The Sims 4: Tiny Living Lot Perks

One of the benefits to The Sims 4: Tiny Living are the new lot perks that your sim’s will get if they manage to live in one of the three tiers of tiny homes. Each of these house types has a certain restriction to the amount of tiles you are allowed to place and will give you lot perks based on how big your home is.

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Unlike the Lot Trait system in the game, Lot Perks for tiny living are added automatically and you have no control over which ones you get. To see all of the information you need to know about your house you can check out the Lot Info Panel which is in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Tier 3: Small Home

Tier 3 Small Home Image

For your home to qualify as a small home you must take up less than 100 total tiles. This includes foundations, second floors, basements, and porches. You can easily make a nice family home fit in this tier and be able to take advantage of it’s two lot perks.

Small Home Lot Perks

When you manage to make your house a small home, you’ll be given two lot perks. The first is Lighten The Load which is the most valuable of the two because it will significantly lower your household bills, which is super helpful if you’re a lower earning sim or you’re working through a challenge like Rags to Riches.

Lighten The Load Lot Perk Image

Your sim will also get the Feelin’ Fine All The Time lot perk which is decent, but nothing too exciting since most sims are feeling happy on their own most of the time. This perk is going to make all happy, inspired, and focused moodlets to last twice as long. This can help sims who are experiencing negative moods like angry or embarrassed and get them to go away quicker.

Feelin' Fine All The Time Lot Perk

Tier 2: Tiny Home

Tier 2 Tiny Home

To get your household to quality as a tiny home, you must make a house that is less than 64 total tiles. This is going to include all porches, basements, foundations, and second floors. These houses can be made for a couple, or a small family and be extremely cozy.

Tiny Home Lot Perks

The first lot perk you’ll get if you manage to get a into the Tiny Home Tier is Lighten The Load (which you also get with a small home). This perk is going to get your sim’s bills decreased a large amount and save you a ton of money.

Lighten the Load Lot Perk Image

Just like the small home, you’ll also get the Feelin’ Fine All The Time lot perk. This perk will make your sim’s happy, inspired, and focused buffs last twice as long which is helpful for things like painting with the inspired buff, or just general life being happy. Decent, but not the most valuable perk.

Feelin' Fine All The Time Lot Perk Image

This lot perk is probably the most valuable in the bunch and is You Got The Touch. This one will have your sim’s skills increase twice as fast as normal which can help them get promotions, become a better painter or writer more quickly and so much more!

You Got The TOuch Lot Perk Image

The last perk for the tiny home tier is the Cozy Comforts lot perk. This one is decent because it makes all of your furniture twice as comfortable as normal. This can be helpful in making sure your sim’s wake up in a better mood and are less likely to feel uncomfortable.

Cozy Comforts Lot Perk Image

Tier 1: Micro Home

Tier 1 Micro Home

The final option for building a tiny home in The Sims 4 is a micro home, this is the biggest challenge out of the three because you only have 32 tiles to work with. These houses aren’t going to be big enough for a large family, however, they are awesome for single sims or a young couple before having kids.

Micro Home Lot Perks

This lot perk is going to make all of your sim’s focused, happy, and inspired moodlets last twice as long. Your sim will be Feelin’ Fine All The Time and this can be helpful when trying to get things done because you’ll have less negative moods to worry about.

Feelin' Fine All The Time Lot Perk Image

The Lighten The Load lot perk is awesome because it will decrease your sim’s bills by quite a bit and will help you save a decent amount of money.

Lighten The Load Lot Perk Image

The Let’s All Get Along lot perk is an interesting one, that I’m not sure makes sense but we’ll go with it. All of your sim’s relationships are doubled when on your lot, both friendships and romantic relationships.

Let's All Get Along Lot Perk Image

This is an awesome lot trait if you have a sim who is a gardener or are working through the Freelance Botanist aspiration. With the Let It Grow lot perk, all of the plants on your lot are going to grow twice as fast as normal and will allow you to make way more money with gardening than before.

Let It Grow Lot Perk Image

The You Got The Touch lot perk is a great once because it will help your sim’s gain skills. This lot perk lets you gain all skills twice as fast which can be helpful in getting promotions or making money from home more quickly.

You Got The Touch Lot Perk Image

This lot perk is going to make all of the furniture in your home twice as comfortable. Cozy Comforts is great if you don’t have a ton of money and have less comfortable furniture in your home.

Cozy Comforts Lot Perk Image

Final Thoughts

Although I’m not so sure that all of the lot perks from The Sims 4: Tiny Living make sense in a tiny home, they are a really amazing set of benefits that you can get from living in smaller homes instead of building mansions. You can really use these perks to make a whole bunch of money while having less bills and being a happier sim, so the tiny living love is real!

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