The Sims 4: Wishing Well (Romantic Garden Stuff)

The wishing well has been a staple in The Sims franchise since The Sims 2 and has returned to the game with The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff. Your sim is able to interact with the wishing well and hope for things like romance, simoleons, happiness, and more.

However, beware of the negative consequences because it’s rather easy to die from the negative aspects of the wishing well.

Wishing Well Basics

The wishing well came with Romantic Garden Stuff and is available in buy mode, however, this is an expensive item. It will cost you §7,775 so you better start saving, or use money cheats to get the job done.

The description of the wishing well states the following:

Step closer, won’t you? What’s the harm in simply tossing a coin? You can spare a single coin can’t you? You don’t believe in “magic” after all… it’s just an old well. Did that face just move… did it twitch?! No, it must be shadows playing tricks on you; bear no mind to its appearance. Make a wish… it’s all in good fun, right? You’ve already brushed aside the warnings of the locals in your hubris. They know better than to cast their lot with the Whispering Well.

Making an Offering to the Wishing Well

A huge factor in getting better results from the wishing well is the happiness of the wishing well itself, so making an offering can be a great way to make the well pleased with you. However, your offerings must be pretty large if you want to have the best results.

There are 3 values of offerings that you can offer the well. The first is §100, this offering is essentially useless because the wishing well wants more from you. This low of an offering is probably going to make the wishing well upset.

The second offering size is §1,000. This offering has about a 50% chance of changing the mood of the wishing well, but it can also go down. You should avoid spamming this action because the more you do it the more annoyed the wishing well will be.

The final offering size is §5,000. This offering will always raise the wishing well’s mood which means that you’ll have a higher success rate!

Faces of the Wishing Well

A decent way to sort of guess the outcome of your wish is by looking at the face that the wishing well is making. There are four faces that are possible and they are: happy, neutral, mischievous and deadly.

Types of Wishing and Outcomes


Adult or Young Adult sims are able to wish to have a child, but make sure you don’t have a full household when making this wish.

Overwhelmingly Positive +2 Happy, Joy Of ChildrenA child will be added to the household instantly. Most of these children will also have the genius trait.
Positive+1 Happy, Adoption PreapprovedYour sim will get a phone call where they can adopt a child without paying the §1,000 for a regular adoption.
Neutral+1 Flirty, Try For BabyYour sim will get a guaranteed pregnancy when trying for baby.
Negative+2 Embarassed, Temporary Infertility The sim who made the wish will not be able to get pregnant for a few hours.
Overwhelmingly Negative+2 Angry, “Joys” of ChildrenA child will be added to the household, but this child will have the evil trait.
Death +1 Sad, Raising a GhostA ghost child will be added to the household for you to take care of.


Children and teenagers are able to ask the wishing well for higher grades.

Overwhelmingly Positive +1 Happy, Good Grades Your sim’s school grade will be increased by one (i.e., C to B)
PositiveNoneYour sim’s school performance will be maxed out
Neutral+1 Angry, Not What I Wished For Your sim will only have to finish 50% of their homework for the day
Negative+2 Tense, I Wished for Better GradesYour sim’s school performance will be lowered
Overwhelmingly Negative+2 Embarassed, Grades DroppedYour sim’s school grade will be decreased by one (i.e., B to C)
Death NoneNone


Sims of any age (except toddlers) can ask for happiness which can improve their mood.

Overwhelmingly Positive +2 Happy, Always SunnyFor two days any happy moodlets your sim gets will last longer, allowing them to stay very happy.
Positive+1 Happy, Forever CheerfulYour sim will get a happy moodlet that lasts 24 hours.
Neutral+1 Happy, I AM HAPPYYour sim will get a happy moodlet for 24 hours, however, when it ends they will get a +3 Sad moodlet.
Negative+2 Angry, Where is my Happiness? Your sim will have their happiness removed, and their happiness will be given to any sims nearby.
Overwhelmingly Negative+3 Sad, Leaking HappinessYour sim will become sad when other sims are around, but those sims will become happier
Death +99 Playful, Can’t Stop SmilingYour sim is going to become hysterical which is the first step toward death by laughter.


A sim who is a ghost has the option of asking the wishing well to help them come back to life.

