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All About Neighborhood Action Plans in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle

A huge part of The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle is the neighborhood action plans (or NAPs for short) that can change aspects of your sim’s neighborhood. There are plans to get juiced, for free love, for fighting and so much more.

How to Enact a Neighborhood Action Plans

If you want to enact a neighborhood action plan, you are going to need to vote. You can vote at any of the Voting Boards in Evergreen Harbor, or using a mailbox in any of the other worlds.

Voting is open each week from Friday at 8AM to Monday at 6PM and you are able to vote in this time. Each vote is going to cost you 10 influence points.

You also have the option of trying to influence people to vote for your action plans as well. Every time you try and do this, it will cost you 5 influence points and sometimes it may not work. You want to make sure you have a high relationship with the sim before trying.

If you do nothing, action plans are still going to go through without your input and they may be something you aren’t interested in.

How to Gain Influence Points

To be able to get anything done with NAPs, you are going to need to earn influence points. These points are actually earned in a multitude of ways. Some that I have found include:

  • Friendly Interactions
  • Become Good Friends
  • Becoming Best Friends
  • Getting Promoted
  • Having Events on Your Lot
  • Mentoring Sims in a Skill
  • Posting on Simstagram

You can also cheat to get influence points. You want to open the cheat box with ctrl + shift + c and use the cheat code testingcheats true then hit esc to close the cheat box. You can then go over to the voting board or mailbox and hold down shift and click and you’ll be able to choose Give Sim Influence for 15 points.

How to Repeal a Neighborhood Action Plan

If you no longer want a specific action plan to stick around you have the option to repeal an action plan. Once a plan is in place you can go to the voting board (or your mailbox) and choose to attempt to repeal the plan.

You are going to need 5 signatures for the plan to be removed, and this can include your own sim. You are going to need to use your influence points to convince other sims that these action plans are worth repealing and get them to come vote with you.

Green Initiatives

Your sim has the option of choosing to enact a green initiative in their neighborhood and they will do something a bit different in each area. Overall, you’ll see new trees, hedges, and bushes added and a serious increase to your eco footprint. However, this will cost you a bit of money in your weekly bills.

Conifer Station

“The lovely Conifer Station is pretty green already, but what if it were more green in all respects of the word? With a teensy donation from residents in the form of a weekly increase in utility bills, we will be able to fund the planting of many luscious trees, hedges, and more, which will in turn give Conifer station a greener Eco Footprint. Everybody wins!”

Grim’s Quarry

“Sure, there might be a smattering of grass around Grims Quarry, but is that enough? With this action in place, we can finally fund the experimental use of a new evergreen fertilizer that we’re confident will bring a flurry of lovely pines to Grims Quarry! This won’t only make the neighborhood more green in the visual sense, but the influx of CO2 will also move our eco footprint to a greener state. Vote now, don’t worry about that slight increase in your weekly bills, let’s paint the town green.”

Port Promise

“Sometimes green doesn’t mean completely green, but at least a step towards it. It’s time to blanket Port Promise with luscious plant life. With this action plan, we can expect to see not only trees and bushes sprouting but we’ll also see Port Promise’s Eco Footprint become more green as well. All it takes is a small donation from residents in the form of a weekly bill increase. Simple!”

Modern Developments

In each neighborhood you have the option to choose a modern development NAP that will help to bring your sim’s neighborhood into the 21st century. Each modern development will be a bit different since there are different things to become more modern.

You may see developments to the apartment buildings, parks, the quarry, and the non-playable houses in the game.

However, there will be an increase to your weekly bills in the process.

Conifer Station

“Having seen other cities in the greater Evergreen Harbor area, it’s easy to compare and acknowledge there’s work to be done at Conifer station to keep up with the times. By putting funding towards changes in this district, you will start to see new projects roll out with the apartments, railways, and the towers. Of course, the funding for this development will have to come from somewhere. With this initiative, weekly utility bills will be increased, but we’ll also put in place an increase in residents career pay to offset that added cost.”

