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25+ Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts To Get Into The Spooky Spirit

There are so many fun holidays out there for your to celebrate IRL but your sims also deserve to celebrate too. These adorable Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts allow your sims to have the best Spooky Day celebration while they go about their normal lives, instead of wearing a full costume.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts for Adults

Fun halloween shirts don’t just have to be for your younger sims, your adults deserve to have some fun with the spooky season too! These shirts are so much fun with fun patterns, interesting cuts, and lots of spooky vibes.

Halloween Tops

These masculine halloween t-shirts are great because their designs are so much fun and really bring in the season for your sims. They are one simple t-shirts so they’ll look great on all body shapes and can be worn with simple bottoms.

The designs on these are mostly pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns with other spooky elements like the moon, bats, and spiders added too!

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

Alligator Skull Tops

These halloween tops are such a fun idea because they are a simple wide strap tank-top but the bottom of them is designed to look like it has been eaten by an actual alligator which is so much fun. These have fun skulls as the designs on the chest, which is awesome because it’s spooky but can also be worn outside of halloween!

two women where you can't see their heads in skull shirts

Halloween Tank-Tops

Sometimes you just want a simple sims 4 cc halloween shirts option and these tank-tops are a perfect choice. These are great because they are a simple silhouette with a racer back style and they can work with so many different bottoms.

The designs on these have things like creepy jack-o-lantern faces, a day of the dead mask and even the words Evil Inside!

the same woman four times in halloween tank tops

Little Witch Crop Tops

There is something so fun about people taking a scary holiday like Halloween and trying to make it cutesy and that’s what these shirts do. These slim fit crop-tops are great with cute little designs with an adorable witch that is saying I put a spell on you and there’s even a repeating pattern design with skulls, hearts and other adorable detailing.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

Trendy Halloween Tops

Next up on our list are these trendy looking halloween tops, these are so cute! These tops have a slight crop to them and are a tight fit, but not too cropped that your sim’s entire belly button is hanging out.

The designs on these feature repeating patterns with things like bats, spiders, and skeleton heads.

two women in halloween tight t-shirts

Pumpkin T-Shirt Dress

If you want to have a super trendy outfit for a halloween look, a t-shirt dress is a great choice. This is such a fun T-Shirt Dress because it’s bright orange, oversized and has a jack-o-lantern on the front bringing in the spooky vibes so well.

You can pair this dress with a pair of knee high socks or boots to really complete the look.

woman in long socks and halloween t-shirt dress

Halloween Crops

It seems like crop-tops are super popular for halloween shirts, and these are a fun choice for your sims. The shape of these has a wide neck and crops a few inches under the bust without sticking too tight to your sim’s body.

The designs on these are fun because they have things like a cat face, skeleton bones and even one that says Spoopy!

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

Scary Movie Halloween Shirts

If you want to bring your favourite scary movies into The Sims 4 these halloween shirts are a perfect choice. These sweaters are nice and thin letting your sims be dressed perfectly for the weather. The designs on these are characters from movies like scream, halloween and more.

four men in beanies with facial hair and halloween themed sweaters

Long Sleeve Crops

Since we’re talking about halloween, the weather can be a bit chillier and you may want a long-sleeve crop top instead of a t-shirt and these are great. These are full-sleeve shirts, with a crop right under the bust and a rounded neckline.

The designs on these are perfect with things like Bite Me written in bloody font, the words Witch Please, and even a fun skeleton design.

three women in halloween leggings and long sleeve crop tops

Devil Bodysuit

Bodysuits are a really popular option for clothing these days because tucking them into pants looks so great and these are great choices for the spooky season. These bodysuits have the word devil in all caps, available in both black and red letting you show off your evil spirit.

The best part about these is that they are long sleeve so your sims will get to stay nice and warm all autumn long.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts for Kids

Kids are probably the age group that are going to have the most fun with halloween and really get into the spirit. These Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts are genuinely so much fun for your kids because they have hilarious patterns, silly graphics and fun styles that adults just can’t pull off.

Slime Ghost Shirts

There is something so adorable but also so gross about the design on this shirt. This simple long sleeve shirt has a great silhouette for your sim’s kids which makes it super wearable for them. However, the design is where this shines.

On the shirt you’ll find a spooky little ghost looking like it has seem some things, and underneath you can see the word boo with the font being a weird slime straight from a Nickelodeon show. So fun!

four boys in matching outfits

Halloween Button Ups

If you’re looking for something that is a step up from being a boring t-shirt, these halloween button ups are such a great choice. These are so much fun because they have a bow tie, adding some flair, and the patterns are genuinely so much fun.

The patterns on these are silly with ghosts surrounded by hearts or pumpkins surrounded by candy corn, these are perfect for a fancier halloween party.

three boys in button up t-shirts and bow tie

Candy Corn Sims 4 CC Shirt

There are so many types of candy you can eat on halloween, but the best one is always going to be candy corn for me. They are so gross that they’re delicious!

This shirt shows off how cute and delicious candy corn can be, with a cute white and yellow striped base and adorable little cartoon candy corn on top. It just makes me hungry!

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

Boo! Ghost Sweatshirt

One of the most common halloween shirt designs for sims seems to be a ghost with the word BOO and that’s for good reason, it’s so cute! This sweater is great because it can keep your sims warm in the cooler October nights and still have them looking so darn cute.

a girl with red hair in a black sweater

Halloween Owl Shirt

Sometimes with children the best way to keep the clothing adorable is to just make it a t-shirt because that’s all kids really want to wear. These halloween shirts are great because they are a bit spooky without taking it too far. The designs are adorable with things like an owl, a ghost, and other adorable creatures.

a kid with green and black face paint with an owl shirt

Spooky Sims 4 CC Halloween Sweaters

These spooky sweaters look to me like something a child would be wearing in a horror movie, it’s just something about the knit detail paired with the spooky designs. These are so fun in darker colours, getting rid of that entirely cutesy design style many items are.

