50+ Sims 4 Male Hair CC Options You Need to Try

We get a lot of content in The Sims 4 but most of the time we get so much more feminine tagged content than masculine and that leaves us needing some sims 4 male hair cc choices to add to our game. Having these options is so necessary to create characters that you’ll actually want to play with.

We really do need more hair mods in the game and having these custom content options for your male sims is a game changer!

Short Sims 4 Male Hair CC Options

Our first category for sims 4 male hair cc is short hair, which is the most common type created by custom content creators so there are quite a few. These range from super short, to a bit longer and even a few curly hair options too!

David Hair

This is a tried and true classic burst fade style, reminiscent of the legacy of the Abercrombie and Finch aesthetic. Does your sim like to sail, and winter in Vermont? Does he have a sizeable trust fund? With “David Hair”, he’ll certainly be turning heads!

A sim with a red shirt and short red hair.

Pedro Hair

Tussled loose waves, and a certain “short hair don’t care” vibe, this hairstyle is for the sim that wants to be attractive and modern without trying too hard. It is neither too short nor too long, and the beachy waves give a laidback feel. He may not have a driver’s license, but he can certainly surf the waves!

A smirking sim with brown eyes and thick eye brows with a short cc hair for males.

That Trio Sims 4 CC Hairs

Why choose one when you can have all three? We love a good deal, and this trio is packed with style and value. Each hairstyle carries the current trend of the burst fade, styling with more volume on the top, with a fade or shorter cut on the sides. There is something for everyone here, from voluminous blonde curls, to a sleek fade or slicked back hair. Can we have the contact for their brows, too?

Three sims with different hairstyles that are posing together in bomber jackets.

Sylvester Hair

Gossip girl here. Could a sim channel any more “Chuck Bass” energy? This style screams Upper East Side with its carefully coiffed locks, and the strategic loose pieces that give it an effortlessly cool vibe. We can see him sporting this look on the Italian Riviera, to the back of his Dad’s limo.

A male sim looking at you over their oval glasses while wearing a brown turtle neck.

Jacob Hair

Although it isn’t 2020 anymore (yes!), Tiger King is still enjoying its moment with “Jacob Hair”. We love this fresh and elevated take on the mullet, this time featuring the “party” in the front, and “business” in the back. There’s a new cat in town. Watch out, Carole Baskin!

A sim with slight facial hair in a green shirt.

Yuji Hair

Not everyone can pull off such a fun look, but “Yuji Hair” is for the sim that lives life on the edge. He isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, and knows how to take a stand with his appearance. If the pink isn’t speaking to you, you can chose from 16 other color options. Conform? Never.

A sim looking down who has two-tone hair with pink at the top.

Fabio Hair

Who doesn’t love luscious blonde locks? Give your sim some serious flow with this style that will charm any sim. We love that this hairstyle is a medium length, and offers some more wavy hair varieties. Let your sim channel his inner diva with this hair that’s meant to be seen!

A sim with curly blonde hair and a grey sweater.

Mosie Hair

The trope “tall, dark, and handsome” exists for a reason. This straight, black haired style almost reminds us of the Nick Carter middle part that took the 90s storm. We’re glad to see it make a comeback! Maybe your sim can’t quite keep a tune, but with this hair, he’ll be able to draw the interest of the crowds!

a sim with wispy black hair and a thin beard.

Chandler Hair

“Chandler Hair” is another great medium-length option, and again sports a vintage middle part that we can’t get enough of. We especially love that it is available in a variety of colors that can dramatically change the look of your sim. This style is the perfect blend of volume and waves.

A sim wearing a green sweater with blonde hair and a brown beard.

Joseph Hair

There is so much to love about this style. These medium-length, dirty blonde waves give off their own air of smoldering romance. We love the part down the middle, and the layers framing the face will complement any sim!

A sim with a collared shirt, a necklace and a short curly hair.

Marco Hair

“Marco Hair” gives off a scandi vibe that we absolutely love. Is your sim going to rock out with their own Eurovision contest ballad? We sure hope so! The medium length is so youthful and fun, with layers and a middle part that is keeping up with current trends. We also love the platinum blonde tone, and how the strands have movement with that “swept to the sides” look. 10 out of 10 for us!