Grim’s Quarry

“Do you ever look around and think “this place stinks”? That’s because it actually does smell a bit like old carpet. It’s ok. We can admit it. We live in an area surrounded by some impressive advancements, but Grims Quarry is still outdated for today’s standard. With enough funding we can make Grims Quarry a better place to live. Vote for the modern development project, and expect modern advancements at the quarry itself, in the park, and even on the homes in Grims Quarry.”

Port Promise

“Feeling down about the state of our fair Port Promise? Vote on additional funding for development projects to help this area live up to its name. BY putting in hard work and funding, mainly funding, together we can work on some much needed upgrades to the area. Don’t be put off by the increase in your weekly bills to help pay for these improvements. We’re pushing to ensure resident’s pay goes up to help offset the added costs. Make this promise to port promise, won’t you?”

Neighborhood Action Plans

Back to the Old Days

“I remember the good old days. We used to play board games and read books. Nowadays, all anyone can think about is their phone and their TV. They’re juicing it up, chugging all their wretched juice. And what’s with this obsession with woohoo? Woohoo in bed, woohoo in the rocket ship, woohoo in the hot tub, woohoo in the observatory, and if that wasn’t enough, now you delinquents are woohooing in dumpsters? Gross. With this initiative, those who live a wholesome lifestyle of reading books and playing board games will be rewarded with influence. And those who indulge in technology, drinking juice, and woohoo will be properly fined for their woeful deeds.”

This description may be one of my favorites in the game, sounds like an old man complaining about young people. This initiative is going to bring your sims back to the old days and want you to participate in more simple activities.

Your sims are going to get fines if they participate in ANY woohoo types, use their computers, TVs, or other technology and if they are drinking any kind of juice.

Clean Energy Production

“We have the luxury of living in a world that provides us with everything we need. We just need to learn how to harness that energy! With the Clean Energy N.A.P. in place, members of the community will be rewarded with Influence for owning functional clean energy-producing objects like Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, and Dew Collectors.”

This action plan will encourage your sims to have wind turbines, solar panels, and dew collectors. You can sell all of this energy back to the utility company if you over produce. If you don’t participate there will be negative moodlets for your sims.

Eco Friendly Appliances

“Neighbors, I think we could all benefits from a good NAP. One that promotes even the smallest changes to help make a difference. Together we can push to fix our neighborhood one appliance at a time. Let’s take action into our own hands by making handiness skill and influence easier to get by using green upgraded appliances or by repairing appliances.”

Your sims are going to be encouraged to fabricate eco upgrade parts or find them in dumpsters so you can upgrade your appliances in your home, or upgrade the appliances in other sim’s homes to gain influence points.

Foodies Unite!

“Neighbors, let’s get cooking! There are so many fabulous organic, non organic, home grown and freebie ingredient options out there. Crack out that cutting board and start experimenting. Under the foodies unite NAP, members of the community will be rewarded influence by exercising their tasty skills in home style, gourmet, or any other style of cooking.”

When this NAP is active sims will get influence points for cooking and gourmet cooking which is a great option because all sims already need to cook every single day so they have food to eat!

Free Love

“Who needs negativity when you could be drenched in love? Who needs jealousy when you could be embraced with understanding? Vote with your heart and we can transform our community into a butterfly of love for all. Whether single, married, or just open, we embrace loving each other in all of its beautiful forms. When free love reigns, you can gain influence through romance interactions.”

This action plan is a fun one if you are doing something like the serial romantic aspiration or trying the 100 baby challenge. It completely gets rid of any jealousy from other sims when doing romantic interactions.

With this action plan enabled you are able to walk around and start doing romantic interactions with any sim who will allow it, without your significant other getting mad at you. This means you can cheat as much as you want without consequences.

However, if you are to repeal this action plan there will be jealousy again. So be careful walking around town with all of the sims who you previously had woohoo or have flirted with as they may start flirting back and make your partner jealous.

Fun Loving Community

“Recreation should be celebrated, not stifled. It’s time to eradicate boredom and embrace having fun. Vote for this NAP and not only will we be able to let loose as a whole, but residents will also be rewarded with influence points for doing activities that involve Comedy, Mischief, and even Video Gaming.”

When this action plan is active, you’ll see sims walking around playing games on their phones all the time, practicing their comedy skill, and doing mischief interactions more often. You may even see sims playing with a lump of clay as to not get bored in the middle of the street. They will essentially just always be doing something because you don’t want to be bored.

