25+ Sims 4 CC Wedding Hair Options For Your Perfect Day

Your sim’s wedding day is going to be a very big and important day in their lives and they deserve to feel beautiful. They need the most beautiful wedding dresses, gorgeous accessories and of course, a beautiful look for their Sims 4 CC Wedding Hair.

These aren’t just any normal look for your sims, these looks are a bit more elevated and definitely more glamorous than what you’re used to in the game. They are definitely not just regular sims hairstyles and you’ll wish you could look this beautiful each day.

The Cutest Sims 4 CC Wedding Hair

Danai Hair

This is such a beautiful hair for showing off the different wedding accessories you choose to add to your sim’s wedding look. This one has a half up, half down look that pushes the hair back behind one ear but has two gorgeous face framing pieces in front.

Since you can see one entire ear you can add a pair of gorgeous custom earrings so they can steal the show. This one is pushed behind the back on one side which is great for a one shoulder wedding dress and just looks amazing on your sims.

A sim with dark hair that is pulled back with small curls framing their face. They are wearing shell earrings and a blue, yellow and green shirt.

Briana CC Wedding Hair

If you are planning a wedding inside of a forrest or a meadow or a wedding with tons of flowers this is the perfect hair for you. This one is awesome because it is pushed back behind your sim’s body so it can show off a gorgeous wedding dress neckline.

The hair has a beautiful braid that goes from a middle part to behind your sim’s head and the braid is covered in some small flowers that add a beautiful detailing to it. It lets your sims wear interesting earrings since their ears are showing and it will look great!

A sim with red hair that is pulled back behind their ears, they have a braided crown with small flowers in it.

Adelaide Hair

The next option on our Sims 4 CC Wedding Hair list is this gorgeous half up twist hairstyle. This one is super simple and classic and would look awesome with just about any type of wedding dress. The Adelaide hair comes in so many colour swatches too so you can have a truly customized look for your sim’s wedding.

A sim with blonde hair looking at the camera and a sim with purple hair looking the opposite direction.

Stevie Hair

There is something about this hair that feels like everything is so intentional but still looks so natural. The hair has the top part pulled back to expose your sim’s ears for showing off gorgeous earrings, the hair is in a gorgeous loose curl that feels very romantic and beautiful.

There are face framing pieces on one side which in my head would be pushed back mid-ceremony by whoever this sim marries, in a super adorable way. Just a gorgeous hair and adding accessories and a beautiful wedding dress would have this be a 10/10.

A sim with blonde hair and light hazel eyes who is wearing alight pink dress.

Maja Sims 4 CC Hair

If you don’t want your sims to have their hair down on their wedding day you may want to throw it up in a bun and this one is awesome. The hair in this bun is curly or wavy which gives it so much dimension and texture in a really beautiful way.

There are so many pieces of hair framing the sims face and making this hair look amazing with a high-neck wedding dress and some statement earrings. This is such a good hair for sims who have curly hair!

Two sims with their curly hair in a bun on top of their heads.

Honey Hair

The next option on our list feels kinda retro but modern at the same time, you know what I mean? This one is so fun with the hair being straight with a slight flip out at the bottom. There are two sets of pearl clips on each side of the head keeping the hair behind your sim’s ear.

This would be so gorgeous on your sims and would look awesome with a vintage wedding dress for a small family wedding!

A sim with green eyes and blonde hair wearing a straight side part hairstyle with pearl detailing.

Leda Hair

If you’re having an extremely glamorous wedding with tons of diamonds and expensive guests this is the hair for you. This feels like what Judith Ward would’ve worn to her wedding and it just makes me really happy.

The best part is that your sim’s hair shows off both their ears and their chest so you can add the most glamorous necklaces and earrings to really bring this look full circle!

A sim who is wearing black gloves and a glamorous black dress. They are also wearing a large silver necklace and silver earrings. Their sims 4 cc wedding hair is in a high pony tail in a 60s style.

Anna Ponytail

Since I’m in the midst of planning my own wedding I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I’ve been noticing more and more recently that many brides are deciding to just do a simple high pony tail with basic make up on their wedding day and if that’s a look you’d love, this hair is perfect for it.

A close up image of a sim who has brown hair and brown eyes. Their brown hair is in a high pony tail and they are wearing a pair of peace sign earrings.