A male sim in The Sims 4 who is wearing an orange sweater and has gold earrings.

Glenn Hair

Yes Glenn. Another fun and modern burst fade offered in a range of colors you will be sure to love. You can really be expressive with this style, with the fun wavy spikes on the crown of the head. We especially love the vibrant color choice of this sim, since his hair almost looks like it’s on fire!

A sim with a slit in their eye brown with bright red hair and a yellow jacket.

Julian & Edward Sims 4 CC Hairs

Two chic looks in one. Since we can’t choose which style we love more, thankfully we can have both! “Julian” and “Edward” hair offer similar vibes, yet are so different at the same time. We love the tones of the brunette and blonde locks respectively, and the side swept flow has us swooning.

Two cc hair options for your male sims in The Sims 4 with one sim having a bumble bee on their chest.

Max Hair

We love Max, simply because it is so familiar, yet trendy at the same time. Again, this style is keeping up with current burst fade trend, having some serious, gorgeous volume at the top, with a closer, sleek cut on the sides. We also love this deep chocolate brown color that has so much depth and dimension to it.

A sim with brown hair, brown eyes and a brown beard.

Trip Hair

There is so much to love about this gorgeous and fun burst fade style. The fade on the side really compliments the shape of any sims face, accentuating the jaw line. The voluminous waves at the top add more dimension and texture, while the ombre fades from blonde to pink give so much style to your sim. We love that you can also mix and match different colors to find a style that works best for you!

A sim with a fade and curly hair that is blonde and pink.

Carmine Hair

This is such a nice style, and we love that it is so different from other popular cuts that we are seeing so much of. “Carmine” hair is packed with volume at the top and front, and the jet black tone has us lost in its abyss. We also love the the sleek cut in the back. Overall, Carmine here is pulling off some kind of elegant version of DJ Pauly D’s iconic hair.

A sim wearing a dress shirt, vest and tie with black hair.

Adonis Hair

A hairstyle that is sure to add more fuel to the fire between millennials and gen z, this hairstyle is reminding every millennial that they are seriously out of touch, and need to be investing in a face cream regimen (if they aren’t already). “Adonis” hair is for the sim that loves to be in the headlines and push boundaries. We love the combo of both masculine and feminine energy.

A sim with short dreads who has small flowers in their hair.

Leo Hair

“Leo Hair” is another stylish option for your sim. We love the side swept look with the side part, and the chocolate waves are so voluminous. The beach waves are really speaking to us, and your sim will always seem chill and relaxed with this option!

A sim wearing a yellow patterned shirt and round glasses

Jakob Hair

There is so much to love about “Jakob Hair”. Neither a side part, nor straight down the middle, this style offers something different in terms of how it falls and shapes the face. The length is a great option, as it is neither too short nor too long, and the layers a body of the hair really accentuate the face of your sim. Did we mention we love the color, too?

A sim with short brown hair and slight facial hair wearing a plaid shirt.

Elio Hair

This style is equally gorgeous and trendy. The blonde color is a showstopper, and the voluminous curls at the top are begging to be seen. We love the mysterious and nonchalant aura of this cut, and how the hair is just almost falling in the eyes of the sim. Swoon.

a sim with bright green eyes and curly blonde hair.

Matthew Hair

We absolutely love having more curly haired options in a variety of colors, and “Matthew Hair” does not disappoint. We love how this style shapes the face, with more volume and curls on the top, yet we still get some curls framing the sides of the head. The deep, chocolate brown hues are the perfect brown, and we love the way these fun curls poke through. We love that there is a femme version included as well!

A sim with transparent glasses and curly hair.

Jackson Hair

“Jackson Hair” is another medium length wavy option, with so many color options to choose from. You can’t go wrong with this look, and we love the swooping wavy strands that fall away from the face. These flowing locks offer style and glamour to any sim!

A sim with dimples wearing a brown shirt and blonde cc hair for male sims.

Dune Hairstyle

“Dune” hairstyle reminds us why Timothee Chalamet is taking Hollywood by storm in the movie of the same name- it’s all in the hair. Although your sim might not be able to channel his own premonitions and join the Fremen, this hairstyle will certainly have him feeling like a movie star.