Juiced Community

“Get ready to get JUICED. In support of all things fizzy and funky, this NAP wants to get everyone juiced up. Gain influence by using the practical Juice Fizzing and Mixology skills to make concoctions for the entire neighbourhood.”

This NAP will get your sims to get more influence from creating fizzy drinks and drink them. Sims are going to carry drinks around often and be juiced all the time. You’ll visibly see that sims are juiced up and your sims are going to love the feeling of being juiced.

Green Gardening

“Have you always had the yearning to start gardening but never quite had the gumption to do it? Well, this fresh new NAP might be just the thing to push you over that figurative mound of procrastination soil. Grab your snips, cast your vote, and you’ll get influence for flexing your mighty green thumb. Growing a garden is beneficial for you, the community, and the planet. Let’s all dig in.”

When this NAP is active, you’ll see random sims coming to help garden by watering your plants or weeding. This will also encourage people to come and do work at the community garden space if you turn your community lot into that garden. Your sims will get influence points when doing gardening actions.

Power Conservation

“Energy isn’t free, so what can we do on our part to help conserve? The power conservation action plan helps to answer that difficult question. Step 1, limit your household’s overall consumption of power by avoiding overuse of electronics. Step 2, sacrifice one teensy weensy day per week without power. The landgraab power company even agreed to give a discount on utility bills for this. Failure to conserve a satisfactory amount of power for your household size, as defined by the board of NAP will result in a daily fine.”

With this NAP your sims are going to experience one day a week where you are no longer allowed to use power, as a power shut off day. You’ll also want to use less power daily.

The best part of this NAP is that if you don’t participate in this action plan you are going to. get charged money and an enforcement officer will come over and let you know you need to change or they will continue to charge you daily.

Promote Creative Arts

“The mark of a true artistic community is a shared passion for the creative arts. Support this maker mindset with your vote, and you’ll be rewarded not only with the pride you get from creating, but also with influence from doing painting, photography, writing, fabrication, and other artistic activities. Professionals working as painters, style influencers, freelance crafters, or writers will also earn increase pay while this NAP is active.”

The best sims for this NAP are creative ones, they are going to get influence points when doing the things they already love. If they’re in a creative career field they’ll even get a raise so they can earn more money.

Rock Your Body (And Mind)

“What better way to care for oneself than with the accountability of a whole community? This initiative puts the action back in neighborhood action plans. Together, we can make sure all sims in the neighborhood are practicing their fitness, keeping up on hygiene, looking after their overall wellbeing, and boosting their influence while they’re at it.”

Sims in the world are going to start stretching around the world, running more, doing sit ups, crunches, and spending more time working out in general. Your sim will gain influence when doing workouts as well.

Roughhousing Encouraged

“Have you ever heard another sim’s opinion and thought “I should be polite but I really think this conversation would be better if I asserted my stance, refused to back down, and ultimately engaged in a full out neighborly brawl”? We’re with you. Sometimes we believe there is such a thing as being too polite. We should band together and make this world better, one fight cloud at a time. A world where we can speak our minds without any hurt feelings or bruised egos. Vote for the roughhousing encouraged NAP and you can influence by using mean interactions on other sims. If that’s the kind of sim you want to be.”

This neighborhood action plan will allow your sims to fight without any negative repercussions, and sims will want to fight you (and each other) often. You’ll see townies beating each other up at random times, seemingly for no reason. You’ll get influence points for mean interactions and fighting.

Self Sufficiency

“Why keep feeding the corporate beast and continue spinning on this degrading hamster wheel of consumerist shame? We can rise up and maintain a perfectly good community ourselves! We can live in a community where things like fishing, gardening, and handiness are rewarded with increased influence, as well as a sense of accomplishment.”

When this NAP is active your sims will gain extra influence when they repair items that have broken in their home, can get points for gardening and fishing since they’ll be getting food on their own. This NAP is all about surviving without any one else’s help.

Sharing is Caring

“Some sims own a lot of things, some sims own just a little bit of things. But what if everyone could just own everything? See that bike sitting there? That could be your bike! Or anyone’s bike! With this initiative, everything you see can be yours. You see something, you take it. No questions asked, no repercussions. Just don’t get too attached to anything you already own.”

