The Sims 4: Talking Toilet (Potty Mouth 2.0)

One of the silliest additions with The Sims 4: City Living was the brand new talking toilet, Potty Mouth 2.0. This very expensive toilet is an interesting choice by the sims team but genuinely isn’t surprising because the sims always loves to throw in some goofy items that are pretty silly.

This toilet is actually a really useful tool to have your sim kinda be friends with, which sounds weird but hear me out, okay?

Features of The Potty Mouth 2.0

You can find your potty mouth toilet in build/buy mode in the plumbing section and will cost you §2,000 which is a little pricey for a toilet, but it can make for an interesting bathroom. This toilet has reliability of 8 which is great because it’s no fun when your toilet breaks all the time.

The toilet actually has a weird water and light show that will happen randomly and can make for some cute things in the background. There are also some awesome upgrades that can be done to the potty mouth 2.0 that will make it even more useful.

When you first buy a talking toilet you won’t know exactly what it is capable of, but as you spend more and more time talking to the toilet and actually use it you’ll be able to change the use and ? into actually things you can choose from.

There are 3 options for actually using the toilet that will appear as you use it more, they are:

  1. Use and Watch: Clicking this option will let your sim watch a bit of television while on the toilet which can give them a small increase in their fun need as well as a full increase in their bladder need.
  2. Use and Massage: Choosing the massage option will give your sim a nice energized moodlet that happens because of the wonderful massage your sim will get while they use the toilet.
  3. Use and Sanitize: This option will increase your sims hygiene while they are also increasing their bladder making it way more efficient and so they need to bathe less.

Talking To The Potty Mouth 2.0

One of my favourite things to use the potty mouth for is just to talk to the toilet with my loner sims or other sims who live alone. You can actually start to become friends with the talking toilet and have it be your only source of increasing your social need. You can even increase your charisma skill using the talking toilet, so it’s a win-win!

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