Sims 4 How to Join a Wolf Pack & Become Alpha

There is a lot of gameplay to be had in Werewolves but you may be wondering how to join a wolf pack in The Sims 4 and here we have your answers. There are two packs that you can join depending on what direction you want to take your werewolf’s life and what things your sim holds dear.

Are you wanting to go out and be a wild werewolf and live your best life? Or do you want to see what happens when you try to bring together werewolves and sims? These are questions you need to know before deciding which group you should join.

Who Are The Wolf Packs in The Sims 4?

There are two werewolf packs in this pack that you’re able to join the first is The Wildfangs. This group is a scrappy, free-spirited group of werewolves. They believe the werewolf lifestyle is the ultimate gift, and they’re going to make the most of it.

sims 4 wildfangs wolf pack

This group is run by Rory Oaklow a fascinating character with blue hair that you just can’t help but want to be friends with. Rory is the adopted child of the leader of our other wolf pack, The Moonwood Collective.

sims 4 wolf packs moonwood collective

The Moonwood Collective is the more tame of the two groups and is run by Kristopher Volkov. They are a dignified group of werewolves whose mission embodies the union of lycanthropy and philanthropy. They want to connect all sims and be friendly to each other and other species.

How to Join a Wolf Pack in The Sims 4

There are actually multiple steps toward being able to join a wolfpack in The Sims 4: Werewolves, first you’ll need to become a friend of the pack, then you’ll need to participate in trials and finally ask to join. Each of these has specific requirements that must be met before moving on.

How to Become a Friend of the Pack

Before you are able to join a pack in The Sims 4: Werewolves you are first going to need to become a friend of the pack which is rather easy. You’ll want to start befriending different people in the pack but especially the pack leader.

ask to be friend of the wild fangs interaction you must do to join the wolf pack

The pack leader of the Wildfangs is Rory and the pack leader of the Moonwood Collective is actually Rory’s father, Kristopher.

friend of the wolf pack trait in the sims 4

Complete Trials to Join The Wolf Pack in The Sims 4

After you’ve become a friend of the pack you’re going to need to participate in trials to be given the opportunity to join the pack as a member. There are six trials in total but you only need to complete three of them to be accepted to the pack. The trials you can choose from are:

  • Werewolf Spar with Leader
  • Discuss Lunar Epiphany
  • Demonstrate Scavenging
  • Give Excellent Quality Food
  • Give an Uncommon or Rare Collectable
  • Demonstrate Pack Howl
join wolf pack interactions for trials

Three of the trials actually require you to have werewolf abilities to be able to do them.

Trial NameRequired Ability
Discuss Lunar Epiphany Lunar Epiphany Dormant Ability
Demonstrate Scavenging Scavenger Ability
Demonstrate Pack Howl Pack Howl Ability

Getting to Join The Wolf Pack

Once you’ve completed all three of the required trails your sims are going to have the ability to ask to join the pack. Once you click on this button you’ll see a large conversation pop up appear that describes the values of the wolf pack and gives you one last chance to back out by clicking nevermind.

popup for joining the wolf pack in the sims 4

If you click sounds great! I’m in your sim will get a notification similar to this one that lets you know that you’ve joined and what kinds of perks to expect. You’ll get a piece of literature, new interactions and weekly delivery from both of the wolf packs.

rewards for join the wolf pack in the sims 4 werewolves

Levelling Up in The Wolf Pack

Each wolf pack in The Sims 4: Werewolves has a set of values that you’re going to want to follow to be able to level up toward becoming the alpha leader in the wolf pack. These are going to give you pack points that will fill the bar at the bottom and once it’s full your sim will be able to level up from one level to another.

Levelling Up in The Wildfangs

For the Wildfangs the three things you’ll want to do are:

  • Pack Participation
  • Expand and Explore
  • Self-Improvement
wildfangs requirements

The pack participation part means that your sim needs to ensure that they have a good relationship with other werewolves in the pack, they’re contributing to pack resources at the hangout, and that they’re spending time with members of the group, especially the Alpha.

The expand and explore part means that you’re going to want to discover different things around the world. Your sim is going to want to look around the tunnels and see what they can find, travel to hard to reach areas in the world, and mark your territory once you get that ability.

The self-improvement part of the wild-fangs means that they want your sim to become an even stronger werewolf. You’ll want to get fit and spar with pack mates, get to higher levels of being a werewolf and unlock tons of werewolf abilities.

Levelling Up in The Moonwood Collective

For the Moonwood Collective wolf pack there are three areas of focus:

  • Pack Participation
  • Diplomacy
  • Self-Sufficiency
moonwood collective tasks

The pack participation part is the same as it is with the Wildfangs. You’ll want to spend time with the group of werewolves, go ahead and befriend different members but especially the leader. You can also use the pack’s hangout and contribute to resources.

When working on diplomacy you’ll want to control your werewolf’s urges as much as you can. You’ll want to use the will to resist werewolf ability and get a handle on your sim’s werewolf temperaments to ensure that they don’t give into fury and rampage too often. You want to avoid being mean to other sims too, just show that you’re a good werewolf and show off your werewolf empathy.

The self-sufficiency section has your sims wanting to use the land and be able to take care of themselves on their own. This means they’ll want to do a lot of gardening in their free time as well as fishing for food and giving the extras to the pack through contributing to pack resources.

Keeping Your Wolf Pack Membership

Once you get into a wolf pack in The Sims 4 you aren’t in for life, if you aren’t doing things that align with your chosen group you have a chance of being put on probation and eventually getting kicked out. This is why following your packs requirements is very important.

For example, while playing through with the wildfangs I got into a fight with one of the members of the group and immediately got a notice. It said that my pack participation was poor since my relationship with that sim went down and it needed to be fixed or I’d end up on probation.

wolf pack notice to be removed in the sims 4

If you do get placed on probation you can have a level of you wolf pack ranking pushed back as a punishment in hopes that you’ll improve which means it’ll take longer for you to become alpha.

Becoming Alpha of The Wolf Pack in The Sims 4

There are two parts to preparing to become alpha in a wolf pack, the first is to level up to Beta in that pack, and the second is to level up werewolf abilities to ensure you’re strong enough. You’ll want to get as many werewolf abilities as you can before challenging your leader for alpha rank but the most important one is the alpha wolf ability.

This one is important because it gives your werewolves “ease of taking leadership of a pack” meaning that they will have less of a struggle when battling either Kristopher or Rory.

You may also want to get stronger in different ways like levelling up your sim’s fitness skill to ensure that they are strong and can participate in the two types of challenges that you can see. These challenges are:

  • Epic Tug of War
  • Honorable Brawl

These are actually quite difficult to win, harder with Rory than with Kristopher so it may be easier to become the alpha wolf in The Moonwood Collective than The Wildfangs.

a sim trying to take control of the wolf pack by doing an epic tug of war

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 How to Join a Wolf Pack

At the time of writing this I’m convinced that The Sims 4: Werewolves is one of the best game packs we’ve gotten for The Sims 4. Especially after the experiences of both Dream Home Decorator and My Wedding Stories. It’s blown me away and has been so much fun, being able to join a wolf pack really adds a lot to the game and continues to make the game so much fun. Happy Playing!

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