Overwhelmingly Positive+3 Happy, Miracle RevivalYour sim will be resurrected immediately and are unable to die of anything (except old age) for the next 24 hours.
Positive+2 Happy, Chance at LifeYour sim will be given an ambrosia in their inventory that they can use to come back to life.
Neutral+1 Inspired, Ingredients of LifeYour sim will be given the ingredients to cook ambrosia in their inventory that they can cook to come back to life.
Negative+1 Sad, Wish not GrantedYour sim’s wish will be ignored.
Overwhelmingly Negative+1 Happy, Accepted FateYour sim loses its ability to be resurrected for the next four hours.
Death +2 Sad, Just a GhostYour sim will be resurrected but then will die again immediately after.


Sims who are teenaged and older who have a job can ask for a promotion.

Overwhelmingly Positive+1 Happy, Movin’ On UpYour sim will be instantly promoted.
PositiveNoneYour sim’s career performance is maxed out and will be promoted the next day as long as they meet requirements.
Neutral+1 Angry, Not What I Wished ForYour sim will receive a bonus.
Negative+2 Tense, I Wished For The PromotionYour sim’s career performance will be instantly lowered.
Overwhelmingly Negative+1 Embarassed, Rethinking Options Your sim will be instantly demoted.
Death +99 Angry, Worked So HardYour sim will be instantly demoted and will become enraged giving them a chance of dying from cardiac explosion.


Sims who are a teen or older are able to wish for a romantic relationship, as long as they don’t currently have a significant other.

Overwhelmingly Positive+3 Flirty, Mystical Romance TipsA random sim will be summoned and they will have max romance and high friendship with your sim.
PositiveNoneYour sim will have 100% success the next time they use the pick up line interactions
Neutral+2 Flirty, Ultimate FlirtYour sim will start feeling flirty.
Negative+2 Sad, Helpless in RomanceYour sim will become sad and all romance interactions will fail.
Overwhelmingly NegativeNoneA random sim will be summoned and they will have max romance but will be enemies with your sim.
Death +2 Happy, New Partner A ghost sim will be summoned and they will be soulmates with your sim and be their boyfriend/girlfriend


Sims child aged and older are able to wish for simoleons from the wishing well.

Overwhelmingly Positive+2 Happy, Won The Lottery Your sim will win the lottery, adding any amount of money over 10,000 to your household funds.
Positive+1 Happy, Fortunes Abound Your sim will win any amount over 1,000 added to your household funds.
Neutral+2 Inspired, Learned Darkest SecretsYour sim will learn of a sim’s secrets and has the ability to black mail someone for money.
Negative+1 Sad, Sadim TouchYour sim will lose money to the wishing well.
Overwhelmingly Negative+3 Tense, MicrotransactionsYour sim will gain a bit of money from the wishing well, however, it will decrease quickly because they will now love mobile games and their microtransactions.
Death +99 Tense, My Simoleons Burned Up Your sim will lose a large sum of money and then will catch on fire, if not put out quickly they can die.


Sims can ask for skill gains that will add to existing skills or give them an entire new skill.

Overwhelmingly Positive+3 Confident, Universal KnowledgeYour sim will get a random skill maxed out.
Positive+2 Confident, Skill Learned Your sim will get a random skill increased by two points.
Neutral+1 Confident, Expedient LearningYour sim’s skill gains rate will be increased for the next four hours.
Negative+2 Sad, Fogged MindYour sim’s skill gains rate will be decreased for the next four hours.
Overwhelmingly Negative+3 Dazed, Mind NumbedYour sim is unable to gain any skills for four hours.
Death +99 Embarassed, Lack of TalentYour sim will become mortified and has a chance of death by embarassment.

Youthful Vigor

Sims can ask for youthful vigor and add some time to their lifespan.

Overwhelmingly Positive +2 Energized, A Few Years LongerYour sim will be reset to the beginning of their current life stage.
Positive+1 Energized, Extended LifeYour sim will have a few days added to their life span.
Neutral+1 Energized, Feeling Young Your sim will become energized.
Negative+2 Energized, Overflowing VigorYour sim will get an energized moodlet that will quickly change to being dazed.
Overwhelmingly Negative+2 Sad, Loss of YouthYour sim will age up to the next life stage immediately, however, elders are not changed with this outcome.
Death +3 Sad, Perpetual Youth Your sim will be changed into a ghost, but will remain a member of your household.

Wishing Well Cool Down

After you use the wishing well you will need to wait for the cool down period of 8 hours to finish befor eusing it again. You can also turn off the cool down period by using the testingcheats true cheat and shift clicking on the wishing well.

Final Thoughts

The wishing well was a fun addition to the game and can give you some interesting outcomes if you let it. Just be careful of getting the death outcomes because you don’t want to kill your sims!

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  1. Are there any other styles of water wells available in Sims 4, besides the wishing well, and in which packs can they be found?

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