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50 Sims 4 Skin Details to Make Your Sims GORGEOUS (Skin Mods)

There are three major categories in The Sims 4 which are building, gameplay and creating characters and sims 4 skin details can make the creating characters part so much more fun. Using these skin details makes it so you can create absolutely beautiful characters that you’ll just fall in love with.

The best way to make truly interesting characters in the game is to use gorgeous skin mods and these sims 4 skin details to change up the look of your sims.

These skin details include things like freckles, moles, eye bags and interesting colouring and skin blends that will make each and every sim look different so you don’t suffer with same face syndrome. Add some facial sliders to your game too and you’ll never have the same sim again!

Sims 4 Skin Details for Freckles

Frikin’ Freckles

Don’t you just love some frikin’ freckles? These are a great option for adding to your mods folder because they come in five variations that also add them to your sim’s body. There are some with lots of freckles and more subtle options too!

adorable simple freckles for the sims 4

Fiona Rose Nose Freckle

Some of my favourite skin details to add in the sims 4 are freckles, because they are so natural looking for gorgeous. These Fiona rose nose freckles do not disappoint, they add such a nice subtle freckle to your sims which is so gorgeous.

These freckles also come in four different swatches allowing them to work on a variety of skin tones which makes them much more user friendly.

rose nose freckles

Simple Freckles

These simple freckles are very subtle facial freckles that are really beautiful. These are available for masculine and feminine tagged sims, all ages from teen to elder and is base game compatible! They look great especially on teenage sims and make them look really sweet.

sims 4 skin details freckles

Cinnamon Freckles

These cinnamon freckles are really adorable covering all of the nose and a bit of the cheeks. They are so pretty and can make any sim that much more cute.

These look great on fair skin tones and can really suit a cottagecore vibe in your game.

cinnamon freckles sims 4

Subtle Freckles and Moles

Sometimes cc freckles are just a bit too much and add a ton of moles and freckles to your sim. The subtle freckles and moles skin detail will add a few small freckles and moles all over your sims body.

As you can see, you’re going to get these on both your sim’s face and their body which can help to make your sim feel extremely unique.

subtle freckles for the face and back

All Ages Body Freckles

The first thing on this list are some body freckles that are going to work for all ages and all genders in the game. These add some gorgeous freckles to every part of your sims body, except for their face.

This is great because it adds so much detail to your sim’s body and makes them look more unique than a default sim.

all over body freckles skin details

Body Freckles

These body freckles by rope are a great option if you want your sim to be covered in freckles. This is great because it makes your sims look so gorgeous.

These are great because so many people in real life are covered in freckles, not just on their faces, so you can get some representation for those people in your game too.

body freckles skin details

Sims 4 Skin Details for Moles

MP Set of 4 Moles

A single mole on the face has been seen for decades as a symbol of beauty and is often referred to as a beauty mark. This set of moles hits that idea perfectly with mole options above the lip, in the middle of the cheek and more. These are so gorgeous and add a single mole instead of multiple at once.

facial moles skin details

Body Moles (Back)

It’s extremely common to have moles all over your back but this isn’t something we can have in The Sims 4. These body moles are specifically designed to be on your sim’s back with different placements and amounts for each. They really add realism because this is so common IRL!

body moles for your sim's back in the sims 4

Freckles and Moles

This set of freckles and moles has five different sets with different placements over the face and neck. The creator gives you two colour variations one with darker options and one with lighter so there are ten options all together. They are really subtle but definitely add a ton to your sims’ overall look.

mole and freckles skin details

Face and Full Body Moles

There is nothing I love more than a subtle set of moles or freckles to add to your sim’s face. These face and full body moles are a great choice because they add different amounts of moles on both your sim’s face and body.

These can be added to all sorts of different sims, making them all look so gorgeous. Moles are a great way to make sims unique!

face and full body moles for the sims 4

K-Pop Mole Set

If you are into K-Pop, you’ll want to have this mole set. This K-Pop Mole Set is great and is based on moles that you’d see on K-Pop stars.

