100+ Pieces of Sims 4 Wedding CC You Need for the Perfect Day

A wedding is such a big day in a person’s life and your sims deserve to have an absolutely perfect day too. When planning your sims wedding look you’re going to want to add as much Sims 4 Wedding CC as you can to your mods folder to make sure that you can have that absolutely perfect look, and a gorgeous venue for the wedding.

On this list you’ll find everything you need to celebrate love, engagement rings, wedding dresses, and even wedding decor objects to make sure that everything is perfect.

Sims 4 CC Engagement Rings

Before you get to the big day you need to have the perfect ring for your proposal and the game just doesn’t have the best ones or many options at all. These engagement rings are so beautiful and cover so many different types of rings that are gorgeous and you’re guaranteed to love.

Flower Sims 4 Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is so unique which makes it so beautiful, with a gorgeous pearl right in the middle. The pearl has five diamonds that are shaped like little flower petals. If you know me in real life you know how much I love flowers, and anything floral, so this ring is right up my alley.

There is also something so unique about the ring’s band with two thin bands going around the finger and just adding so much beauty.

A woman with dark hair and a white tank top. She has pointy finger nails and a floral wedding ring.

Round Cut Sims 4 CC Diamond Ring

If you’re looking for a super classic engagement ring that will look great for years, this is the one. This ring has a very average size band with diamonds going all the way to the sides which is gorgeous.

There is a large diamond in the center in a gorgeous cut that steals the show and just looks so beautiful on your sims.

A black background with a sim on top, they have brown hair and pink nails and are wearing a sims 4 cc wedding ring.

Opal Sims 4 CC Engagement Ring

If you really want a unique engagement ring for your sims without a diamond being the star of the show, this opal ring may be the one you want. This ring has a rectangle base with a large rectangle opal in the middle with diamonds on each side of the opal.

On either side of this rectangle there are large clusters of diamonds in a triangle shape which adds so much to the ring. This ring comes in both silver and gold so you have options for your sim’s engagement.

A sim wearing a black blazer with stripes who has black hair and brown eyes and is wearing a rectangle opal wedding ring

S-Club Non-Traditional Ring

This next ring is super non-traditional and is great for your more unique sims. This one has a large diamond on one side and a small one on the other, but they are not connected by a regular circular band.

This ring is so interesting because it has a band that does not make a circle and is open in such a fun way. There is just a gorgeous shine to this ring and it’s just so unique and fun!

A black background with a hand on top with a ring that doesn't close on their finger.

Square Halo Sims 4 Wedding CC Ring

If you have a sim that doesn’t need to have a super large ring on their hand everyday, but still wants something beautiful, this is a great ring option. This ring has a unique square shaped diamond in the middle with small diamonds going all the way around the square.

There are beautiful small diamonds around the band too, so its definitely a show stopper but without being too large and taking over your sims hand.

A teal background with a small rectangle with a sim inside of it. This sim has large hands and is wearing a square halo diamond ring.

Emerald Cut Sims 4 CC Engagement Ring

Our next ring is not for sims that love to be subtle, this emerald cut engagement ring has such a large diamond that it will take over your sims hand. This ring has a thin band in either gold or silver with some small diamonds over the band. This feels like the kind of ring you’d have for your sims who are super rich!

A sim on a black background wearing a large sims 4 wedding cc ring with an emerald cut.

Emerald Sims 4 CC Circle Ring

Every person is unique and rings deserve to be unique too, and not all people (and sims) want to have a diamond in the center of their ring. This one is absolutely gorgeous with a silver band covered in diamonds, a circle surrounded by diamonds with a large gem in the middle.

You have swatch options in the middle changing the gem from a green emerald, to a blue sapphire, and even an option that looks like a diamond if you like the style but don’t want the emerald look.

A sim with curly brown hair wearing a green shirt, they have a round halo wedding ring with a green emerald in the center.

Beautiful Sims 4 CC Bridal Ring

Our next ring is super fun that takes a traditional ring and turns it on its head. This ring has a double band in a gorgeous classic gold and has a square on top that is on an angle.

This square has a diamond in the middle with a gap between the diamond and the border or diamonds to add even more beautiful and love to the ring.

A sim with brown eyes and black hair, they are wearing an earring and a wedding dress.

Classic Sims 4 CC Engagement Ring

When you think engagement ring you’ll definitely see this type of ring pop up in your head because it’s a classic style. This ring has a beautiful princess cut diamond in the center with diamonds in the band on either side. The ring comes in swatches with gold bands, silver bands and can even have different coloured diamonds if you want.

A sim with dirty blonde hair wearing a classic wedding ring and a brown shirt.

Diamond Sims 4 CC Engagement Ring

There is a very specific engagement ring style that comes to mind when you’re thinking and this one would never pop in my head, but it is so beautiful and unique. This ring has a wider gold band and three diamonds that are all rectangles with the one in the middle being larger.

There are no diamonds on the band which keeps the ring more minimalist and so beautiful.

A sim with bright red hair wearing an argyle sweater and a wedding ring.

Sims 4 Wedding CC Dresses

The most important thing for a bride to wear is, of course, their wedding dress. These are some of my absolute favourite Sims 4 Wedding CC dresses that are going to have you absolutely loving how your sims look on their wedding day!

The Forever Sims 4 CC Collection

Downloading custom content for the sims can get super overwhelming if you have to go to a ton of different pages to grab the content, so getting multiple dresses at once is great.

These are really versatile dresses that all come in a bright white swatch for your sim’s bridal look but you can also wear them in reds, blues and pinks for other occasions making the download even more worth it.

Three squares next to each other with various wedding dresses

Provence Wedding CC Dress

This next dress is super trendy right now with a gorgeous corset top and draped tulle sleeves that will just make your sims look absolutely gorgeous in every way. The white swatch of this is a perfect wedding dress with the large skirt with tons of layers to keep if feeling so romantic and fabulous.