Since this is a NAP you aren’t able to say anything or do anything when sims are stealing things. However, you are able to go around steal some things at their house too. You’ll be able to click on certain items and choose the Attempt toSwipe interaction to take something.

Be careful with this NAP, sims can come into your home and take anything they want if they are over to visit. Sims who aren’t hanging out at your house can take everything outside your lot too. If you want to stop this you can build fences around your lot and lock all of your doors from neighbors and friends.

Support the Performing Arts

“There are some who say music is healing for the soul and performing is healing for the heart. Uplift our community and gain influence by not only sharing the melodies of the instruments that you play, but also by expressing other forms of performing arts. Professionals working in entertainment careers can also enjoy increased pay while this NAP is active.”

This NAP will have more sims playing instruments in public places, singing in public if you have City Living, and practicing acting if you have Get Famous. You’ll get added influence points for doing these kind of performing activities as well.

Tech Support

“Have you grown too comfortable with things just the way they are? Don’t be caught NAPing on your community’s technological progress. Working with programming, rocket science or other methods, we can continue to make our world a better place through technology and boosting our influence while doing it. As an added bonus, sims working in tech related career fields such as astronauts, tech gurus, scientists, freelance programmers, and civil designers will have increased pay if this initiative gets voted in.”

This NAP will get your sims bonus influence points when doing skills like programming and rocket science, and will earn more money in any technology careers. It won’t make much different to your community because sims aren’t going to have computers with them all of the time when hanging out in public areas.

Upcycling Initiative

“Why spend your simoleons on something you could create for yourself? Why do we throw away so many materials that could go into making something special and new? With the upcycling initiative, we are giving influence to everyone using recyclers to get materials and fabricators to turn those materials into something responsibly wonderful.”

This NAP will push your sims to recycle more of the things they use to get bits and pieces. You can recycle items that are found in dumpsters, or fix any electronics that they find. They’ll also gain influence points when they use the fabrication machine to create furniture.

Water Conservation

“Let’s admit it. The water isn’t quite flowing with the flow with which it used to flow. How can we all chip in and help to conserve? We believe that with the pairing of a weekly water shut off day and an organized effort to consume less water, this community can really make a difference. Failure to conserve a satisfactory amount of water for your household size, as defined by the board of NAP will result in a daily fine.”

This NAP will have your sims wanting to use less water, take fewer showers, and even have an entire day where they are unable to use any water at all.

This works like the power conservation NAP where someone will be there to enforce it and if you use too much power, your sims will have. topay a daily fine.

We Wear Bags

Icon for the neighborhood action plan, we wear bags

“Our community values reducing and recycling. But – has anyone else noticed that the paper bags are starting to pile up? We wouldn’t dare throw those away! They could come to good use some day! Don’t you think every last one of those 8,346 neatly folded pieces of untapped potential have finally earned their time to shine? With the We Wear Bags Action Plan, we can proudly wear our bags as a mark of our Eco Lifestyles.”

If you decide to enact the we wear bags action plan your sims are going to be unaffected, and won’t be forced into wearing bags.

However, every single person in the neighborhood will start wearing paper bags on their heads. They will have different designs on them, from smiles to surprised faces and even the kids have their own that looking drawn on.

Nothing crazy happens when you enact this NAP, and there won’t be any long lasting gameplay affects. However, it is one of my favourites if you need a laugh.

Final Thoughts

These action plans are really fun and can add a ton of personality to your sim’s world. We are always wanting to have The Sims 4 be more quirky, and you can use these action plans to make each neighborhood a bit more different. Happy Playing!

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  1. I found the whole process of voting/repealing confusing. No matter what I do I cannot have an impact. The paper bag plan is stupid, childish and irritating. Please, get rid of it. I cannot open my cheat window nor can I get ahold of any EA support.

    1. You don’t need to cheat – You can either influence other sims to vote for your choice, dump a load of votes on it if you have a lot of influence points – or if you want to make it super easy, go to pause menu/ game options/ pack settings and disable (untick) “Enable NPC Voting” – that way only your votes count

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