The Sims 4: Perfectly Pristine Aspiration (Bust the Dust)

With the Bust The Dust kit that we got in early 2021, we got two new aspirations. The first is fabulously filthy which is gross, but this aspiration, the perfectly pristine aspiration, will have your sims living in gorgeous and clean homes that you’ll be very proud of. Sims who have this aspiration will love to clean, and will perform tasks like washing dishes, washing hands after using the toilet, and using the new vacuum cleaners that come with Bust The Dust.

Aspiration Bonus Trait

Since the perfectly pristine aspiration falls under the location category, it is going to have the home turf bonus trait. This is a trait that you are given when you choose this aspiration when a sim ages from a child to teenager, or when you create them in CAS. The home turf bonus trait is one of the least useful, because all it does is make your sims a bit happier when they are in their home neighborhood, meaning they’ll get happy moodlets once in a while. However, it is super easy to keep sims happy, so it may be more useful to choose a different aspiration to start to get a good bonus trait.

Stages of the Aspiration

There are 4 stages of the aspiration to work through that are going to have your sims cleaning their homes almost constantly. They are going to seriously have no free time, because their hobby will become cleaning. It’s nice, because your home will literally be sparkling.

Basic Home Training

  • Clean 3 Kitchen or Bathroom Objects
  • Vacuum for 3 Hours
  • Wash 3 Dishes
  • Empty the Trash

The first part of this aspiration has your sims doing pretty basic cleaning tasks. The first one is to clean 3 bathroom or kitchen objects which include sinks, toilets, showers, stoves, etc. Next, you’ll need to purchase a vacuum and have your sim vacuum their home for 3 total hours, you can find a ton of vacuum options in the build catalog and both the upright vacuums and handheld vacuums will work for this.

Our next task is simple and is to wash 3 dishes, these must be hand washed dishes, putting them in the dishwasher does not count for this part of the aspiration. Finally, you’ll need to have your sim empty the trash from one trash bin to an outdoor trash bin.

Proactive Cleaning

  • Clean Up 5 Messes
  • Wash Hands After Using the Toilet
  • Show Off Your Clean House to Guests
  • Earn the Moodlet “Perfectionist Zeal”

In the proactive cleaning section of this aspiration, your sim will need to clean up 5 messes. This can include both regular water puddles or paint that kids or toddlers use on the floor. Washing your sims hands after using the toilet is pretty self explanatory, gross if you don’t.

Next, you’ll want to invite over a sim to your home when the house is clean. To see how your home is you can click on the floor to check the cleanliness level and make sure its clean before inviting them over and you’ll be able to use this social interaction.

Finally, your sim will need to get the perfectional zeal moodlet which they can get by cleaning a whole bunch, possibly too much, making them a perfectionist.

Vacuum Virtuoso

  • Purchase a Handheld and Upright Vacuum
  • Destroy 3 Dust Bunnies or Filth Fiends with Vacuum Cleaner
  • Destroy 5 Messy or Dust Pile Objects with Vacuum Cleaner
  • Perform 2 Upgrades on a Vacuum Cleaner

Our next stage of this aspiration has your sims needing both a handheld vacuum and an upright vacuum to be purchased from the build catalog. Next, you’ll need to use these vacuums for the next two parts. You’ll need to eliminate 3 dust bunnies which appear after a while of not vacuuming your home, and clean up 5 messy piles of dirty off the floor.

Finally, you’ll need to breakout the handiness skill and some upgrade parts for the final part of this stage and perform upgrades on one of your many vacuums to make it perform better.

Chief Cleaning Officer

  • Throw a Party Social Event in a Clean House
  • Clean for 5 Hours in a Happy, Confident, Inspired, or Focused Mood
  • Successfully Ask or Demand that Other Sims Clean 3 Times
  • Hire a Housekeeping Service 2 Times

Our final stage of the aspiration has your sims doing even more cleaning. The first part is to have your sims throw a social event inside of their clean home, to do this you can go to your phone and choose plan social event and have a party of some kind (i.e., birthday, dinner, house) but make sure that your home is clean before starting the event by clicking on the floor to check the cleanliness level.

Next, your sim will need to bring some other people on to their cleaning habits by asking another sim to clean 3 separate times. You can either ask or demand for them to do this to satisfy this need. Finally, you’ll need to hire a maid twice to finish off the aspiration! Easy peasy.

Aspiration Reward Trait

A sim who completes this aspiration is going to be rewarded with the fast & fastidious reward trait. This trait has a description that reads “Sims don’t get negative moodlets or lose fun while cleaning. Sim will clean at a more rapid pace and is more likely to become focused when cleaning, and for maximal cleaning efficiency, Fast & Fastidious Sims can use the “Power Clean” and “Power Vacuum” interactions.

This is an interesting reward trait because cleaning is very annoying in The Sims 4, so being able to just go ahead and have it done more quickly and have your sims always enjoy it more is very nice.

Final Thoughts

This may not be the most interesting aspiration in the game, but it is a funny one that works really well with the concept of Bust The Dust and can have your sims keeping their home super clean. This is a good one to do before bringing children into your sim’s homes so you can have them have the reward trait and be able to take care of their home more quickly when there are more sims to take care of. Happy playing!

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