The best part? There are other colour swatches so your sims can wear this same dress to other events!

Three sims with their hair down with bangs wearing a corset stop wedding dress

Bohemian Wedding CC Dress

If your sims are having a smaller event for their wedding day, this boho dress may be the perfect look for you. This short wedding dress has a base of bright white with some bohemian lace on top over the sleeves and the body.

Wearing this gorgeous dress with some fun heels and a flower crown will give your sims the perfect boho or beach wedding look that you’ll love.

A sim with dark long hair wearing a flower crown and wearing a mini-dress with long sleeves.

Calista Wedding CC Dress

Not all brides want to have a large and in-charge dress, many brides prefer to be subtle and just look classic and beautiful on their wedding day. This Calista wedding dress is so beautiful with nice sleeves with beautiful slits to show off your sims arms, and a nice ribbon around the waist to show off your sim’s figure.

A character from The Sims 4 with their hair in an up-do with flowers in it. They are wearing a simple wedding dress.

Vintage Lace Wedding CC Gowns

This next set is perfect if you want to have your sims looking like they belong in a wedding in the 60s. These vintage wedding gowns are gorgeous with tons of lace, layers and so much beauty. The different styles are going to let you really enjoy trying them on in create-a-sim for all your different sims.

Three sims standing under a concrete wedding arch surrounded by flowers.

Sweetheart Dress

Our next option for Sims 4 Wedding CC is this gorgeous dress with a corset top, puffy lace sleeves and a gorgeous skirt. This dress has some beautiful boning going from the bra cups to the waist that just hug your sim’s figure and make them look so absolutely gorgeous.

The best part about this dress is that there is a long version as well as a short version so you can have your sims with a long dress for the ceremony and a short version for the reception! Who doesn’t love a second dress?

Two sims wearing a lace puff sleeve wedding dress with both long and short options.

Lorena Sims 4 CC Dress

This next dress is such a unique style and would be my dream for a courthouse wedding, especially the version with pants. The look starts with a long-sleeve lace top with an off the shoulder style. The bottom of the look is either a short skirt or a pair of pants.

There is a ribbon around the waist of the outfit and an open front skirt made of lace around the back of your sim’s body. You can accessorize this outfit with so many different items too!

Two sims wearing the same wedding look, one with a short skirt, one with pants. They are both holding giant white wedding bouquets.

Wedding Mini-Set Dress

Our next dress is a very 2010s style that is super fun and would look amazing on your sims. This dress has a straight across neckline with a small v cut out of the middle to add some flair. There is a gorgeous belt and a totally full skirt with lace detailing.

If you want other wedding items too, this set has a beautiful bridesmaid dress included in it too!

A sim wearing a wedding dress with brown hair and a large necklace with gems.

Adaline CC Wedding Gown

This next dress is so simple in the base but there is a beautiful mesh shirt put over top to make your sims look more modest but they’re just looking so gorgeous. The base of the dress has a simple skirt with a rounded cup top with a deeper v in the center to show off extra skin.

There are swatches in just white for weddings but also gorgeous colourful ones that can be worn at other events. I could even see this in a bright colour being worn as a beautiful mother of the bride dress.

Two sims standing next to each other wearing a dress with a deep V and a mesh top with long sleeves.

Wedding Dress With Detachable Sleeves

There are always fun wedding dress trends happening and right now I’m seeing a lot of detachable sleeves popping up. This dress has a gorgeous sweetheart neckline with a belted waist and long draping skirt with a train. There are beautiful puffy sleeves that look really fun on your sims to make the dress feel fancy.

Two rectangles with sims in them with their heads cropped from the image. They are wearing variations of the same white wedding dress.

One Shoulder Wedding CC Dress

This next dress is so fun and unique compared to many of the others on this list, with a single shoulder look and metal going from the shoulder to the back of the dress keeping it together. These metal pieces are so beautiful and unique. There is a slight pattern on the fabric to keep it even more interesting! Definitely a dress fit for a princess!

The same sim three times. This sim is wearing a one shoulder white dress.

Long Sleeve Wedding CC Dress

This dress would be absolutely perfect for a winter wedding in The Sims 4. This dress has a large gorgeous skirt with some subtle lace detailing around the waist and a mesh and lace top that covers only what it needs to. This dress shows off so much skin even though it technically has long sleeves. There is even a beautiful belt on the dress which is beautiful!

A sim with brown hair wearing a long sleeve wedding dress with lace and mesh on the top.

Cascata CC Wedding Dress

This next dress has two versions so you can choose which one fits your sims look better. Both dresses have a deep V neckline with straps and a beautiful set of layered ruffles going down on the skirt.

The only real difference is that version two has a belt to help cinch the waist and make your sims look so gorgeous. The first version feels more laid back with the second feeling more put together for sure.

Two squares showing different variations of a wedding dress with layered ruffles.

Till Death Do Us Part Dresses

If you want to get a bunch of wedding dresses all at once with a single download you definitely want to download these Till Death Do Us Part dresses. These are great because they cover just about everything you’d need for all sorts of brides!

There is even a gorgeous white suit that is made for feminine bodies for your brides to wear which is so gorgeous.

Four square showing off different wedding dresses with flowers on the back.

Romantic CC Wedding Dress

If you want a super simple dress that is still super beautiful, this romantic wedding dress is the one. This dress has a beautiful sweetheart neckline with a tight skirt and a fun slit on the leg.

The dress is brought together with a gold belt that goes around and can be matched to earrings and necklaces to bring it all together.

A sim with black hair wearing a sweetheart neckline wedding dress with a gold belt.

Sims 4 Wedding CC Hair

You’ve got the ring, you’ve got the dress, now you need to decide the other small details that your sims are going to wear on their beautiful day. Your wedding hair should be subtle if you dress is a lot, but you can make your hair as big as you want it if your dress is a bit more tame. These Sims 4 Wedding CC hair options are gorgeous and will definitely look beautiful in the game!

