25+ Sims 4 Wallpaper CC Options for a Beautiful Home

There are a few different types of players for The Sims 4 and one of those players loves to decorate their homes to be absolutely perfect for their families. Some of these players never even enter live mode! These players deserve to have gorgeous Sims 4 Wallpaper CC in their game to make sure that their houses are absolutely perfect.

These custom content wallpaper options are so much fun with options in gorgeous florals, some wood options and so many different geometric choices too. You’ll definitely find something for everyone in this list.

The BEST Sims 4 Wallpaper CC

Lexa Sims 4 Wallpaper

The first wallpaper on our list is this gorgeous Lexa wallpaper that has some hidden secrets. When you first glance at this beauty you’ll notice the beautiful greenery style with tons of trees and plants that you’ll absolutely love to look at.

However, there are hidden messages in the wallpaper when you look a little deeper. I’m unsure what the actual message says on the wallpaper but you can subtly see some gorgeous cursive writing throughout which is a great style for your game.

A room in The Sims 4 with purple cc wallpaper. The wallpaper has florals and leaves, there is a bed in front, a bookshelf to the right and a plant to the left.

Cork Square Wallpaper

A classic checker style doesn’t need to just be for your floors, why not add some to your walls too? This cork square wallpaper is a fun style with different tones of the same colour in the different squares in a gorgeous way.

There are different swatches like blue and other beautiful colours that you’ll love to have in your home. These are great as a statement wall, or in a kid’s bedroom as long as you keep the floors pretty neutral.

A kid's room for two children with two single beds and a side table in between. There is a desk with a pink desk chair and a checkered sims 4 cc wallpaper.

Falling Stars CC Wallpaper

Our next option for a gorgeous Sims 4 Wallpaper cc is this beautiful wallpaper with a beautiful colour on the bottom and fun clouds and stars designs on top. You’ll see beautiful clouds coming down from the top that are super fluffy and puffy and there are small strings coming down with stars.

This may be the perfect option for a gorgeous nursery wallpaper for your little ones, you’ll want to grab some gorgeous toddler furniture cc too! This one comes in five colours too so you can customize it with different bedroom styles.

A toddler's bedroom in The Sims 4 with blue walls that have clouds and stars hanging from the clouds.

Coming Up Daisies

This may be the most beautiful option for an accent wall in a bedroom behind a pretty neutral bed. The main parts of this wallpaper are a bright white that you’re going to absolutely love because it feels super clean and you can use a plain white on the other walls, or use this on every wall.

This wallpaper has a gorgeous blob of colour behind a bunch of beautiful flowers in muted bright colours. There is something so beautiful and warm about this wallpaper.

A bedroom in The Sims 4 with a pink and white bed with two side tables. There is a floral cc wallpaper with a white base and pink and orange and green flowers.

Frosted Snow

Anyone who knows me in real life knows how much I love Christmas and decorating my house in wild ways, so I would love to have the opportunity to have festive wallpaper. Unfortunately, changing your wallpaper for one month a year in your real home isn’t that possible but in The Sims 4 you can change it easily for the winter.

This wallpaper is gorgeous with a bright white background and adorable little snowflakes all over it in different sizes in a gorgeous glittery style. This is so cute and I wish it was something fun I could do in real life.

A room with Christmas decorations and a wooden barn door. The walls have a snowflake wallpaper on it.

Cute Baby Bears Wallpaper

Who doesn’t love bears? These little bears are so darn cute and are perfect for a baby’s bedroom in a home that isn’t minimalistic. If you want your baby to look at something adorable everyday, the answer is bears.

This adorable wallpaper has options where we have both the regular wallpaper as well as an option with wood going up one third of the wall to make it feel even fancier. This wallpaper is available in many colours so you can customize it. Plus, it’s covered in small hearts so people are going to feel loved when they walk in.

A room with half wood panelling and a rocking chair with pink cushion.

Flo Stars Sims 4 CC Wallpaper

If you want your sims to feel like star, you need this star wallpaper in your sim’s life. This wallpaper has a dark background with bright stars in a cute organized style that I absolutely love. This would be such a great accent wall in your sim’s home for sure.

Somehow this creator managed to make the stars look shiny and beautiful so you just want to go touch them and marvel at how beautiful they look.

A room with a small bench and a bunk bed with a desk underneath. This room has black and gold star wallpaper.

Diamonique Wallpaper

Our next wallpaper is a great option for something that feels super retro while feeling modern and gorgeous. This Sims 4 Wallpaper cc option is so much fun with gorgeous diamonds surrounded by subtle diamond lines and dots connecting all of them.

