How to Get The Vibing Streamer Gear Digital Content in The Sims 4

With the recent announcement of the release of The Sims 4: High School Years there is another pre-order or early purchase bonus. We got this with Cottage Living and honestly, it wasn’t great. Many players didn’t get the items or had serious troubles accessing them so I’m not super excited that we’re doing this again.

How to Get The Bonus Content

If you see the objects in the vibing streamer gear bonus and absolutely must have it, or are just excited to get your hands on the pack, it’s pretty easy to actually get this stuff if you have the funds to buy the pack.

All you need to do is purchase The Sims 4: High School Years before September 8th 2022 and it should be automatically added to your game. There was issues with the cottage living pre-order bonus, so you may need to do some work arounds to actually get these items in-game.

What’s Included in This Bonus?

There are three objects that you’ll get in your game if you purchase by September 8th and all of them are themed toward having your sims look like a streamer. The first item is the groove tube wireless speaker that is a cute wireless speaker you can place on any table in your sim’s home.

The next is the spine reticulator gaming chair which is adorable, and I absolutely need this one in my game to recreate my IRL office. The colours on this are super fun too!

The final item is the tri-hard LED panels that will help to light up your sim’s streamer room.

vibing streamer gear digital content

Final Thoughts on The Vibing Streamer Gear

These items are extremely cute, but I’d rather they just put them in the game proper instead of doing these pre-order bonuses. It’s not fair that someone who purchases on September 9th gets a worse experience than somebody who purchases on September 7th.

Many players of The Sims franchise aren’t going to have the money in the next few months for whatever reason and waiting until the fall or winter to purchase shouldn’t be a punishment. I just find these disappointing but I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels that way.


  1. Do you have any suggestions on how to get this if it hasn’t been added automatically? Ive contacted EA but have not been helped 🙁

  2. So I can’t get these items at all now? I didn’t purchase the pack prior to release or on release as highschool isn’t a thing here (we have secondary school age 11-18 where you wear school uniform, not home clothes & the gameplay seemed too American).
    I recently saw Dr Gluon use the lights in his house flipper series with Rosa and had been trying to find which pack I didn’t have had them so that I could buy it. But now they won’t be available?
    That’s ridiculous! Has anyone liberated them at all? Since I can’t get them legally if they won’t provide them now, I’m not above pirating them. Not for sale, its not stealing…

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