50+ Sims 4 Clothing Mods Your Sims Deserve to Wear

When you’re playing The Sims 4 you often find yourself wanting for things that just aren’t in the vanilla game, and that’s when you need some Sims 4 Clothing Mods. Adding tons of mods and custom content to your game is the best way to customize your game and make your experience completely unique for you.

Sims 4 Clothing Mods for Feminine Sims

The first category of Sims 4 Clothing Mods we have are for feminine sims, these include gorgeous dresses, sweaters, and super fun patterns and colours that will make your sims look so beautiful. You can pair these with some great custom hairstyles for an absolutely stunning look.

Aponi Corset

If your Sim lady is looking for a romantic but sensual way to show off her curves, the Aponi Corset is the perfect choice! This eye-catching and gorgeous semi-transparent corset with detailed butterfly appliqué comes in 12 colours: from bright hues, such as sunshine yellow and burning red, to more subtle tones, like dusty pink and powder blue.

The strapless bustier is made out of a delicate fabric, consists of wired and lined cups, has a cropped cut and is adorned with sweet butterflies decorating the body – this corset will make your Sim feel beautiful inside and out!

A sim from The Sims 4 wearing a yellow corset top with polka dot pants as their clothing. The corset is covered in butterflies.

Flora Corduroy Pants

Flora Corduroy Pants are an adorable addition to any feminine Sim’s wardrobe! Available in 11 corduroy options—each decorated with hand-painted small flowers—these pants are both funky and cute. A touch of the seventies with a twist.

The flattering high waist cut will bring fun, fashion, and femininity to any look. Perfect for dressing up or dressing down, Flora Corduroy Pants will surely become your Sim’s go-to wearing option!

Three sims standing next to each other and all of them are wearing high waisted corduroy pants, the pants have small flowers on them.

July 2022 Sims 4 Clothing Collection

The July 2022 Collection is a special collaboration and brings 14 items inspired by the iconic high schoolers that all feminine Sims can truly appreciate. Featuring 3 hairstyles, 3 tops, 4 bottoms, 1 dress and 3 pieces of jewelry, this outfit selection consists of everything your Sim needs to express her personal style.

From mini dresses to cropped tops, flower skirts with slits and classic jeans, there is something perfect for every occasion. Let your Sim bring out her fashion sense and unleash her inner Totally Spy with this amazing collection!

Three female characters from The Sims 4 standing with their arms around each other. They are wearing clothing that is inspired by the 90s and early 2000s.

Elin Outfit

Hey there Sims fans! It’s time to upgrade the wardrobe with the new Elin Outfit, perfect for the fashionable female Sim. This gorgeous look features a deep plunging wrap top combined with bell sleeves and a flirty ruffle mini skirt.

With 8 dazzling colours available, and a light fabric it is perfect for summer evenings or days spent lounging by the pool. So, whether it’s for a hot summer night outfit or for a casual occasion, your Sim will be looking positively enchanting with this stylish ensemble.

So what are you waiting for? Let your Sim find one that suits her style.

A sim from The Sims 4 who is wearing a two-piece set in a light pink colour. The top is long sleeved and is tied in front.

Mila Sims 4 Shirt

The Mila Shirt is a must-have for feminine Sims! The simplicity is spruced up by the pearl cups and straps which accentuates the bust in an unusual way and gives your Sim an elegant yet stylish look. The wider waist part creates a very flattering hour glass shape.

Not to mention that this top comes in 15 colours so your Sim can get creative with different  combinations. And its light and comfortable fabric will easily make it the favourable top. After donning this delightfully chic apparel, be prepared for all the compliments  your Sim will receive!

A sim from The Sims 4 who is wearing a long sleeve green shirt, and an interesting clothing choice. They have a pearl beaded bra top overtop of their green sweater.

You and I Lace Top

Add a little feminine flare to your Sims’ wardrobe with the “You and I Lace Top”! Featuring 66 swatches from the “Island” and “Autumn In August” palettes, this top has a sultry squared neckline with a deep cut out, wider straps that are also made of lace and a ribbed fine knit fabric.

Whether it be paired with a turtle neck or worn alone, this cute and attractive lace top is sure to have your Sim turning heads!

A sim wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a lacey tank top over top. This is all tucked into a light pink skirt.

