The Sims 4: Kits Overview

One of the reasons why The Sims is so unique is that there is so much content for you to purchase. For this version of the game we have Expansion Packs, Game Packs, Stuff Packs and a brand new option for you to enjoy Kits. There were 9 kits released in the first year of their existence and we can all assume that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

What are Kits?

Kits are now the smallest sized items for purchase for The Sims 4 and allow you to buy extremely niche sets of items for just a few dollars. The cost for a kit is $4.99 in the United States, $6.99 in Canada, and varies for the rest of the world based on that country’s currency.

This new pack type was introduced in March 2021 with 3 kits being released all at once and they were a total surprise to players. They added nine of these in the first year that range from create a sim kits, to build kits and even a gameplay kit that allows you to vacuum your sim’s homes.

Kits are a wonderful addition to the game because they are extremely small packs that aren’t entirely necessary to have a full experience in the game. If you want to purchase them because you like them, you can, if you dislike a kit you can just leave it.

Modern Menswear

As many players have noticed in The Sims 4 the masculine fashion is definitely lacking compared to feminine fashion items. In any new pack there’s usually double the amount of feminine tagged items compared to masculine and that made the modern menswear kit a welcome addition to the game for some better representation and more interesting clothing pieces for masculine sims.

The Official EA Description for modern menswear reads “Revolutionize the classics with The Sims™ 4 Modern Menswear Kit*, featuring a thought-provoking, accessible collection designed by Stefan Cooke. Reimagined shapes redefine traditionally masculine fashions, while textiles and patterns elevate each unique piece for today’s style.”

In this pack there are so many beautifully made and designed items. This includes a few beautiful sweaters, some pants and even some masculine framed skirts which is something that’s been missing from The Sims 4 for a while and players are really excited about.

This pack was actually a collaboration with a high end fashion designer from London named Stefan Cooke. A lot of players are starting to get frustrated that EA has stopped collabing with attainable brands like IKEA or H&M and instead went for higher end things that most players could never afford like Stefan Cooke and Moschino.

Blooming Rooms

Plants! Plants make everything better both IRL and in The Sims so the release of the Blooming Rooms Kit was met with open arms and added so many beautiful plant options to your game. This was released on November 9th 2021 and is one of my favourite kits so far.

The Official EA Description of Blooming Rooms says ““Bring the outdoors inside with lush greenery that breathes new life into any space in The Sims™ 4 Blooming Rooms Kit! Fill your Sim’s home with cheerful, peaceful plants. From dangling vines to decorative propagation stations, a perfect tranquility awaits.

This kit adds a bunch of interesting things for your game, not only plants but a few places to put them and even a gorgeous vine curtain to add to so many locations in your sim’s homes. These types of plants are extremely versatile and range in sizes so they can work in so many homes.

Incheon Arrivals

An exciting duo of kit releases was the Incheon Arrivals Kit which was released on October 5th 2021 along with the Fashion Street Kit. These two kits are inspired by international fashion that adds something totally new and fun to the game.

The Official EA Description for Incheon Arrivals reads “Upgrade your Sim’s wardrobe with The Sims™ 4 Incheon Arrivals Kit, inspired by iconic Seoul airport fashion. Trendy Korean styles get a modernized twist for clean, minimalist looks in muted colorways.”

This pack’s fashion is inspired by Korean airport fashion, specifically at the Incheon International Airport which is so cool! Originally this fashion took off in Korea because photographers who take pictures of celebrities who were arriving at this airport and it became somewhat of a fashion show.

With the release of this kit we even got an official EA blog post along with an interview with a korean fashion expert who explained the origins of Incheon airport fashion and the inspiration behind this pack.

Fashion Street

One of the most exciting create a sim releases for kits was the week where we got both the Fashion Street Kit and the pairing Incheon Arrivals Kit. Both of these kits were inspired by international style and brought some great pieces into the game.

The Official EA Description for Fashion Street says “Expand your style with The Sims™ 4 Fashion Street Kit collection, inspired by the trendsetting designs of Mumbai. Rich colors, iconic silhouettes, and high-contrast patterns bring energy and vibrancy to each item. Show off your individuality by integrating trendy statement pieces with traditional details for a whole new style.”.

This kit grabs its inspiration from Mumbai and features so many bright colours and patterns for your sims to wear. In addition to the tops, bottoms and full body outfits we get two pairs of shoes, some accessories and even some beautiful hand henna.

When released EA even released an official blog post and an interview with a Mumbai fashion expert to really get fans excited! In this interview we learn all about what fashion street means and this person’s favourite pieces.

Industrial Loft

On August 26, 2021 we got our next kit which was a build kit inspired by the gorgeous industrial styles and is called the Industrial Loft Kit. This kit is a really nice build kit that can make really gorgeous homes and apartments that your sims will love to live in.

