The Sims 4: Rocking Climbing Skill

Since Mt. Komorebi is a mountain world we knew we would be getting some kind of mountain climbing in this pack, and boy am I excited to talk about rock climbing.

Your sims can use their rock climbing skill for sport, or to actually summit the entire mountain and be able to climb to the top to eventually become a master rock climber.

Getting Started With Rock Climbing

When you want to first start learning how to rock climb in The Sims 4 you definitely don’t want to start by going up the mountain, you need to start small.

There are a few things that you can do even before trying to climb a mountain like reading skill books about rock climbing or researching climbing techniques on your sim’s computer. Doing this will gain you a bit of the skill and help you get prepared to have a less scary time on the actually walls.

Purchasing Rock Climbing Gear

You may also want to purchase some climbing gear that can be purchased on your sim’s computer, or at a vending machine in Mt. Komorebi. Unforunately, your rock climbing gear doesn’t last forever so you need to make sure that you are taking care of it and repairing it when things go awry.

Different Climbing Walls

Throughout the world of Mt. Komorebi there are a bunch of different climbing walls with different heights and difficulty levels. When you are just starting the gain the skill you are only able to go up short-height rock climbing walls like the one found near the bunny slopes on the mountain.

These walls are the safest and have the least likelihood of your sim falling and hurting themselves or even dying.

When you reach level 4 and 6 you’ll unlock the medium and tall rock climbing walls, respectively and these can be found in other areas around the world.

Levels of the Rock Climbing Skill

Like most skills in The Sims 4, rock climbing has 10 levels for your sim to work through and at each level they are going to unlock new abilities as well as new types of rock climbing gear to equip so they can have a safer climb.

Rock Climbing Level 1

When you first start gaining the rock climbing skill your sim will be able to equip their new climbing gear before they start a climb, and of course remove it when they are done. Also, they can start climbing the small rock climbing walls like the ones near the bunny slopes.

Rock Climbing Level 2

Your sim is starting to get a bit more confident when climbing and can now climb small walls courageously where they will do some cooler moves and be confident as heck when doing so. They are also able to now have access to some unlockable snow goggles that they can wear on their climbs.

Rock Climbing Level 3

At the 3rd level of the rock climbing skill your sim can now start climbing on the medium height climbing walls, allowing for riskier climbs that they should be careful during. Thankfully, your sim also unlocks the ability to do pre-climb stretching that may help them loosen up and prepare for their climb.

Rock Climbing Level 4

When a sim reaches level 4 of the rock climbing skill they are going to unlock new ways to climb the medium height wall (i.e., courageously, cautiously, etc). They are also going to unlock the ability to chalk their hands which will let them have better success in climbing.

Rock Climbing Level 5

When at level 5 of the skill your sim is going to be able to wear a new climbing suit that will look awesome while they climb. They can also try a breaking point climbing session.

Rock Climbing Level 6

Since rock climbing can be a social activity, at level 6 of the skill your sims can chat to others about their routes which makes the game feel fun. They are now also able to unlock the largest climbing wall to try. However, you wanna make sure that you are prepared to ensure your sim’s safety.

Rock Climbing Level 7

When your sim reaches level 7 they are able to now climb cautiously on the tallest climbing walls, which is the safest way to climb. In addition, they unlock the ability to create these new energy bars that can be brought on their mountain climbing excursions and the mountain summit so they can keep their energy and hunger up on the mountain.

Rock Climbing Level 8

At level 8 of the skill your sims can now practice their rock climbing on the highest type of walls, which is a good plan before you ever start trying to summit the mountain so your sims are more prepared.

Rock Climbing Level 9

When a sim is at level 9 of the skill they are going to be able to climb courageously on all sizes of mountain climbing walls, and will be more confident when doing so. They can also craft a protein bar to bring on their adventures.

Rock Climbing Level 10

When your sim maxes out the rock climbing skill they are able to start coaching other sims on rock climbing (a lot like mentoring in other skills) and help other sims get their rock climbing skill more quickly.

Rock Climbing and Death

A really important thing to understand about rock climbing in this game is that it can be deadly for your sims if you aren’t smart. You need to be careful when it comes to the weather conditions, as icy conditions can make it so your sim falls more often and falls can lead to a death by falling.

One interesting thing is that injuries in Snowy Escape can stack, so if you get hurt snowboarding and still haven’t recovered and then you fall off a rock climbing wall, you are going to have a higher chance of death than if you just fell off the wall.

To try and avoid this you can check climbing weather conditions, chalk up your hands, and make sure to wear your climbing gear.

Gaining the Rock Climbing Skill with Fitness Stuff

Long before The Sims 4: Snowy Escape was released we got The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff and with that came the fun object of the rock climbing wall.

In this pack the rock climbing skill was actually a hidden skill where your sims woould be gaining the fitness skill while climbing but they would slowly get better at rock climbing as they gained a hidden skill that had 5 levels.

Now with The Sims 4: Snowy Escape, players who have both packs can gain the full rock climbing skill by using the rock climbing wall.

If you want your sim to be successful in a mountain summit you may want to practice at home first by adding a rock climbing wall to your home, or to a local gym to make sure that you are successful.

Final Thoughts

Rock climbing is a really fun and well thought-out skill in The Sims 4 and is a really fun experience. It lets you have social time with other sims, climb a mountain on a mountain summit, and spend tons of time in the new world of Mt. Komorebi. I am so happy with this skill!

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