Retro Sweater

The Retro Sweater is a stylish and cozy addition to any Sim’s wardrobe. With eight swatches, it can easily be infused into any aesthetic. Featuring a fine knit with cable stitch squares filled with delicate flower embroidery, this mock turtle neck sweater also sports long sleeves with an eye-catching braid knit design that is sure to turn heads. Keep your feminine Sims warm and chic during the cold winter months with this delightful retro look.

A grey background with a pink knitted sweater on top. The sweater is covered in florals and vines.

Vixen Sims 4 Dress

Add a little pizzazz to your Sim’s wardrobe with this beautiful Vixen Dress! It comes in 8 eye-catching colours, featuring a flattering detail to highlight a wide waist area and long sleeves adding an elegant touch.

The deep neckline provides an alluring look that perfectly cascades down to your waistline. Whether your Sim needs an update to their date-night-ready wardrobe or just want to make a statement, the Vixen Dress will hit all the spots and turn heads.

A sim from The Sims 4 with black hair and long black fingers nails. This sim is wearing a dress for their clothing, this dress has a mesh panel across the waist and is a mini dress.

Sage Jeans

Don’t pass on those Jeans! The Sage Jeans add a unique look to your Sims wardrobe. With thirteen denim colours, from white, greys and all shades of jeans blue, there is no chance for boredom. In addition, they complement your Sims femininity perfectly with an ankle-flared legs, two adorable heart appliqués stitched onto each knee and the cute heart chain detail over the left hip.

Add a new level of style and attitude to your Sims wardrobe by getting them this fashionable piece of clothing – these jeans are sure to make an impression!

Three sims who are wearing different tops, but they are all wearing a pair of high waisted jeans with heart patches on the knees.

Swak Sims 4 Bodysuit

Let your Sim be the ultimate fashionista with the Swak Bodysuit that she sure will rock. The slightly body-forming fabric adorned with sparkling dots is see-through and the enhanced seams in the front give it a supportive shape and add a slimming detail for an overall stylish look.

Plus, your Sim will love the feminine flair of the balcony neckline topped off with small straps ending in an elegant bow on top of the shoulders. Your Sim Lady will feel charming and chic with this bodysuit underneath a blazer while they strut around town.

Two sims who are dressed to impress in a see through body suit that is covered in small hearts.

Party Collection

For Sims that love expressing their style through shoes this collection is a must! Starting with the Platform Loafers Pumps offering a unique look with five swatches complete with brass buckles and studs along the sides. Next up are the Platform Sandals which come in fifteen variations, each boasting shimmering silver hearts on them.

If that’s not enough Sims can also check out the Platform Pumps collection – available in twenty-five different colours and featuring an elegant ankle strap! And finally, Sims who want to really make an impact can opt for the Platform Sandals in thirty swatches with elegant straps and two ankle straps that elongate the feet and legs in an alluring way.

And if your Sim wants to take it all off and warm their feet – let them grab the super cute Knitted Socks collection available in thirty colours adorned with ruffles along the top. 

This image has four sets of legs from the knee down with various kinds of shoes.

Iman Sims 4 Skirt

Give your female Sim some extra style with the Iman Skirt. It is a wrapping skirt with a straight-cut but comfortable fit. The eye-catching detail comes in the form of a flounce in the front that opens up to reveal a stylish slit.

As an added bonus, your female Sim can choose from 15 different colours so they can match any look, from funky to elegant to romantic – it hits it all! With the Iman Skirt your Sim can truly customize their attire for any occasion.

The bottom half of a sim who is wearing flat sandals and has their hands on their hips. They are wearing a blue wrap skirt with ruffles.

Halloween Themed Sims Clothing Mods

This Sims 4 Clothing Mods with its variety of options will let you dress your Sims for the season. The collection of twelve items, all perfectly themed around Halloween and other autumn activities give your Sims a modern and stylish  look for the cooler weather.

The available hair styles, a total twenty-four, also come in a broad range of colours. Each dress comes in twenty different shades and as an extra bonus, the Vivienne sweater provides five additional striped designs, while the Bonnie Short Dress offers five different pattern to choose from.

Whether your Sim is getting ready to Trick or Treat or simply wants to express their autumn spirit this collection let them find the perfect outfit. 

Seven rectangles and squares that are filled with images of different styles of halloween themed clothing.

Minnie Sims 4 Outfit

Sims 4 players looking for a feminine and stunning look for their Sims should look no further than the Minnie Outfit. This chic yet romantic combination comes with a sleek, elegant crop top that features puffy sleeves, plus a gorgeous, long, flowy skirt in a delightful dot pattern provides plenty of possibilities. Pick the rich green or elegant black version to find the perfect hue for your Sims’ style.