A sim wearing a black shirt that is open in the chest and has green eyes and brown hair.

Long Sims 4 Male Hair CC Options

Long hair is definitely a vibe for your sims and creates a very stylistic option for your characters. Sims who have long options for male hair cc can be so gorgeous and way more interesting than characters like Johnny Zest.

Jacob Hair

While “Jacob Hair” is a common name, this style is anything but ordinary. There is something deeply mysterious and attractive about long, dark hair, and we just love the way this style shines and flows. There is a little wave, that isn’t calling too much attention, but adds the perfect little something to giving this hair lots of body and movement. Hats are welcome for additional style!

A sim with an eyebrow piercing and a beard who has a long sims 4 male hair cc option that is longer than shoulder length.

Ronnie Hair

Whoa. Now this is a hairstyle that turns heads. The ashy blonde, almost brown tone is simply just it for us. Not to mention the subtle waves, and we can’t get enough about the way the layers are defined and shape the face. This sim belongs on the cover of a harlequin romance novel.

Long hair on a sim who is wearing a tie dye shirt.

Eddie Hair

Fan favorite Eddie Munson has taken the Stranger Things fandome by storm, and we won’t be surprised to see people and sims alike emulating his iconic, 80s rock style. Lead your friends on a D and D mission straight into the upside down with these long, luscious locks. It will have to do, until we can maybe have an expansion pack!

A male sim in The Sims 4 who has curly hair and a small set of curly bangs.

80s Male Hairstyle

Another fun 80’s inspired hairstyle, we simply love the attention to detail with both the layers and the dimension of the blonde tone. It appears as though they have sun-kissed highlights with this style. If your aren’t looking for blonde, there are a variety of colors to choose from to find the perfect look for your sim!

A male sim in The Sims 4 who has long blonde hair with a bandana accessory across their head.

Derin Hair

“Derin Hair” simply steals the show for us. We are absolutely convinced that manbuns are glorious, and we love that we can have more options for Afro-textured hair. A ridiculously beautiful example of a burst fade style, the fade in the back is so sleek, and the accentuated part is just so gorgeous and perfectly aligned. The sim who rocks this look is really showing that he is stylish and chic.

The Sims 4. A male sim who has vitiligo and has their cc hair in a bun with the bun being textured and curly.

Quartz Hair

There’s something about a man with a ponytail. Is it romantic? Is it creepy? We may never really know, and who can say for sure. What we do know is that your sim will be dazzling with these long locks. The hair falling softly around the face is so well thought out, and we love how the creator kept lots of volume in the hair even though it is pulled back.

a sim who looks like a pirate with a set of curtain bangs as their cc hair and the rest is in a pony tail in the back of their head. The Sims 4.

Daryl Hair

There is so much movement happening in “Daryl Hair”, we just cannot get enough! Where is the part? Does it even matter? We love how the hair appears to be falling anywhere as this sim nonchalantly brushes it from his face while making latte art (we can just picture it). The layers are also so much fun and add so much dimension to this perfect look!

A male sim with a small smile who is wearing a blue button down and suspenders. Their cc hair is pushed back and shoulder length.

Eddie Hair

Not to be confused with Eddie Munson of Stranger Things, this version of “Eddie Hair” offers an entirely different type of long hair style. We love how these long locks are pulled back from the face in a half up half down style, but in such a relaxed way that it cannot be confused for bridesmaid hair. If you aren’t a fan of the dark color, why not go for another bold color choice?

A male sim in The Sims 4 with cc hair that shows off their ear including their single earring.

Barbaroza Hair

Goodness, where to begin with this glorious manbun. First of all, manbun. We could end there, but we won’t, as there is obviously so much more to be celebrated here. The color. This is such a gorgeous red/auburn tone, it reminds us of why October is the best month of all time as it calls on those beautiful natural hues we enjoy so much with the changing of the leaves. And my, if I’m not mistaken, is that a twist I see in the back, weaving it’s way into this delicious bun? Excuse us, we just can’t take our eyes away!

A sim with a red bun and a beard crossing their arms and staring into the camera.