Angele CC Wedding Hair

There are some styles that are going to look great with any style and this hairstyle is one of those. These loose curls are going to be perfect for just about any sims to wear on their wedding day and will look great with all sorts of dresses.

A sim with vitiligo who has a green shirt and green eyes. They have their hair in loose waves.

Juniper Braid Set

A nice braid is a fun wedding look if you’re having a beach wedding or a small outdoor wedding and this one has tons of style to it. This hairstyle has a center part with two braids going on either side and into the back where they are merged together.

These are gorgeous face framing pieces that help make your sim look beautiful, plus the ears are shown off so you can add a fun earring. Imagine a wedding in a meadow with the Cottage Living little strawberry earrings and this hair, how cute!

A sim looking off to the right side with their hair in a french braid and face framing pieces.

Willow Sims 4 Hair

If you’re looking for a very simple up-do hairstyle with all of the flair you need, this is the one. This hairstyle has a middle part and a long side bang that is slightly curly. All of the hair drapes toward the back and goes into a bun at the back of the neck.

This hairstyle will look good with just about any dress, and will let your sims show off their style.

A sim with a gorgeous up-do hair style with face framing pieces.

Honey Sims 4 CC Hair

This honey hair is so much fun and feels like it came right out of the 60s. The way its parted, the length and the curled bottom, it’s all just so cute. This would be a great style for a city wedding at a bar, or a fun themed wedding and it will definitely make your sims look glamorous.

A sim with blonde hair and green eye shadow with pearls in their hair.

Goddess Wedding CC Dreads

These dreads have so much detail and make me want to go play The Sims right now, why do I have to work? These have so much detail with the baby hairs, the way the dreads come out of the head and just the texture on the dreads on top of the head, they are so well made and are perfect.

This look is great for weddings because all of the hair is off the face and behind the back, really showing off your sim’s dress and make up style.

A sim with their edges laid and their natural hair in dreadlocks in an up-do

Eva Hair & Flower Crown

Okay, okay, I know it’s not 2016 and for many flowers crowns are dead. However, there are flower crowns in abundance for many weddings, especially small weddings in a meadow or on a beach. This low pony tail with a flower crown is a beautiful style that makes your sims look immediately perfect.

Two sims with large brown eyes who are wearing their hair in a low pony tail and have a flower crown.

Lillia CC Wedding Hair

This hairstyle feels so beautiful for a wedding to me, and shows off those ears so you can choose a beautiful wedding earring. The hairstyle starts with a middle part and has small bangs that are in front of the ear framing your sim’s face and making them look absolutely gorgeous.

The hair is twisted back behind the ears and going into a straight style at the bottom. This is great for showing off earrings and the dress, which are all important options.

A sim with vitiligo who is wearing a white shirt and a pearl necklace. Their hair is half up half down with face framing pieces.

Charlotte Hair

There are some players out there that are going to want their brides to have a very, very simple hairstyle without curls or anything too crazy. This hairstyle is a great option for something super simple that lets the dress shine.

This hair has a very deep side part with the hair tucked behind the ear, allowing you to have beautiful earrings being shown off for your sims. Having the hair behind the back is awesome if you have a beautifully detailed dress and just want to show that off.

Two sims with their hair with a deep side part pushed behind their ears and behind their back.

Easter Sims 4 Hair

If you have a sim who has bangs in their everyday hairstyle, you’ll want them to have bangs on their wedding day too! This is such a beautiful up-do hairstyle for your sims’ wedding day with their bangs on show, some gorgeous face framing pieces and a very full low bun.

A sim with red hair, green eyes and freckles. Their hair has bangs, two face framing pieces and is in an up-do

Briana Wedding CC Hair

Something about this gorgeous hairstyle screams early spring wedding in a meadow to me. This hairstyle is so beautiful with a gorgeous middle part braid going down each side of the head going into some beautiful long hair behind the back.

The two best details about this hairstyle are that the ears are shown off to show off your wedding earrings perfectly, and that you sim’s braid is covered in small flowers that contrast with the hair colour so they really pop.

A sim with red hair with a braid going around the head with small flowers in the braid.

Sims 4 Wedding CC Accessories

Accessorizing on your wedding day is a big deal, you need to make sure that your accessories don’t over power your dress and just add a bit of sparkle to the look. These necklaces, earrings and other accessories are going to make sure that your brides are going to look gorgeous on their big day.

Calla Lily Wedding CC Bouquet

If you want to have beautiful images of your sim’s on their wedding day you need to have beautiful flowers in the images too. This custom content wedding bouquet is so beautiful with tons of gorgeous calla lily flowers in different colours.

This set covers all sorts of wedding colours like white, black, orange, pink and yellow. The classic options are definitely the white flowers, your sims are definitely going to love these!

A sim wearing a silver dress with their hair up holding a wedding cc bouquet.

Tinka 2.0 Earrings

Not every bride wants to wear large diamonds on their earrings on their big day, so these are a great option for a more subtle look. These start with a small hoop in the ear, and then connected to that is a tear drop shaped piece of metal coming down.

This is a great style for a classic, non glittery, wedding dress with a nice up-do hairstyle!

A sim with their brown hair in a pony tail wearing a silver pair of earrings

Ornamental Drop Sims 4 Earrings

These next earrings are definitely not classic wedding earrings, however, my entire wedding is themed by disco gothic and these just remind me of a fun disco ball and that makes me want to wear them on my wedding day, so I guess they are wedding earrings.

These earrings have a hoop inside of the ear with a fun gold disco ball looking circle coming off the bottom of the hoop which is so much fun. These are a statement for sure!

A sim with brown hair and brown eyes, with winged eye liner. They are wearing earrings that resemble gold disco balls.

Celina Wedding CC Earrings

If you want earrings to make a statement, these ones will definitely do that. These have so many large diamonds that will make your sims look so beautiful on their big day.