The soft satin fabric is comfortable yet holds its shape perfectly, making it ideal for a garden party. Plus with an additional eight colours available to choose from, your Sim will be sure to find the perfect outfit!

A sim from The Sims 4 who has their hair in a side part bun, braided on each side of the head. For clothing they are wearing a two piece dress outfit that is white with red polka dots.

Mocked Mulberry Sweater

The secret to the perfect Sims wardrobe is having a few essential pieces – and what can be better than the Mocked Mulberry Sweater? This comfy piece offers your feminine Sim an exquisite blend of comfort and style.

The cozy cotton knit will ensure they stay warm while looking fabulously fashionable. With thirteen solid colours including some options with adorable embroidered flowers allover, it is easy to find something that suits their winter mood.

The sweater also boasts a mock-turtle neck and slightly bell-shaped long sleeves for added snuggle factor, plus falls just at the waistband for an easy combination with pants or skirts. So whether you want to dress your Sim for work or a relaxed day in, this sweater has them covered!

A sim with brown hair who is wearing a long sleeve knitted sweater. The sweater has branches and trees and flowers on it.

Bodycon Dress Set

There is a wonderful array of options when it comes to fashionable selections for your Sims. And here, you can add another mini collection with the Bodycon Dress Set to the Sims wardrobe – perfect for the modern fashionista!

This set is designed from a cute ribbed fabric and contains two dresses, one top, and one skirt. The dresses feature a tank top style for the bodice, leading down in a slim fit and finally flares out at the hem. The two-piece combo has a bustier-style cropped top and figure-hugging maxi skirt with the same flare.

Bodycon never goes out of style, so don’t overlook this simple yet elegant set to make sure your Sim can look fashionable no matter the occasion!

A sim who is wearing one of the pieces of body con clothing. The sim is wearing a cropped tank top with a skirt.

Una Sims 4 Outfit

Get ready to add a little luxury to your Sim’s wardrobe with the Una Outfit! Whether they’re headed out for a jog or lounging around the house, this ensemble is sure to become a favourite. Crafted with luxuriously, but easy to care for silky fabric, it comes in 11 gorgeous colours perfect for adding a splash of vibrancy or an understated natural hue to any look.

The tops are form-fitting and the bottoms wide-legged, making them the ideal choice for comfortable yet confident fashion. A chic and functional choice that your Sim won’t want to take off!

Two sims who have cat eye style eyeliner and are wearing athleisure clothing in muted colours

Let It Be Me Dress

The Let it Be Me Dress from the Sims 4 Clothing Mods for Feminine Sims is a gorgeous choice for any occasion! It has so many possibilities; with 35 options, your Sim will never run out of ways to express their individuality. Made from a silky fabric, this figure-hugging long gown is stylish and sophisticated. The sleeveless top is held by two straps and the neckline travels to the onset of the bust.

The straps continue over the shoulder down along the back in a criss crossed pattern, opening it up down to just underneath the waist. Matching long gloves round up the look and make your Sim look sensual and chic – perfect for any formal or special event! Get creative and make memories with the Let It Be Me Dress.

Two sims in formal clothing that are floor length dresses with strings across the back. Both of these sims 4 characters have red hair.

Retro Blouse

Spruce up your Sim’s wardrobe with the Retro Blouse, a timeless classic that never goes out of style! This retro-inspired piece comes in two versions – with or without a waistband – as well as 32 swatches that include 13 solid colours and 5 retro prints. The solid colours come adorned with delicate strawberry embroidery on the collar and small buttons along the front line.

As for the finishing touches? Short sleeves are finished off with an elegant hemline, while a slight puff adds character to this beauty of a throwback. Whether you’re looking for subtle sophistication or full-on ’50s glamour, this blouse is sure to bring some character to your dresser for years to come!

A character from The Sims 4 who has red hair and is wearing a retro blouse as clothing. The top has puffy sleeves and a collar that has strawberries and flowers on it.

Sims 4 Clothing Mods for Masculine Sims

When you’re looking for different Sims 4 Clothing Mods you don’t just want to look for clothing for your feminine sims, your masculine sims deserve fun clothing too. These more masculine clothing options are perfect for your sims and are in more muted colours and styles. You can pair these with gorgeous masculine hairstyles too!