Ciara Sims 4 CC Hair

There is something so beautifully simple and gorgeous about a slicked back low bun on your wedding day and this one is so good. This bun has the hair parted off to the side giving your sim’s hair a large swoop to one side in a really beautiful way.

All of the hair is pulled back into a bun on the back of your sim’s neck so there is no interference with any accessories or with the dress which keeps the look clean and beautiful.

A sim who is wearing their hair in a large back bun and are wearing hoop earrings in gold.

Audrey Hair

I always struggle with riding the line between Alpha and Maxis Match custom content and try to keep most of the things on my lists maxis match. However, this one just made me so happy and seems so beautiful I had to add it to this list for sure.

This one has such a soft texture and has two super loose braids going toward the back of the head with a beautiful bun and has some soft face framing pieces.

If you’ve never downloaded alpha custom content, this hair may be a gateway drug into getting sucked entirely in to the alpha world.

A sim with light blonde hair and green eyes. They are wearing a wedding dress and have their hair in a low back bun with braids.

Juniper Braids

This next hair may not be something you’d normally think of when you’re thinking of a wedding but it’s such a beautiful look. Once you add a wedding dress, some accessories and soft make up you truly can make any custom hair into a wedding cc hair option.

This hair has two french braids going from either side of your sims head into a braid at the back of their neck. The face framing pieces are so cute with multiple strands and the ears are out to keep room for gorgeous earrings.

A sim who has brown hair and brown eyes. They have freckles and blush on their cheeks. Their hair is in a french braid with face framing pieces for their sims 4 cc wedding hair.

Monet CC Wedding Hair

If you want a gorgeous hair that doesn’t have any flair, this one is an amazing choice for a wedding. Many people don’t want to have too much going on with their hair because they want to let their accessories and dress shine so this is a great option with a soft wave and room for beautiful earrings.

A sim who is wearing a choker necklace with cherries hanging off it and a red halter top. They have gold stud earrings and a wavy hair tucked behind the ears with face framing pieces.

Rosa Hair

The next option on our gorgeous list of Sims 4 CC Wedding hair is this gorgeous voluminous curly hair option. This one has a center part with tons of volume in the curls for a very dramatic and beautiful look.

The best part about this is that there are different versions of the hair to get a completely customized look. You can have all of the hair up front, one side pushed back or both sides of the hair behind your sim. This is awesome because you can change it up depending on what your sim’s dress looks like.

Three rectangles with the same sim in the same outfit with a red top and a red necklace. This shows the three different versions of a single curly custom hair.

Long Wavy CC Wedding Hair

This hair is an interesting one because it’s actually a base game hair (the one on Nina Caliente) that is just made to be more beautiful and subtle. The creator took this hair that had so much potential and made the curls more soft, added more texture to the hair for strands and made it almost the perfect option for a wedding hairstyle.

A sim who is wearing a light purple dress with a sweetheart neckline. This sim has green eyes and simple make up and their blonde sims 4 cc wedding hair is a side part with soft curls.

Lexi Hair

Buns are such a beautiful way for you to wear your hair on your wedding day and this bun is so beautiful. This one is an extremely popular style that looks incredible from the front with a beautiful braid acting as a crown to show off how much of a queen you are.

The best part of this one is those two face framing pieces on the hair and the ability to add gorgeous earrings to this look to really bring it all together.

A sim who is wearing a red dress with a square neckline, a pair of dangly earrings that are half the moon and they have an up-do hairstyle with a braid as the crown.

Rosie Sims 4 CC Hair

Say it with me, volume, volume, volume! This hair has a side part, but not in a cheugy millennial way, in a gorgeous tons of volume Sims 4 CC Wedding Hair kinda way. This hair has so much volume going from the part to one side of the hair and it just looks awesome.

This hair has half the hair in front of your sim and the other half behind so you can show off a one-shoulder dress or cover some of a strapless dress’ neckline. You can even show off a gorgeous earring on one side!

A sim who is wearing a sage green dress with a gold necklace. They have brown eyes and brown hair. Their cc wedding hair is side part with tons of volume.

Just Say Yes Wedding Hair

The next hair on our list has such an interesting small detail, this gorgeous ribbon going all the way through a twist. We start the hair with a set of twists going from the side part all the way to the back of the head into a bun.

The intrigue in this hair style is that there is a white ribbon that is included in the twist all the way into the back of the bun for a really interesting look.

The same sim four times, this sim is wearing a lace wedding dress. THeir hair is in a low bun with a twist from the side part of their hair and there is a white ribbon in the twist.