My favourite thing about this one is that it isn’t too much. The pattern is a lot, but since the colours are more muted you can get away with this without it being too much.

A room with a chair, dresser and plant with diamond wallpaper.

Tufted Leather Wallpaper

There is nothing cooler than finding a piece of sims custom content that looks 3D even though its just wallpaper. Like how did they even make that? How does this look tufted and textured and have such beautiful lighting bouncing off of it?

Some people are just too talented I guess! This wallpaper is so much fun with beautiful rounded tufts with small metal pieces. You may not want this one to be on every wall in your home, but adding it to some will definitely make sure that the house looks super cool.

A dark room in The Sims 4 with tufted cc wallpaper in a dark green. There is green floors and a gold and white zebra print rug.

Christmas Landscape CC Wallpaper

We all knew I wouldn’t just have one Christmas themed wallpaper, I’ve written whole Christmas articles! This festive wallpaper is even more fun than the last with such gorgeous Christmas trees all over it in a minimalist style instead of having tons of ornaments on them.

My favourite swatch, surprisingly, is the black and white one because it feels like a modern twist on this one.

A room with Christmas decorations and a wooden barn door. The walls have sims 4 cc wallpaper with small Christmas trees on it.

Colourful Clusters Sims 4 Wallpaper

A few years ago a wallpaper that was very similar to this was popping off in the beauty guru community and for good reason. This wallpaper is so much fun and would work so beautifully in bedrooms for younger sims or in a fun home office behind the desk.

This wallpaper has a bright white background with tons of small little blobs all over it in different colours. The thin that makes this one look super fun is that the blobs are on top of each other to make it look awesome.

A bedroom with a metal bed, rounded side tables and white walls, one wall behind the bed has white wallpaper with small randomly sized colourful clusters.

Diamond Print CC Wallpaper

Our next option for Sims 4 Wallpaper CC is this really fun diamond themed wallpaper with fun lines. This one is a fun twist on more retro looks with these same diamonds.

We have small diamonds in between lines that are also cut in diamond shapes going from floor to ceiling. It’s just such a fun style that your sims are going to absolutely love in their homes.

A living room in The Sims 4 with a couch, two chairs, a bookshelf and a side table. The walls have white wallpaper with silver diamond designs.

Terpsichore Wallpaper

This next wallpaper is definitely not for everyone and may be a little bit too bold for many players, but honestly, I love it so much. This one has such beautiful bright flowers that will make sure to bring your sim’s joy, especially with those bright colours just making you smile when you look at it.

Imagine a beautiful room with bright white walls and this behind a gorgeous bed with a gold metal headboard and white blankets. Just imagine that, it’s gorgeous, right? A must have!

A kid's bedroom in The Sims 4 with cc wallpaper on one wall. The wallpaper is covered in flowers.

Lace Chevron Wallpaper

Chevron was a really popular style around 2016 but it seems that many people are over it, however, it can still have its place in the game. This wallpaper has a fun chevron with thin sections that are really fun and can make a great fake backsplash in a kitchen too.

The fun twist on this is that every other chevron section is a lace style which is so beautiful and a nice different look than a traditional and boring look.

An image of a living room where you can see a plant, a lantern, a small fireplace and some decorations. The walls have chevron sims 4 cc wallpaper on them.

High-Low Colour Block

What do we want? Squares! When do we want them? Now! What size do we want them? Big!

This next wall paper has some absolutely gorgeous giant squares in contrasting colours with one being bright white and one being a bright colour. These are great for kid’s rooms and you can put fun decorations in the white sections and leave the bright colourful sections empty and let them shine.

A kid's bedroom in The Sims 4 with a desk, a couch, and a loft bed with a chair and stuffed animal underneath. On the walls there is a cc wallpaper with large squares.

Esme Sims 4 Wallpaper

There is something really beautiful about florals in every part of your home. Fresh flowers are my favourite way to make my home feel happy and lived in but sometimes you can’t have that, and bringing in floral wallpaper is a beautiful way to do this.

This wallpaper is bright and beautiful with a gorgeous set of pink flowers with yellow center on a bright white background. This is so gorgeous and has other colour swatches too allowing for other styles and vibes.

A kid's bedroom with a loft bed with a desk underneath that has floral cc sims 4 wallpaper on the side.

Floral Greenery CC Wallpaper

This floral greenery wallpaper is maybe the best one on this entire list, just maybe. This one is so great because studies show that having greenery around you makes you feel more calm and happier and many of us can’t keep plants alive so why not have fake plants on your walls?

