The Sims 4: Fabulously Filthy Aspiration (Bust the Dust)

With the new invention of Kits for The Sims 4 we got a new Bust the Dust kit that entirely focusing on keeping your house clean with new vacuums, or with keeping your houses dirty by ignoring any cleaning that you probably should be doing.

Aspiration Bonus Trait

When you choose this aspiration for your sims as they age up to a young adult or whenyou create them in create a sim, they are going to be given the home turf bonus trait. This bonus trait is one of the least valuable aspiration bonus traits, and makes it so your sims are more happy when they are in their home neighbourhood compared to when they are in other worlds.

Stages of the Aspiration

There are 4 stages of this aspiration that your sim is going to need to work on, and they are all… well, filthy. In these stages you’ll need to get your sim’s house absolutely filthy and not even attempt to clean it yourself, nobody has time for that. Be prepared to be virtually grossed out by your sim’s surroundings.


  • Leave Out Food to Spoil
  • Let 3 Kitchen or Bathroom Objects Get Dirty
  • Let At least One Floor Level of Your Home Become Dirty
  • Max Out Sim’s Fun Motive While on a Dusty, Dirty, or Filthy Floor

The first few parts of this aspiration are rather easy, the first thing you’ll need to do is let out food to spoil which can be done by leaving any food on the counter for an extended period of time until it goes bad. You’ll know its gone bad when it starts having a green stink coming from it.

The next part is to let 3 of your bathroom or kitchen objects get dirty, this includes any counters, plumbing items (i.e., toilets, sinks) or your stove top. It is pretty easy to let these things get dirty, especially if your sim is a slob.

Next, your sim will need to live in the filth for a little while and let an entire floor of their home become dirty. It will probably be easiest for you to get your main floor dirty because of the kitchen, but this could also work out as a basement or an upstairs. You are just going to want to let the dust build up and do absolutely nothing about it for a while to complete this one. You can check your home’s dust level at any time by clicking on your floor and choosing to check the dust level.

Finally, you need to max out a sims fun need while their surroundings are dirty. You’ll need to wait until there is at least a bit of dust on the floor to get this done but you can get your sim to watch TV or play on the computer while the room is dusty.

Chore Dodger

  • Successfully Ask 3 Sims to Clean
  • Befriend a Dust Bunny
  • Cook 3 Meals in a Dirty or Filthy Kitchen
  • Pay for a Cleaning Service

When you’re hanging out in a dirty house and there are people around who you know, you have the option to click on the floor and ask another sim to help you clean up. You’ll need to do this 3 times in order to complete part one of this stage.

The second part of the fabulously filthy aspiration is to befriend a dust bunny which is super easy, and super valuable for you. After you start seeing some dust on the floor in your sim’s home you’ll see these cute little dust bunnies appear on the floor. There are a few social interactions you can do with these characters including feed dust, pet, befriend, and more. You’ll need to feed your dust bunny dust as well as pet it before you’ll ever be able to befriend it.

Once a dust bunny is befriended you can actually get a ton of goodies from them. Elaina got over 1000 simoleons, a plate of salmon, and a crystal in one day from her two dust bunny friends and that’s a pretty solid way to get your hands on some goodies.

The next part is to cook 3 meals inside of your dirty kitchen, you’ll need to be nice and gross to do this. You can have a messy stove, messy counters, dirty dishes and more around to get your kitchen messy and just start cooking and this can be done easily.

Lastly, your sim is going to need to hire themselves a maid either once or recurring which can be done from the hire a service option on the phone.

Low Standards

  • Eat 3 Meals That Are Spoiled
  • Bathe or Shower 3 Times in a Dirty Shower or Tub
  • Don’t Wash Your Hands After Using the Toilet
  • Invite a Guest Over While House is Dirty or Filthy

This entire aspiration makes me feel icky, the next part makes your sims eat 3 meals that have spoiled, so beware of them having to throw up. To do this you’ll want to cook a group meal (at least 4 servings) and leave it out on the counter until it goes bad, then when your sim is hungry go ahead and get them to eat it.

The next part is to shower or bathe in dirty tubs or showers 3 times, so how clean are you really going to be? You’ll want to wait until your sims shower or tub is very dirty and go ahead and bathe inside. Not ideal in real life, but your sims will be fine.

The next part is to not wash your hands after using a toilet, this is something most sims just do immediately after they go to the bathroom unless they have the slob trait. If your sim doesn’t have the slob trait you may have to pay attention to them when using the bathroom and cancel the interaction to wash hands that happens immediately.

Finally, once your home is extremely gross you’ll want to invite a sim over. You can do this by going into the relationship panel and invite sim to current lot and it should satisfy this requirement.

Filth Fiend

  • Knock Over 3 Trash Cans
  • Throw a Party Social Event in a Filthy House
  • Appease a Filth Fiend with a Filth Tribute
  • Woohoo in a Filthy House

The first step in this stage of the aspiration is to knock over 3 trash cans, these could be your trash cans at your home, or trash cans at someone else’s home or a public lot. You can do this by clicking on the trash can and choose to knock it over, easy.

The next part is to throw a social event in a filthy house, literally my worst nightmare. You’ll want to have your home be absolutely disgusting which you can check by clicking on the floor to check the dust levels. Once the houses is dirty you can start any type of social event (i.e., dinner party, house party, etc) and the need will be met.

Be careful when dealing with those pesky filth fiends, if they are feeling extra mischievous they may start a fire in your home because they are little buggers. You’ll need to become friendly with a filth fiend to get this done, and appease them with a filth tribute which will become an option as you grow close to these gross creatures.

The very last part of this is to woohoo inside of a filthy home, so its time to get romantic. You can use any of the woohoo locations in game, as long as they are inside the home (i.e., bed, shower, closet, etc) and woohoo with your partner in absolutely gross surroundings.

Fabulously Filthy Aspiration Reward Trait

Any time your sim finishes an aspiration they are going to get a reward trait that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. When you have a sim live in filth long enough to finish up the fabulously filthy aspiration, they are going to be given the filth dweller reward trait.

This filth dweller reward trait’s description says “This sim no longer receives negative moodlets from living in dusty or messy environments. They love cleaning and love filth, and will receive happy moodlets while in dirty or filthy houses. Additionally, they gain the ability to bond with and befriend filth friends.”

Final Thoughts

This may be on of my least favorite aspirations in the game, but not because its boring (beach life wins that one) but because its gross. I like my sim’s homes being clean and organized and not just letting them get filthy, however, this is a funny one if you like the sillier parts of the sims. Those dust bunnies and filth fiends are so hilarious and can actually make you money and get you some good collectibles. Happy Playing!

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