These vary a ton and have all sorts of placements on different parts of the face, allowing you to create such gorgeous and individual sims.

k-pop inspired mole set

Retro Moles Z01

These kind of retro moles are so beautiful and can really help you make an old hollywood sim who is so gorgeous. These are great for so many sims, and can add so much character to your sim’s face.

This is a really nice mole set because it gives you options for how dark you want the mole to be, instead of having it only be super dark and in your face.

retro moles

Sims 4 Skin Details for Vitiligo

Before we jump into this next section, I know a lot of people are unaware of what vitiligo is and wanted to make sure to have a quick definition so we go into this section with knowledge and can really appreciate these creators for creating these sims 4 skin details for representation.

According to the NHS “Vitiligo is a long-term condition where pale white patches develop on the skin. It’s caused by the lack of melanin, which is the pigment in skin. Vitiligo can affect any area of skin, but it commonly happens on the face, neck and hands, and in skin creases.”

Simple Pixelated Vitiligo

This vitiligo sims 4 skin details option is great because it has two options for placement and also gives you options for the opacity. It covers your sim’s whole body and is realistic in size and shape for many people.

vitiligo sims 4

Vitiligo Beauty Overlay

This vitiligo overlay includes one for your sim’s face that comes in multiple versions as well as your sim’s body which also has multiple versions. The different versions have the vitiligo spots in different locations and different sizes.

skin details sims 4

Vitiligo V3

Custom content like this is so extremely important for representation in The Sims 4. There are tons of people out there who have vitiligo and being able to create a sim that looks like them is important.

This vitiligo skin detail will give you a bunch of options to make sims that look so absolutely beautiful and can represent bodies that we often don’t see in video games.

21 unique vitiligo options sims 4

Kid’s Vitiligo Overlay

Vitiligo is a skin situation that you get from birth so having it available for younger ages is very important too. This one is for children, and there is one below for toddlers so you can have it start early.

kids vitiligo skin details

Toddler’s Vitiligo Overlay

Having options like vitiligo for all ages is very important for representation so you can have this mod in your game with five options for placement and colouring. Your toddlers will look so gorgeous with this realistic and interesting skin.

toddler vitiligo sims 4

Sims 4 Skin Details for Birthmarks

Solar Sims 4 Skin Details

These solar birthmarks aren’t going to look super realistic, but they are really gorgeous. This will add a beautiful solar themed birthmark to the middle of your sims forehead, making them super unique.

These sims end up being so beautiful because you won’t see anything like them out in Willow Creek, so they are just so unique and interesting.

solar skin details

Strawberry Birthmark

There are tons of interesting skin conditions that you’ll see on people in real life, and the strawberry birthmarks skin detail is going to add a pretty common one. This adds a large strawberry section to the front of your sims face, which is so pretty and can make a very unique sim.

Sims that have this skin detail are so unique and can be some of your favourites to play with.

sims 4 strawberry birth mark skin details

Strawbunny Sims 4 Skin Details

Some of these skin details are a bit less realistic but can really make the sim look unique. The strawbunny birthmarks are a really cute option to make unique sims.

This skin detail will add small groups of three dots to your sim in specific locations letting you make such interesting characters.

straw bunny birth marks

Tess Birthmarks

These tess birthmarks are really pretty and in unique shapes and sizes. Having different types of birthmarks can make for such unique looking sims.

These look so pretty on tons of skin tones and allow you to create beautiful characters.

tess birth marks for sims

Lunar Sims 4 Skin Details

Sagittariah makes so many beautiful and interesting birthmarks for your sims, and these lunar birthmarks are so cute. These are great for sims who are into astrology or maybe for a spellcaster sim who is super adorable.

This skin detail looks so pretty on sims and the little moon in the middle is so fun! A great add for your mods folder.

lunar sims 4 skin details

 Floral Birthmarks

These floral birthmarks are very pretty and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Having so many different sizes can really look adorable on your sims and give them a unique look.

