The Sims 4: Beach Life Aspiration (Island Living)

With The Sims 4: Island Living we got the beach life aspiration where your sims will be hanging out in the sand and getting a tan.

When you choose this aspiration for your sim when you create them in CAS or when they age up to a teen they will get the home turf bonus trait, making them get positive moodlets whenever they are in their home neighbourhood.

This aspiration isn’t my favourite as it is super simple and basic and doesn’t lead to a ton of fun gameplay, but if you just got The Sims 4: Island Living you can learn a decent amount about the pack through playing through this at least once.

Stages of the Aspiration

Stage One: Tourist

  • Get a Suntan
  • Earn Gold on a Kava Party
  • Eat a Coconut

To get a suntan you need to get a towel or a lounge chair and click on it and choose to get a suntan. You can choose to tan nude or in a specific outfit, but be careful because your tan lines are going to line up with whatever you’re wearing so clothes with weird holes can lead to weird tan lines.

The next step is to earn gold on a Kava Party which is a new party type in Island Living. Getting gold in these parties is easy, as you just need to follow the tasks assigned to you in the top left hand corner during the party.

The final thing in this stage is to eat a coconut. These can be hard to find, but there is a small shack where you can buy island items on the bottom right island in Sulani. It is small but it is colourful and lights up so you should be able to find it. Or you can use the debug cheat to find yourself a coconut.

Stage Two: Sand Sifter

  • Find Things Beachcombing
  • Grill, Barbecue or Roast Food

To go beachcombing you just need to click on the sand in different areas and choose to beachcomb. You’ll need to do it for a little while to actually find items, but it doesn’t take long.

To finish this stage you need to make food outdoors, by either grilling, barbecuing or roasting food. You can use the new outdoor fire to make it, or on an outdoor retreat fire pit, or a regular barbecue and it will satisfy this need.

Stage Three: Leisurely Local

  • Explore the Beach Cave
  • Discover Buried Treasure

The first part of this section says to explore the beach cave which is a rabbit hole in Sulani. It is located along the mountain line near the plane crash lot in the game. The cave can be clicked on and your sim can choose to explore.

If you want your sim to discover buried treasure you need to go scuba diving. You can do this by clicking on one of the floating buoys out in the ocean. However, you’ll need to purchase the treasure tool diving gear which will run you over 1,000 simoleons so this isn’t cheap.

There is also a chance that your sim will find some treasure in the cave while exploring.

Stage Four: Beach Fixture

  • Doze Off while Relaxing in a Lounge Chair or Float Lounger

To get a sim to doze off while relaxing, you can either make them very tired and send them out, or just wait because sims who are extremely relaxed on one of the loungers usually end up dozing off.

Aspiration Bonus Trait

A sim who can manage to finish the beach life aspiration is going to be given the laid-back reward trait. This reward trait’s description says sims who are laid-back never become tense which can be a nice addition to a sim.

Any sim who never becomes tense can work hard at work without fear of being overworked, won’t get tense when their fun is low and they’ll pretty much never be stressed out again.

Final Thoughts

This may not be the most interesting aspiration that has come with The Sims 4, but it can be nice to have the laid back trait so your sim can work on other things a bit harder. This is an easy aspiration to finish, so get going. Happy playing!

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