Xoria Sims 4 Jacket

The Xoria Jacket is an exciting addition to the collection of your Sims 4 clothing, and can now be also enjoyed by your male Sims! This show-stopping piece features exquisitely detailed design elements like two deep front pockets, a side zipper pocket, and pockets on both sleeves.

For extra measure, the Xoria Jacket has a thick lining and fastens with a zipper that is neatly concealed beneath a velcro tapered hemline. To add an extra dose of personality to the piece, eye-catching stickers can be found throughout for an effortlessly cool look.

And all this is available in eight colours. So , whether your Sim is looking for an everyday wardrobe staple or something more daring – this jacket is sure to make them shine.

A sim with curly black hair wearing a winter jacket, this jacket is open at the top, has tons of decals on the pockets and has a different coloured stripe.

Hey Mickey Set

Looking for the perfect way to express your Sim’s maleness? Introducing the Hey Mickey Set! Both pieces of this set – the sweater and boxer shorts – feature ultra-comfy soft cotton knit fabric with a form fitting silhouette. The sweater that falls below the waistline has a round collar and long sleeve with an oh-so-cute Mickey Mouse print across the chest.

The boxer shorts come in red and black and boast a fun Mickey Mouse hand and letter print on one side. Not only can this amazing set be worn as underwear, but it can also be used for lounging around! Show everyone that nobody is too old for Mickey Mouse with this cute, yet masculine set – it’s sure to become a favourite!

This image is a mannequin from The Sims 4 that is wearing two clothing items, the first is a pair of boxers with mickey mouse's hand on the cheek, and the other is a long sleeve shirt with mickey mouse on the chest.

AM Suspenders

Get creative and have some fun with your Sims’ wardrobe with AM Suspenders – the perfect way to add an extra stylish touch to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for a subtle or bold addition, these chic suspenders come in eight different colour combinations, allowing your male Sim to really stand out.

From gentlemanly browns to sporty blues and greens, these suspenders will elevate any mundane shirt and pant combination into something really special. Of course, there’s no better way to showcase their new look than a stroll around town! So why not let your Sim try suspenders today?

A mannequin from The Sims 4 who is wearing a formal clothing outfit. This outfit is a pair of tan pants and tan suspenders, with a navy blue button down shirt.

Bastien Sims 4 Outfit

Outfit your male Sim with the ultimate combo: the Bastien Outfit. Get out of the same old work-out clothes and switch to something more stylish and cosmopolitan. The Bastien Outfit comes as a two-piece ensemble, with a fine sweater in two solid colours or five colour combinations.

The matching jogging pants are all in solid colours for easy combination. Crafted from the finest polyester/cotton mix and designed for maximum comfort. This piece is perfect for those days when your Sim wants to spruce up their workout style.

Choose from classic red, green and beige/grey combos, or go wild with a sunny yellow paired with purple and green. With the Bastien Outfit, you can let your male Sim pick whatever suits his current mood!

A character from The Sims 4 who has brown medium length hair and glasses. For clothing, this sim is wearing a black hoodie and black joggers.

Jacket & Sweater Clothing Mods

The Sims 4 Jacket & Sweater Clothing Mods provide masculine Sims an effortlessly sportive elegance. Whether it’s for cooler days or the transition period between seasons, you can choose from seven stylish options. A fine knit v-neck sweater is perfect for providing additional warmth without the bulk.

You can combine this look with a shirt and tie, and your male Sim will feel ready for any situation – whether it be work or a date night out! The jacket has a cool design – with two breast pockets snapped shut, along with a pocket on each side to store all the necessities.

It falls to the waistline with a thin lining, making it ideal for any occasion when you want your Sim to have that sharp and sophisticated look.

A sim with red hair and a red beard with spacer earrings. This character is wearing a button down with a black tie underneath of a red sweater, on top there is a black jacket with pockets.

Casey Cargo Pants

A must-have for masculine Sims, the new Casey Cargo Pants offer a hint of bad boy attitude without compromising on comfortability and quality. With stitch, zipper, label, and button details that define this timeless look, the durable cotton fabric ensures these pants will last no matter how much wear and tear they endure.

Moreover, this comfy set includes 8 solid colours and 5 patterned options to choose from. Plus, their dress pant waistband with cuffed legs give these cargo pants an intriguingly funky vibe. Make sure to pick up a pair of Casey Cargo Pants for your Sim today!

This image is three male sims wearing different sweaters, they are all wearing different swatches of the same cargo pants.