This earring has a circle diamond in the center with four petals going around on the outside, there is then a small diamond at the bottom and a teardrop diamond dangling from the bottom. These are such a good style for a wedding and your sims are going to look so beautiful.

A sim wearing an earring that looks like a flower with a small tear drop at the bottom.

Daisy Earrings

Florals are something that I love as a person, and these daisy earrings are so gorgeous and such a unique and fun style for your sims. They start with a bright white daisy with a gold center as a stud and a small metal piece going down from it. This metal piece curves like a smile and has a mixture of daisies and small gold circles going around in the cutest way.

A sim with bleach blonde hair who has a pair of earrings with daisies

La Luna Sims 4 Necklace

This La Luna necklace is a simple and beautiful style for your sims to wear with their low cut wedding dress. It hugs close to the neck with a few small balls going toward the bottom. The necklace feels super glamorous while still being simple enough that your sims can wear it pretty often.

A sim with their brown hair in an up-do who has a necklace on with tons of small pieces of circle metal.

Vignette Crystal Earrings

The unfortunate part about writing about sims custom content is that sometimes you see something so beautiful, and so perfect for you, that you can’t wear IRL. Unfortunately these earrings would be perfect for my wedding look but I don’t even have my ears pierced and these aren’t even real!

These earrings are gorgeous with a stud going into the ear with three branches in gold going in different directions and tons of small diamond leaves coming from every direction in a beautiful way.

A sim with their black hair in an up-do who is wearing a pair of earrings that look like tree branches.

Winter Sparkle Sims 4 CC Necklace

What do we want? Sparkles! When do we want them? On our wedding day!

This necklace is such a gorgeous and glamorous option to bring a bit of extra sparkle to your sim’s wedding look. It has a thin chain in a bright gold and has a bunch of beautiful diamonds coming off the necklace in a fun cluster style. This would be a great necklace for dressing up a more simple wedding look.

A sim with a blue collared shirt wearing a gold necklace with diamonds.

Seashell Pearl Earrings

When I look at these earrings, my brain goes beach wedding! These earrings start with a gorgeous metal seashell that is into the ear with two metal pieces connecting the seashell to a dangling pearl which feels so bridal.

Something about pearls feels so glamorous and elegant and make the perfect wedding look for your sims. You’ll definitely want a custom hairstyle that shows off your sims ears with this one!

A sim wearing a pair of earrings that are a sea shell with a small pearl coming down.

Snow Drop Sims 4 Earrings

Our next option for a gorgeous Sims 4 Wedding CC earring starts with a beautiful diamond stud right in your sim’s ear. Then, we have two small gold circles coming from that and connecting to an oval pearl that dangles from the ear.

These are great for a subtle look with lots of style, and especially good for a winter wedding look.

A sim with black hair wearing a pair of earrings that are a diamond stud with a small pearl going down.

Sims 4 Wedding CC Makeup

If you want your sims to look absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day you need to make sure that you have planned every part of their look, especially their make up. You’ll want to make sure you have beautiful lipstick, eye shadow and a perfect foundation base for your big day.

Wedding CC Makeup Kit

If you’re looking for a set that is that classic wedding look with a nice smokey eye and a neutral lip, this is what you need to download. This set has the perfect eyeshadow and lip option that will have your sims looking like the main character for sure.

A female from The Sims 4 with brown hair and brown eyes. They are wearing a flower crown and light wedding cc make up.

Urban Lip Melt

Many brides are going to stick to neutral lips on their wedding day because they want their hair and dress to shine, but sometimes, we need to go bold and this lip melt is the way to go.

This melt comes in beautiful colours like purples and reds and eleven other shades of absolutely beautiful options.

A character from The Sims 4 with dark eye brows and blonde hair. They are ready for their wedding with their make up done and a gorgeous lip stick on.

So Creamy Skin Overlay

When you’re playing The Sims 4 it isn’t all about the make up, you need to add skin details too and a good skin overlay can completely change the way your sim’s face looks. This so creamy overlay will definitely make sure that your sims are looking absolutely gorgeous, you won’t regret downloading this one.

A sim with perfect skin and their brown hair pushed behind their ears and back.

Urban Bloom Sims 4 CC Duo

This bloom duo bronzer and blush set is so glamorous and will definitely make sure that your sims are looking their best on their big day. The blushes are bright enough to look good on all skin tones and your sims are guaranteed to look snatched on their big day with the bronzers.

A sim with black hair, brown eyes and large eye shadows wearing a lot of pink blush.

Sour Fruit Sims 4 Make Up

Not all brides want to wear classic wedding make-up so I wanted to make sure to add something a little funkier to this list to. This sour fruit make up set is so much fun compared to the others with bright colours like lime green being available to bring some fun to your sim’s wedding look.

A sim with their brown hair in an updo wearing pink lipstick and green sims 4 wedding cc eyeshadow.

Sims 4 Wedding CC Nails

When you’re planning a wedding look you can often overlook the nails as part of the overall vibe and that’s something you’ll want to avoid for your sims. We have so beautiful options for finger nails now, especially since the Spa Day update so you deserve to bring some fun ones into your game!

Urban Ombre French Sims 4 CC Nails

If you’re looking for a modern twist on a classic nail style this Ombre French Manicure is such a beautiful choice. These nails are super long with a beautiful and glamorous coffin nail shape and a gorgeous ombre from your cuticle to the tip. These are available in all sorts of skin tone swatches too!

A modern take on a french tip nail design with a coffin shape, the perfect sims 4 wedding cc nail.

Classic Wedding CC Long French

A classic french manicure nail style is a great wedding style and will make sure that your wedding look is timeless and beautiful for years and years to come. These are my favourite french tip nails with a coffin shape and some great length.

