30+ Sims 4 CC Kids Accessories That’ll Elevate The Look

When you’re trying to make the perfect outfit in create-a-sim you can add shirts, pants and interesting hair options but you don’t truly get something perfect until you start adding accessories. Once you find amazing sims 4 cc kids accessories like the ones in this list you’ll be able to go ahead and give your sim’s kids so much personality and have so much fun with it.

These cc accessories cover categories like hats, jewelry and even fun backpacks that your sims can wear. Using these is going to take your sim’s outfit to the next level and make it so much more fun to make them!

Hat Options for Sims 4 CC Kids Accessories

When you’re playing with just the vanilla version of The Sims 4 you can find yourself longing for some more interesting hat options to cover some… questionable… hairstyles. These are some of my favourite sims 4 cc kids accessories options for hats to add to the game for my sims because they’re just so cute!

Tokki Hat

This Tokki Hat may be the most adorable hat known to man. The Tokki has a baseball hat design with animal ears right on top (they look a lot like bunny ears) and comes in so many colours and patterns.

Your sim can wear this in neutral colours and to be casual or choose the bright colour or pattern options for a bolder look. I for one love the cow and leopard print hats! This style is for the kid sim who loves animals and isn’t afraid to be bold with their looks.

sims 4 cc kids accessories hats with ears

Minecraft Kid’s Hat

Your kid sim will love these Minecraft Kid’s Hat’s, whether they are playing Minecraft or exploring the sim world. These hats are flat cap style and come in three varieties: a green cap with Creeper on the front, a brown and tan cap with the Minecraft logo on the front, and a navy and turquoise cap with Steve on the front.

This hat is the perfect school accessory for your kid sim to keep their face out of the sun and showing off their personality with some cool gamer gear.

Three sim's kids with hats on that are minecraft themed.

Hawaii Hat

Your sim could feel like they’re on vacation all the time with this Hawaii hat. This hat is a fedora style and looks to be in a woven or straw material. The hat comes in light or dark beige, grey, and tan and each has a different colourful and tropical printed band in the middle. Keep with the Hawaiian vacation theme by pairing this hat with a matching tropical print shirt for total beach vibes.

This look reminds me of something Ace Ventura, the Pet Detective, would wear in the movie if there was a matching hat option. The Hawaii hat would look great on your sim at the beach, pool, or on a Hawaiian vacation of course.

Four male sims wearing hats that have a band around them showing off the hawaiian patterns

Pom Pom Hat

This Pom-Pom Hat is the perfect Winter accessory for you Sim! Not only does it come in some really cute patterns such as polka dots, hearts and chevron, but the two pom-poms on top are a unique twist and look a bit like animal ears.

The two pom-pom hat is a fun twist on the classic beanie that will look great on your kid sims for the Fall and Winter time. Pair this hat with your sim’s hair down and either a matching top or one in a different pattern for more out-there look.

Three sims wearing different styles of pom pom hats

Backpack Options for Sims 4 CC Kids Accessories

Since kids spend a lot of their time at school, they deserve backpacks that bring joy. These sims 4 cc kids accessories options for backpacks are genuinely so much fun and can show off your sim’s personality in so many fun ways.

Numi Backpack

How magical is this Numi Backpack for kids?! This backpack has a full unicorn face on the front, including the horn and hair swoop. This backpack comes in three bright colour colour combinations including pink and peach, blue and pink, and a two-tone grey.

I love the mini size it comes in to hold just the essentials, which is the perfect size for younger kids.

A set of three backpacks that look like unicorns in various colours.

Corgi Backpack

Your sim will be feeling puppy love for this Corgi backpack! The Corgi Backpack has a the Corgi dog on the front with little floppy ears, the face, and two sets of paws. This backpack comes in many different colours and each colour has a different corgi face.

As you can see in this image, the Corgi faces have different moods such as happy or angry. This backpack is so fun and perfect for the animal-loving kid sim for their first day back to school.

Two backpacks that look like a corgi dog. One is smiling and one is angry.