Sagittariah really makes some unique birthmarks, of all sorts of types and it really makes for some cute sims.

floral birthmarks sims 4

Sims 4 Skin Details for Dimples

Aurion Dimples Sims 4 Skin Details

Dimples are some of the cutest things you can add to your sims. These Aurion dimples are a really great options because they are extremely well made and are so gorgeous.

An amazing thing about these is that there are 20 version of these dimples so you can choose how deep you want them to be, giving you a ton of customization for your creations.

sims dimples

Cheek Dimples

The interesting thing about these cheek dimples is that there are two different height options meaning you can have high or low set dimples and you change their opacity. This gives you a lot of customization which is great!

cheek dimples skin details

Oh, So Sweet Dimples

These dimples are awesome because they are available for all ages (except babies) meaning you can show these off with your toddler’s favourite outfit. They have five different opacity options so you can choose how intense you want their dimples to be!

oh, so sweet skin dimples for the sims 4

Dimples Sims 4 Skin Details

Something that is so adorable and interesting on faces are dimples. These cheek dimples are a great option to make your sims more interesting and give them a cute vibe.

The best thing about these dimples is that there are 15 different versions of dimples for you to choose from, making each time you use them have a different vibe for your game.

sims 4 dimples

Sims 4 Skin Details for Scars

Bruised Face Scars

These bruised face scars are something I’d add to a sim for a short time after they got into a fight or had something bad happen to them, like a space ship crash or something similar.

facial scar skin details

Automatic Burn Scars

Something I’ve never thought about in The Sims 4 is how our sims can get fully lit on fire and have no long-term appearance changes from this. With this automatic burn scars mod you’ll have your sims have actual experiences with scaring that makes sense for the things they’ve gone through which makes the game so much more realistic.

automatic burn scars for the sims 4

Skin Cracks

These skin cracks are extremely realistic looking compared to the ones we have in game, so they can be really great for alpha cc lovers since they are so realistic.

These are so incredibly realistic and can be great for vampire of spell caster sims especially, making them extremely beautiful and unique.

skin cracks

S-Club Scars

These kind of scars would be used in my game if my sim is getting into altercations with werewolves or vampires and get scratched in their fights. It just seems like the type of scars you’d get after that moment!

facial scars for nose, cheek and lips

Face Scars Sims 4 Skin Details

If your sims are a little evil and love to get into fights with other sims, they’re going to in real life have cuts and scars on their face. These are great scars to add to your sims for storytelling and remove after a few in-game days once they would “heal” and that makes your story feel much more real.

facial scars skin details over eyebrow on sims

Chest Surgery Scars

When a person decides to get top surgery (the removal of breast tissue) either for transition or other reasons they are going to have these chest scars right underneath. This is really common for FTM transgender people and if you’re using a trans man in your game you may want to have these scars available to you. It can make their experience feel more realistic which is great!

chest surgery skin details for sims

Bruised Body Scars

These body scars and cuts are a type of sims 4 skin details option that I’d add to my characters for a short time after they got into a fight with another sim. This isn’t a thing in the game and there really should be a mechanism where if sims get into a fight (especially if they lose) they should have scaring and cuts!

sims 4 skin details

Facial Scars Sims 4 Skin Details

There are so many reasons why your sims may have scars across their face and why you may want these sims 4 skin details scars in your game. Maybe in your storytelling you have a sim who was attacked by an animal, or someone who was born with a scar from birth (which is really common for twins or triplets), whatever your reason these are great scars for a more healed look that can be on your sims for a while.

facial scars

Sims 4 Skin Details for Eyes

Eyebags N4

An interesting way to make your sims look more interesting is to add eye bags to them. Most people in the real world have some amount of eye bags on most days, especially when we’re tired so this is so realistic for your sims.

These are a very subtle but gorgeous eye bag for your sims that look great with a little bit of under eye make up to really make them pop.

eyebag skin details

Eyebags Sims 4 Skin Detials

These are a second option for a cute eyebag, with these being a little more intense than the last ones. These can really make your sims eyes pop and make them so beautiful.