Retro Ruffle Sims 4 Tuxedo Shirt

If your Sim is looking for a daring new look, the Retro Ruffle Tuxedo Shirt is the perfect choice. The tight fitting garment will hug the masculine silhouette. In addition, the style is enhanced by delicately detailed pleats and ruffles at the front as well as the silky luxurious fabric.

A tinge of retro detailing is added with the long sleeves and glamorous ruffled wristband to make this outfit pop! For an edgy twist, why not add a matching or contrasting bow. With eight colour options available, your Sim will be ready to hit the scene in style! Let the party begin.

Four sims who are all wearing a tuxedo t-shirt that has ruffles down the front.

Domenico Outfit

The Domenico Outfit is the perfect choice for the fashionable masculine Sim. Give them instant style with 9 different colour combinations to choose from such as classic white, grey or black and even more daring colours like red and purple. Slim pants that sit perfectly at the hip pair nicely with a vest featuring a double button row complemented by its matching coordinating jacket, offering uncompromised elegance for any occasion.

With fabric of such high quality your Sim will look sharp and dapper no matter how long their day lasts! Really turn heads by combining this outfit with a nice black shirt and dark grey tie for a classy yet stylish look. Your Sims can now dress to impress – thanks to Domenico!

A sim with a black hair mohawk who is wearing black loafer shoes with a blue suit and black tie.

Pollen Sims 4 Polo Shirt

The Pollen Polo Shirt for masculine Sims is perfect for any wardrobe. With a loose fit, short sleeves, and light, moisture wicking fabric, your Sim can enjoy the warm days comfortably. The choices are endless with the six versions of this iconic style!

Whether your Sim likes to keep it simple with solid colours or prefers to stand out with patterns like striped, birds, or flowers, they’ll find just the right look in these ultra-cool shirts. It’s all about that subtle detail; not only do the shirts sit right on the hips but there’s a tucked version available too, for those who prefer a tighter look. Upgrade your Sim’s closet and get ready to rock one of these stylish Pollen Polo Shirts today.

A sim who is wearing a pair of light pink pants, on top they are wearing a sims 4 clothing shirt that has a fun pattern in light green.

Leather Zipper Pants

Forget about the typical jeans and tee combo – the Leather Zipper Pants from Sims 4 Clothing Mods for Masculine Sims provides something a little bit stronger. Made of soft Nappa leather, these pants will sit right on the lower waist, hugging along the legs without restriction.

With its zipper in the front as a statement piece, it’s sure to give your Sim an edgy vibe and let them bring out their inner rockstar at any party or concert. They look undeniably cool and make sure to keep everyone staring!

Two pairs of legs wearing a pair of leather pants.

Cool Sims 4 Leather Jacket

Nothing screams tough like the Sims 4 Leather Jacket, designed and crafted specifically for the male Sim. Allowing up to 7 swatches to choose from, this leather jacket is made to give your Sim the coolest, street-style look. It sits right on the hips, and its detailing including studs on the collar and arms, a silver buckle on the belt as well as an attractive diagonal front zipper is nothing short of eye-catching.

The two side pockets and additional chest pocket all with zippers ensure plenty of space for carrying essential items, while the durable matt looking leather keeps your sim cosy in any weather. A truly exquisite fashion statement.

A sim who has black hair, a black beard, and black glasses. They are wearing a studded leather jacket.

Slim Fit Turtleneck

The Slim Fit Turtleneck from Sims 4 Clothing Mods for your male Sim is the perfect item to add a sophisticated and sexy touch to any stylish outfit. Your Sim can choose from an array of colours, including the classic black and grey, that are sure to make him look elegant.

With its fine knit material and comfortable feel, this turtleneck can be easily combined with a jacket when in need of an additional layer. Plus, the long slim fitting sleeves underline the sleekness of this versatile product, making it ideal for a modern wardrobe addition.

Five mannequins without heads who are all wearing black pants with a black belt. They are all wearing the same turtleneck sweater in different colours.

Olwen Sims 4 Top

The Olwen Top is the perfect fit for any Sim looking to turn heads! The white shirt with a small collar and short sleeves combined with a black tie underneath a checked pattern vest which closes with four black buttons in the front, will always serve your Sim well.

Whether he is dressing up for those studies at the university or to drop in at the library, this style provides a geeky yet stylish look that’s sure to wow. Plus, it comes in seven fabulous colours, ensuring that he can find the perfect outfit. Spice it up! Go on and grab the Olwen Top and your Sim won’t be left behind in the fashion world.