Donna Hair

There are so many hairs out there that weren’t intended to be wedding hairstyles that just work so well for that idea. If you take away this sim’s green shirt and chain necklaces and add a wedding dress this sim would look absolutely amazing.

This hair has a gorgeous set of bangs with curtain bangs and tons of layers in a light wave. It’s so beautiful and would look amazing!

A sim wearing a green sleeveless shirt and silver chain necklaces. They have a set of curtain bangs with their long blonde hair.

Lair Hair

One of the most common hairstyles for non-textured hair on a wedding day is going to be some loose curls that don’t have too much hoopla. This hair is the perfect option for getting that style in your game.

This hair has a center part with the hair going into a light curl on either side. Unfortunately, this hair is covering the ears so you can’t show off an earring which is a bit of a bummer but it’s a great look either way.

A sim with red hair and freckles who has their hair in a middle part with a green sleeveless top. The sims 4 cc wedding hair is long.

Vega Hair

Not everyone wants to have their hair down and on their neck on their wedding day, weddings are long and your neck is going to get sweaty so a bun can be a good option. This bun is great with a nice sock bun on the top of your sim’s head and two versions so you can choose to frame the face with bangs or not.

You can even have this as your sim’s “reception look” so they can truly get down on the dance floor!

Two grey to white ombre rectangles with sims inside of them. The sims both have their hair in a bun at the back of their head but one version has side bangs.

Nicole Sims 4 CC Hair

Oh, you thought that bun was the only alpha hair I’d include? You were wrong. This hair is so beautiful and seems like a perfect wedding hair. This has all of your sims hair going into a very loose pony tail that almost makes it seem like your sim’s hair is down.

There is so much texture, so many pieces looking gorgeous and you can add beautiful earrings too!

A sim wearing a white sheer top with silver jewellery. They have an alpha cc hair style for a wedding in The Sims 4.

Glamorous Wedding Hair

If you’re looking for a very classic wedding hairstyle this one is an absolutely great choice. This hair has the bangs going from a center party to behind the sim’s head, and the rest of the hair is all pulled back into a bun with a beautiful silver and diamond clip.

The hair in the bun is al curled and pinned back in a very beautiful way, and this is the perfect hair for a more traditional look.

Three brides in the same sweetheart neckline wedding dress with no accessories. They all have the same up-do hairstyle.

Allie Hair

A high pony tail is such an interesting look for a wedding and this one is great! This one is really beautiful because there is a braid going around the pony tail for some added intrigue and flair which is just so beautiful and you’d be lucky to wear this one on your wedding day!

A sim with a pink tank top with the straps tied at the top of the shoulder who has their hair in an up-do that could be a cc wedding hair look.

Dread Side Up-Do

If you have your sim wearing dreads as their everyday hairstyle you can’t just have them to with any wedding look, it doesn’t make sense for them to go from dreads to straight hair no their wedding day.

This dreads hairstyle is amazing because it’s a beautiful up-do that keeps all the fun texture and style of dreads without making your sims look boring.

A sim wearing a blue tank top, a black choker and a gold and emerald necklace. They have a dread hairstyle in a side bun.

Eva Hair & Flower Crown

Okay, okay, flower crowns may not be cool anymore. It’s not 2016, but c’mon they really are beautiful and they have their place in weddings. This may not be your favourite thing to have your bride wear, but you may even want to have your flower child wear it instead.

This one has a long pony tail with the hair at the back of the neck, and a gorgeous colourful flower crown on your sim’s head. The hair is great for a wedding in a meadow or a small backyard wedding!

Two sims facing each other in a hug, both sims are wearing a sims 4 cc wedding hairstyle with a flower crown.

Monica CC Wedding Hair

The Monica hair is a really great option for a Sims 4 CC Wedding Hair because it’s so simple but so effective. This hair starts with a middle party and the hair frames the face on either side and all flips in at the end. This can look so good with a wedding dress but doesn’t allow for an earring!

A sim with brown hair and hazel eyes with a birth mark over their eye. They are wearing a brown checkered t-shirt.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Wedding Hair

These are genuinely such beautiful options for Sims 4 CC Wedding Hair and your sims are going to be so lucky to get to wear any of these options on their big day. As someone who is planning their wedding currently, choosing a hairstyle is super important and your sims are going to look so good. Happy Playing!

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