If you look for the EA Official Description of this pack, you’ll read “Embrace reclaimed architectural design with The Sims™ 4 Industrial Loft Kit, inspired by the converted warehouses of Brooklyn, New York. Oversized windows, exposed hardware, and sturdy statement pieces highlight the beauty of raw materials and unfinished detailing.”

This pack includes a whole furniture set for the bedroom, dining room and living room and includes some fun pipes for you to decorate your homes with, a couple fun plants and my new favourite fuzzy rug we have in the game.

This kit wasn’t without its controversy and had a scandal for false advertising. Why? Well, as a teaser for the pack EA released a GIF that featured a window that looked like a rounded version of the Moschino Stuff windows that doesn’t exist in game and doesn’t exist in this pack, getting people excited about something that wouldn’t be coming. Many players were outraged and it actually led to EA promising to release it to all players for free in a future update.

Courtyard Oasis

The first kit we got after the initial 3 kit release was the Courtyard Oasis kit that was released on May 18, 2021. This kit is inspired by moroccan style and mostly focused on outdoor areas that can be decorated with these beautiful bold colours.

The EA Official Description for this pack reads “Turn the center of your Sim’s home into a lush, vibrant space inspired by the riads of Morocco with The Sims™ 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit! Lounge around the fountain, admire the decorative tiling, and bring your family together in absolute harmony.”

In this kit you’ll get a ton of build mode items including gorgeous doors, windows, fences, stairs, and flooring and more. In addition you get a gorgeous couch and chair that reminded a ton of players of a fun set from The Sims 2 and some plants, tables and a few decorative items to make it even better.

Throwback Fit

The first of three kits we got at the announcement of this new pack type is the Throwback Fit Kit which was released at the same time as both Country Kitchen and Bust The Dust. These packs were released on March 2, 2021.

To learn more about what the pack is, we can read EA’s official pack description which says “Outfit your Sims in retro-inspired athleisure looks with The Sims™ 4 Throwback Fit Kit! Take it back to nostalgic colors, bold patterns, and trend-forward silhouettes with these all-new Create-a-Sim items. Updated everyday classics and workout wear elevate this unique collection—and your Sim’s fashion.

This pack is inspired by old school 90s fashion that involves bright colours, fun patterns and is set up to be gorgeous workout or leisure clothes. The only items in this kit are for create a sim and are mostly focused on teen-elder fashion but does include one adorable bucket hat for toddlers and a few really fun items for children.

Country Kitchen

Our first introduction to a build kit was the Country Kitchen Kit which was released on March 2, 2021. This pack was released at the exact same time as both the Throwback Fit Kit and our first gameplay kit, Bust the Dust.

The EA Official Description for Country Kitchen says Transform your Sim’s kitchen into the most charming part of their home with The Sims™ 4 Country Kitchen Kit! From vintage refrigerators to casserole dishes, these Build/Buy objects offer a delightfully trendy take on a timeless style.

In this pack we don’t get a ton of items, but there is an entire kitchen set included which is always appreciated since we really are lacking great options to make unique kitchens. You’ll get all of the counters including both cabinets and island counters, a new fridge and stove and a new sink plus some gorgeous decorative objects.

Although this pack is wonderful and the items are really gorgeous, it didn’t come without controversy. A few short months after Country Kitchen was released, we also got The Sims 4: Cottage Living which a lot of players felt like this kitchen set should’ve been included with. Since the whole theme of cottage living was living on a farm and raising animals and all of the items in that pack were very country themed and this would’ve worked perfectly with that pack.

Bust the Dust

One of our first introductions to the world of kits was The Sims 4: Bust The Dust which added the world of dirt to our games. This kit was released on March 2, 2021 and was actually released at the same time as both Country Kitchen and the Throwback Fit Kit.

EA’s official description for Bust The Dust says “Dust off the vacuum and tidy up in The Sims™ 4 Bust the Dust Kit! Dust is piling up and spawning friendly bunnies and dastardly filth fiends in Sims’ homes. Get rid of the muck by cleaning, or settle in for a messy life. Conquer chores with new buffs and rewards for each dust level, vacuums to help fight the good fight, and aspirations related to cleanliness“.

This new pack adds 5 new vacuums to the game where two are handheld and able to be used on small messes (even on toddlers, lol) and 3 standing vacuums. These will end up in your sim’s inventory and you can vacuum to keep your home clean and stay in the good end of the cleanliness levels.

You can even make friends with dust bunnies and filth fiends! Dust bunnies are great because they can become your friends, you can name them and they can even go ahead and get you some valuables and actually earn an income from dust bunnies, how fun!

Final Thoughts

Although most players of The Sims 4 are still unsure why we even needed kits or what they’re really adding to the game, there’s no way they’re going anywhere any time soon. It’s a simple way for the sims team to make content from home since they haven’t been in the office in years now. It makes sense, and can help boost the development of other parts of the game or maybe even The Sims 5.

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