There are ten different swatches for different skin tones, which is amazing with even darker skin tones having options available. Plus, you can choose between a matte and glossy finish so you can truly customize the look for your sim’s style.

Two hands on top of one another with long coffin nails in a beautiful classic french style.

AF Nails N015

Adding a little bit of glitter to your wedding nails is definitely a valid decision and these are such a great option for doing just that. These ombre colourful nails are not for the boring bride, they are definitely a statement but they will look absolutely perfect on your sim’s big day.

A mannequin hand holding a bottle of nail polish, this pink to white sparkly ombre sims 4 wedding cc nail polish is a great option.

Natural Finger Nails

Not every bride wants to wear bright white nails or have super long acrylics, some brides just want to have something that looks clean and natural. These nails come in a lot of shades, but they don’t get quite deep enough for darker skin tones which is a bit of a disappointment.

A sim with brown hair and bangs. They have neutral and natural looking sims 4 wedding cc nails.

Ombre Sims 4 CC Nails

These ombre wedding nails are great because they have all sorts of neutral and nude colours that go from colourful to white. They are a fun twist on a bridal nail that aren’t just bright white or light pink.

There aren’t just neutral options for these nails either, there are options in yellows, red, green and purple that your sims can wear on any day with any look.

A hand wearing a wavy ring and it has ombre fingers nails.

Sims 4 Wedding CC Suits

When you’re planning a wedding there is a lot of emphasis on a wedding dress and finding the perfect dress, but grooms deserve to look beautiful at their wedding too. These Sims 4 Wedding CC suits are great because they cover all sorts of weddings that you’ll want to have in your game from beach weddings to classic ones.

Smart Fashion Sims 4 Suit

Our first suit on this list is a super fun, and super modern look for your sims. The pattern on this one is extremely fun and will definitely be a statement for your groom on your sim’s wedding day. These are fun too with a patterned vest in neutrals or colours which is a great look.

I really love that you have either a brightly coloured vest, or a brightly coloured shirt, but never both.

The same sim three times looking toward the left each time wearing different swatches of the same suit.

Idol Suit Jacket + Pants

Why go traditional when planning your wedding? Why not go with something wild like this patterned suit? This is such a fun look if you want to have a very fun wedding that your guests are going to remember forever.

This one has a fun pair of fitted pants and matching jacket but underneath is a sleek white t-shirt for the vibes.

A sim who is wearing a yellow patterned suit with a t-shirt

Omega Suit

When you’re planning your wedding its all about the small details that are going to make the day. This suit is all about the small details like the gorgeous white trim around the edges and in the pocket. The skinny tie is a beautiful modern look and the whole vibe of this outfit is just going to make your sims look so handsome.

Three edgy looking sims who are all wearing suits for a wedding that have white trim detailing.

Domenico Sims 4 Suit

This next suit is perfect for a modern groom who wants fun options for colours, honestly, I could see my future husband wearing that gorgeous green swatch to our very own wedding this year. This suit is great with fitted pants, a beautiful jacket and vest, and a nice and simple black shirt and tie.

The best part is that you have swatches like purple, yellow, reds and greens but also some gorgeous neutrals like black, grey and white!

A sim who has black hair and a moustache who is wearing loafers and a blue suit with a black shirt and tie.

Fall Colours CC Wedding Suit

If your wedding is taking place in the fall with all the beautiful colours of the trees and pumpkin spice everywhere you may want to have your groom wear this gorgeous fall suit. These are so fun in style with a beautiful plaid tie matching a beautiful pocket square, but the colours with the reds, yellows and oranges are just so fun!

Three different sims who are all wearing suit with a pocket square in various fall colours like red, brown and yellow.

Leather Suit, White Pants

There are so many different vibes you can have for your wedding day, so why not go with bright white pants and a fun styled jacket? This isn’t for the regular man, this is for a fashionable groom who wants to really make a statement!

A sim with dirty blonde hair wearing white pants and a white dress shirt underneath a suit jacket.

Slim Fit Sims 4 Suit Set

If you want your sims to look super fitted and gorgeous but don’t want them to wear a tie this is a great option for a suit. The look is extremely modern and stylish and there is even a swatch that has a gorgeous flower over your sim’s heart.

The black on black look is so gorgeous for your sims too!

The same character from The Sims 4 in two separate images next to each other. They are wearing a suit with no tie, the top two buttons undone and they have a rose tattooed on their neck.

Old School Wedding Outfit

Are your sims planning a retro wedding or are you playing the decades challenge? If so, you need this old school wedding look for your sims. This one is awesome with some old-timey elements like a high collar, a unique tie and a great overall style.

The same sim four times wearing an old-timey suit

Sakai Sims 4 Suit

If you want your sims to have a very classic style in their suit for their wedding this is a great option, especially the black and white one. This one is super fitted, has a fun bow tie and gorgeous white shirt underneath.

If you want to have a more interesting style for your sim’s wedding you can even go with one of the fun colourful options like blue or purple for a unique style.

The same sim three times wearing a similar suit in different colours.

Open Front Suit

If you want to have a wedding suit that is super unique and definitely pushes the limits a bit, you should go with this open front suit. This suit has a gorgeous red colour (and other swatches, too!) with black trim and nothing underneath which is awesome for a more unique sim.

A male sim with their head cropped out of the image. They are wearing a burgundy suit with no shirt underneath showing off their chest.

Sims 4 Wedding CC Packs

My absolute favourite way to get some custom content into my game is to find some cc packs. These are amazing because you can get a bunch of custom content that is similar and works so well together which is awesome. These custom content packs focus on just about everything from clothing to decor and you’ll love them.

Love That Journey for Us

If you’re looking for a wedding look that is just perfect without having to download different pieces from different creators, you can and should download this custom content pack. This pack has an absolutely perfect wedding dress with a shorter high-low style with layered ruffles which are gorgeous.

It comes with a beautiful hairstyle with a veil, a pair of perfect earrings and a beautiful necklace and the perfect wedding shoe.