Jonathan Hair

A tidier version of Kurt Cobain’s beloved 90s “Bed Head” trend, “Jonathan Hair” is really for the down-to-earth, alternative sim who values his alternative lifestyle. This look fits in at the local cafe and yoga studio, and will even hold well on that wellness trip to Bali! We love the platinum blonde tone with dimension through lowlights, and the movement in the layers is a nice touch. Namaste.

A sim avoiding eye contact with a brown beard and blonde hair. This sim has a burgundy shirt

Aaron Hair

There are so many reasons to love “Aaron Hair”. These blonde, long locks are for everyone, quite literally, as they are for both male and female sims. There is also something to be said about long hair that doesn’t read “Tarzan”, nor “Hillbilly”. We love an inclusive do that can keep up with the times.

A blonde sim with green eyes who has a cc hairstyle that is parted slightly off center.

Caracalla Hair

This style is so unique and desirable for so many reasons. The grey color remains trendy instead of aging due to its ashy tone, and again we love the buzz cut along the sides of the face to compliment any face shape. This gorgeous, long braid gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money. Who says edgy can’t be beautiful?

A male sim from The Sims 4 who is wearing a white tank top with a tropical button down and has a hair style with a long braid.

Adrian Hair

Adrian, Adrian, let down your long hair. These long and luscious locks certainly look strong and healthy enough to climb! The long layers add so much body, while the layers around the face prevent your sim’s cheeks from going undefined. The style is available in both frames, can be worn with a hat, and has 24 swatches. We love for our sims to be beautiful, while having options, too!

A sim in The Sims 4 with long blonde cc hair that is center parted and split between back and chest.

Montrose Hair

These are the perfect dreads. We love how they pull away from in the face instead of parting to the side or middle. The way they fall away from the face adds so much drama and movement to this look. We especially love how the creator decided to frame the face, with some pieces being pulled back, and others falling loosely to give a smoldering and mysterious look.

A male sim from The Sims 4 who has cc dreads as their hair and is wearing a white button down.

Children’s Options for Sims 4 Male Hair CC

We are really lacking some interesting children’s hair options in The Sims 4 so these are a must have in my game. These sims 4 male hair cc choices that you have for children are not going to disappoint and will have you making the cutest characters.

Angelo Hair

“Angelo Hair” is so fun and youthful, while still remaining trendy yet classic at the same time. We love how the dirty blonde waves are packed with volume, and the fringe almost cascades toward the side of the face, giving some gorgeous side-swept bangs. This is a very fun option and can keep up with even the busiest young sim!

A smiling sim with blonde hair who is wearing a full pink formal outfit with a vest and bow tie.

Jordan Hair

How cute is “Jordan Hair”? We love the comeback of the hi-top fade, reminiscent of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but way more gorgeous and cute. This style just screams cool and fresh, yet is so elegant and chic at the same time. Wasn’t it a rite of passage to be awkward and ugly? No, apparently not anymore. Kids these days.

A child aged male sim from The Sims 4 who is wearing a bright red turtle neck with a black jacket over top.

Oscar Hair

Now Oscar is a kid who even at his tender age is very particular about his hair, his style, and definitely gets dropped off at school in a limo. He’s not going to the playground just to ruin his Gucci blazer (he has more, but still). Even though he is probably the class bully, we can’t help but admire his perfectly coiffed hair. His style is so elevated, he makes even the teachers feel bad about themselves.

A sim wearing a blazer over a white t-shirt with a short blonde hair.

Textured Child Conversions

We love having options, and thankfully we have them, because it would be impossible to choose between these four looks! While we love the burst fade options, we are also loving the afro option as well. The mohawk- inspired dreadlock look is really standing out as a favorite. We also love the dark black colored strands and the gorgeous chocolate brown locks. You simply cannot go wrong with any of these choices, as they are all ridiculously cool, elegant, and fun.

four male sims from The Sims 4 who all have textured hair that is black or brown in colour. They are posing together with one other sim.

Mengi Hair

An amazing dreadlock option for your younger sims, “Mengi” Hair is a tried and true classic. Why fix what isn’t broken? We love how these dreads do the work for you, letting these luscious locks hang beautiful and free. The length is also perfect for a younger sim, who is still too busy to let long strands get in the way.

A male sim who is a child in The Sims 4 who has short dreads and is wearing a denim jacket over a black hoodie.

