There are a few awesome aspirations that come with The Sims 4: Base Game and the two culinary aspirations are some of the best, both master chef and master mixologist are fun and can be done as a career path for your sim.

This aspiration focuses heavily on the mixology skill and will have your sim needing a bar in their home as well as throwing a few parties for all of their friends!

Traits for the Successful Lineage Aspiration

Every aspiration in The Sims 4 requires your sims to have certain personality traits that can help them got the job done faster.


The creative trait is awesome because your sim will create higher quality drinks if they are feeling inspired, and sims who are creative will feel inspired more often.


Outgoing is great choice for a sim in the master mixologist aspiration because they are going to need to throw a few social events. If they are outgoing they will enjoy being around others more and this can be helpful.


A big focus of this aspiration is creating high quality drinks and a perfectionist has a higher chance of creating high quality stuff!

Reward Trait for the Aspiration

When your sim finishes this aspiration they are going to be given the essence of flavor trait. This trait is going to give them the ability to make higher quality food and drink than regular sims. High quality food can give happy moodlets!

Stages of the Aspiration

Level 1: Bar Tenderfoot

  • Mix 20 Drinks
  • Own a Bar and 2 Barstools

For the entirety of this aspiration, you’re going to need to own a bar. You can buy one of the less expensive ones and two bar stools to complete half of this aspiration.

Then, you’ll need to mix 20 drinks. This is going to take a while since they need to be individual drinks! You also may want to get the NanoCan Touchless Trashcan so you can make money from all of the empty glasses around.

Although not part of this section of the aspiration, you should definitely join the Culinary career at this point. You’re going to need to get into the Mixology branch of the career in part 3, so it’s smart to work through the career from the beginning.

Level 2: Electric Mixer

  • Achieve Level 5 Mixology Skill
  • Mix 10 Drinks at a Single Social Event
  • Mix 3 Different Excellent Drinks

The easiest part of this section is to reach level 4 of the mixology skill, you can get this done pretty quickly by just making drinks all the time or by practicing making drinks on a bar. That’s really easy.

To make 3 excellent drinks you should get your sim to feel inspired by taking a thoughtful shower and then go and make the drinks with a decently high mixology skill. Being inspired will give you a higher chance of getting higher quality drinks.

You also need to mix 10 drinks at a single social event. This can be any event, like a birthday party, a dinner party, or a house party. You’ll probably spend the majority of the event at the bar making drinks, so this can be a bit of a pain, but is easy to get done.

Level 3: Beverage Boss

  • Become an Adult
  • Join The Mixology Branch of the Culinary Career
  • Achieve Level 7 in the Mixology Skill

Obviously, becoming an adult is a pretty self explanatory part of this aspiration and is done easily. You’ll also need to get into the culinary career and get to the level where you get to choose if you want to be a chef or a mixologist, and choose mixology!

You’ll also need to reach level 7 of the mixology skill. This can be done by making individual drinks on a bar or by practicing making drinks.

Level 4: Master Mixologist

  • Achieve Level 10 Mixology Skill
  • Mix 10 Excellent Drinks While Inspired
  • Create 10 Types of Excellent Drinks

Reaching level 10 of the mixology skill is done by just practicing making drinks or making individual drinks throughout your sim’s life. Raising the skill will take time, but will be worth it!

You will also need to mix 10 excellent drinks while inspired, to get inspired you can take a thoughtful shower which is the easiest way to do it. Then, you’ll need to also mix 10 types of excellent drinks, so when making those 10 drinks while inspired you should make different drink types so you can satisfy both of these at once.

Final Thoughts

Mixing drinks and becoming a mixologist is a fun option for a base game career and can get you a decent amount of money throughout your sim’s life. Plus, you’ll be great at throwing parties because your drinks will be flowing!