Two headless mannequins without legs who are wearing a t-shirt button down with a plaid vest and black tie.

Kyungjin Cardigan

The Kyungjin Cardigan from the Sims 4 Clothing Mods is the perfect comfy and warm knit, especially when it boasts such a stunning graphic pattern. The wool mix of this cardigan is sure to keep out the chills and its loose fit coupled with slightly longer sleeves gives it an extra cozy feel.

Your Sim has the choice between 7 beige and 2 grey hues, as well as one of the two basic shirt colours – dark grey or classic white – to complete the masculine yet warm and elegant look. The perfect outfit for reading that book in front of the fire place or to add that one piece making an outfit look cool.

Three sims who are all wearing a white t-shirt and on top they are wearing a plaid cardigan.

Sims 4 Clothing Mods for Kids

Some of the most fun things to download are going to be custom content mods for kids. These Sims 4 Clothing Mods are fun because the colours and patterns can be more fun without your sims looking like a randomized townie.

Maya Outfit

The Maya Outfit is a perfect addition to the wardrobe of any little Simmie, combining the comfort and ease of denim with an elegant, sophisticated look. The corset boasts beautiful detailing around the collar and three decorative nickel buttons in the front, echoing a similar look found on the white dress also included in this ensemble.

Adding more to the style are subtle bell sleeves that come together at a wider wrist band and flare out gracefully at the ends. With functionality just as important as fashion, the dress falls right above the knees and fits loosely for maximum movement when running around being a kid. This combo is available in 8 colour options, and for sure includes the favourite one of your little Sim!

A blue background, on top there is a sim with brown hair who is wearing a white button down long sleeve dress, on top there is a cropped denim vest.

Sole Sims 4 Swimwear Set

The Sole Swimwear Set is the perfect choice for any Sim girl looking to make a splash this summer! This elegant yet functional two-piece combo comes in two versions:  one is a cropped long sleeve top with shorts, the other has a cropped tank top and a bikini style bottom. The cuts are just right for any active youngster, giving them plenty of space to move around and play without being restricted.

Crafted from soft, lightweight materials and equipped with SPF protection, these pieces will have your kids feeling comfy and fashionable all season long. Even a sunhat providing four different colour choices is included. All in all, your kiddos have up to nine fabulous choices when creating this outfit – so which one will they choose? 

Two characters from The Sims 4 who are wearing bathing suits as their clothing. One sim is wearing a floppy hat.

Jersey Tee

Outfit your little Sim in the latest fashion trend with this awesome Sims 4 Clothing Mod for Kids! This amazing Jersey Tee ticks all the right boxes, featuring twelve vibrant colours, a hip bag that can be worn as a cross-body back pack and sportive detailing to complete the look.

Not only that, it is made of moisture-wicking fabric to guarantee they stay nice and cool even during the hottest days. With its bright, bold colours and fun outfit design, this Sim child will be on-trend and looking great wherever they go!

A male character from The Sims 4 who has curly brown hair and is wearing a blue t-shirt with a teal jersey on top, they are also wearing a fanny pack

Everyday Sporty Sims 4 Outfits

With Sims 4 clothing mods, your Sim kid can now achieve the perfect everyday sporty look. They’ll be able to layer for in-between-seasons or those cooler mornings and warmer days. But regardless of the weather, they’ll always have something to keep them cozy and fashionable.

Choose from four unique styles – each as attractive as any kid could wish for. Get ready for grey jersey tops with long sleeves that are topped off with a cool short sleeved shirt available in three different colours  with designs from all their favourite sport companies.

In addition, a plaid or military styled shirt is sitting around the hip – So give your Sims the whole world of fashion at their fingertips with this must-have Everyday Sporty Outfit.

Four characters from The Sims 4 who are wearing a t-shirt over a long sleeve, they also have a piece of clothing, a plaid flannel wrapped around their waist.

Your Heart Jeans

When it comes to your Sim Girl’s wardrobe, Your Heart Jeans have the power to captivate just about anyone! Featuring slim fitting jeans with heart detailing and 13 different colours to choose from, you can keep your little one dressed up or down.

If that wasn’t already enough, 7 of the Your Heart Jeans come with a belt for extra style. And for that added hint of preciousness, all of them feature adorable knee patches – perfect for kids who are as tough as they are loveable. Truly, a never-ending love story, these jeans will be the ones your Sim Girl won’t want to take off.

