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The Sims 4: Rabid Rodent Fever

The Sims has a ton of interesting ways for your sims to pass away, and with the addition of The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff came another way! Your sims can now get and die from Rabid Rodent Fever.

Rabid Rodent Fever is a disease that is caused by having a pet rodent in the house who isn’t the happiest, but can be contracted in other ways as well. It’s important to know the causes of rabid rodent fever, as well as the cure so you can keep your sims safe.

This isn’t the first time your sims could get a disease from a rodent. In The Sims4: Livin’ Large, your sims could get Guinea Pig Disease which worked similarly to Rabid Rodent Fever.

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How to Get Rabid Rodent Fever

Basically, to get Rabid Rodent Fever your sim needs to be bitten by a pet rodent who has a dirty cage. It’s kinda hard to actually get the disease but there are a few small steps you can take in order to make it a bit easier.

Before you start making the cage dirty, you should make the sim become enemies with the pet rodent. This helps because the rodent is less likely to bite someone who they have a decent relationship with. To become enemies you just need to get your sim to do things like yelling at the rodent and this change will happen quickly.

Now, it’s time to avoid cleaning the habitat of your rodent until you start seeing some green fumes coming from it’s cage, this is the best time to try and get bit. Once the cage is dirty it’s time to interact with the rodent who already dislikes you, you can do anything but it may take a few interactions for your sim to get a bite.

You’ll see a Tense moodlet pop up that will last a few hours from being bitten and will eventually turn into full on Rodent Disease.

Stages of Rabid Rodent Fever

Stage One of Rabid Rodent Fever

If your sim has managed to catch Rabid Rodent Fever you’ll be given both a notification letting you know you’ve caught the disease, as well as a new uncomfortable moodlet that states the following:

“Your sim doesn’t feel so good… Their head is pounding and they can’t shake this cough”

This moodlet will also let you know how long you have before it will change up into fuzzy fever, which will take 24 total hours. Your sim will be constantly coughing and maybe even sneezing for the entire day leading up to the next stage.

Stage Two of Rabid Rodent Fever

Once the first 24 hours is up, your sim will have a new uncomfortable +2 moodlet that will state:

“Your sim’s cough has turned into a full blown fever. Those dizzy spells can’t be a good sign, and they are losing control of their bladder. They should research the fever on the computer to find a cure”

This will also state how long you have until your sim’s fuzzy fever turns into full blown rabid rodent fever which will take about 24 hours as well.

Your sim will continue to cough and sneeze but you can now expect to see some moments of dizziness throughout the day. You’ll also have a bladder and hygiene need that will be decreasing a lot quicker making your sim harder to care for.

Final Stage of Rabid Rodent Fever

Your sim is now going to have a dazed moodlet that will last 24 hours and if you don’t deal with the fever and get a cure, you’ll find your sim dying within 24 hours. The dazed moodlet states:

It’s a full blown outbreak of Rabid Rodent Fever! Your sim looks delirious, and they are dangerously contagious. Their condition is rapidly deteriorating; they should use a computer to research their illness or consult with a veterinarian immediately. Failure to seek help could result in grave consequences”

Your sim can give this disease to any teenage sim or older and it is highly contagious so essentially your entire family will get the disease if you aren’t careful. Your sim will spend this time getting hot, dizzy, and a lot of coughing and sneezing will occur. You’ll find it extremely hard to care for them as well.

How to Prevent Rabid Rodent Fever

There are a few ways that you can prevent your sims from getting rabid rodent fever and they’re all pretty straight forward. The first, is to be nice to your pet rodents so that they like you more and are a lot less likely to bit your sim.

You should also try your absolute best to keep your rodent’s cage clean and not let it get that gross green cloud.

You can also order an inoculation for Rabid Rodent Fever which works to completely prevent your sim from ever getting rabid rodent fever.

How to Cure Rabid Rodent Fever

It’s pretty easy to cure your sims of rabid rodent fever. All you need to do is research rabid rodent fever on the computer and then you’ll learn about the medicine, Rabid Rodent Serum which is able to be purchased on the computer. Your sim will be cured instantly.

Final Thoughts

Rabid Rodent Fever is a really interesting way to kill your sims if that’s your goal, or a really fun way to get some new levels of gameplay happening. Have you ever had the fever? If so, did you let your sim pass away? Or did you cure it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Is there a cheat to remove the illness? My servo caught it and unfortunately cannot drink the cure. I tried the cheat to remove buffs but that didn’t work

  2. My advice, buy a rabid rodent serum at the store. don’t forget to use this cheat bb.showhiddenobjects
    this is the easiest way to get rid of it

  3. is there a cheat to give your sims rabid rodent disease? im too lazy to wait for the cage to get dirty, and want to speed things up.

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