Fun Kid’s Backpacks

When it comes to a kid’s backpack, there definitely has to have some fun colour and design involved. These Fun Kid’s backpacks are the perfect mix of both and come in a few cool designs such as a cat, a pig, black and white squares, a pastel rainbow, batman and Totoro.

This backpack has a bit of a larger size, which is perfect for older kids, as well as a front zip pocket. The Fun Kid’s Backpack also includes padded and adjustable straps so your sim’s shoulders won’t get sore carrying all of their books to and from class.

A set of six backpacks with various designs like a cat, a pig, or a super hero

Cat Backpack

This Cat Backpack is the perfect combination of function and fashion. The backpack has a cat shape and comes in a smaller or larger size to suit all kids. In this image the older kid sim is wearing the backpack in black with two small and thin rectangles for eyes.

The younger kid sim is wearing the backpack in pink with black stitching and it has a small paw print on the bottom right corner. These adorable Cat Backpacks will accentuate any outfit and won’t overpower a fashionable look.

Two sims standing wearing backpacks that are shaped like a cat head.

Necklace Options for Sims 4 CC Kids Accessories

One of the more common accessories that children seem to wear are necklaces and these are amazing choices for sims 4 cc kids accessories. A good necklace can really add something to a kid’s outfit and let your sim’s children show off their fun personality and favourite things in a really simple way!

Minnie Necklace

The Minnie Necklace is perfect for your Disney-loving sim kid. This necklace is on about a 16-inch gold chain and has a Minnie mouse-esque gemstone pendant on it, with one larger coloured gem in the center and two smaller clear gems on top for ears. The larger gem comes in a variety of colours, but my favourite is the unique blue/green/purple shift one shown in this image.

Since there are so many gemstone options, you could even pick your sim’s birthstone for a personalized touch. This necklace looks great paired with the matching earrings and it perfect for a theme park day or Disney movie marathon.

A sim with black hair in pigtails wearing a tank top and a minnie mouse themed necklace.

Unicorn Necklace

How adorable is this Unicorn Necklace? This necklace comes with a beautiful gold chain, which looks about 16-inches long. On the chain is a unicorn face enamel pendant in a few different colour ways.

Your sim will love to wear this Unicorn Necklace to pretty much any event, but a unicorn themed party would be perfect for this necklace and matching earrings. This pendant necklace is bright, fun, unique and all of the other kid sims will be wanting their own pair when they see them.

A sim with blonde hair and bangs wearing a matching set of unicorn earrings and necklace.

Pearl Necklace

It doesn’t get much classier than a strand of pearls. This Pearl Necklace is gorgeous and will look beautiful on your kid sim for their next fancy dinner or event. This necklace lands just past choker length and has large, shiny pearls strung throughout.

This necklace would pair perfectly with a high bun and a ruffle dress. To take the look up a notch you can even pair the necklace with matching pearl stud or hoop earrings as shown here.

A sim with curly black hair and brown eyes wearing a pearl necklace with a square neck top.

Monarch Butterfly Necklace

Some call the Monarch butterfly the king of all insects, and this Monarch Butterfly Necklace certainly shows why. The butterfly pendant is large and shows the beautiful detail of the wings.

This necklace comes in 4 metal options: gold, silver, rose gold and an onyx black, so this piece could easily go with any outfit. I feel like Mariah Carey would definitely approve of this necklace, as it matches her iconic butterfly ring she always wore in the 2000’s.

A sim with black hair in pig tails and blue eyes wearing a blue off the shoulder sweater wearing a pair of butterfly earrings and matching butterfly necklace.

Earring Options for Sims 4 CC Kids Accessories

There are so many gorgeous options for custom earrings out there and these ones are so good for kids. These sims 4 cc kids accessories options for earrings are going to let your sim’s show off their favourite animals, shapes and colours and when worn with a custom hairstyle that show off your sim’s ears you’ll love to use these.

Seahorse Stud Earrings

Okay, I’m obsessed with these Seahorse Stud earrings! These studs have an intricate rose gold seahorse design with a ton of colourful gemstones within. I love the colour combination this image has chosen to highlight with the rose gold and emerald green, but the gemstones also come in many other colours such as pink, purple, blue and yellow.