Two sims standing in jeans. The jeans have ripped knees and hearts over the pockets on the back.

Bastien Sims 4 Outfit

The Bastien Outfit for young Sims is a must-have for kids of all ages! This set features a stylish sweatshirt and matching joggers made from the finest quality cotton, offering kids incomparable comfort and durability.

Parents will love it, too due to the wide range of colours – choose from five different patterns on the sweatshirt with solid coloured joggers, or decide upon two additional versions in classic black and white. Plus, all sweaters have hoodies and front pockets – is there anything else a young Sim could need?

A toddler and a child who are both wearing full sweater suits. The toddler is also wearing sunglasses and a bucket hat.

Akogare Dress

Add a touch of sophistication to your kid’s wardrobe with Akogare Dress. It comes in 8 eye-catching colours, with the satin fabric adding an extra layer of elegance. Its high collar with the small ruffle design frames the head gracefully and its slim fitting sleeveless top extends into a two layered ruffled skirt that falls pleasantly above the knees.

With its graceful design and colour selection, this dress can take any outfit from mundane to elegant and sophisticated.

The same sim twice, they are wearing a high neck sleeveless dress that has ruffled layers on the skirt.

Rainbow Sims 4 Set

Whether they’re blowing off steam during lunch recess or just trying to stay cool on a summer day, Sims 4’s Rainbow Set offers kids a fashionable approach to staying comfortable. The set is comprised of a tight tank top, shorts, and high socks with a rainbow taper on the side – all available in twelve cheerful colours sure to brighten the child’s wardrobe.

Not only do these garments look great, but the breathable fabric ensures maximum comfort. The tank top ends right at the mid-waist of the shorts, leaving just enough for peeking out beneath. Such perfect proportions make this outfit an ideal mode of dress for school sports or spending time outdoors during those sweltering days.

Two sims who are wearing sporty clothes. These clothes are a pair of shorts and a tank top, there is a stripe on both.

Sims 4 Clothing Mods for Toddlers

Since we didn’t get toddlers when the game was initially released there is a lack of good clothing for toddlers. That’s why my toddler cc folder is so huge, because I need to have some great stuff for them. These are some of my absolute favourite Sims 4 Clothing Mods for toddlers and the are the best!

Taeri Dress

Get ready for your little Sim one to look more irresistibly adorable than ever before with Taeri Dress! It is tailor-made for toddlers in The Sims 4 and offers a perfect combination of style and comfort. From the t-shirt top featuring small buttons to the flared skirt that allows plenty of movement, this dress carries an undeniable charm that both, Sim parents and kids adore. It is made of cotton, ensuring an ultra soft touch that washes well, making it perfect for everyday wear.

This fashion piece is available in 18 colours from different hues of pink and blue.  So don’t wait: add some magical sweetness to your Sim toddler’s wardrobe with Taeri Dress!

A toddler from The Sims 4 who has blonde hair in pig tails and a white bandana. For clothing they are wearing a blue dress in a light sky blue colour with white sneakers and white socks.

Eleanor Sims 4 Outfit

If you feel there is a lack of stylish options for young Sims then look no further. The Eleanor Outfit is the perfect clothing choice for the fashionable little Sim. This clothing mod comes in classic greys, whites and reds, but it also has six other more vibrant colour choices for those special occasions.

The capri suit is made of a light fabric that makes it ideal to wear during spring and early summer days. Whether the Sim child needs to attend a special gathering or just wants to introduce flair into their wardrobe, the Eleanor Outfit is the perfect ensemble. 

A toddler and a child from The Sims 4. These two are wearing a colourful suit as their clothing. This is a blazer, cropped pants, and a white shirt.

Viktor Top

The Viktor Top is one of the coolest clothing mods for kids in the Sims 4. It’s perfect for your toddler Sim boy. The cool denim vest features a jersey hoodie and decorative seams that are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

The detailing doesn’t stop there. It is completed with a row of shiny buttons along the front, making it an attractive and chic little vest that every Sim boy will love. Not only is it fashionable, but it comes in 16 smashing colours and adds an extra layer on cooler days, giving your small Sim some much-needed coverage.

A toddler wearing a white shirt with a a mouse on it. Over top they have a denim jacket with a soft hood.