A sim wearing a tiered ruffled wedding dress with a hi-lo hem and a corset top.

Wedding CC Collection

As of writing this article I’m getting married in ten months and just found the dress. Finding the dress is such a fun process that makes you feel like the most beautiful person on the planet and a gorgeous princess.

These dresses are the types of dresses that will make your sims look and feel their best. The sleeves are very modern and gorgeous and the silhouettes are just so perfect.

Two sims standing next to each other with their hair down wearing cc wedding dresses.

Till Death Do Us Part

We can’t just be worried about the look for the bride and groom, there are others to be considered too! This amazing custom content pack has weddings dresses, a kilt look for your grooms and amazing looks for everyone in the bridal party.

A red headed male sim in a kilt, a red headed female sim in a wedding dress and four female sims wearing light pink bridal party outfits.

Children of the Sea

If you’re looking for a good variety of more subdued wedding dresses to grab all at once you’ll want to download the Children of The Sea pack. This is a great option for beach weddings that are a little more low-key and don’t require wild ball gowns and big frills.

The dresses include classic shapes and designs and your sims are bound to look gorgeous.

Six female characters from The Sims 4 who are all standing posed next to each other in cc wedding dresses.

Rustic Romance Sims 4 Stuff

Rustic romance is a great stuff pack for you to download if you want a good selection of Sims 4 Wedding CC all at once and don’t want to download a bunch of different items individually. In this pack you’ll find some gorgeous wedding dresses and even an absolutely beautiful veil hair option.

There is also so much in terms of decorative objects to really make your sim’s wedding pop. This is a must have community made stuff pack for weddings for me!

The cover of a community made stuff pack for The Sims 4 called Rustic Romance Stuff.

Sims 4 Wedding CC Decor & Furniture

The way you decorate your wedding is really important for the overall vibe and especially for wedding screenshots in The Sims 4. These decorative items are great for decorating tables and making the place have an overall more loving vibe that you and your sims are going to swoon for.

Wooden Sims 4 Table Numbers

Table numbers are one of those super simple things that are so important for your wedding to flow nicely. These wedding table numbers are great for a rustic wedding and or any wedding that happens outdoors.

These are a fun piece of wood that looks like it was just cut from a tree, then has a nice “table 2” sign on it. Your guests will not get lost with these as their guide.

Two pieces of wood that are cut at an angle with wedding table numbers on top. The cc table numbers say "table 2" and "table 8"

Amara Sims 4 CC Tableware

When you’re attending a wedding one of the things you’re going to be looking forward to is dinner. It’s a fun game of “will this dinner be delicious, or horrible?” Of course, you need something beautiful to eat this meal off of and these Amara plates are going to be perfect.

These place settings have a gorgeous charger with gems around the edges, a contrasting plate colour on top and a menu to tie it all together and make sure that your guests know what they’re eating.

A collection of wedding plates that are on top of a charger, with a menu on top, and a fork and knife to the side.

Wedding CC Magazines

When you’re in the throws of wedding planning you need to find inspiration from as many places as you possibly can. Wedding magazines are extremely fun to flip through, possibly even more fun than scrolling through Pinterest.

These are fun because you can use them in the days leading up to your sim’s wedding by having them on your sim’s coffee table and making it feel like they are flipping through them to help plan.

A light pink background with magazines hanging out on top. These magazines are for weddings and brides.

Aphrodite Wedding CC Decor

When you’re decorating for a wedding you don’t just need to decorate tables and the ground, you can decorate the ceiling too! These lanterns are a great choice for decorating the ceiling in your sim’s wedding.

These are on a black string and come in a variety of colours so you can match them up with your other wedding decorations.

A white background and on top there are different coloured lanterns on a black string.

Wedding CC Signs

When you’re planning a wedding you need to essentially act as though everyone who is going to be in attendance is dumb. Seriously. You need to have signs, directions and more, even though most people understand the basics of a wedding.

These wedding cc signs are great because you can have them around to tell your sims that they need to keep their phones in their pockets and not be naughty. These just make the wedding venue in The Sims 4 feel so much more real.

A dark image with tons of wedding cc signs that have "unplugged ceremony" or "share the love" they are surrounded by lanterns, and flowers.

Beautiful Baked Goods

There is nothing better than a couple deciding to have a whole table filled with baked goods at their wedding, instead of just regular cake. Using these beautiful baked goods you can definitely have your sims having the absolute best options for dessert.

A beige wall with a counter top. On top of the counter is a collection of sims 4 wedding cc desserts on variations of dessert stands.

Amara Sims 4 CC Chair

When you’re designing your wedding you can often overlook chairs because the venue may supply them, but if you have the wrong chairs they can completely ruin the vibes. The venue I’m having my wedding at this year has their default chairs as a plastic grey chair that will entirely ruin the wedding, so having the perfect chair is important.

These chairs are great because they are the ideal wedding chair that come in every colour you may want. They even have beautiful bows wrapped around them toward the back!

8 Chairs on an angle facing to back left that all have different coloured bows on the back.

The Perfect Night Flowers

If you want to make your wedding look beautiful you need to make sure that you have some beautiful florals. Your centrepieces are a great place to bring flowers into the wedding and they are going to make you so happy when you see your wedding space for the first time.

This is a great one because the flowers are light pastel colours and can be worked with so many different wedding styles.

Three of the same vase, the vase is clear glass where you can see the flower stems and large flower bouquets are inside.

Wedding CC Lanterns

These kinds of lanterns are an amazing way to decorate the aisle on either side and make sure that your wedding guests aren’t getting their outfits set on fire. They are fun with yellows, teals and greens and a large pillar candle on the inside!

Three lanterns that are in yellow, green and teal with candles inside.

Wedding CC Clutter

If you download one piece of Sims 4 wedding clutter cc you’re going to really want to get this one. These are great because it covers almost everything you could need. There are champagne bottles, wedding dresses, flowers, and so much more in this set!

