The Sims 4 High School Years Livestream Overview

We are almost at the time of the release of The Sims 4: High School Years! This means that this week we are getting the sims 4 high school years livestream and here is the overview of everything they talked about it in this stream.

Create a Sim Overview

The CAS for this pack is extremely fun, it has so many Y2K and fun youthful items that bring a lot of joy to the game.

This first outfit starts with a bucket hat and an anime looking shirt over top of a striped shirt with fun pants with plaid details in the flair.

This top is super cute with a puffed sleeve button down underneath an argyle vest!

Small cropped tank tops are super in right now and this one is so gorgeous!

This shirt felt very Gen Z to me and that makes me super happy, this is so cute!

school uniforms

Your sims are able to wear “uniforms” but aren’t necessarily part of the pack, but you can throw them in to uniforms by getting them to wear them.

new outfit for male sims

These pants and shirt are so fun for teens too, but maybe don’t match.

fun sunglasses with flowers and ice cream

These glasses are hilarious and so cute!

Body and Facial Hair Updates

There is now a button under the colours in facial hair where you can choose enable hair growth! Letting your sims facial hair grow naturally which is insanely cool. This works for body hair as well!

This new system lets you shave your sim’s facial hair too!

facial hair in the sims 4

A body hair update is coming to everyone in a patch right before High School Years!

body hair options

The hair options are for arms, legs, back and torso and have different lengths and styles for your characters.

Shaving has very… weird animations. I love it.


Your sims are going to need to clean their skin if they want to avoid getting pimples now! Super relatable!

Socially Awkward Trait

We are getting a new socially awkward trait for our sims. This sim will do better around people they are close with and worse around strangers.

new socially awkward trait in the sims 4 high school years overview

Fashion Preferences

We now have fashion preferences in our likes and dislikes section!

fashion preferences in the sims 4 high school years

Sexual Orientation!

Your sims can now have sexual preferences in the base game update before HSY! This is an amazing step forward for the game as before this sims could just date anyone and didn’t have any preferences.

There are new settings for things like who you’re romantically interested in, whether or not your sim is experimenting and who they want to mess around with. You can even click these settings in a way to make a sim asexual or aromantic.

If a sim who isn’t in your preferences tries to flirt with you, your sims are going to reject them.

They weren’t able to add a non-binary option because of the way the game is built, but they’re trying to find ways to fix this in the back end to add this into the game in the future.

sexual orientation options in the sims 4

They’re adding a setting called “woohoo partners” that are like friend with benefit options so you don’t have a romantic connection to these people but can still participate in woohoo.

If you don’t interact with these settings at all, your sims are going to default to how sims worked before this update.

Teen-Specific Aspirations

There are four new aspirations coming to this pack that are only available for teens which is insanely exciting for players like me. The aspirations are as follows:

  • Admired Icon
  • Goal Oriented
  • Live Fast
  • Drama Llama
teen specific aspirations coming to The Sims 4 with high school years

World Overview: Copperdale

overview of copperdale town in the sims 4 high school years

Copperdale used to be a mining town and was named after copper. The world is on a lake and is extremly gorgeous with three neighbourhoods.

Rockridge Heights has the high school and auditorium in it.

Prescott Square is named after the found of the town, there are the Harjo Family and the Prescott family. There is also a library and Bubble Tea Thrift Store.

Plumbite Cove has the pier with a ferris wheel and other fun places to explore. There’s a haunted house, a tunnel of love, and a ferris wheel. WOOHOO LOCATIONS. There is a park and a rental lot as well as two families.

plumbite pier with ferris wheel and other rides

This world has a bunch of small hangout areas around it for teenagers to hangout

The water is swimmable by the pier, and there is also a swimming hole and fishing area.

Build Mode Overview

The build mode for this game is going to focus entirely on stuff that you would use for decorating a teen’s bedroom and will ignore the rest of the house. The developers said that they wanted it to feel like teenagers only have control over their space and their parents have control over the rest.

sims 4 high school years bedroom from overview

This pack comes with new computers giving us curved monitors and dual monitors which is incredible!

new computer screens in the sims 4


They have finally done something with whims in the game! Over top of your sim’s head you can now see wants and fears which are going to truly impact your sims in new ways. This is coming to the base game as an update woo!

There will be up to three different wants in your sim’s whims section at any time. They will have one that’s long-term, one short term and one that’s more reactionary based on situations your sims are currently in.

There will be a spot for a fear too, which is your sim’s way of telling you things they are scared of. This is going to give you a trait that will impact your sim’s lives too.

You can choose if your sim can confront their fear and conquer it or live with it forever. This is an incredible way of getting satisfaction points too!


New Phone Options

The phone is now more app based instead

Social Bunny App

When you click on it you’ll see options like tag someone, send a DM and open social bunny.

When you open it you’ll see options to make new posts, even about books you read or travel you’ve done. You have the option to like other peoples posts with reactions that you’ll see on your feed. The reactions/likes are freezer bunnies!

You can add friends and message them in the app and this can impact your friendship levels. You’ll be able to slide into people’s DMs with this one and send different types of messages:

  • Mean
  • Funny
  • Flirty

New Streaming Settings

Your sims are able to watch gaming streams, and lifestyle streams on their computer. The developers made it so they are more interesting to watch on screen too!

Teenage Careers

  • Become an Influencer
  • Video Game Streamer

Active School

You can control multiple sims at once at school! If you have multiple teenagers in your household you’ll be able to control all of them at once. You can choose to control one, all, or none.

There are so many things happening at school including sports and more.


School operates like an active career and you have the option to do tasks throughout the day. Your sims are able to study, hangout with friends, have drama and mischief.

Your sims are able to claim a locker for themselves and can customize them to many different styles like goth, kawaii and eco enthusiast.

Your sims attend two classes per day with things like business, foreign language, math and more. The subjects change each day. You’ll have one class in the morning, then a long lunch period and a class after lunch too. During lunch you can eat at the cafeteria, hangout with friends, or even do homework.

Your sims are going to gain skills when in class and their grades are going to matter for graduation. If your sim doesn’t graduate they might be locked out of careers, won’t be able to go to university.

When your sims go to class they will have chance cards appearing to change the experience. You can hangout at school even after classes are over.


There are a ton of pranks and when you do them your sims are able to get in trouble. You can also get in trouble for not showing up or missing classes. Your sims can prank a white board or the PA system and more.


There are certain sims who are going to be trying to get your sim to join their clubs and advocate for how cool their clubs are. There are four clubs to join in high school years:

  • Football Team
  • Cheer Team
  • Chess Club
  • Computer Club

When you join a club you’ll get team mates, and you can also get rivals who are someone on the team who don’t like you.

School Festivals

Some days after school your sims are able to join different festivals where they can buy clothes, and have fun.

Exam Day

There is a day each week where you


You can ask a romantic interest, or even ask someone as a friend. Other sims can even ask your sims to prom!

In-Bed Interactions

Your sims are now able to do tons of things in bed like reading, hanging out and more. They’ve added pillow fights and even the ability to sit and hangout on the ground.

Sims can Now Sneak Out of Special Windows

NPC Relationship Autonomy

Sims can now do things like asking you out or breaking up with you with “NPC Relationship Autonomy” to keep gameplay more random and interesting.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 High School Years Livestream

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