Adrien Sims 4 Vintage Tee

If you’re looking for an adorable wardrobe update for the little Sim one, the Adrien Vintage Tee is a great choice! It comes in 24 different colours, so it is easy to pick the one that fits the youngster’s style. On top of that, vintage looks just as good on kids as it does on grown ups, making this tee a timeless classic.

Thanks to its cotton fabric, it is incredibly comfortable to wear . Plus, the knot detail on the side of the tee adds a hint of sophistication while still being fun enough for the child. To top it all off, there’s even an adorable print at the front which brings this garment to life with its own unique charisma.

A sim with their hair in high pig tails, they are wearing black bike shorts. With these they are wearing a green t-shirt tied on the side.

Kiara Dress

Every Sim girl will be thrilled when they see the Kiara Dress. This cute and fashionable mod for the Sims 4 game. With its adorable kitty face adorned with a chic red bow on the front of its striped top, this dress is sure to become a favourite!

Not only will they feel stylish in it, but it also provides warmth with its bell sleeves and round collar. Finishing off this look is an A-style skirt that stops at just above the knee. It cannot get any cuter than this for the beloved Sim girl. 

A sim with blonde hair wearing a black and white striped sweater, over top there is a dress where the top of it looks like a cat.

Heather Dress

Introducing the ‘Heather Dress’, a must-have clothing mod for kids in Sims 4. Constructed of lightweight fabric, it features an elegant collar and plaid patterned top with long bell sleeves.

They are combined with a solid coloured skirt; perfect for chilly days, it will be adored by your little Sim girl, who is sure to attract lots of compliments wearing this stylish outfit! With nine swatches available to choose from, the Heather Dress will quickly become an invaluable part of your wardrobe mods collection.

A sim with their hair in two large space buns, they are wearing a green dress that has a peter pan collar, a plaid design on the top, and a solid green skirt.

Yun Cuffed Jeans

For the little trendsetters out there, why not look into revamping the wardrobe with a pair of Yun Cuffed Jeans? Not only are they stylishly low-waisted and come with an added belt, they are also perfectly crafted for toddlers in The Sims 4!

Even better, you have an inspiring range of 8 colours to choose from – so feel free to pick out the hue that truly encapsulates the toddler’s flair. And on top of all this, their soft denim fabric makes them super comfortable too – so they are ideal for a day of running around!

A sim who looks like Harry Potter wearing a white sweater, on the bottom they are wearing blue jeans with a belt and the jeans are cuffed at the bottom. White sneakers.

Regina Sims 4 Dress

Let the little Sim girl show her unique style with the Regina Dress Mod for Sims 4! This chic and stylish wardrobe addition is available in fifteen different colour combinations, each of which makes her look and feel like a modern-day princess.

Featuring a delightful tank top with two small bows on the shoulders, and made of pure cotton for those hot days this style is perfect for the summertime weather. Moreover, with the nice flow of the two-flounce skirt the little Sim can stand out from the crowd.

A sim wearing a three layered dress with a scalloped edge at the bottom. The straps have small bows on them and it goes pink blue and darker blue.

Natalie Dress

Introducing the Natalie Dress, a stylish Sims 4 clothing mod for kids! It features 17 colours to choose from and a lightweight denim fabric that is durable enough to last through the toughest adventures.

With an interesting detail on the front, two small side pockets and a cute ruffle on the hem of the skirt, your toddler will look fashionable no matter where she goes. With the Natalie Dress, you can be sure that your feisty little Sim girl will always make a fashion statement.

A sim with red hair who is wearing an orange t-shirt, over this shirt they are wearing an overall dress.

Sofya Sims 4 Dress

Finally, we have the elegant and chic Sofya Dress from the Sims 4 Clothing Mods for Kids.  Made from a luxuriously soft fabric, this dress boasts twenty captivating colours that will make the little Sim girl shine. With a beautiful high waisted skirt, in either black or the top’s matching colour, and a unique black button strip carrying golden buttons, this is an exceptional piece of clothing.

The waist and collar band are also black to complete the sophisticated look, ready for any birthday party or other event. Let your Sim girl become a little lady with this extraordinary dress.

A sim with blonde hair in a side braid, they are wearing a pink and black chanel inspired dress with tights and black boots.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Clothing Mods

If you really want to have fun in create-a-sim, you’ll want to use as many Sims 4 Clothing Mods as you can. These make the creating character experience in the game so much more fun since you can totally customize. Add some fun sims 4 mods to your game and your experience is going to be perfect. Happy Playing!

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