Pair these studs with wavy and beachy hair on your sim for a mermaid look and they’ll be ready for the beach in no time.

A sim with red hair and green eyes wearing a pair of rose gold earrings that are shaped like a seahorse and have green gems all over them.

Butterfly Studs

These dainty Butterfly Stud Earrings are perfect for every day. The small size and simple design are essential for your sim to have in their jewellery collection.

The butterfly design is something a bit different from your traditional stud earring and would look great all year round, but especially with some spring outfits. In either silver or gold, these would studs look awesome with any hairstyle, either up or down.

A sim with curly brown hair and brown eyes wearing a small butterfly stud earring.

Papillon Earring

The Papillon Earring is a little different than the other earrings on this list as it is a cuff that goes on the center portion of your sims outer ear. Ear cuffs have become popular again within the last few years, and often times you don’t even need a piercing hole to have one, which is great for young toddler sims.

This Papillon Earring hooks right onto the outer edge of your ear and would look great with other piercings your kid sim may have. The butterfly design is so adorable, and comes in gold, silver, and rose gold to go with any look.

A butterfly ear cuff option for sims 4 cc kids accessories.

Atria Star Earrings

Your sim will look like a star in these Atria Star Earrings! These earrings start with a gemstone stud and a small star hanging down from the gemstone. They then have a golden rod hanging from the top with two cut out stars hanging at the end. On top of this, within the cut-out stars is another gemstone.

These dangle earrings have so much detail and will truly make a statement. Pair these earrings with a simple hairstyle pulled back to really let the earrings have center stage. I could see a kid sim wearing this for a school dance as the gemstones and stars would really catch the light.

A sim with curly black hair and light brown eyes wearing a pair of dangly earrings that have a gem surrounded by stars hanging from them.

Spider Earrings

These spooky Spider Earrings are perfect for the upcoming Halloween season! These drop earrings come in a bronzy colour and have a ball stud with a gold and black spider at the end of the drop. What is a bit unique to other drop earrings is that the stud is in front of the ear and the drop part is in the back.

These earrings are great for spooky season but are also great for any gothic kid sim to add to their look. These earrings will be perfect for you kid sim’s upcoming Halloween activities like trick or treating and visiting a local haunted house.

A sim with dark brown eyes and black hair that is wearing a pair of dangly earrings with spiders on them.

Camelia Earrings Set

This Camelia Earring Set is three identical flower shaped earrings in one. This set includes a small, medium and large eight petal flower silhouette hoop, and comes in gold, silver and rose gold. You can pair all three of these hoops together on your sim’s ear or choose one or two for a more simple look.

I love the simple design of these hoops and the versatility of mixing and matching. Pair these earrings with a low ponytail so you can see the stacked earring set in all its glory.

A sim with blonde hair and green eyes wearing an earring set that are small bubbles

Tiny Flower Studs

These Tiny Flower Stud earrings are so adorable and the perfect everyday stud. These flower earrings have a tiny stud in the middle and six petals around it to look like a delicate daisy.

I love these earrings in the gold colour but they also look great in silver. These studs are great for your sim kids of any age since they are small and will go with a variety of outfits.

A sim with middle part brown hair and hazel eyes wearing a pair of sims 4 cc kids accessories earrings that are a small flower in silver.

Hair Accessories for Sims 4 Kids

Unfortunately in the vanilla game for The Sims 4 we don’t really have the option of using accessories of any kind in our sim’s hair. Thankfully, the custom content creator community has allowed us to wear things like headbands to make our sims have more personality and these sims 4 cc kids accessories for hair are going to make your sim’s look so cute!

Wavy Headband

I love the 2000’s look to this thin Wavy Headband. This headband has a zig zag pattern, an iridescent finish and comes in a ton of fun rainbow colours. This fun headband is perfect for the Y2K trend going on right now and would be a great accessory for your sim to wear to the mall or school.

This headband looks best on your sim’s hair down and a side or middle part still showing. your sim can wear this headband on it’s own or pair it with a matching wavy choker and hoops for a bolder look.

A sim with brown hair and blue eyes wearing a matching sims 4 cc kids accessories headband and necklace that are wavy and silver.