6 squares in a 3x2 format with a beige background. These squares are filled with wedding cc decorations like a cake, wedding toppers, flowers and lanterns.

Sims 4 Wedding CC Poses

Getting screenshots of your sims is so important if you want to get connected to your sims and love them forever. These incredible pose packs are game changing for making your sims have the most gorgeous images of their special day, and they can include many members of the family too!

Starry X Lemontrait Wedding CC Poses

Our first set of wedding poses are great with images for just about everything, you have walking down the aisle poses for everyone in the wedding party, images of people sitting at the ceremony and more. These are really romantic and sweet and will have you loving your screenshots folder.

Two sims who are walking down the aisle surrounded by plants.

Soft and Slow Wedding CC Pose Pack

Your first dance is a very important and very intimate moment in your wedding and you’re going to want to have this moment documented of your sims. These soft and slow dance poses are so beautiful and will have you absolutely loving how in love your sims look during this moment.

Two sims standing on a balcony participating in their first dance

White Wedding CC Poses

These are some really interesting wedding photos for your sims because they bring in some really gorgeous props. In these pictures you’ll have some of your sims sitting in gorgeous chairs that are draped with fabric for a very elegant look.

The bridesmaids are all holding a gorgeous wedding bouquet that just adds some floral goodness to these images and makes them a must-have for your collection.

A bride and groom standing in the middle of their wedding party with some of the wedding party sitting on chairs and others standing.

Hato Sims 4 Wedding Poses

A father walking their daughter down the aisle can be a very emotional moment for them and this screenshot option really shows that off. These poses are amazing and really bring out the emotional side of the wedding.

In this set there is also a gorgeous image of the bride getting ready and their mom helping them out and also getting a bit emotional which is adorable.

A bride who is about to be walked down the aisle by their father who is crying.

Wedding Ceremony Pose Set

The most important part of the wedding that you’ll want photos of is going to be the ceremony and these are such a great option for your sims. These are amazing because they have the bridal party on either side and your sims holding their hands together as the center of attention.

Two sims standing at the altar with their bridal party on each hand. At this CC wedding in The Sims 4 the sims are holding hands and looking at one another.

Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses

If you’re looking for some very simple and basic wedding party options for your screenshots these are honestly some great options for you. These images include both the bridesmaids and groomsmen and you’re going to love having these in your mods folder.

Some of the options include things like the bride standing in the middle and all of the bridesmaids making sure that your sim looks amazing, or all the groomsmen holding up the groom.

Three different groups of people from a wedding party who are posed with either the bride or groom at a wedding in The Sims 4 CC

Wedding CC Party Poses

If your looking for poses that include more than just adult sims, these are great and have a toddler included! When creators are making wedding poses they are often going to be completely ignore that life stage in the game but toddlers deserve wedding representation too!

These are great poses with the couple in the middle and people they love around them on either side just showing off how much love there is in their world.

A group of various sims posing beside a bride and groom.

Wedding CC Poses for Everyone

A wedding isn’t just about two people who are getting married, it’s honestly about everyone who is attending too. You need images of these sims too, to make sure that your sims are having a great time and getting photos of the people who mean the most to them.

Some of the adorable images include a bride with their parents, a sim holding up a toddler, and other couples in adorable poses like arms around each other and kissing.

9 beige squares with white lines between, each square has a sims 4 cc wedding pose with various sims attending a wedding.

Groomsman Wedding CC Poses

Many of the pose packs that are created for weddings in The Sims 4 are definitely focused on the bride and the bridesmaids, but the groom deserves their time to shine too.

These groomsman pose packs are great because it shows the groom’s side and how much they love their best friends. There are adorable images like the groomsmen holding up the groom, them all standing together and just general cuteness.

Five male sims in suits who are posing with the groom at a cc wedding in The Sims 4.

Vampire Wedding CC Poses

We love to play with occults in The Sims 4 because sometimes its just fun to play with life that’s a little less realistic. This is the perfect pose pack for vampires because they are drinking literal glasses of blood, as they should, of course.

These are great because they are doing such spooky things and just behaving exactly how they should be. Blood and all!

Two vampire sims about to get married and are holding wine in a dark cinderblock room.

Wedding Guest Dresses

Your sim’s wedding isn’t just about the bride and the groom, it’s also about the guests. It can be very hard to find the perfect Sims 4 Wedding CC Guest Dresses because there are just too many options out there so we had to add a section here for gorgeous wedding guest options.

Off-Shoulder Midi Sims 4 Dress

When I think about some of the dresses I’ve seen at weddings in recent memory, this one is super common. The dress is a gorgeous midi-length with cinching at the waist, an off the shoulder look and beautiful bell sleeves.

This dress comes in twenty-five different colours watches so you can truly find the perfect colour for your sim’s and their skin tone.

A white mannequin from The Sims 4 that is wearing a red off the shoulder dress.

Cloud Sims 4 CC Dress

This next dress is the perfect mesh between a casual backyard wedding and a formal event and it is just so gorgeous your sims deserve to wear it. This floor-length dress is so beautiful and these swatches are impeccable with beautiful options like hearts, flowers and clouds which are all a great choice for your sims.

A way to really dress this one up is to have your sim’s hair in an up-do with a gorgeous custom necklace to bring it all together.

Three characters from The Sims 4 who are wearing full-length dresses with fun patterns that are perfect cc wedding guest dresses.

Freedom Dress

This is honestly such a beautiful dress for a more formal event that your sims are attending. It’s a gorgeous bright red (with other swatch options too) dress that hugs every single one of your sim’s curves.

The dress has a hem that goes right down under the knees which adds a sense of glamour that we definitely need in the game. The entire dress has this beautiful textured fabric and there’s a beautiful embroidered flower on the side for added beauty.