On the sweater you’ll find designs on the front with a haunted house, a skeleton, a spider, a ton of bats and there are even pumpkins on the back with some cute fall leaves.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

Chest Cut Out Blouse

There are often times when I’m discovering custom content and I find something like this that I wish I had in my personal closet. These shirts are so elevated and cute and would look so adorable on any age of sim. The shape of these is so fun with puffy sleeves, a cute triangle cut out at the top and fun sleeve details.

The designs on these are so much fun with things like giant spiders, fun pumpkins, cute ghosts and so much more.

two children in halloween blouses

Layered CC Halloween Shirt

When we’re getting into the cooler months you’ll love the look of a shirt with a long-sleeve underneath because it’s a fun vibe while also being super practical and these ones are so much fun for halloween. The shape of these is extremely simple, and exactly what you’d need for the spooky months.

The designs on these include things like glowing jack-o-lanterns, a skeleton in a funny pose and holding a spider, and even a cute cartoon looking grim reaper. You can have so much fun with these!

boys in layered t-shirts

Hello Kitty Pumpkin Shirt

If you love bringing IRL pop-culture to your game you may want to add this adorable Hello Kitty halloween top to your game. This bright orange shirt has a cute black collar and sleeve detail, slightly puffy sleeves, and a precious design.

On the shirt you’ll find two Hello Kitty characters in cat costumes, sitting on top of a jack-o-lantern with a cute moon, bats and a spider web with Hello Kitty in purple text at the bottom.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

V-Neck Sims 4 CC Halloween Sweater

There are always those kids who have parents who purchase elevated festive clothing for their kids. They aren’t about to get a simple t-shirt or hoodie, they get V-Neck sweaters with fancy designs.

These sweaters are so fun with cute ribbed detail around the collar, sleeves, and bottom. The designs include things like adorable pumpkins and leaves, to scary ghosts, and even cute bat designs.

v-neck autumn sweaters

Halloween Hoodie

If you’re looking for a feminine hoodie for your sims with cutesy looking halloween designs, these ones are absolutely perfect. They come in fun colours and designs and some even have a cute little bow at the collar. The fit is tight and cozy and keeps your sims warm all fall long.

The designs on these have things like a cat coming out of a jack-o-lantern, a witches hat with a spider hanging off the back or a ghost or pumpkin face being the center of the design.

female children in halloween hoodies

Thin Sims 4 CC Halloween Hoodies

When you take a look at these hoodies they are absolutely perfect for October because the weather is chillier but hasn’t quite gotten to the point where it’s really cold yet. They look extremely thin, making them perfect for those days where you can’t decide if you actually need a jacket or thick sweater.

The designs on these are classic halloween with things like the face of a jack-o-lantern, a ghost saying BOO and a set of three bats.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts for Toddlers

The grouping of Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts that we get for toddlers are honestly the most fun options, they get to be a bit more out there than adult shirts and just get to be super precious and cute. They are great options for toddler cc and will help you really celebrate Spooky Day!

Toddler Halloween T-Shirts

The fun thing about this set of toddler sims 4 cc halloween shirts is that they are all icons that exist in-game so they just make sense. You’ve got icons like the little ghosts, the loner trait wolf and a bunch of gravestones that are all icons you’ll see through your gameplay.

The base of the shirt is simple, making them extremely wearable in the spooky months and great for your toddlers to wear all day, even to bed!

group of kids in black halloween shirts

Fun Sims 4 CC Halloween Hoodie

There is something super adorable about toddlers in hoodies, not sure why, but it’s just so cute. These halloween hoodies are genuinely so much fun and make a lot of sense to be worn since Halloween is in a bit of a colder month for your sims.

The designs on these are so fun too, with a black and white skeleton hoodie, a bright orange jack-o-lantern option and even one that says My 1st Halloween which is precious!

children in halloween hoodie

Disney Halloween Sims 4 CC Onesie

Onesies are such a cute thing that toddlers can wear either as a shirt or as an entire outfit. This halloween onesie is perhaps the cutest one I’ve ever seen because it’s Disney themed! This long-sleeve onesie has orange cuffs and collar which is just an added piece of fun.

The actual pattern on this one has Minnie and Mickey as little halloween creatures and has small designs like bats, pumpkins and tiny candy corns.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

My 1st Halloween Shirts

If you’re looking for something more on the cute side, and not on the spooky side these halloween shirts are perfect. At the bottom of the shirt you’ll see a little bit of frilly lace that adds some extra flair and matching in colour with a small bow at the top of the shirt right under the collar.

The designs on these toddler tops are so fun because they have the things you’d expect like pumpkins, witches and cats, but they give them silly faces and funny designs choices which make them so adorable.

sim in halloween shirt with frills on the bottom

Spooky Sims 4 CC T-Shirts

The thing about toddlers is that they can look so cute in just a simple themed T-shirt and these spooky shirts hit that box for me perfectly. These t-shirts have such fun graphics for your toddlers and they are all in black so they are more neutral than some of the other more wild colours on this list.

The designs on these shirts include things like silly dancing skeletons, a jack-o-lantern face, and a spooky ghost with BOO over it’s head. They are so adorable and can make any of your toddlers look like they are so ready for Spooky Season.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts

Final Thoughts

These shirts are so much fun to add to your game, to help let your sims truly celebrate the spooky season. Adding Sims 4 CC Halloween Shirts to your game is the simplest way to celebrate but you can have so much fun with it. Happy Playing!

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