Twisted Sims 4 CC Headband

This Twisted Headband is similar to the previous wavy headband but has a bit more of a modern edge. The headband is in a cushy fabric material and is about an inch thick with a wavy design. This headband comes in some great neutral colours like white, grey and black and beautiful earth tones such as green, orange and yellow, so there’s sure to be a colour to go with every outfit you choose for your kid sim.

The Twisted Headband will go great with chunky sweaters or a plaid skirt or dress this fall and is an unexpected twist on a traditional headband. Maybe that’s why it’s called the ‘Twisted Headband.’

A sim with brown hair and brown eyes wearing a yellow and green sweater and a pair of flower earrings. They also have as sims 4 cc accessories headband on their head.

Starbound Headband

This Starbound Headband is out of this world! The headband has a thin metal band with five metal stars on top. Each metal star has three and a half points and inside is a cluster of tiny pearls. The Starbound Headband is classy, unique and will really dress up any of your sim’s looks.

You can try out this headband in a variety of colours such as gold, silver, black, and even rose gold. This headband would be the perfect accessory for a fancy birthday party for your kid sim, as it has a similar look to a crown and your sim will look like royalty.

A sim wearing a headband with pearls and stars on it.

Sunflower Sims 4 CC Headband

Bring the sunny vibes in the Sunflower Headband all year long. This headband has six 3D sunflowers on throughout the headband and comes in quite a few colours. My favourite colour combination is the traditional yellow and black center, since I feel like your sim could wear it during spring, summer and fall.

Other colours such as the rainbow, blue, white, pink sunflowers would look best in the spring or summer. The Sunflower headband would look great at a summer outdoor concert or if you just want to elevate your sim’s outfit with touch of flower power.

A sim wearing a black glossy headband that has sunflowers on it. It has rainbow options, a blue and gold option and a traditional sunflower option.

Pearl Headband

I love this gorgeous Pearl Headband! This classy piece will add the perfect touch to a preppy outfit and is a timeless look. The Pearl Headband has small pearls all throughout and one larger pearl in the very center.

The white pearls are the most classic, but this headband also comes in some fun shades such as pink, blue and even bright gold. The Pearl Headband has a total Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl vibe and the kid sim with a preppy style will love this accessory for all of their looks.

A sim looking straight forward with brown hair and blue eyes. This sim is wearing sims 4 cc kids accessories in a headband and pair of earrings.

Candace Headband

The dainty flowers on the Candace headband are a perfect touch to your sim’s hairstyle. This headband starts with a black band and seven flowers throughout.

Each flower has a gold center, three petals and comes in many beautiful pastel colours such as white, blue and pink. This headband screams springtime and who doesn’t want it to look like there’s a flower garden growing out of their head?

A sim with brown hair and blue eyes looking off to the side to show off their sims 4 cc kids accessories headband that has flowers on a black glossy headband.

Glasses Options for Sims 4 CC Kids Accessories

Sometimes we need something that’s a little more fun than a plain pair of sunglasses and these ones aren’t going to disappoint. These sims 4 cc kids accessories are so good because they are fun shapes and styles that you’d definitely get compliments on IRL.

Cat Sims 4 CC Sunglasses

These Cat Sunglasses are so fun! The sunglasses have a rounded lenses and have little cat ears on top, whiskers on the side and a nose in the center just like a cat. My favourite version of the Cat Sunglasses is obviously the orange and black tiger striped version, but they come in other bright colours such as orange, blue and pink.

Your kid sim will look so cool in these glasses on their next trip to the zoo or they can even use them as an addition to a cat themed Halloween costume.

A sim with blonde braids wearing a pair of sunglasses that look like a cat.

Rosie Sunglasses

These Rosie Sunglasses are totally retro and will look great with a variety of looks. These sunglasses remind me of the 1960’s era with the flower shaped lenses and funky colours.

These sunglasses are rimless, so they still make a statement without covering too much of the face, and the gold frames are the perfect complement to the fun lenses. Not to mention, these sunglasses are perfect for your sim’s first Harry Style’s concert!

