The Sims 4: Murphy Beds (Tiny Living Stuff)

With the addition of The Sims 4: Tiny Living Stuff we have finally been given Murphy Beds in the game and can now use them as an awesome space saving option for smaller homes or stylish apartments.

An image of murphy beds in the sims 4 tiny living stuff

The Murphy Bed has become a staple in The Sims franchise and we had them in The Sims 2: Apartment Life as well as in The Sims 3: University Life. We’re all extremely excited to have Murphy Beds back in the game so we can create smaller living spaces that are still super stylish.

In this guide we are going to go over the different types of Murphy Beds, as well as the new death type that was added with the bed (and how to try and avoid this death).

Types of Murphy Beds

When you go into the build catalog you’ll notice 4 different versions of the Murphy Bed. The first, is a Murphy bed that has a couch connected that will fold down when the bed comes down which is extremely useful for rooms that are multi-functional.

Murphy bed with connected couch

The second, is just the murphy bed on it’s own without a couch. You aren’t able to just add another couch in front of this bed, so it’s just useless space.

Murphy bed without couch

The next option for the murphy bed is the bed with a couch and a connected bookcase. This bookcase isn’t actually stuck to the bed and can be easily removed. These items just clip in with the murphy bed nicely and can make a nice solid unit.

Murphy bed with couch and connected bookcase

Finally, there is a 3 section bed with two bookcases and a bed without a couch in the middle. These are all configurable and can be eliminated if you want.

Murphy bed with no couch but a bookcase on each side

Dealing with the Negatives of Murphy Beds

A murphy bed seems like it’s always an awesome idea, but they are definitely dangerous and can break often. You should be on alert and make sure that you never get into a broken murphy bed.

These beds are awesome since they can save space but some nights when your sim is sleeping they will be stuffed up into the murphy bed and will wake up with a negative uncomfortable moodlet and won’t be willing to go back to sleep for a while.

If you don’t take care of your murphy bed you can actually die from using them. You sim will die from being hit when trying to pull down the bed from the wall and the grim reaper will come for them.

These beds also break a ton if you aren’t upgrading them, so let’s talk about that.

Upgrading Murphy Beds

Since it’s so easy for Murphy Beds to break and to actually kill your sims, it’s important to try and upgrade them to decrease the chance of your sim having negative experiences with their beds.

With a game update that came right before Tiny Living was released, we were given the ability to upgrade beds to increase their mattress firmness to make them more comfortable, which is awesome, and was added so these tiny living upgrades could be easily integrated.

The Murphy Bed has two options for upgraded that aren’t available to other beds that will make it so the beds will break less or can even make them unbreakable.

The first upgrade is Spring Loaded, which is unlocked when your sim reaches level 3 of the handiness skill. To do this upgrade your sim will need 4 common upgrade parts. This upgrade is going to reduce how often your bed is going to break, but there is still a chance of it breaking so be careful!

What you really want is the Reinforced Spring Wiring upgrade, which is available when your sim reaches handiness level 8. This is going to cost you 3 common upgrade parts as well as 3 electronic upgrade parts. This upgrade is going to make the bed unbreakable! This is the only way to completely prevent the murphy bed death.

Murphy Bed Death

Here at Ultimate Sims Guides we absolutely love different death types that are added to the game, and the new Tiny Living death type did not disappoint. The death happens when your sim is trying to get their Murphy Bed down from the wall and it fails, and they bounce around for a few seconds.

A sim being killed by the murphy bed

There is a chance that your sim will survive and will just get an uncomfortable moodlet, but that’s no fun, we want sim death! If your sim dies, you’ll see them lay on the floor until the grim reaper appears to take them away.

Murphy Bed Ghost

When your sim dies from a Murphy Bed they are going to become a special kind of ghost. This ghost is going to have some Z’s coming from their chest which signifies that they died from a Murphy Bed.

These are some of the most annoying ghosts because they are energy sucking ghosts that will steal the energy from your sims and ruin their attempts at sleeping.

The Murphy Bed ghost will go up to a sim, and steal their energy while laughing and the affected sim will fall to the floor and pass out for a while.

Since they died from a Murphy bed, they are also very scared to let any sim go to sleep so they will wake them up in the middle of their slumber and talk to them. Hilarious, but annoying.

Render of two sims, male sim putting down the murphy bed while a female sim drinks a coffee

Final Thoughts

The murphy bed is an awesome item for the game as long as you don’t let it kill your sim! They’re really beautiful and the knit blankets are so cute and can look great in just about every tiny home. How do you feel about the murphy bed? Let me know in the comments.

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