These eye bags are great for any kind of sim, and can even just be applied to your sims sleepwear to make them look tired. They come in all sorts of swatches for different skin tones and intensities so you can customize your sim’s the way you want.

interesting eye bags sims 4

Skin Overlays

Mae Skin

The Mae Skin is great because it has separate pieces for facial skin and body skin so you can pick and choose what you want to use. It’s available for teenage sims and older and has two options for its intensity so you can really choose what you want.

mae skin details

Happy Lines

One thing about your sim’s face is that there really aren’t any aging or smile lines on your sim’s face as they’re getting older. This happy lines skin is amazing because it adds things like forehead lines, eye bags, nose outlines and slight dimples to your sim’s faces. It can really help you make it feel like your adults and young adults are actually different ages!

sims 4 skin details


Afterglow is a face only skin blend that really makes your sims glow. It has a fun bright glow right above the lip and a nice highlight on the nose which make your sims so cute. There are four eyelid options and each have different cheekbones too!

afterglow default skin sims 4


The vanilla skin blend is great for your game because it covers so many things that you’d never think of. The skin is so detailed that it adds chubbier cheeks for teenagers, an Adam’s apple for man sims and more wrinkles for elders. It has options for nipple tints, cleavage overlays and lip tints which is great!

vanilla skin sims 4


The Sophie skin overlay is available for your teenage sims and older and has two intensities so you can choose how intense you want it to be. This overlay will define your sim’s ab and back muscles and even has palm details for their hands.

The creator even added a body blush that you can add to go on top of the skin for even more colour and dimension.

skin overlay sims 4

Other Sims 4 Skin Details

Royal Skin Blush

This royal skin adds a nice light pink glow to your sims face and lets them look like they are always blushing. It really brings some coloUr into your sims face and is just so gorgeous.

This is great for teenage sims because they are often blushing in real life, or wearing a ton of blush so it suits them nicely.

royal skin blush skin details

Cleavage Sims 4 Skin Details

There are a few ways you can make your sim’s breasts more attractive, the first is to use breast sliders and the second is to use overlays for more dimension. This set of overlays are going to add shadows and colouring around your sim’s chest to make it have more dimension and look way more interesting than before.

cleavage overlays for the sims 4

Glitter Sims 4 Skin Details

This glitter kit by MSQSims is so pretty and unique, and can be great for a sims formal wear. These skin details add a bit of glitter to your sims face, depending on how much you want, and are so pretty in game.

One nice thing about glitter in The Sims 4 is that it doesn’t end up all over your home, so why not cover your sims face in virtual glitter instead of making a mess? A great idea in my eyes.

glitter skin details

Organic Hairline

One thing that is pretty odd in The Sims 4 is how weird and unnatural the hair line is, there is no natural start to the EA default hairline. This organic hairline will let your sims have a subtle hairline begin a bit before the hair starts, making it look much more natural in game.

This is awesome because it gives so much more dimension and intrigue to regular hairs in game and makes sims so much prettier.This is also awesome because you can use it with many custom hairstyles too!

hairline mods

Face Mask 01

This face mask option for sims 4 skin details is fun because all it does is add some colouring around your sim’s eyes. Why does this help? Well, having more dimension in your sim’s face really changes how they look instead of their entire face just being super one tone. It really makes a difference and will make your sims so beautiful.

face mask sims 4 skin details

Show Some Teeth

The show some teeth skin detail allows you to see a bit of teeth between your sim’s lips when they are just hanging out. This is such a cute skin detail that will make your sims even cuter than they were before.

When playing The Sims 4, you never see a sims teeth between their lips when they aren’t smiling or eating. However, this is super common for someone to have a small opening when their lips are closed.

show some teeth

Contour Sims 4 Skin Details

These are a great skin detail that adds contour to your sims face in 7 different ways. You can use these for many sims and give them more dimension to their faces. By default your sims don’t have much contour, so these are great.

There are 7 different versions, allowing you to choose how intense the contour will be, making each sim different.

contour skin details

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Skin Details

These sims 4 skin details are honestly the best way to make your characters look more unique in the game and create such interesting and fun characters. Each of the skin details on this list are so unique and using them as mix and match options can make your sims so beautiful. Happy Playing!

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