A sim with black hair wearing sims 4 cc kids accessories earrings and a pair of bubble shaped glasses with green lenses.

Rimless Bat Sims 4 CC Sunglasses

These Rimless Bat Sunglasses are totally wicked! The Bat Sunglasses have a silver frame and two batwing shaped lenses. I love that these sunglasses come in a bunch of fun, bright colours and they would be perfect for the Halloween season or an edge goth teen sim.

Wear these sunglasses with a simple outfit to let the glasses shine, or add a full goth look with vampire teeth to match to really get spooky this season.

A sim with black hair wearing tons of sims 4 cc kids accessories in their hair but wearing a pair of coloured sunglasses that are shaped like bats.

Other Options for Sims 4 CC Kids Accessories

Some things out there that don’t fall into the other sims 4 cc kids accessories categories but they still deserve to be showcased. These include things like bracelets, funny headbands with animal ears, and even some fun socks or tights. These accessories are so much fun to play with and keep me coming back to create a sim every day!

Cat Ears

Your kid sim will love how cute and versatile these Cat Ears are! These ears come in a variety of colours and have a very realistic look, shape and size to them. What is even cooler about these ears are that they come with a hat slider so you can slide them up forward or back on your head to give them a different look.

I think the ears look more like a bunny when slid back and more like a mouse when slid forward. These ears are great for your kid sim on Halloween or if you want to create a nod to the 2015 Ariana Grande cat ears phase.

A sim with black hair wearing a pair of sims 4 cc kids accessories cat ears that are pink and light brown.

Heart Kids CC Bracelet

I love the tortoise shell look to the Heart Bracelet. The warm tones in the tortoise shell finish is not only perfect for fall but will match nearly every outfit.

The bracelet has about one inch hearts all across in the brown, beige and ivory shades of the tortoise shell. This is the perfect everyday bracelet for your kid sim to pair with sweaters this fall season.

A sim wearing a gold heart bracelet where there are hearts all the way around the wrist. This sim is also wearing a sims 4 cc kids accessories pair of earrings that are a small bunny.

Oh My Goth! Cat Ear Headband

Oh my goth, this Cat Ear Headband is cool! This Cat Ear Headband had large striped ears that also kind of look like horns. It gives me a monster vibe as well since there is some fur on the ears and the varieties of funky colour they come in.

At the bottom of the ear is a crescent moon with dangly stars, which looks like moon earrings. This headband is quite the statement, so it would be perfect for an eccentric goth sim who wants to be bold with their style.

A sim wearing a very intense purple and light purple goth themed cat ear headband with stars and moons on it as well.

Rabbit Ears Sims 4 CC Headband

Look how Hoppy these kid sims look in the Rabbit Ears Headband. This headband comes in a few pastel colours and is a band with long, floppy bunny ears on top.

This is a very bold look but would be perfect for Easter time celebrations or a Halloween costume. I love how one of the sims pictured paired this headband with a bow tie and suspenders!

Two sims wearing rabbit ears on their heads which are a good sims 4 cc kids accessories options, these bunny ears have one ear bent.

Goth Leggings

Avril Lavigne would love these Goth Leggings. These leggings are knee length and are in a fishnet material with a band at the bottom. These leggings look great with a long sweater or a mini skirt and are a great option for summer since it s a cropped legging. Let your kid sim’s inner angsty emo out with these leggings.

Four sims standing in a pair of sims 4 cc kids accessories tights that are fish nets

Frilly Sims 4 CC Socks

How dainty and cute are these Frilly Socks!? These socks land right above the ankle and have an ombre frill at the top. The ombre frill comes in many colours, but I love the pastel blue and pink shown here.

They would look perfect with frilly dresses of course, but also could add a bit of frill to an edgy look such as combat boots and a motorcycle jacket. These socks are a staple in your kid sims wardrobe and are a great layering piece.

Two sims standing in a pair of frilly socks and interesting shoes.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Kids Accessories

There is so much fun to be had in create a sim and you can truly make such fun characters if you have the right tools to do it. These accessories are going to completely change the game and make you love creating the cutest kid’s you’ve ever seen in The Sims 4. Happy Playing!

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