Two sims on a teal background with "custom content swimsuits" on the right hand side.

Must-Have Sims 4 CC Swimsuits You’ll Love

When your sims want to spend some time in the pool you need to make sure they’re ready. The best way to do that is to find some great sims 4 cc swimsuits for them to wear!

These swimsuits are beautiful because of their colours, shapes and design elements and your sims are going to look so good. Just make sure you let them out of the pool before they drown!

The Most Beautiful Sims 4 CC Swimsuits

Cut-Out One Piece Sims CC Swimsuit

Looking at this swim suit just makes me think of a sassy toddler, she’d put her pant on her hip and absolute love strutting her stuff at the pool.

This swim suit comes in so many fun colours in this fun glitter texture with a heart cut out on the chest.

Imagine adding some ducky arm floaties, would be the cutest ever.

A toddler from The Sims 4 wearing a teal glitter bathing suit with a small heart cut off on the chest.

Heatwave Bikini

It seems that we are trending away from high-waisted bottoms into a more mid-rise era and if that’s something you like than this swimsuit is for you.

The heatwave bikini is a cute pair of super simple mid-rise bottoms with a bikini top that ties right in the middle.

The fun thing about these options for swimwear is that the bottom and top are able to be mixed and matched in cute ways with different swatches.

Two sims with black hair on a yellow background in bikinis.

Bondi Beach Sims CC Swimsuit

There is something so beautiful about a well put together one piece swim suit and this one fits that bill.

This swim suit has a criss cross top that has a small cut out in the middle with a band that connects the top and bottom with a simple bottom half.

Bondi Beach is fun because it has different colours one some of the swatches letting you choose neutrals or go with a more fun colour scheme.

Three different characters from The Sims 4 who are wearing matching criss-cross swimsuits in different swatches.

Kala Swimsuit

This next sims 4 cc swimsuits option is like the level up version of the last one, with this one having a larger cut out on the stomach.

This swimsuit has a more draped feeling than the last one, with the top being more of a halter around the neck.

There are some fun swatches for this one too and one of them would be absolutely perfect for a mermaid!

Two characters from The Sims 4 who are wearing halter top one piece swimsuits with ruching.

Lilac Sims 4 CC Bikini

If you’re looking for an extremely simple shape for your sim’s swimsuits you need to check out Lilac.

This one has a simple top with small straps coming up and a straight across hem at the bottom. It’s like a simple bralette style!

The bottoms are super simple too, with them being cut a little high off the leg to show a bit more skin. There are fun pattern swatches too.

Two sims wearing low cut bikinis in different colours.

Sora Swimsuit

There is something so gorgeous about one piece swim suits and they are perfect for older sims.

This one is so much fun, and honestly when you look at these three together they feel like they could be the power rangers on a day at the beach.

This swim suit has a one shoulder style with a cut out in the center, white detailing on the edges, and so much cuteness.

Three different sims wearing a one piece, one shoulder sim suit with a cut out on the chest. sims 4 cc swimsuits.

Heatwave Sims 4 Swimsuit

I really am a sucker for a good one piece swim suit, especially when they have fun patterns.

This swim suit has simple straps on the shoulders that are tied into little bows to keep it up which is a sweet detail.

The actual swimsuit has a straight across neckline with a full body without cut outs, which looks super classic and beautiful on your sims.

Three different sims all wearing different swatches of the same swimsuit.

Two-Tone Swimsuit

This one piece swim suit is honestly so much fun and feels a little bit retro to me.

The swimsuit starts with a one shoulder section that goes diagonal connecting to the bottoms that go diagonal to the other side.

There is a triangle cut out on one side of the stomach with the top and bottom having different matching colours. It’s such a fun style for your sim to wear!

Three of the same sim standing next to each other with their heads cropped out of the image. They are wearing one piece swimsuits with the side cut out.

Retro Sims CC Swimsuits

We’re in a time when fashion trends are going so quickly that everything is now in-style, so wearing retro patterns is a great way to show off some style.

These swim suits have patterns on them that feel like they would’ve been wallpaper from the 60s and 70s which just makes me happy.

These are great for younger sims looking to make a fashion statement or older sims who are wanting to show off their younger selves.