Marcel Hair

We absolutely love this mohawk with dreadlocks look, that is incredibly stylish and cool all in one. We love the high fade on the sides, and how the dreads cascade toward one side of the face, achieving the mohawk look. The clean lines of the fade in the back add so much to the overall vibe.

A child aged male sim in The Sims 4 who is wearing a yellow cardigan over a red shirt and has textured hair with a fade in the back.

Get Famous Conversions

Talk about versatility. There is a conversion to match any mood of your sim. Ranging from more classic to more modern styles, there is something for everyone in this trio. They’re all lovely, but our personal favorite, you ask? I’m sure by now you’ve realized we simply cannot resist a high fade high pony. Maybe your sim is not cut to be a professional footballer, but he’ll sure look the part!

The same red headed sim three times, each time they have a different cc male hairstyle.

Leon Hair

“Leon Hair” is definitely a tried and true classic that we can’t get enough of. We love this almost “crew cut” style with just that extra burst of volume on the top. The way the strands fall in the back, overlapping each other and staying swept back away from the face lets every young sim shine!

A child aged sim from The Sims 4 who is wearing a collared button down shirt and has brown hair. The character is looking directly forward.

Fun Kid’s Hair Conversions

Now here we really get a variety of options. If you can’t choose between the ever-so-cool burst fade, spiked up hair, and cascading, side swept fringe, this is the perfect option for you. Your sims will love being able to sport looks that show that not only are they young, but they have opinions about how they want to represent themselves to the sim world.

Three children in The Sims 4 who are being silly with bunny ears and funny expressions. They all have custom hair and fun graphic t-shirts.

Toddler Options for Sims 4 Male Hair CC

Toddlers are hands down the cutest life stage in The Sims 4 and downloading cc toddler hair is the best way to make them even cuter. These sims 4 male hair cc options for toddlers are absolutely adorable and you’ll love watching these little terrors making messes all over your sim’s home.

Angelo Hair

We just love “Angelo Hair” on these cherub-like toddler sims. This is a style your sim will never grow old of, as it is the kind of look that just never gets old. The fun, side swept bangs will stay out of his eyes as he’s achieving all of his milestones, and making his parents proud!

A toddler on all fours while wearing a bow tie and suspenders. The toddler is looking forward and has blonde hair.

Leon Hair

How can a toddler have so much style? With “Leon Hair” all the sims will be wondering how he manages to look so cute and serious at the same time. We love this almost “crew cut” style with just that extra burst of volume on the top. Whether he’s potty training or learning to read, he deserves to do so looking his best, no?

A toddler from The Sims 4 with one finger in their mouth. This toddler has a blonde swooped back cc hair and is wearing a sweater and suspenders.

Marcel Hair

There is nothing, and I repeat, nothing, cuter than a toddler with a mohawk. It is totally a thing, and your little sim will literally be the coolest and cutest little dude ever with “Marcel Hair”. We love the high fade on the sides, and how the dreads cascade toward one side of the face, achieving the mohawk look. This kid really is ready to take on the world!

A toddler with textured hair who is wearing an adorable blue sweater with a blue t-shirt underneath.

Oscar Hair

Oh Oscar. We just adore this this style. Even at such a young age, he manages to be so composed and chic, giving his fulltime live-in nanny the run around! We can just see him bouncing gently on the leather upholstery in the mahogany home library. We love how the strands act almost as a curtain, gently bouncing away from his face. Adorable.

A blonde toddler in The Sims 4 who is wearing a bow tie and vest and has a custom hair on their head.

Jordan Hair

A toddler with a hi-top hairstyle might be the most adorable things known to man. Your sim will have everyone under his thumb with his cuteness and style, they simply will not be able to tell him no. This style just screams cool and fresh, yet is so elegant and chic at the same time. What better way to have your sim get his start in life!

A toddler aged sim in The Sims 4 on a blue background. The toddler has curly cc hair and is wearing a grey winter jacket.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Male Hair CC

These sims 4 male hair cc options are some of my favourites to make the absolute cutest sims possible. I find that I don’t put in as much effort when creating male sims because of the lack of content in game, so this stuff is an absolute must have for me. Happy Playing!

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