The Sims 4: Blooming Rooms Kit Overview

Ever since the announcement of kits being added to the game, I’ve been begging for a plant kit. Adding plants to your homes in The Sims 4 can really make it feel lived in and loved and we just don’t have enough plant options in the game. Thankfully, The Sims 4: Blooming Rooms Kit was released in early November 2021.

This kit features a bunch of gorgeous plants for your sims to love and to either use as subtle decoration in the game or to create an actual jungle for your sims to live inside of. You’ll see some gorgeous plant tables, hanging plants, and floor plants to liven up a room.

Blooming Rooms Description

A great way to learn what’s going to be in a new pack in the game is to read the EA created game descriptions, or Key Features as they like to call them. For Blooming Rooms, the game description is as follows:

  • Liven It Up —Shelving, tables, and even light fixtures become living decor with the addition of enchanting foliage. Delight in a lush, soothing atmosphere of growth all around with unexpected leafy details and natural beauty.
  • Go Green — Potted and hanging plants transform any room into a small slice of paradise. Vibrant vegetation even takes the place of curtains and wall art. With so many verdant colors, it will feel like living in a literal greenhouse.

What’s Included with Blooming Rooms?

This kit features 24 build/buy items for you to add to your sims homes, these are all plant related, so if you hate plants this is not the pack for you. You’ll find two different tables, one with plants inside and one that is a perfect plant stand. There is a good gardeners station for a nice greenhouse, a few with hanging plants, a couple that are hangable your walls and a bunch of regular standing plants in pots.

Is The Sims 4: Blooming Rooms Kit Worth It?

The biggest question players have when a new pack is released for the game is whether or not the pack is worth it to buy. For the blooming rooms kit whether or not you think it is worth it depends on how much you care about the homes your sims live in or how much you love to build.

If you’re a player who is content with your sims living in pretty basic homes and don’t care too much for foliage, I’d skip this one. However, this is a must-have for players who love to build and decorate their homes with tons of flare and plants because this kit has ever type of plant you’d ever want in the game.

Hanging plants are great for filling up space, small plants are great for those random clutter slots you don’t know how to fill, and the wall plants are just absolutely gorgeous. You’ll find yourself using blooming rooms often, but don’t just buy it if you’ll never use it.

Final Thoughts

This has been my most awaited kit for the game, except maybe a clutter filled kit with just items to make your homes lived in so this was a must-buy for players like me. How do you feel about the blooming rooms kit? Is this something that you’re interested in? Let me know and happy playing!

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