The greenery on this is great with the colours being more muted allowing you to decorate around it in any way. Bring in some light woods and textures and you’ll absolutely love your new sim’s home.

A image of a room from The Sims 4 where there is a white wall with greenery in the wallpaper all over it.

Grandma Flowers Wallpaper

When many people think wallpaper they think about grandma’s home because wallpaper was so popular 50 years ago. There isn’t as much wallpaper being added to homes these days, but this one would’ve been in your grandma’s home when you were growing up which just gives us nostalgic feelings.

This wallpaper has off white backgrounds as well as ones that are more green, yellow or purple with so many beautiful roses all over them plus all the beautiful greens around them.

A room with older looking decorations and a busy looking floral wallpaper.

Keriches Wooden Mural

The thing about wallpaper in the 2020s is that there are so many new fun textures and styles instead of just weird florals and funky patterns. We can now have beautiful wallpaper options that look like a giant wood wall without having to spend wood wall money.

This is great for more modern or minimalist homes and it just brings in so much warmth to your sim’s homes!

A room with a modern design with a rounded couch and round glass coffee table. The wall behind this stuff is a large wooden wallpaper wall.

Harlequin Sims 4 Wallpaper

Classic. Beautiful. Spectacular. This black and white diamond checkered wallpaper is so perfect and you are going to definitely want this in your game.

Sometimes I want this as my floor, but sometimes I want wood floors throughout my home so why not just mix it up and put this on the walls? What a fun way to bring in that beautiful black and white style to really make it look good.

A room designed with 50s and 60s designs. The walls have a black and white diamond shaped checkered look.

Equinox Wallpaper

Plaid is a very classic style and is going to be here forever so you may as well embrace it and have it in your sim’s home. This gorgeous plaid wallpaper is so much fun with large plaid squares all in the same range of colours so that its not too much.

There are different swatches so you can have this beautiful burnt orange option or any other one that you want!

A rounded couch with a rounded glass coffee table and a plaid orange wall in the back.

Highschool Corridor Wallpaper

This next wallpaper option is definitely not going to be for everyone, it’s a lot. This one has a bunch of little triangles that are put together into squares and honestly it’s a bit trippy when you look at it.

This one comes in so many colour swatches so you can find something for every type of room. There are neutrals like whites and greys that would look awesome as a backsplash or fake bathroom tile too!

A bright cc wallpaper with tons of colours for The Sims 4.

Check Stripe Sims 4 Wallpaper

Our next wallpaper seems like a lot at first, but honestly, it’s so gorgeous. This one starts with a beautiful plaid wallpaper with fun and bright colours and there are small lines going down through it as stripes for added flair. This is a really fun bedroom wallpaper for added fun and so much warmth.

The fun thing about this one is that there are swatches with a regular base board but also one where the bottom fifth of the wall has a small wood detail with little squares which adds so much beauty to this already gorgeous wallpaper option.

A bedroom with a plaid pink and blue wall paper with light pink stripes going down.

Striped Sims 4 Wallpaper

This next wallpaper seems like a great option that looks like tiles that would be perfect for a fun and bright bathroom. These sheets of wallpaper have rectangular sections that are striped with white and another bright colour either horizontally or vertically.

You can even mix and match the two styles and have the stripes switch depending on the wall or different sections or just alternate them.

A room with wild green  and white striped wall paper with pink and blue options too.

Black Diaries Wallpaper

Our next wallpaper looks 3D to me and that’s super cool. This black diaries wallpaper has a chevron style in a puffy look that makes you just want to walk up and touch it because you know it would be soft and squishy.

This is a fun option that comes in neutrals like blacks and whites but also a couple fun colours including a gorgeous light pink which is beautiful.

A dark bathroom with black wallpaper that looks tufted with chevron

Princess Wood Panel CC Wallpaper

If you have a sim that wants a princess themed bedroom or are just making a beautiful castle you need to add this wallpaper to your mods folder. The major section of the walls are just simple and solid colours which is gorgeous.

The parts of this that shine are the beautiful detailed molding at the top of the wallpaper and the bottom fourth of the wallpaper has a gorgeous wood section. This is such a beautiful option for your sims and you’ll love looking at it with the walls up.

A bedroom with light wood panels on the bottom and fancy molding at the top and bright colours on the rest. A gorgeous sims 4 cc wallpaper

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Wallpaper CC

These are some of my favourite options for beautiful Sims 4 Wallpaper CC that are going to completely change how your sim’s home looks and how you feel about it. They will inspire so much creativity in your build mode adventures, especially when you add gorgeous furniture cc too. Happy Playing!

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