Three sims wearing bathing suit that are in retro prints

Frilly Children’s Bikini

Even children in The Sims 4 deserve to have more beautiful items to wear than we get in the base game.

This frilly fun swimsuit is a great option for your sims with so much cuteness happening. We start with a simple bikini bottom with the edges in a deeper tone of the same colour.

The top is where this one shines with a cute ruching on the chest and a frill at the bottom. There are 31 swatches to choose from too!

Two children from The Sims 4 wearing bikini swimsuits with ruffles at the bottom of the top half of the suit.

Baewatch Sims 4 Swimsuit

If your goal is to make sure that your sims are looking as hot as they possibly can on their next beach day, the Baewatch swimsuit is your best choice.

This swimsuit comes in a bunch of different solid colour swatches that are super fun, but where it shines is with this cheetah print swatch.

It’s a good thing that sims don’t have to shave anything because your sims would need to make sure to prepare to wear this one!

A sim wearing a high waist cheetah print bathing suit.

Viola Swimsuit

The next option on our list of sims 4 cc swimsuits is this fun Viola swimsuit which would be perfect for your pregnant sims to wear.

Something about this swimsuit screams pregnancy to me but would be so cute on just about any sims.

This one has a plaid pattern in a bunch of swatches with ruching in the center and a fun frill at the top.

Two sims with their heads cropped out of the image who are both wearing swimsuits with a straight neckline in plaid.

Coco Sims 4 CC Swimsuit

What’s better than a bikini? A one piece that looks like a bikini!

This bathing suit is a simple shape for a one piece swimsuit with a nice section cut out on the stomach to add some flair.

These are so fun with the top half being a different colour than the bottom to add some constrast and fun, some even with fun patterns!

Three sim posing in their swimsuits that are one pieces with the center cut out.

Toddler’s Ruffle Swimsuit

Toddlers are the most fun age group to find custom content for because they are so sweet. They deserve to have a beautiful one piece too!

This bathing suit is a simple one piece that would look awesome on the beach or at the pool but with one added piece of flair. There is a giant ruffle in the middle of the bathing suit that is in a complimentary colour that is so fun!

These are great for a pool day, hanging out in the sand and building sandcastles in Sulani.

Two toddlers wearing one piece sims 4 cc swimsuits. These have fun patterns on them with a ruffle in the center of the bathing suit.

Flower Cut Out Sims 4 CC Swimsuit

The best type of bathing suit is the kind that when you throw on jean shorts on top you still look good.

This swimsuit does just that, with some beautiful cut out sections with flowers on either side of the swimsuit and a small cut out under the bust.

These are fun because there is an edging that is in a different colour than the rest of the swim suit.

Two characters from The Sims 4 who are both wearing a one piece bathing suit with flowers cut out of the sides. They are also wearing jean shorts .

80s Swimsuit

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc swimsuits is this fun 80s inspired swimsuit that is really great for all sorts of sims.

This swimsuit comes in all sorts of simple basic colours as well as a bunch of fun floral and beach themed patterns that you’ll absolutely love to have your sims wear.

The shape of this one is classic and will be in style for just about the rest of our lives. You can never go wrong with a simple one piece.

Two sims posing in sims 4 cc swimsuits that are high waisted and one peice.

Can You Knot Sims 4 CC Swimsuit

This swimsuit takes a simple one-piece bathing suit and turns it on its head.

The Can You Knot suit is fun because it has a simple bottom half but goes into a one shoulder bathing suit on top that is tied with a simple knot.

It comes in over 20 basic colours as well as six fun patterns that you’ll fall in love with.

A blue background with two cropped head sims on it. They are wearing one shoulder swim suits with knots tied to keep the swimsuit up.

Jessica Sims 4 CC Swimsuit

There are many people out there that prefer a high neck style on their clothing because of how it flatters their body and this suit is for them.

This one has a high neck that goes into an amazing open back that you’ll be absolutely obsessed with.

As for swatches there are so many to choose from including 24 patterned swatches and a bunch of simple colourful ones too!

A grey background with two mannequins from The Sims 4 on it. They are both wearing a high neck options for cc swimsuits.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to go swimming? I sure hope so after you found all these beautiful sims 4 cc swimsuits!

There’s nothing better than finding good custom content clothes for the game, it just makes literally everything better. Happy Playing!

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