Sims 4 Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration Walkthrough

There are a number of base game aspirations and the sims 4 painter extraordinaire aspiration is one of the best. This aspiration focuses on having your sims work on their painting skill and makes sure that you’re crafting the highest quality work.

You’ll want your sims in this aspiration to have the inspired emotion whenever they can to make sure that they can gain the skill more quickly and make better paintings. You can even pair this aspiration with the painter career to earn even more of an income while working on it.

Traits That Help With The Sims 4 Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration

There are so many traits to choose from in The Sims 4 and there are two that are going to seriously help you finish this aspiration more quickly. Choosing the right traits is really important if you want to gain skills more quickly, or stay in the right emotional state for creating better work.

The first trait you must have if you want to work on this aspiration is the creative trait. This is because it’s going to have your sims feeling inspired more often which can help them gain the painting skill more quickly and help them craft better quality works of art.

The second trait is definitely the perfectionist trait which is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that your sims are going to make sure your sims are more likely to craft higher quality paintings, the curse is that your sims are going to take longer to complete them.

Must-Have Reward Store Trait

There is a whole rewards store in The Sims 4 where you can use your satisfaction points to purchase new traits for your sims. The best reward trait to purchase while a sim is working on the sims 4 painter extraordinaire aspiration is the creative visionary trait. This is great because it’s going to help you make higher quality art that will sell for more money.

Stages of The Sims 4 Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration

Every different aspiration in the game has a number of levels that you’ll need to work through to be able to complete it. Once you complete each task in these aspirations you’re going to be awarded with satisfaction points that will be used in the reward store. The sims 4 painter extraordinaire aspiration has four levels for your sims to work through.

Level One: III at Easel

  • Paint for 5 Hours
  • Start 3 Paintings While Inspired
sims 4 painter extraordinaire aspiration level one

Becoming inspired with your sim is rather easy, and can be done easily by taking a thoughtful shower. Then you just need to start 3 paintings, not complete them while feeling inspired.

Chances are your sim won’t make it through all 3 paintings before the inspired moodlet goes away, but they can take another thoughtful shower and start another.

You could also get inspired in other ways, we have a guide to emotions that will tell you how to get your sim feeling all the different emotions!

Level Two: Fine Artist

  • Reach Painting Level 4
  • Sell 3 Paintings to Collectors or the Art Gallery
  • Complete 3 Emotional Paintings
fine artist level

The first part, to reach painting level 4 is self explanatory. Just keep painting and your sim will get there in no time.

Next, when your sim finishes a painting you can click on it and choose to sell it. If you’re part of the painter career you’ll unlock both the collector and the art gallery option. However, you only need one available so this isn’t necessary.

Finally, you need to complete 3 emotional paintings. Emotional paintings include things like flirty paintings, sad paintings, angry paintings, etc.

You can get your sim to take a steamy shower to get flirty, get them to ponder moves on the chess table to get focused for a focused painting, etc. You can create the same type of painting over and over you just need to create it 3 separate times.

Level Three: Brushing with Greatness

  • Reach Painting Level 6
  • Complete 10 Excellent Paintings
  • View or Admire 3 Paintings at a Museum
sims 4 painter extraordinaire aspiration level 3

Your sim now needs to focus on the quality of their paintings. They will naturally create better paintings as they level up their painting skill.

You can purchase the creative visionary reward store trait with the different satisfaction points your sim has gotten so far! This reward trait is going to make your sim more likely to create higher quality paintings!

When you’re at level 6 or higher of the painting skill, chances are your sim will be creating mostly excellent paintings anyway, so this shouldn’t take long. Plus, you can sell the paintings and make all that money.

To view or admire paintings at the museum, you just need to head over to the museum and click on different pieces of art and choose view. Your sim will stand in front of the paintings for a few minutes, then move on to the next one.

Level Four: Painter Extraordinaire

painter extraordinaire level 4

Reaching painting level 10 is pretty easy if you’re constantly working on paintings, but creating masterpieces can take a bit of time.

You should make sure that your sim is feeling inspired, their needs are high, and they have a high painting skill. This should get your sim to create masterpieces often!

If you’re working through the painter career, you can get awesome career bonuses that can help you create higher quality paintings. There are easel unlocks in both branches that can be seriously helpful to this aspiration.

Reward Trait for The Sims 4 Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration

Whenever you get a sim to finish off an aspiration they are going to get a reward trait added to their personality. These are great because they can consistently complete aspirations and get lots of reward traits over time.

When your sims manage to finish off the sims 4 painter extraordinaire aspiration they are going to be given the expressionistic reward trait. This is going to allow your sims to go ahead and make any emotional paintings without having to feel that emotion.

This is great because you can fill your house with easy to make emotional paintings that can set the mood. You could put flirty paintings in the bedroom but focused paintings in your sim’s home office to really control how much work they can get done.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration

This is one of my most used aspirations in the game because of how much money you can earn from painting over time. The sims 4 painter extraordinaire aspiration is great because you’ll be motivated to make masterpieces that can sell for tons of money and make it so you no longer need to use money cheats. Grab your paint brushes and get your sims to painting. Happy Playing!

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  1. Hi, my SIMS has this aspiration and she is in Level three. I finish almost every task, but there isn’t any museam in her city, Evergreen.
    I tried to take a vacation, but the cities in option don’t have museums also.

    Do i really need to change household to another city?


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