An image of the same character from The Sims 4 twice with their head cropped from the image. They are wearing a red bodycon dress with floral embroidery on the side.

Stella Sims 4 CC Dress

This next option for a Sims 4 Wedding CC guest dress is such a cute option, it has a corset top with defined cups, a cinched waist with a belt and some gorgeous mesh giving the dress sleeves.

This one is super fun because it’s got a bunch of gorgeous swatches that your sims are going to look amazing in. Pair this with an absolutely beautiful custom curly hair and your sims are definitely ready to attend someone’s wedding.

Two sims wearing a strapless dress that has mesh connected to the top to give it a long sleeve.

Fiore Dress

If you’re looking for a wedding guest dress for a backyard wedding, look no further. This dress is perfect for any casual cottage themed wedding or small event in a sim’s home.

This dress is great with buttons going all the way down the center and cinching at the waist. There is a bunch of cut outs in the top part which keeps it unique and makes your sims look amazing.

Three sims standing in the same position who are all wearing different swatches of the same dress that is a great wedding cc guest dress for the sims 4.

Cecily Wedding CC Guest Dress

Depending on the kind of wedding you’re attending, the type of dress you wear is going to change. This dress is definitely not going to be for a formal wedding reception but is great for a more casual style of wedding.

This dress is entirely off-the-shoulder with string tying together the two sides of the top, and long sleeves giving the dress some drama. It’s a great dress for some simple accessories to keep the look beautiful.

A sim with black hair who is wearing an off the shoulder burgundy dress with ties across the chest.

Epimeteo Dress

When you’re planning your sim’s wedding you need to consider the types of dresses you want the guests to wear. This dress is definitely made for a more formal and modern wedding!

This dress is strapless and cinches at the waist in a soli colour. It’s floor length which is so beautiful and makes your sims look so elegant. All they need is a beautiful custom necklace to wear.

Two sims who are wearing dangly earrings and statement necklaces. They are both wearing strapless floor length wedding guest cc dresses in The Sims 4.

Lorelai Sims 4 CC Dress

If your sims are having a simple spring wedding you’re going to want this as one of your guest’s dresses. This dress has 3/4 sleeves but is off the shoulder for a really unique and beautiful look.

The dress cinches at the waist and goes out to a skirt that’s covered in roses and leaves. This one is great because it doesn’t need any jewelry or kid’s accessories to make this one look awesome.

The same child from The Sims 4 three times. This child has blonde hair in a side pony tail and an off the shoulder dress with a white top and roses on the skirt.

Glamorous Kid’s Dress

If you’re sims are attending a wedding that’s going to be extremely formal you’re going to want this dress in your game. This one is extremely formal and looks awesome on your sims and the colour swatches are amazing.

This strapless dress has a long skirt, a large ribbon going around the body and a large bow on the back. The details are beautiful and your sim’s kids are going to love this!

Two children from The Sims 4 who are both wearing a braid crown hairstyle with a strapless formal dress for a wedding.

Kid’s Polka Dot Sims 4 CC Dress

I genuinely can’t explain how much I love polka dots and these ones are so gorgeous because they’re extremely subtle instead of being huge and in your face. This dress is perfect for an early spring or late summer wedding when the weather is a little bit colder.

This one has beautiful 3/4 sleeves, a high rounded neckline and adorable little ruffle detailing going down the sides. You’ll love this one in game!

A sim who is wearing a 3/4 length sleeve dress with polka dots all over and a bit of ruffles around the arm.

Alighieri Kid’s Dress

There is something so elegant about a square neckline on a dress, especially for kids. It just feels super grown up and elevated compared to many other neckline styles.

This dress is so fun and has so many small details like a ruffled square neck, puffy sleeves, buttons on the chest and gorgeous swatches like florals and solids.

A sim with black hair and blue eyes who is wearing a frilly dress with a square neckline.

Paula Sims 4 CC Dress

Polka dots are one of my favourite looks out there and are so classic and beautiful for your sims to wear. This polka dot top dress is perfect for a wedding and the swatch colours are going to brighten up your spirits.

The top of this dress has two straps that are tied into a bow on the shoulder and goes into a straight across neckline that has a bunch of polka dots. The skirt of this is gorgeous and goes out in the same colour without the polka dots!

A toddler from The Sims 4 who has curly textured hair and is wearing a black dress that has white polka dots on the top.

Little Lady Sims 4 Dress

When you think of a toddler formal dress, this one is probably the style that you think! This little lady dress is such a cute one with a beautiful dress that has a ribbon and a bow around the waist and a gorgeous little shawl sweater on top.

The patterns of this are great because there are thirty different swatches to choose from with different florals, fruits and more so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Two sims from The Sims 4 who are toddlers and are dressed for a wedding in cc dresses.

Floral Toddler Dress with Sweater

Adding sweaters to a dress is a great way to make your toddlers look cozy while also being formal enough to go to a wedding. This little white sweater on top of this dress is so perfect and will make sure to keep your sims warm when the weather gets a bit colder at night.

The actual dress has such beautiful floral patterns that you’re going to love, with beautiful spring colours that are sure to shine.

Three different toddlers wearing a floral spring dress with a small white sweater.

Bow Sims 4 CC Dress

This bow dress is such an adorable idea for your younger sims and they are going to look so cute at your next wedding event. This dress is perfect for a fun spring or summer wedding definitely.

This dress has a gorgeous subtle plaid pattern that comes in both neutrals and bright colours like orange and has a really fun bow in the center around the waist. The bows are in a contrasting colour to really make it pop!

Two toddlers from The Sims 4 who are wearing plaid dresses with a bow in the center.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Wedding CC

With all of this Sims 4 Wedding CC now in your mods folder you are fully capable of throwing the absolute perfect wedding for your sims. They are going to look beautiful, feel loved, and have the best time with all of this added to your game. Hopefully you’ve found everything you want in this list, bookmark it for later and happy playing!

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