails

What could be more festive than having your nails done in a Christmas sweater pattern? Your Sims can choose their favourite style and colour, and design their nails in a cozy but festive look.

They come in 12 colours, so your Sim can choose the perfect one to match their outfit, or just add a creative accessory to their wardrobe. This nail art is suitable for both, the male and female Sim, so everyone can enjoy this fun and festive look.

A sim who has christmas sweater themed finger nails

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more fun than getting a new set of nails, especially around the holidays. Your sims will look so adorable when wearing these super fun Sims 4 Christmas CC Nails. You can have a different type of custom nails for every occasion too. Happy Playing!

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